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5 Tips For Game Developers To Encash Profit From Mobile Game Marketing

Mobile game industry has seen a tremendous boom due to the widespread availability of smartphones throughout the world. In today’s scenario, mobile game industry has become tremendously competitive, hence importance of mobile game marketing has also increased by many folds. However, apart from getting revenue from mobile games, this competitive scenario has given a new […]

F2P Game Design: Top 10 Ways To Use Messaging As A Tool To Attract Mobile Game Players

To make a free to play game successful and popular among players requires to get the grip on players attention by effective messaging. Messaging in any form such as push notification, update prompts, offers or daily bonus can create excitement among players. However, messaging done inappropriately can take you in the loss pit and you […]

Users Game Experience: 5 Best Ways To Provide Memorable Free To Play Experience

To make a great game experience requires the complete knowledge about the players engagement metrics and player segments for better targeting. These metrics helps in delivering best offers to players and best free to game experience. Real time player enhances the in play game experience which further bring great retention and conversion. But how can […]