104 Sure-Shot E-Commerce Business Ideas for Financial Success In 2022 and Ahead

104 Sure-Shot E-Commerce Business Ideas for Financial Success In 2022 and Ahead

Planning to start a business in 2022? You are at the right place…

2021 is the year for e-commerce businesses to rule. People are obsessed with technology so much so that they rely on it with every major-minor requirement. Online shopping is one of the best examples of technology being solvent in culture and now there is no going back.

With e-commerce businesses being the inspiration of the article, we have not 1 or 2 but 104 futuristic e-commerce business ideas to help you plan an online business in 2022… Also, the article has guidance links on how you can turn your passion into a full-time business with very less investment and an online store.

Sure-shot perks of starting an E-Commerce Business: 

=> Low-investment deal

=> Best way to reach international markets

=> Increase quality traffic to your store

=> No office cost

=> Work and earn remotely

=> Start any business you want in 2021

=> Brand and trust-building

=> More than 70% of the world’s population shops online.

104 E-Commerce Website Ideas that will actually work in 2022

Your sure-shot way to success, starting an online business with dedicated niche products is a boon in 2021. Imagine owning a full-fledged store that represents your brand and facilitates online shopping in just a few clicks.

If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur, then do not hold back in 2022 as there are immense doors opened for you with a certified E-Commerce web development company at your service…

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Highly Productive E-Commerce Website Ideas – Must Try in 2022

1. Owning a Niche Fashion Website – Unlike general fashion websites, you will attract an audience with more precise needs like Halloween wear, magician costumes, festive wear etc. to your website catalog.

ecommerce fashion

2. Rent Fashion through your site – There are instances when the costliest dresses are stuck in the wardrobe because there is no upcoming occasion to wear them. Show people a silver lining by renting clothes for special occasions with accessories, etc.

3. Become a Social Media Consultant – Nowadays businesses are heavily banking on marketing their products and services. If you are good with social media marketing you can easily monetize your talent by setting up your own online social media consultancy and help your clients with result-driven ad campaigns.

4. Dropshipping business – One of the best low-investment business opportunities in 2021, dropshipping business lets you carry on sales and purchases without actually stocking the inventory. All you need is a dedicated niche/product list, an eCommerce store to facilitate sales & purchase, and a list of genuine suppliers/manufacturers to source products. As promising as it seems to be, dropshipping requires time, research, effort, and knowledge. At Verve Logic we are here to talk about building an online presence for your dropship[ping business in 2021… Here is everything you need to know about this lucrative business model…

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5. Create an AR-centric online fashion store – There are people who still avoid online shopping as they have trust issues with the quality, color, or size of the clothes. Create a platform where people can not only see but feel and try the products in real-time through Augmented Reality.

6. Online Health and Med Store – Post-COVID-19 the real talk of the town is online health and medicine facilities. Start an online store selling medicine online. Adding on to your services, you can come up with a full-fledged online ecosystem from selling medicines to giving on-demand ambulance facilities, health checkups, scheduling tests, etc.

7. Teen Apparel and Accessories – If you are a teenager or just passed through that phase, you can easily leverage your knowledge of teenage trends by setting up an e-commerce site that sells teenage apparel and accessories. Bonus: Such groups don’t think twice before purchasing what appeals to them the most.

8. Become an Online Marketer – Businesses are remodeling their sales and marketing strategies to online modes, and benefit from the opportunity by selling online marketing solutions to businesses. This is the best online business idea for people with certifications in digital marketing or similar professional courses.

online marketing

9. Online Store to sell B2B products – B2B is the most profitable segment of all as it gives bulk orders and has some high-value clients. Moreover, the competition is considerably less in this segment. Generate your own products or try dropshipping methods. The dropshipping method is the low-investment solution for B2B trading. Know more about this lucrative deal from our comprehensive blog on dropshipping guidance – meaning, process, benefits, product sourcing, and a lot more.

10. Online jewelry business – Either make your own jewelry items or source them directly from the manufacturers and sell them online by adding a good profit to them. Know how to start Jewelry making and selling business with a complete guidance blog.

11. Build An ECommerce Network – Start an E-commerce portal with different vendors registered on your site facilitating buying, selling, and renting too. It is one of the best low-investment businesses in 2021 as you do not have to pay for inventory keeping or capital – that is for the vendors to do.

12. Selling high-demand products – You can earn a substantial sum by selling niche products that have a considerably higher demand in the market and require less capital investment. Such as artificial jewelry, apparel and care kits for babies, leather items or heritage showpieces, etc.

13. Sell Electronics Online – Electronic items have skyrocketing demand. If selling electronics piques your interest or you have any sort of knowledge, then 2021 is for you to start your own electronic niche business. Also, people owning an electronic shop can increase their reach or give advanced facilities to their existing clients via an e-commerce site.


14. A Price quotation site – A full-fledged eCommerce site where a customer can select the product and ask vendors to quote their best price deals. The site will be somewhat like a  Price Comparison Engine.

15.  Selling Creative Items Online – Stand out of the league and create a mark by selling creative and unique items that are hardly found in other online/offline stores. There are people who like to keep collectibles, this is the audience you target.

16. Do It Yourself Online Store – With online stores being the demand of the era, you can create a silver lining for businesses who are willing to own an e-commerce store. You can either provide guidance for building DIY online stores or provide software to make the process easier.

17. Online Photo Selling Platforms – A full-fledged online store where people can create a profile, post photos, check for copyright and sell them to potential buyers. A truly online store facilitating registrations, purchases, and payment transactions.

photo selling

18. Online store for senior tech enthusiasts – The older generation has its own needs and preferences, if you want to start a standalone business in 2021 target the tech needs of the older generation to sell relevant products.

19. Online Customer Engagement Solutions – Start an online intermediary service providing solutions to companies that are seeking strong customer engagement and retention.

20. An International E-Commerce Brand – Just like e-commerce sites and aggregators like Amazon, you can outreach your country premises to become a global brand selling products to most of the countries of the world. With this, you can leverage the currency difference.  Know how Amazon facilitates dropshipping business as well?

21. Sell Products Dedicated to communities –  Find a specific community and start a portal that sells products representing that community. You can come up with an interactive forum by adding blogs on different festivals, rituals, traditions, recognitions, etc that the community believes in.

22. Create and Sell Solutions Online – Start an online portal dedicated to the problems your surrounding people are facing currently. Find or create the solution to those problems. For instance, portals selling masks & sanitizers after the COVID-19 pandemic are benefitting substantially from this online business idea in 2021.

23. Online Outsourcing Service – Various small businesses that are not able to hire full-time expertise to commence processes like telecommunication, marketing, HR, or sales. You can give such business support services and in turn have a substantial income. You can serve more than one company at a time.

24. Sell Courses Online – Due to lockdown and social distancing many people (especially kids and teenagers) are holding back from learning professional courses. Start an online business selling courses that can be unlocked with subscriptions.

courses online

25. Start an online supplier directory – How about having a full-fledged online store where retailers can easily find and connect with genuine suppliers/manufacturers without having to wander to other places.

Also Explore: How to start an online business in 2021? The complete roadmap.

26. Start A Merchant Registration Site – A truly online product aggregator site where merchants can register their businesses, and display and sell the products by simply uploading the product pictures.

27. Assemble and Sell Customised Computer Configs – This online business idea might give you an adrenaline rush – you can build a platform where customers can pick their own computer configurations and buy customized and assembled computers online.

28. Find Products that nobody sells – This is a tough one to accomplish but once you have found something rare then selling them will let you earn shedloads from the deal. If no other site is selling the product then you basically own the monopoly in the market.

29. Curate Gift Boxes or Personal Care Kits – Come up with either customized gifts or curated personal care kits to sell to your clients online. You can display subscription packages to get recurring orders.

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30. Selling High-Tech Products – High-tech products need special guidance, installation service or experts to troubleshoot. Source and sell such products online and provide expert service as well.

31. Sell Detailed Guiding Instructions/Tutorials – Start an online portal that gives detailed written guidance plus tutorials for products that are hard to install or use. In an effort to increase the traffic see that no other site has as relevant information as you own.

32. Online IT Freelancers – Various businesses that have recently switched to online e-commerce sites are seeking proper guidance from third parties regarding back-end and IT management. Start an online IT service portal targeting such clients.

online IT freelancer

33. Become a seller of renewable energy equipment – With technology being prevalent in each sector you can leverage the opportunity to sell renewable energy sources (like solar panels) online facilitating the entire shopping process with a few clicks online.

34. Sell Equipment for Electric Vehicles – As the demand for e-vehicles is increasing there is a green flag for your e-commerce business if you are cataloging electronic vehicle spare parts, tools, or services on your site.

35. Odd-Hour Product Delivery Service – How about having an online portal that sells products from shops even during non-service hours? Intriguing isn’t it? The recent lockdown has made people think of turning situations into opportunities – this e-commerce idea is one of them.

36. Start A Travel Website – Either a blogging site with advertisements or a travel booking site that provides travel tips, hotel and flight booking facilities, and rail tickets at impressively economical rates.

37. Become a wardrobe expert – Starting a full-fledged website/app to give suggestions on what cloth combinations will go with various occasions/events. You can choose affiliate marketing (posting links for fashion sites) or package subscription models to earn revenue.

38. A Platform for purchase and delivery – Instead of paying a middleman and increasing the rates of the products, give delivery services yourself and earn a good profit for yourself. Also with this model, you can give shipping discounts to your clients retaining them on your site forever.

39. Sell Products or services of your expertise – Any online portal is a hit if the entrepreneur knows how to use, handle and sell the items. Start selling something that you know the most about.

40. Start Your Own EBook Store – Book reading never goes out of style, it’s just the technology that has changed the way people read books. Start an online platform for customers to purchase and read books on their desktops, tablets, or phones. You can go for subscription models as well. Get powered by 10 best book reading Android and iOS apps that are successful in the market…


41. Sell Something you are passionate about – Give your passion a hit and trial run by turning it into a full-time business gig. If you like traveling you can start your website selling exotic momento from different countries/states.

42. Online Crypto payment site – As people are struggling with national/international payments, you can give your services as a platform that facilitates transactions in cryptocurrencies for various e-commerce sites. If you are intrigued by the idea of owning a robust crypto site, talk about your crypto development needs to VerveLogic – we hold pride in being one of the rare cryptocurrency development companies in India.

43. Find A Mentor – Starting a standalone site/app that lets people find professional mentors belonging to various fields that are genuine. You can earn from referrals or subscription models.

44. Starting a crowdfunding site – An online platform where startups and investors can find and interact with each other. This is one of the best e-commerce web ideas of 2021 as this solves the problem of finding promising startups and genuine investors all in one place. This could be one of the best investment apps for someone willing to invest in a potential business.

45. Sell Products directly from Manufacturers – Create a brand and sell products directly from the manufacturers adding profit margins based on the demand of the product. As much as it is lucrative the sector is highly competitive as well, ask a professional e-commerce website development company today regarding a standalone site/app with an advanced tech stack.

46. Online Network Marketing Business – A comprehensive website that will promote the business to both online and offline networks. With competition being the sad reality of today, such websites are in demand for links, trust-building, and sales.

47. E-Commerce site for interaction between clients and sellers – A standard e-commerce site displays the product from vendors and facilitates the purchase through the platform. Make a difference by letting clients interact directly with the vendor through your site.


48. Selling beauty and health care products online – Create an e-commerce site to catalog beauty and health products that are high-quality or organic. Demand for organic products in the segment is increasing day by day.

49. A social networking site with online store benefits – Social networking sites/apps are in demand and an additional feature of selling products through those sites is one of the best ideas you can work on in 2021.

50. Selling Content Online – Content is the king in 2021 and ahead. Content writing contributes to trust-building and influences the clients to purchase and keep purchasing from a certain brand. Start a platform for professional content writers and businesses to register and collaborate. For starters, you can serve as a content writer too via the site.

vl blog enq

51. Price Comparison Engines – Such sites have higher demand as every person shopping online is concerned with the best deals they can get. You can come up with a deal comparison and a rating platform with links to purchase from e-commerce sites. Also to increase interactions go for blogging, or newsletter writing for your website.

52. Online portal for hiring freelancers – A standalone platform where employers can easily connect with and hire freelancers. Also, freelancers, as well as employers, can give star ratings to the profiles they have previously dealt with.

53. Online Food Ordering Service – You might find similar services already operating but you can stand out of the league by giving your users lucrative discounts, and vouchers, and making your e-commerce sites more advanced by the integration of Chatbots or related smart technology. Know how you can do that with Vervelogic. Here are some successful examples of food ordering and delivery apps.. Check out for best food delivery apps in India.  Plan your app with a list of important features to have in your food delivery application.

54. Physical Store Itinerary – If a different approach or idea intrigues you then this is the one to look for. In an effort to save traveling time, start a platform that will inform customers where a particular store has the items they need.

55. Start Your Own Video Blog – No expertise goes waste in 2021, Start an online blog, writing about the sector or the industry you hold expertise in – attach paid videos for people to access. Or earn via subscription models.

56. A site booking marketplace – How about owning a full-fledged online marketplace that shows exotic sites for events, corporate shows, and weddings? You can earn referral commissions from the venues that are listed on your site.

57. Start an online real-estate portal Property selling is a bigger deal in 2021. You can come up with a comprehensive portal that has properties listed under various sites for selling, re-selling, or renting good residential and commercial properties. For a head start, know more about real-estate web development – its features, and functionalities.

real estate

58. An Online Money Transaction Facility – Creating an e-commerce business idea is harder than leveraging on the business opportunity that already has doors open for you. Start a comprehensive website or application to facilitate storing, maintaining, and processing digital cash to use in real-life purchases and applications. Have a head start by knowing these top 8 digital payment trends in India and overseas.

59. Start an online cloud computing business – Software services and cloud computing together have outreached their traditional limits to attain new possibilities. Instead of buying the entire software and maintaining it, businesses are now outsourcing their managerial tasks to third-party vendors with software sufficiency. You can start your own online computing business to serve such companies. Checkout a detailed article on cloud computing and service providers.

60. Virtual Home Furnishing App – Technology has paved the way for new possibilities.  There are various things we can do online that we couldn’t have imagined doing a few decades ago – virtual trying on furniture is one such technological advancement. With the integration of Augmented reality in your application, you can help people try and select furniture or other home decor items for their homes with digital placement. Gone are the days of buying the furniture and then regretting its shape, size, or color. Get inspired and guided by 10 best home design apps to remodel houses in 2021… The blog will help you study your market.

61. Freelance Business for Web Designing – With websites being an extreme need in 2021 for reviving businesses, you can come up with your own web designing portal to fetch clients that are interested in starting their own website or application in 2021. Give customized and advanced solutions to your clients through wireframing and mockups via these mockup tools. For bonus knowledge on app designing tools read – 20 Mobile App Designers Tools To Use In 2021

62. Event Management Website – A full-fledged site through which you can provide management for high-end parties, corporate gigs, and other luxury activities. This is the most lucrative opportunity to succeed in 2021 with your professional degree in event management.

63. Online Currency Exchange Portal –  Out of various online business ideas, let’s take out something that can benefit foreigners that are stuck with currency conversions on their visits. Own a full-fledged online portal that facilitates currency conversions. Go for real-time conversion rates and nominal process fees to attract customers.

64. Come up with an investment forum – Current investment is future income – people are more and more aware and particular of this saying nowadays. But most of the first-timers hold themselves because they are lost with the process and good investment plans. Come up with one of the best investment apps for beginners and earn a referral or paid subscription. Get inspired by some real-life successful investment app examples. You can also study the examples to come up with your own USP.

65. Online T-Shirt Printing and Selling – T-Shirts are owned by every individual regardless of age or gender, taking advantage of such a diverse client pool and high demand, create an e-commerce site to print and sell t-shirts to a wide market. You can come up with customized designs, quotes, or pictures to attract clients. Know in-depth about owning t-shirt printing and selling business in 2021 and ahead.

tshirt printing

66. Start an online grocery store – Grocery shopping is indeed a tedious task and therefore you can come up with an online solution for shopping from home by providing on-demand grocery and vegetable delivery in your local areas or areas where you can reach. There are various benefits of a grocery app for your customer and ultimately for you. Pause for a while and study a bunch of these 26 best Grocery Delivery Apps before coming up with something to stand beside them.

67. National Network of Retailers – There are instances that what a customer needs is not found with the local retailer. More than 60% of the time item unavailability is the reason for failed sales. Develop a platform where sellers from all parts of the country can be found and connected to.

68. Build an online library – With every process going online why not explore library services to convert them into an online remote process – create an online library and sell or rent books. Go for the collection that is rarely found in your local market. Have an entire library management system to manage your forum on your site.

69. On-demand clothes delivery app – A full-fledged website or app through which your customers can order clothes from their local stores, try them (at home), and accept returns (as per preferences). This is nothing like a fashion site but a delivery app that facilitates the purchase of clothes.

vl blog enq

70. Selling Sports Apparels and Accessories online – People are die-hard fans of sports and their favorite players, they do not think twice before purchasing what is related to sports and intrigues them. Benefit from the opportunity by sourcing and selling sports equipment, accessories and apparel.

71. Price-drop notification app – A standalone eCommerce web or application that facilitates the sales of various commodities plus shows the price drop notifications from all the other e-commerce sites for customers’ favorite products.

72. Online Voice Artist – If somebody has ever told you that you have a great voice then do not hold back, take that compliment as a motivation to start an online voiceover artist business in 2021. Monetize your talent by becoming a voice-over artist and taking jobs online.

voice artist

73. Apps to get cash from ATMs – Build and own an interface that lets people withdraw money from ATMs by using their smartphones. The utility is currently available for Apple Pay users and is still a budding technology with immense upcoming financial scope to cover.

74. Start Your own Tailoring business – If you have a good hand on sewing machines then do not let your talent go in vain, talk to the best e-commerce web development firm about your requirements on an eCommerce store through which you can accept orders for custom suits and facilitate doorstep delivery. If you are a textile designer working under some online brand stop wasting your time and instead invest your time in starting an online boutique keeping customized accessories too. Know the complete process of building and starting your online boutique in 2021.. with Vervelogic blogs…

75. E-Commerce portal for travelers – Trekking and traveling is more than a hobby, it is a profession for many people. Earn from their time-to-time needs by facilitating online orders and delivery of travel-related products and kits to their doorstep. You can come up with the best USP for your website by facilitating online purchases and delivery to whichever place they are. This requires collaboration with local shops in that area.

76. Sell Vintage Clothes Online – Fashion never fades away completely, you can come up with an entire online shopping store displaying old-gold vintage clothes that can still be worn and styled by people. You can experiment with denim as it is an evergreen material that has passed the test of time. Prepare a complete roadmap toward setting up an online vintage store.. All aspects covered

77. Selling Art Online – Art making and selling is not considered as lucrative as Phds, MBBS, etc. but this can become the best-earning source for you in 2021 and ahead. If you are an artist or an art lover looking for a source of income then there is nothing better than owning an online e-commerce store for selling artwork. Create a brand of your own masterpieces and reach out to millions in 2021 by acquiring the best online portfolio or website. Check out the details on selling art online in 2021.

art online

78. Online Auctions for Rare and valuable goods – No regular catalog but the ones that are rare and auction worthy will be displayed on your e-commerce website. There are various valuable items that have a great history and significance and are not discovered. Unleash such reenacts and sell them in auctions.

79. Online store for selling discounted goods – How about owning a standalone portal for selling and purchasing old stock from retailers that were left even after the clearance sale? Such items go for highly discounted rates and you can fetch a good profit by selling these online. In such businesses the e-commerce site owner has to keep an eagle eye on product quality and minor defects.

80. Start an online subscription platform – Such platforms have a certain type of content that is unique and engaging which is unlocked via a monthly or yearly subscription. Starting an online subscription platform is the best low-investment deal you could get in 2021, BUT make sure your content is unique, and appealing to entice people to subscribe to your services.

81. Start an online business directory – As a phone-call directory, you can come up with a business directory in which you can list industry-specific businesses, their phone numbers, email addresses, etc. To spice things up you can come up with dedicated blogs on business news, current affairs, world affairs, etc.

82. Domain buying and selling – Domain and domain name is the basic necessity for any business that is going online. Luckily in 2021, the demand for domains is increasing as more and more businesses are going online with their services. Even if you are looking for an extra source of income, this could be the best investment app for you in 2021 and ahead.

83. Online news platform – If you are intrigued by the news and current affairs then leverage your interest to create a full-fledged news blogging platform where you can invite people to write news from leading papers and news portals.

news portal

84. AI-based suggestion app – How about starting an AI-based application that suggests people cope with various situations? The app will analyze and process the data to suggest things a person should do in response to the situation.

85. Launch An Online Podcast App – If you are good at narrations and have the power of keeping people with storytelling then this is your forte. You can come up with your own podcast platform with in-app purchases. Attract your readers with insightful vocal content. After 2 or 3 episodes you can come up with the paid module to unlock.

86. Start a portal to sell a business – Believe it or not but this is a unique and one of the best e-commerce business ideas you can probably come up with in 2021. Due to a brief COVID-19 halt, several businesses went into lack of funds to continue, these business owners are happily willing to sell their franchises. Start a portal that facilitates communication between business owners and those who are looking to start a business in 2021.

87. Come up with an online betting site – People always have a bad impression of betting, but here we are talking about legit betting. You can consider starting a betting website where legit offers and bets can be made for real winning opportunities. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to maintain your authenticity when you are in the betting business. If you are coming with such a website make sure to abide by all the legal regulations that are needed.

88. Online IT services – If you are working for an IT company for years, now is the time for you to start your own venture. Do not let your experience go in vain. Start your own online IT services like web development, digital marketing, SEO, SMO, etc – anything that goes with your expertise and become your own boss.

89. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is the process of selling products or services for other companies on your website or app. This way you can earn attractive commissions from giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Each click on their website through your link will fetch you commendable profits. This is one of the low-investment online business opportunities you can probably come up with in 2021. Plus you can work from home without worrying about any office setup costs. Know more such work-from-home business ideas you can start in 2021.

vl blog enq

90. Website to sell blog posts – If you have a good grasp of language and can mold any situation into words that appeal to your readers then this is it. This is all you need to start your online blogging website through which you can grab contracts for writing content as a guest blogger or paid blogger for others. A website for your business will help you with brand recognition.

91. Sell Homemade Products – As people are nowadays concerned with skin and health hazards due to excess exposure to chemicals, they will come to you in the hope to find organic and natural alternatives to the factory-made things they are currently using. Making and selling homemade products has proven to be a game-changer for many home-makers who were looking to do something in their spare time. Yes, they are entrepreneurs now.

92. Online Vehicle Booking Platform – A full-fledged online e-commerce platform that facilitates booking or renting different types of vehicles intrigues everyone. Such services are higher in demand than any other segment currently. People need to book vehicles for several purposes and with this platform, you can create an earning opportunity for those who are seeking an extra side income as well.

online car

93. Providing copywriting services – Provide sales and marketing copywriting services to businesses worldwide. Several companies are looking for freelancers who can help them with sales copy aimed at increasing their brand recognition and resonance.  Copywriting is the best way of communication between the consumer and the brand.

94. Own a dedicated wedding portal – A wedding is a hell of a lot of a task to accomplish. A single wedding has a lot of work from bridal shopping to photography, catering, stage setups, DJs, etc., etc.., you can come up with a comprehensive platform where people can book services for weddings as well as hire a venue. Create a full-fledged ecosystem holding registrations from different vendors and freelance volunteers.

95. Come up with a weather forecast app – The best weather forecast app works in the favor of people who travel a lot. Such groups of enthusiasts have more than one single app that shows accurate forecasts with potential risks of cyclones, snowfall, rainfalls, etc. for a specific location. You can go for in-app purchases or subscription models for such apps.  Get inspired by some robust and genuine weather forecast applications before you start with your venture.

96. Online Stock Trading Consultant – If you are well versed with the stirs of the stock market and know how to reach out to profitable deals, do not let your talent go to waste. Come up with your own online stock trading consultancy and earn commissions from your talent.

97. Sell Products that are hard to find – the Internet knows no boundaries. Hunt for the products that are easily available in your location but are hard to find in other locations, list them on your e-commerce portal, and earn from them.

98. A Website for handcrafted furniture – Handcrafted and one-of-a-kind furniture is what people with deep pockets search for. This is your target audience. Taking advantage of recent technology, you can come up with a full-fledged e-commerce portal to facilitate the purchase of unique and handcrafted furniture. Create an online brand of a premium furniture maker and seller with correct digital marketing, SEO, SMO, and content management with Vervelogic.

handcrafted furniture

99. Start your own storytelling portal – There are various storytelling portals where readers go to satisfy their itch for reading good stories. You can come up with a storytelling platform where you can write or even hire ghostwriters to write engaging novels or stories for your portal. You can come up with various segments from romantic to sci-fi, mystery, fiction, horror, etc.

100. Selling smart home products – Why leave behind the earning opportunities new advancements have given us? Tech stacks like AI home products, voice assistance products, the Internet of Things, etc, can be sold online fetching a good profit for sellers. Also, you can allure the customers by posting articles, blogs, e-guidance, or tutorials depicting the benefits, uses, importance, news, and significance of such technology. This is a rare business and one of the best e-commerce business ideas to start in 2021 if you are a tech enthusiast…

101. Come up with an insightful gaming app – Various gaming apps have gathered the limelight as the best time pass apps during the lockdown. With addiction to playing games as a leisure activity, the craze for online gaming is going nowhere. Reach out to the best wIT development firm to get the best gaming app that can fetch profits for you. Go for unlocking the levels with minimally paid subscriptions. Let us see how to build a successful Android gaming application to grow in 2021

102. Online pet business – Several pet parents are super busy taking care of their pets at home. Give your services to them as a pet trainer, pet caretaker, grooming services, selling pet accessories online, etc. know more about starting a pet caring application… Get inspired by the blog on dog walking and grooming apps mentioning the feature list, cost, time to develop needed to start the app.

103. Online cleaning business – Cleaning is a basic day-to-day necessity and this is what gives your cleaning app recurring business. Through a full-fledged cleaning app portal, you can give regular to specialized cleaning services by hiring people to register for your site and work under you. Know 10 steps to start a cleaning business in 2021…with the cost to develop the app.

104. Some best small business ideas for women – If you are a homemaker and looking for something to do in your spare time, then probably run your mind to starting your own business through a full-fledged e-commerce business site. From blogging to social media influencers, starting Yoga classes and selling equipment, life coaching, handmade soap business, etc. there are a lot of doors opened up for you to explore in 2021. Know various other work-from-home business opportunities for women in 2021.


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With an appropriate tech stack in hand, you can start working on any e-commerce business idea(s) that intrigues you. With an experience of more than a decade, Vervelogic is a standalone organization fulfilling e-commerce web development to digital marketing, SEO, SMO, logo designing, and branding needs for its valuable clients – all under one single roof. Talk to our experts directly via the Whatsapp option…

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