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Most of the people almost 75% users click on organic results instead of the appearing ads, and getting high rank in the search results stand as a huge advantage for any brand. We keep ourselves updated with the search engine algorithms and leverage our expertise increase the traffic to your website.

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Social Promotion

Social Media Optimization or SMO is the best approach having a wider reach for your website. Through SMO, your online business can have a brighter future. Vervelogic is one of the rising stars for SMO services in India. With lots of research and exceptional dedication, we provide finest solutions for the betterment of your brand.

Video and Photo Sharing

Social Bookmarking

Social Networking

We make the best use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn to spread awareness about your website. In the least of time.

At Vervelogic, we have a social media management team you can count on, who encourage subscribers to become the members of your page.

We help you Reach New Customers by Implementing Following Steps

Create Ideas

Create Documents & Blogs

Prepare pictures & videos

Share on social stream

How we Come Into Play?

Social Media Optimization is the mechanism of promoting your brand and creating brand awareness by accessing different mediums.

Here what our mechanism includes:

Bookmarking submissions


Evaluate & Observe


Q/A forums

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How We Help Your Brand?

After getting detailed information about your product, we follow four processes that help your business to grow
on different social media channels:

How does it help?

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Daily Posts & Management
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Increasing Awareness & Followers Numbers

How does it help?

  • www.facebook.com
  • www.twitter.com
  • www.linkedin.com
  • www.reddit.com
  • www.digg.com
  • www.squidoo.com
  • www.mister-wong.com
  • www.myspace.com
  • www.delicious.com
  • www.slashdot.org
  • www.tumblr.com
  • www.mixx.com

Engage Your Audience

At Vervelogic, we love social media channels and we want you to know that our professionals do not work on that one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to our clients’ project.

We are deployed with best-in-class tools to track your social presence.

Our Clients

We at Verve Logic have proved to become one of the finest SEO providing companies around the corners of the world.

How Social Media Works Wonders for your Online Business?


We are familiar with the fact like social media enable you to get your message out in the world. But which approach is effective as well as competitive?

Taking conventional media for your company can cost you a fortune. However, using social media for your brand’s message endorsement is click-easy, instant and less expensive. Once you publish your ad, the entire community can see the ad and know about your brand.

Interactive Appeal

On social networks, you can represent your message in its interactive appeal and also can be used on different platforms. Like a promotional video cannot be restricted to YouTube and many other sites that offer video sharing, but it can also be added to a blog, website or on your Facebook page.

Social media also enables you to try out your some creative approaches and make your message more interesting and appealing. And more variety and exposure reflects wider dispersal of your brand’s message.

Images, Audios, Videos

Today, social media is increasingly becoming a favorite platform for most of the businesses around the world. Since it is seething with the web in different forms such as communication, collaboration, entertainment, and multimedia that proposes enormous advertising opportunities to grow.

Instant Response

Using conventional media for marketing may take days, weeks and even months, but on social media, your message can be created easily and spread instantaneously, without any kind of delay. Just a few clicks and your target audience will be seeing your ad.

100% Targeted

By using conventional media, once can have great chances of reaching to the wrong audience. On the other hand, a message through social networks is purely targeted and comes forth for the right audience at the right time. In social media management, people see what they want to see, so there are very fewer chances that they’ll ignore the ad in which they’re interested.

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  • Team of 25+ Certified Experts
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