How To Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Online Business in 2022?

How To Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Online Business in 2022?

If someone is aware of the term ‘dropshipping’ he will surely want to invest in this lucrative business model but when stepping in the shoes of the dropshipping merchant the person immediately analyzes some obvious challenges, one of which is to find the best dropshipping suppliers for product listings on his online store. Supplier being the crucial part of the supply chain and dropshipping fulfillment process, it is mandatory for the merchant to take time and find the authentic supplier for his purposes.

Being in a business there might be a chance you find the hoaxes under the name of suppliers. So, how to find authentic dropshipping suppliers whom you can rely on with your business? Dropshipping business is a long journey and it is obvious that you need credible suppliers to accompany you on the journey.

Dropshipping Suppliers Directory is your rescue

Much like a phone directory, there is a dropshipping supplier’s directory that holds the database of only the genuine suppliers. This directory is organized on the basis of the market, niche, and products – easy for sellers to spot suitable dropshipping suppliers. There are several such directories that hold a special screening to ensure that those making the cut are genuine wholesalers and are not hoaxes. There are for-profit companies that charge an access fee to such directories.

In post-COVID times, most people have their eyes on e-commerce business. Alongside a full-fledged e-commerce website, access to dropshipping supplier’s directory is a boon for dropshipping merchants. With the availability of trustworthy dropshipping suppliers, the merchants only need to set up an e-commerce website with the help of the best web app development company. Know how can you develop a full-fledged e-commerce website for your online business?

If you have your eyes on one dropshipping niche or product, then the dropshipping supplier’s directories will guide you to the top-notch players for your market.

Well, there are hundreds of directories that you can rely upon with your dropshipping business, all having the answers to your supplier hunt. The article precisely aims at acknowledging the world-known dropshipping suppliers. Though you can keep your eyes on other worthwhile options too. Also, the article discusses how to find the ideal dropshipping supplier for your business and how you can spot the hoaxes from the pool.

Table of Content 

1. Top 6 Dropshipping Suppliers to deal with in 2022

2. How to find the best dropshipping suppliers?

3. Top 7 Dropshipping Companies Around The Globe

4. How to identify fake dropshipping suppliers?

5. Tips to Find the Correct Dropshipping Suppliers

6. Modes of Payment to Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies

7. Is Dropshipping business profitable in 2022?

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Top 6 Dropshipping Suppliers to deal with in 2022

Finding a dropshipping supplier is a task to accomplish if you do not have a lead. Here is the list of the top 6 dropshipping suppliers with their key principles and benefits.

For a head start, here are some general factors that you might consider before selecting the ideal dropshipping supplier for your business.

=> Supplier’s location and shipment options: Where the supplier’s warehouse is located and how long does it take from manufacturing to shipment of the product listed on your website.

=> Types of Products – This is a fact that you will reach out to the supplier that deals in your niche and the types of product you are going to list.

=> Recommendations – If the supplier suits the beginning or advanced dropshipping.

6 Best Dropshipping Suppliers

1. PlusBuyers – The Best Dropshipping Supplier for Electronics

PlusBuyers - The Best Dropshipping Supplier for Electronics

PlusBuyers is a dropshipping supplier you can always go to if your niche is electronics. The platform offers you a great product listing including gift items, digital products, consumer electronics, etc. PlusBuyer is an invisible dropshipping supplier that allows your company’s branding on the packages making it look like the production is done in-house. The products are shipped from manufacturers in China and are worth dealing with because of their competitive prices.

2. Oberlo – Top Rated Dropshipping Supplier with a huge catalog


No matter which dropshipping niche you choose to take a flight in the business, Oberlo lets you choose from the huge catalog of different products from apparel to toys, cosmetics, and trending products in the market. Oberlo gives free access to cataloged products with premium paid membership starting at $29.99/month. Product shipping is done via China Post, ePacket, UPS/DHL/FedEx, AliExpress.

3. Megagoods – The Best Dropshipping Supplier for Beginners


A California-based drop shipping service is here to facilitate all the sellers with an inventory of 2000+ electronic products. Though it is a small and niche-centric platform, Megagoods is a great way to start a dropshipping business with low costs and risks. Initially, the platform lets you browse through the catalog of products for free. Once you confirm leveraging the platform for the long term then you will have to pay a minimum of $14.99 per month. Or there is an option for you to pay a fee of $1.50 per order on your website.

4. Modalyst – Dropshipping Supplier for Elite Apparel Brands


An online drop shipping utility for businesses dealing in textiles and apparel. Enlisted on the dropshipping supplier app are the elite brands like Calvin Klein, DSquare, Dolce&Gabbana, and more. Brand freaks are particular about the names they wear and flaunt, if you are serving such an audience then the app is for you. While some care about the name others care about the budget, Modalyst gives you access to independent and trendy brands that are pocket-friendly too.

5. DropnShop – Dropshipping Supplier for French Products


DropnShop deals in French products giving access to online stores willing to make a mark with top-notch French products. The products are sourced directly from the top-notch French manufacturers and offer thousands of Stock-keeping-units under various categories. Overseas shipping is done at affordable rates. DropnShop makes the cut to the top 6 drop shipping suppliers as all the products are treated with utter care abiding by the protocols of French Legislation. If you are sourcing a product from DropnShop you can relax knowing that your customers are getting a durable and top-notch product.

6. Printify – The Custom Apparel Dropshipping Supplier


If custom apparel is your niche, then Printify is your destination. The well-known dropshipping portal facilitates the doorstep delivery of custom apparel from custom printed T-shirts to hoodies, sweatshirts, and tank tops. The portal has every size you want for men, women, or kids. Printify gives the complete canvas print and eco-friendly apparel too. You can get easy access to 300+ custom products for your personal e-commerce store listing. In the post-COVD era, when cashless transactions and online shopping have become the way of life, e-commerce has become prevalent. Know how you can increase your e-commerce sales?

To be noted: There are a lot of worthwhile options when it comes to dropshipping suppliers, you can create your own checklist of benefits based on your business’s nature.

How to find the best dropshipping suppliers? 

Everyone starts a business with a long-sighted aim of flourishing and sustaining in the market. In a dropshipping business, this cannot be done until you have access to reliable supply sources – the trusted and established dropshipping suppliers.

Before hunting for the dropshipping suppliers, make sure that:

-> Your Online Business is legal 

If you’re looking for an authentic and registered wholesaler then the wholesaler also wants you to be legally registered as a seller before allowing you to apply for an active account. Mostly the best prices are revealed to the registered customers only so you have to be a legal online business if you want access to facilities like best pricing and shipment.

-> Do not be overwhelmed by your ambitions 

Suppliers are already dealing with people who appear to have great business plans and a lot of queries but usually end up buying nothing from the suppliers. If you are new to the dropshipping business, beware that the suppliers will not help you out of the way until there is trust between the two parties.

Get yourself a dropshipping account at first and never expect them to give you substantial discounts in the beginning. Do not bother the suppliers even before you have made a single purchase – this will question your integrity as a seller. Trust and reliability come with time, above that, you are already getting access to a large catalog of wholesale products once you get the account.

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-> You call the suppliers for serious issues

Conversation via email is sometimes time-consuming as you cannot expect real-time responses from the other end. Do not overwhelm yourself when it comes to picking up or making a call to the suppliers. Though email is the best way for business conversations, that is only applicable if the response can wait for two or more days. For on-spot information pick up the call or make a call to your supplier.

Here is how you can find the best dropshipping supplier for your online business in 2021.

Go for the dropshipping suppliers with these 6 traits:

1. Industry Centric Expert Suppliers

If you want to start a dropshipping business in a particular niche make sure your product supplier belongs to the same niche as you. It affects many aspects of order fulfillment like shipment, packaging storage, etc. make sure you deal with the suppliers who know their industry and their product line.

2. Dedicated Representatives 

Being a B2B buyer you can expect to get all the genuine help you want from your supplier. One such facility is sales representative. The best dropshipping supplier assigns a sales representative to the customers. With the representative being in the middle, the conversations are easy, problems are heard and resolved on time and various issues are taken care of properly. Basically, life becomes easy for the customers who are located overseas.

3. Inclined Towards Technology 

Technology makes the various processes easier. There are plenty of established suppliers that own outdated or lagging websites as they are hardly concerned with the quality of the website. The latest technology is meant to save time and enhance coordination, such as real-time inventory, an online catalog, customizable data feeds, and easily accessible order history with an option to re-order.

Whether it’s an e-commerce website development or the dropshipping supplier’s catalogs, technology brings ease to a lot of online processes that would otherwise consume a lot of time and resources. Like AI integration to an e-commerce store. Know how AI contributes to the ultimate success of your e-commerce store? If you are planning to own an e-commerce store for your dropshipping services, it is advisable to keep your thoughts in front of a professional e-commerce development company.

4. Use Email channel for Orders

Emails have always been the best way for professional conversations and especially when it comes to dropshipping deals. A verbal conversation cannot be trusted as a future reference, emails are here to remain as records. Placing an order verbally on-call or manually on a website is comparatively more time-consuming.

5. Organized and Effective Processes

Demand fulfillment is itself a task to accomplish. Every step from production to shipment needs focus and organization. There are suppliers who work in coordination with their supply chain making the process go smoothly till the end. On the contrary, some suppliers knowingly or unknowingly jeopardize the entire process by working dominantly and on their terms making you question your choices with every order you make.

It is wise to check the diligence of the dropshipping supplier by placing the trial orders, this will paint a clear picture of:

-> How the supplier handle the process?

-> How much time does it take for the item shipment?

-> How swiftly does it follow up with the given tracking information?

-> The quality of the product and its packaging condition when upon arrival

6. Centrally Located

If the entire US is your market make sure you hire the help of a dropshipping supplier that is centrally located in the country. With this right step you take, 90% of the orders will reach the customers within 2-3 working days. This is valid for in-house suppliers.

In case you are dealing with overseas suppliers and find no worthy option domestically then the standard freight and shipment process will take at least a week. Here you have your hands folded to the situation.

Top 7 Dropshipping Companies Around The Globe

Now that we know the importance and long-term gains of working with efficient suppliers, it is inevitable for us to make the right choice at the beginning of the game. Here is the list of the top 7 dropshipping companies that will ease your hunt for authentic suppliers in 2021 (for any dropshipping niche).

Worldwide Brands – The Worldwide renowned wholesale supplier directory

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands tops the list of the supplier directories as it gives the value for your investment. The dropshipping company claims to deal with only the authentic suppliers who abide by their set of guidelines offering efficient and legitimate services – only the best wholesalers can make the cut. The company showcases listings from almost all the dropshipping niches facilitating retailers with any interest they pick. Certainly, a worthwhile choice when it comes to starting an online e-commerce store. If you are planning to start an e-commerce portal, then there is a lot more than just the supplier’s directory that you need. Catch up with the complete working & revenue model of an e-commerce site that will help you turn your website into a business.

Spocket – Best Dropshipping Suppliers of US and EU Products


A fine and mature dropshipping directory firm that commits to deal only in quality products. Sprocket holds a whopping 80% of its supplier strength from the US and Europe. Also, each supplier is tested for its authenticity via in-depth reviewing and various onboarding tests to check if it is able to meet the benchmarks Spocket has set. The noteworthy guidelines include no-third party warehouses, must offer discounts on retail prices, and rapid processing & shipment. Entirely confident of its services and directory, Sprocket offers 14 days free trial with no credit card to the sellers.

SaleHoo – The Best Dropshipping Directory for Amazon Dropshipping 


With more than 8000 bulk-purchase and dropshipping suppliers listings on the directory, SaleHoo is an elixir for merchants in the online dropshipping business. The directory significantly serves merchants on Amazon and eBay with prices as minimal as $67/per year. Access to a genuine and top-notch directory at such rates is quite a deal. SaleHoo caters to US, UK, and Australian markets.  With AliExpress being its inventory source the merchants get an easy hand on pre-vetted suppliers dealing in several intriguing and profitable niches.

Wholesale Central – The Free Dropshipping Directory

Wholesale Central

As the name suggests, wholesale central is a marketplace where you can find suppliers for almost any dropshipping niche and the searches are truly free of cost. On the contrary, the site charges a fee from the suppliers for their listing on the portal and poses recommendations in the form of trendings/ads. The company claims to run checks and screenings before any supplier makes it to the listing on their website. Most of the reputed suppliers on WC are from the United States and the shipping process totally depends on which supplier you are working with.

Alibaba – The Best Dropshipping Company fueling B2B Businesses


B2B processes involve bulk manufacturing and shipment, this calls for the need to find suppliers who are potent enough to ship bulk freights within time. Alibaba is a B2B marketplace that connects buyers and sellers both involved in B2B processes. Unlike the other dropshipping directories, Alibaba deals with wholesalers and manufacturers or high-end retailers ordering in bulk. If you want to take a big step and have that sort of budget plus market scope, then Alibaba is the best choice for you where suppliers provide bulk items and efficiently fulfill orders for your dropshipping business.

CDS – India’s Best Dropshipping Company


From being the first dropshipping supplier in the country to an internationally dealing entity, CDS – India’s best dropshipping company of 2021 is known worldwide for its automated dropshipping services. CDS connects all the players in the dropshipping business on a global level. It is undoubtedly the best channel for Indian dropshippers to step firmly into the market holding a trademark of quality in the products they sell. Over that the company offers white label branding that will reflect your brand on the packaging keeping the supplier invisible.

Importify – The Best Dropshipping Company for Unlimited Product Imports

Importify – the dropshipping company has listings of unlimited products of any niche you decide to step into. The world embraces Importify for its best pricing on unlimited product imports and access to the directory is available at the minimal rate of $14.95 per month. Importify has proven to be the best asset of dropshipping businesses of any scale. The company integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce and you can get direct access to popular suppliers like Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, and Walmart.

How to identify fake dropshipping suppliers?

As said above, if you are in the business you are most likely to spot the conns operating under the name of suppliers/suppliers. As dropshipping business is a long-term journey, here you need to keep an eagle’s eyes while selecting the suppliers you want to deal with. Aforesaid is the list of the authentic dropshipping suppliers and directory companies but this is not it, you can keep your eyes open to other worthwhile options that will give you the best dealing experience throughout your journey.

For now, here are some dropshipping tips that will lead you to an authentic and efficient wholesaler.

1. Charging Service/Membership Fees

Authentic dropshipping suppliers never ask you to pay any service fees or membership fees for doing business with them. A supplier is in the loop for facilitating the delivery of the product to the end consumer, there is no reason for any supplier to keep service or any other hidden cost. If any supplier asks you to pay a monthly membership fee, it is probably a hoax.

2. Dealing with the public too

While you are dealing with authentic suppliers they want you to apply for your merchant’s account showing that you are a legitimate business and you have to make the cut before placing your very first order with the supplier. In case if the company is selling to the general public too at wholesale then it is just the retailer offering the products at inflated rates.

3. Pre-order Fees

Several drop shippers charge pre-order dropshipping fees from the merchants. The price is as low as $5 to $25 (depending on the fragility, complexity, and size of the order). It is quite relevant in the industry that a bulk shipment costs less than the shipment of individual orders.

4. Order-Size Thresholds

There always lies an inconvenience that some wholesale suppliers have a minimum initial order size which is the minimum amount you have to spend on your purchases. This is reasonable as it filters out the merchants who pose towers of queries and in the end buy small orders fetching no good business for the suppliers.

The minimum purchase amount sometimes poses a barrier for certain dropshipping merchants. If you have decided to work with that supplier for a long time then it is feasible for you to keep a credit with your supplier (say $500) – this will meet the supplier’s minimum sales requirements and you will not have to place a baseless order (with no requirements).

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Tips to Find the Correct Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping business is based on an online merchant domain through which orders are placed, payments are done and shipments are tracked. One needs to own a robust online store to ease all such processes. Here comes to your service the professional and experienced website or app development agency that will dive deep into your goals and requirements from your dropshipping business and integrate all the features & functionalities for your online store.

The other task to accomplish is finding the correct dropshipping suppliers. Now that you can easily spot the rotten in the basket, it is time to search for the suppliers you want to associate with for a long time. Even genuine suppliers are not good enough for you if they do not belong to your dropshipping niche or are not dealing at your level.

You can apply a number of strategies, below are the best you can adopt:

1. Contact The Manufacturer 

If you are searching for the ideal and reliable dropshipping suppliers you are already aware of the dropshipping niche you want to step into. Contact the manufacturers producing the items for your niche and ask them about their wholesale distributors – they will help you with some wise ‘options in the location you are searching for.

2. Search for Suppliers on Google

Google is the answer to most of our queries in fact it shows you the star ratings of the suppliers that are good in the business. This is what we need. SERPs will lead you to the best suppliers if you search with these points in mind.

-> Deep Research – Suppliers are not there to promote their services via SEO so there are chances you find the best on page 7 of the SERP when you search for the wholesale suppliers for product X. You have to refer to a lot of search pages and websites before you land on any conclusion regarding the suppliers.

-> Ignore their website design – They do not bother about doing SEO on their page and they sometimes do not bother about their website construction as well. Though there are some quality suppliers who constantly work on renovating their online portfolios as this perceives them as professional. So, it is foolish to judge the book by its cover.

-> Search with various Keywords – With no dedicated SEO, there are chances you might miss the best dropshipping supplier for your product. It is time-consuming but you should consider searching for suppliers using various keywords which are basically the synonyms like suppliers, wholesalers, resellers, bulk, warehouse, distributors, etc.

3. Reach out to the Competitor’s Suppliers 

If you are still stuck with your decision regarding the ideal dropshipping suppliers do not forget they supply to several merchants who belong to the same industry as you. Find a competing merchant you think is into dropshipping business and place a small order from the company. When you receive the package, Google the return address to find the location of the actual supplier. This is the supplier you can reach out with your requirements.

4. Go to trade shows

This is the place where you find all the manufacturers and wholesalers belonging to your niche. It is the ideal platform for you to build contacts with the best dropshipping suppliers under one roof. Though the trade shows are not accessible to everyone, if you have decided your niche and have the time and money to attend such shows then go for it without thinking twice.

Modes of Payment to Dropshipping Suppliers and Companies

The authentic suppliers and dropshipping companies have multiple modes of payments, either you are ordering in heavy bulk or a small but decent amount. Here is a quick look at the modes of payment widely accepted by the suppliers in dropshipping business:

1. Credit Card

If you are a new face to the dropshipping suppliers, then they might want you to pay through your credit card. 1 year down the road, a credit card still remains the best choice when it comes to payments as it gives benefits as nothing else on bulk purchases. Some noteworthy benefits include reward points and frequent flier miles.

In the dropshipping business when the customer has already paid for the product online you can easily go with a high volume of purchases without the threat of being doomed for over-spending.

2. Net Terms  

“Net terms” is also a common way of setting the bills with the suppliers. This means you have a number of days to pay back the supplier for goods that you have purchased. The method often goes when the merchant purchases in bulk for B2B business. So if you are net 30 terms you are bound to pay back the dropshipping supplier within 30 days of the product purchase. You can pay the amount using a credit card, debit card, cheque, or bank draw.

Is Dropshipping business profitable in 2022? 

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, dropshipping is indeed a profitable business model as it doesn’t require you to own a physical store neither you are concerned with the inventory management or the shipment issues. All you need to do is sell the product online and give the purchase details to the supplier/wholesaler/manufacturer who will then facilitate the packaging and shipment. In dropshipping business, you are entitled to a certain commission on selling a particular item through your website/online store.

More than 50% of the full-time retailers are relying on this business model, which means it is sustainable if you are in the right dropshipping niche. Moreover, COVID-19 has taught the world to be self-sufficient and reliant on technology for most of its purposes. Online purchases are one of them. This is why 2021 is indeed the best time to step into the dropshipping business as this calls for comparatively less investment and low risk while respecting the protocols like social distancing and technology dependence.

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With the ideal dropshipping niche, the best web development, result-driven digital marketing strategies, SEO, content marketing, and customer service (which is the key to any online business success) you are certain to each height in your dropshipping business with time. Put your requirements on the tables of professional IT Consultancy and see what it has to offer in your interest.

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