Offshore Development

Verve Logic is an Agile offshore development service company with synergies environment to boost IT needs of your businesses with result oriented people. We use globally accepted industry proven processes to turn clients vision into reality. Offshore software development company India helps clients to achieve their business objectives at an affordable cost.

Verve Logic as an offshore development services company, supports wide range of processes and commercial engagement models to fit our clients needs, both operationally and financially.

  • Fixed time and Price: Fixed time and price model guarantees delivery of pre-defined scope of work within a specific timeframe. Most suitable for projects where requirements doesn't change often.
  • Time and Material (T&M): In Time and Material model, team works on a prioritized product backlog split into various tasks under fixed time frame and number of resources. Any change in task/feature requires reprioritization wrt. time and resources. Most suitable for projects where requirements are dynamic.
  • Dedicated Team: In Dedicated team model, team of engineers along with lead or a manager is assigned to work exclusively for a client. Management and reporting duties are shared between Verve Logic and client. Most suitable to have long term working relationship with client and this model allows client to use any of the above model within the boundary of the contract.