Verve Logic Point Of Sale

Verve Logic Point of Sale Application is Fast Easy and Effective Solution for any service and product based offline services.

Point of Sale
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Point of Sale is an software application to make atomization of day today activities for any services provider like, Saloons, Garage, Boutiques etc. There are still many companies who are using papers to account there work, not able manage sales efficiently, staff and there services are managed manually, Stakeholder don't know there profits and loss end of the day.

We came with POS solution on the basis of day to day need required by small enterprises and to cut down all headaches, resources and bring profit to their business. You can maintain Vendors, Products, Services offered, Customer Management, Staff Management, Generate invoice in quick as 5 sec's, various reports like total inventory available, sold, unavailable ordered etc.

Product Management

Maintain Product name, ProductID, Quanity, Min Qunaity, Price.

Product Management Point of Sale

Service Management

Add Service name, Service ID, Price.

Product Management Point of Sale

Customer Management

Manage details: Customer Name, Address, Contact number, Email ID, DOB, Anniversary.Generate Report on the basis of customers visits and purchansed.

Product Management Point of Sale

Invoice Management

Create invoice for product and service both, Save invoice, edit, print, create custome buttons for quick product or service addons.

Product Management Point of Sale

Bar Coding

Help in using bar code hardware to read and add in invoice.

Bar Coding Point of Sale

Global Dashboard

Last 10 days report will be udpated on dashboard.

Global Dashboard Point of Sale

Report Management

View reports according to Product, Service - EOD Print and send report to email's.

Report Management Point of Sale

Admin Management

User Authorization and management.

Admin Management Point of Sale

Vendors Management

Maintain Vendors information, name, address, contact details, email ID.

Vendors Management Point of Sale

FAQ for Point Of Sale?

What is Point Of Sale?

Point of sale also known as POS or Checkout is the location where a retail transaction is finished. It is that point at which a buyer furnishes a payment to the seller in exchange for goods or services. At the Point of sale seller would calculate the amount due to buyer and will provide the buyer with possible ways to make the related payment. Post the payment, merchant will also issue a receipt of payment acknowledging the buyer regarding his successful payment.

What are the advantages of Point Of Sale?

Recording sales transactions more quickly and easily.

  • - Generating purchase invoices.
  • - Entering product, salesman as well as customer detail.
  • - Calculation of discounts can be done quickly at the time of final billing.
  • - Maintain inventory data and also it helps in getting alarmed regarding less quantity of product or on a product’s expiry.
  • - Retailer can also backup and restore for data safety.
  • - Retailer can install it for quick print delivery.

What are the system requirement for Point of Sale?


  • Operating System - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows *.
  • FrameWork - .NET Framework 4.0 to run. (NET framework can be downloaded from Here.)
  • Back-end - SQl Ce 4.0 to run (SQl Ce 4.0 can be downloaded from Here.)

There are various retail POS systems out there online. How will I know which is the best out of them?

Firstly, introspect the requirement of your product and business type for the features of PSO. Also estimate the approximate budget that you are ready to spend for the same. Or for more convenience, list out the feature or things you want in the first year and the things which can be hold for next coming years. Find reputable industries providing such POS technology and also check for their portfolio along with client’s experience. Ask for references and give them a call. Consider all factors, such as retail software solution, technical support, service offered after the sale, supported point of sale hardware, and incorporation with accounting packages or other business utilities you use.

Should I choose a retail software package that was designed specifically for my industry?

Not mandatory. When there are many industry specific software packages available, most of them don't offer all the features and options available in a general and ordinary retail software package. Many a times, a General Retail Point of Sale software package can perform everything that industry-specific software can perform, even whole lot more than this. Question yourself what features you require now and what all in the near future.