How Much Does Website Development Cost in 2023?

How Much Does Website Development Cost in 2023?

Summary: The blog is writing for the purpose to identify the areas that affect the cost for basic or complex website development. We cover each parameter and sections in depth that are essential to mention to create the website from scratch. 

As per the 2022 stats, the total number of web developers and designers in the USA was more than 200 thousand and in 2032, it will become 229 thousand with decent acceleration. The figure is great and raises big hopes for companies to develop advanced and complex websites for them that match the marketplace demands.

The website development industry moves by leaps and bounds in recent years. Various factors implicitly affect the cost of website development. It is a big challenge to choose a professional development company that can broaden your vision and ideas into the real canvas. Especially the cost factor is crucial and sometimes extends beyond the budget hence the companies miss targeting their potential audiences.

For organizations, it is a wise practice to follow some practices before starting the work.

In this blog, we are mentioning some of the factors that need to be focused on while developing the website i.e. size, nature, complexity, technicalities, team, etc are the important areas that impact the cost of website development.

The desired website of your niche would cost you around somewhere $20k-$30k with the basic features and functionalities. While for the complex website with the advanced features the price range would shift to some extent to $80k-$100k

The cost to hire the local development agency would be around $70k to $100k. If you want to hire any outsourcing agency then it will raise your budget to a little around $100-& 150 per hour in the USA.

Region Cost per hour 

Check out more parameters where the website development cost varies. Find out which type of website you want to develop and research its specific requirements and intricacies. In the bonus, we have mentioned a few tips to choose the right development agency for your company’s website development.

So, let’s get started!

Website Development Cost of best-tailored websites globally

Website development is something built from the scratch and should intrinsically align with a few of the industry standards. Here we have mentioned some of the best-inspired websites that are established as the symbol across the world.

  • How much does it cost to make a website Like Amazon?

How much does it cost to make a website Like Amazon

Let’s discuss it here.

Amazon is a highly inspirational eCommerce website designed to allow both vendors and buyers to diversify their motives. The website came into existence by its founder in 1994, Jeff Bezos, initiated with only the single purpose to sell books to locals.

To develop such an eCommerce website various factors evolved. The portal is imbibed with lots of features.

Some of the best features are;

  • Homepage
  • Product category
  • Shipping carts
  • Quick purchase
  • Switch accounts for seller or buyer

The cost to develop a website like Amazon ranges from $55k-$70k.

  • How much does it cost to make a website Like Facebook?

How much does it cost to make a website Like Facebook

When talking about the social influencing website then, Facebook (Meta) is at the top. Started more than a decade ago with the aim to connect people together and chat with virtual friends.

What makes Facebook different from other social media platforms? Let’s talk about some of the best features.

  • Signup/Registration
  • Login
  • User profile
  • Themes
  • Public/private groups
  • Pages
  • Plugins
  • Site settings

Website development pricing of developing a platform like Facebook lies around $50k-$75k.

  • How much does it cost to make a website Like Airbnb?

How much does it cost to make a website Like Airbnb

Another giant name in the space of budget-friendly accommodations with the next level of comfort is Airbnb. The concept of rental living first comes with Airbnb. The platform has emerged with a few of the top features;

  • Google Map integrations
  • Database simulator
  • Postgre and MongoDB
  • Third-party integrations
  • Property listings

The cost to create a website for accommodations like Airbnb is $60k-$70k. 

  • How much does it cost to make a website Like Fiverr?

How much does it cost to make a website Like Fiverr

Israeli top freelancing website in the world, named Fiverr. The website serves the pipeline of options for businesses and freelancers to achieve their goals in a trusted manner. As per the stats, since after the pandemic, the urge for freelancers are in huge demand.

The website is featured with a few of the best features;

  • Sign up/ registration
  • Dashboards
  • User profiles
  • Quick Search and filtering
  • Time tracking
  • Payment gateways

The cost to create the website for freelancing will cost you around $70k. 

  • How much does it cost to make a website Like Zillow?

How much does it cost to make a website Like Zillow

The American-based real estate company aims to supplement the quick buying and selling of properties online. The company’s turnover recently hit the 1.1 Million mark.

Some of the top features of the Zillow website are:

  • Flexible home loans feature, listing profiles, registration process, map integrations, etc.
  • Quick loan calculators for mortgages, debt-to-income, and affordability.
  • With the real estate calculator, the user can find real estate agents, property managers, home inspectors, and many more.
  • There are selling and buying options available for visitors without any security breaches.

Website development pricing for a Zillow is between $40k-$55k. 

  • How much does it cost to make a website Like Udemy?

How much does it cost to make a website Like Udemy

The leading global educator website in the world is named Udemy. Today it serves billions of students as well as professionals to upraise their skills in their desired internet area.

If you wish to serve your vision for education across the platform then Udemy is one of the best examples of an educational website.

A few of the top astonishing features of Udemy are:

  • Interoperability to connect and educate humans across the globe
  • Balanced on budget
  • Multi-languages support for the global students and faculties.
  • Full course control
  • Watch the lecture offline
  • Cross-platform support
  • Multiple payments support

The cost to build a website like Udemy lies around $40k-$50k. 

Factors that affect the Cost of developing the Website

Website development is attributed to paradigms of factors and every factor affects the cost. Let’s discuss a few of the top areas that decide the cost of the overall platform.

1. Different sections of websites impact the website development cost

  • Landing Pages: This is the very first stage the visitor comes to the website. The landing page reflects the service switch you’re giving to the customers. It should be responsive, agile, fast, and combat with every essential feature.

The average website development cost for a landing page: is $500-$3k 

Some of the best landing pages are verve branding, verveonline marketing, Airbnb, Wix, etc.

  • Web Blog: The web blog is a page of the website that aims for a specific purpose. It has a structure from the heading to the content that speaks about the requirements. The web blog must be well informational, according to google updates, SEO-friendly, and CMS.

Cost for web blog: $5k-9k. 

Some of the best website blogs are MyFitnessPal, Wandercooks, Cup of Jo, etc.

  • News Website: The news website is the type of website that consists of information that happens in the outside world. The news is crisp, and scintillating, etc that captivates the audience’s interest. To develop such kinds of websites a complex level of integration emerged in the website.

The cost for website news is $10k-$15k.

Some of the best news websites are Healthline, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and NBC News Digital.

  • Corporate Website: The corporate website requires an extensive level of complexity. These websites speak a lot about the services, and products of the company. These are the professional websites that showcase the business hierarchies and ethics of a company.

The website is huge and more than 50+ pages are displayed to mention the various services and technologies of the company.

Website development pricing for corporate or business websites: $18k-$25k. 

A few of the top corporate websites are Apple, Jaguar, and Pixar. 

  • E-commerce website: An eCommerce website is great for the online selling and buying marketplace. It is the marketplace for both vendors and customers. The eCommerce website has features including hassle-free payments, customer intent specific, secured, agile, etc.

Cost to develop the eCommerce website: $35k-$1lakh. 

Top e-commerce websites: Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. 

  • SaaS website: It is the service as a software website that is specific to display the services on the platform. The features include a subscription-based model, versatile structure, data, multiple operations performed in a single shared space, and application security. 

Cost to create the SaaS-based website: $50k-$80k.

Best SaaS websites: AWS (Amazon Web Service), DropBox, Adobe, and Figma.

  • Marketplace website: The website has multiple inventories that are controlled within a single place. The cost of developing the marketplace website development is slightly high compared to the other websites. 

Average website development cost to create the marketplace website: $80k-$2lakhs. 

Best marketplace websites: Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace.

2. Complexities that affect the Website Development Cost

The website development cost depends on the type of website, basic, moderate, and complex. 

  • Basic

The most common small-size platforms are Traackr, SoundStripe, Alley, etc. 

What features are required for the basic website platform? 

  • Less front-end development 
  • CMS integrations 
  • Landing pages, blogs, and portfolios are developed on basic websites.
  • Required Maximum of 10-12 pages 
  • Low level of customized animations 

○ Time to develop: 1-2 months

○ Cost: $20k

○ Team: 5 members 

  • Moderate

A few of the best average-size websites are Newton supply co, La la land, Velasca, etc. These websites are generally designed and developed for medium size businesses and cloud software. 

What features are required for the moderate website platform? 

  • Project manager, business analyst, QA, front end/ back end developer, UI/UX designer, etc. 
  • SEO and third-party integrations 
  • More than 40-50 pages

○ Time to develop: 5 months

○ Cost: $50k-60k

○ Team: 10-15 members 

  • Complex

Top-rated advanced websites are Linkedin, Canva, Shopify, Quora, etc. 

What features are required for the complex high-end website platform? 

  • Advanced level of integrations 
  • The complexity and dependency ratio is very high
  • Sound and expert level of knowledge is essential 
  • High-end customizations 
  • Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, IoT inspired technologies are used
  • A large pool of professionals is hired 

○ Time to develop: 10 months to one year

○ Cost: $80k-one lakh dollar

○ Team: a great pool of talented employees

3. Different types of website development pricing 

i. Constructor-based web development:

  • With the help of a constructor, you can create your own website with simple drag-and-drop options. 
  • Free resources are available on the internet to make it easy to understand the process of web development and DIY. 
  • Free plugins, SEO, and user-friendly are the prime requisites of these website builders. 
  • Website builder software helps the small size team to develop their own website. 
  • The price of constructor-based web development is $1k-$5k. 
  • Some of the best website builder software are GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, etc.  

ii. Template-based website development builder

  • WordPress websites are the best examples to create template-based websites.
  • It is easy to create a website with templates without any prior knowledge of coding. Some of the common features used here are premium themes, shopping cart customizations, and store management. 
  • Few of the best website builders like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Hostgator.
  • The cost of template-based websites varies from $5 to $60 per month.

iii. Customized or Manual Website Development

  • With the custom based website creation gives flexibility and N-level customization to enhance the functionality of the website more robustly, and scalable.
  • Such websites are required for e-commerce and SaaS. 
  • It gives exclusive features and the freedom to create any complex kind of website. 
  • The cost for building a website manually needs a budget of $30k-$2lakh, depending upon the requirements.

4. How Designing costs vary from the overall cost of website development?

Based on the design of the website the cost of the website may vary. The design is based on the UI/UX implementation on the website. 

  • UI designing cost: User interface-based designing is the first impression at the time the user visits the website. It should be highly responsive, agile, scalable, secure, and intuitive. The cost for UI designing is high due to the lots of customizations required. 
  • UX designing cost: User experience UX affects the level of customization. It required more than 1000 hours to design a website that fits with the expectations of the user. The layout, wireframe, and structure prepare the basic architecture of the website. 

Tech Stack required for the Web Development

The website technical stack comprises frameworks, tools, technologies, programming languages, libraries, etc. It is the ethical ground used to perform various functionalities for web development. The cost for the tech stack consisted of many factors including the feature set and the structure functionalities.

Some of the top technical stacks are MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js), MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React Native and Node.js), MEVN (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js), LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl), and Python/Django.

Tech Stack Price per hour (in the USA)Price per hour (in Europe)
MEAN stack$45$42
MERN stack$60$50
MEVN stack$50$45
LAMP stack$50$48
Ruby on Rails$48$45
Serverless stack$60$55

Team Required for Website Development

The team is the eternal composition of any project development of the websites. Without an extraordinary team, you can’t imagine the excellent performance of the website and the company as well.

For evaluating the website development pricing the per-employee cost should be decided before depending on their work. Let’s overview a few of the top employees that play a vital role in the project value.

EmployeeRole and hiring cost 
Project ManagerHe is responsible for monitoring and controlling everything inside the project. He makes sure that the internal intricacies run in a full swing in the project. He is the supervisor of the project and without his permission, nothing is permitted and followed. 

The project manager is undertaking everything and has vast experience, hence the cost to hire the project manager is around $4k-$5k a month. 

Business AnalystHe is a crucial person who has an understanding of projects. Based on his experience he prepares the SRS and specifies every minute detail about the workflow of the project dependencies.

A business analyst is a high-spirited person and with his ton of experience, he well understands the project. The company hires a business analyst for the cost of $6k-$7k,depending on the number of clients.

UI/UX DesignerA designer is a vibrant character employee who has the ability to diversify the illustrations and projects in the design of the website. He is pragmatic and strong with creations and ideas. The role of UI/UX designer depends on the scope of the project. A UI/UX designer is good in several things like visual designs, animations, illustrations, logos, graphics, images, etc.

The cost to hire the designer is $4k-$5k. 

Front-end developerHis main role is to deliver an everlasting response to the audience and visitors once they visit the website.

His task is to create and debug the crucial codes for the website.

The developer handles the entire codebase and its structure, he is an expert to edit or modify the codes. He has a vast skill set in various programming languages as per the requirements. So for the overall contribution, the cost to hire the front-end developer is around $5k. 

Front-end developer is expertise in technology, development, and coding. He has advanced knowledge of CMS and analytics as well.

Back-end developerThe code implementation and execution need lots of dependencies, that’s why only an expert back-end developer understands and creates error-free codes.

The back-end developer is sound in appending the third-party integrations with the main codebase. He is well-versed in data processing tasks.

The cost for the back-end developer is $6k.

DevOps developerThe DevOps developer is responsible to handle the entire coding and scripting of the project. He has expertise in processes, methodologies, deployment, testing, and the structure of the codebase. He is different from other developers.

The cost fixed to hire the DevOps developer is $6k-$7k.

System ArchitectThe role of the system architect is to agile the overall flow of the website and the project. Every website runs on lots of hierarchies, wireframing, maintaining networking, etc. He is well versed in system tools, and the architecture of the scripting, to understand whether the idea matches the brand identity or not.

With his quick decision making the system architect costs around $5k per month. 

QA TesterThe job of a quality analyst is to perform manual testing or black box testing throughout the code base to figure out any errors. Once the error is suspected he transmits it to the developer to resolve it in time. With the advancements, autonomous testing is adopted in the organization for robust results.

The QA understands the peripherals of the codes. The organization can’t omit the importance of the quality analyst. The salary decided for the QA is $3k-$3.5k. 

Estimated Timeframe required in various steps for developing the Website

There is no accurate estimation of the average website development cost, it depends on the complexity of the website. If you want to build a website like Amazon, Flipkart, or Twitter, the level of dependencies and complexity shifts to a greater extent. Your website requires separate pages to understand more about your solutions and services.

Let’s evaluate the timeframe for various development stages.

Development StagesTimeframe (in hours)
Market Study and Research35
Competitive Analysis40
Designing Research for UI/UX40
Prepare the SRS50
Creating the Wireframing50
Prepare the prototype structure for quick functionality55
Develop the frontend architecture90
Build the backend code70
Create the Database80
Overall Project Management40
Review and feedbackAs required 
MaintenanceAs required 
Total Cost550 hours

Hidden Factors that affect the cost of the Website Development

Apart from the web development cost, there are some hidden costs. This includes maintenance and marketing costs. If we calculate the website cost then it will be around $15k-$20k. But the price increases with the maintenance and marketing factors. 

1. Web Maintenance Cost: 

Once the website has been developed and launched to the marketplace, the website should be ascertained to maintain its rapidness. 

The maintenance cost after the launch decides on the many factors that add cost to the overall business. Usually, the overall cost of maintenance of the website is double of website development price i.e. $30k-$40k. 

The cost of maintenance includes various factors:

Factors Cost 
Website Hosting$50-$80 / month
Domain Name$10-$20/ year
SSL certificate $60-$70/ year
Third-party integrations $500/ year
Cloud storagesDepends on requirements

2. Website Marketing Cost

Marketing is the soul of any website which gives exposure to the business to reach their website to potential visitors. With the right proportion of marketing your website converts visitors into potential customers.

In recent times, it is a great practice for companies to align their website with the right strategy of marketing to mark excellence in the market. On average, the website marketing cost lies around $30k-$40k.

Some of the common factors that are required for marketing are:

            Marketing         Cost with description
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Optimize the website
  • Faster crawling
  • Speedup the website 
  • Fix any duplicate content issues
  • The cost for the technical SEO is $800-$5k per month
  • Link building
  • To add valuable weightage to the website and its pages 
  • Append references to the web pages 
  • Marks high authority and ranking in the SERP
  • Improves DA (domain authority) of website
  • The cost for link building is $100-$15k per month
  • Quality Content
  • Content is the soul of any website that adds value to the brand. 
  • Quality content requires a deep understanding of the website, services, and products. 
  • Once the website is developed, there are main areas that need to add content are website pages, landing pages, home pages, blogs, guest posting, social media, etc. 
  • The cost for hiring the content writer is $10-$20 per hour. 
  • Google SERP
  • Makes faster reach of the website to the audience
  • Features include feature snippets, carousels, and a knowledge panel.
  • Google SERP improvements need analytics that is visualized with the google search console.
  • The cost for a tool like google search console is $1k-$2k per month. 

How to Choose a Dedicated Website Development Agency?

Finally, you have reached the final curve of the blog which is equally important for your website development process. How to pick the right website development agency or partner for you? Question is crucial and undergoes crucial steps to follow.

The company which can be best suited for your requirements should be associated with the following features:

  • Understand your requirements.
  • What kind of services do you want to sell, check the respective niche or website for reference.
  • Research the portfolios of the ideal website.
  • Check the DA of the respective company’s website.
  • Analyze its social presence and brand value.
  • Identify your vision and whether the corresponding website matches its appeal and design.
  • How faster is the support and response of the support executives?


Considering the above, if you are looking for a website development agency then you can connect with us. We have a vast pool of experienced development teams that can fulfill your desire successfully. With the advance of technology if you need to implement AI and ML features inside your website then, you can avoid any hustle and consult our expert.

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