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Get the best Taxi Clone by the readymade Taxi App & Website Development Company, that gives similar
experience like Uber, Ola, Hailo & easy Taxi along with user and driver panel for Android or iOS.

Affordable Prices | 100% Secured | 24 hrs. Client Support | ISO Certified | Signed NDA before start | High-performance App Development | Successfully completed 500+ projects in 2018.

Taxi App development company
Vl Taxi Solutions
Vl Taxi Solutions
Vl Taxi Solutions

Create a Professional Taxi App Solution for your Business!

VerveLogic has a experienced team of professional developers to make provide the readymade solutions not just to the taxi riders but also, to the taxi drivers. Our VL Taxi Solution offers a great ease for:

Users panel

To accept the pickup, start or end the trip, rate the customer and receive payment online

Driver panel

We offer flexible solutions to manage the online taxi services through Web App easily.

admin panel

The admin panel is made to handle all the transactions easily along with the multivendor access facility. Keep track of every order, payment and delivery with just a single click with Web App.

9 Steps Process of VL Taxi Software

To Book Your Taxi

Enter the login details within the app. If you are new, you will have to enter your Email Id, set password and give your contact number.


You will have to select your location from the map to book taxi around the location.


Enter your drop location and select the model of car that you prefer to board, depending upon your convenience.


Once you select the option, your request is send to nearest taxi driver.


User will get notified when driver accepts the request with his details and location can be tracked on Map.


User will get notified when cab reaches to pick-up point.


Driver starts the ride when customer get into the cab.


Ending the ride generates the invoice.


Driver and customer can rate each other.

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Taxi App ic VL Taxi Driver Admin

For demo admin account use these details to login.

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