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Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System enables tracking and monitoring of visitors into public premises or corporate offices.

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Best Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System enables tracking and monitoring of visitors into public premises or corporate offices. A major benefit of this system is it is a technical replacement of traditional paperwork approach. Technology has significantly transformed the modern lifestyle. This software is web-based i.e. a user can access it from anywhere, anytime. Whether you are travelling or caught up in the middle of an important meeting, you can obtain relevant information about the visitors and their visiting hours. It has proven to be a boon in places such as schools, hospitals and commercial buildings where daily footfall is beyond a definite number.

Generally, Visitor Management System offers various types of log-ins depending on several factors. To simplify, one is employee log-in that gives access to visitors on request generation at the staff’s end. Another is user log-in, i.e, the duty in-charge at the entrance of a building/ premises. The visitor shall not be granted permission with an e-generated gate pass which is handed him by the security guard. Also, the gatekeeper only has the authority to log him out after the purpose of his visit is fulfilled. The third is Admin who has the special privilege to sign-in a new person. Furthermore, he is also entitled to authorize the duty in-charge to allow the entry of a certain visitor. Admin is in full liberty to not only create new log-ins but also view any visitors’ whereabouts and status. This feature is incorporated to ensure complete security to a specific place.

Another exclusive aspect of this Visitor Management System is that the software shall automatically identify the previous visitors on their subsequent visits. Instead of maintaining entry registers, reap the benefits of this advanced technology. We are a team of software experts who believe in meeting the requirements and specifications of our valuable customers. Many corporates and schools have already embraced this technology, don’t you want to be the next?

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Features of Visitor Management System

Personalized Visitor Badges

This is an advanced feature of the modern visitor management system. A digital visitor badge would be generated on completion of the e-registration that will smoothen the further processes.


It has been developed and designed with an element of flexibility. Based on the specific needs of an organization, it can be customized as well as updated.

Third-Party Integration

The credibility of the app is determined by how effortlessly it integrates with third-party solutions. The management software aims to deliver a valuable experience for organization and visitors.
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