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Internet of Things (IoT)
What is Blockchain?

Internet of Things enable devices to transfer data to the personal blockchain, even in the shared transactions with tamper resistant track. Blockchain allow to access and supply the IoT data by your business partners without controlling or managing the data centrally or locally. This allows every business partners to access and verify any transactions easily and thus, becomes easier to held them responsible for their individual roles in their respective transactions.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Integrate IoT Platform with Blockchain

IoT platform has built-in features that allow the user to add data to the private blockchain. The protected data is shared only with the business partners, those who are involved in the transaction.

oT platform provides private blockchain infrastructure that replicate the data to validate the data through secure connections.

IoT filters the data and send the data which is required to the contracts. This could also translate the existing data from one device type to the format, which is understand by the contract APIs.

IoT Blockchain Use Cases

Freight Transportation

Moving freight from one place to another involves a complex process, with different parties, each having different priorities. IoT enabled blockchains help in storing temperature, arrival, position and status of the containers. Blockchain transaction ensure that all the parties can trust the data and offer the better services of transportation in a quick and efficient manner.

Component tracking and compliance

Whether you component is in aircraft, automobile or other vehicle, IoT platform provides the ability to track the component for safety and regulatory compliance. IoT data stored in shared blockchains allows all the business partners to obtain the components, without any central control. Sharing the information in blockchain ledger with regulatory agencies, shipper, manufacturer is much reliable, secure as well as cost-effective.

Log Operational Maintenance Data

IoT enabled devices helps the organization to track all the safety measures and take preventive steps for critical machines. Be it aircraft engines or elevator, IoT with blockchain offers the tamper-free ledger of the maintenance and operations/ this also allows the other business partner to track and monitor the operational data and other records to verify the compliance.