112 Best Website Ideas to Start a New Business in 2021

112 Best Website Ideas to Start a New Business in 2021

Willing to start a new business or improve the existing one? Let’s have a look at the top 112 researched and handpicked business website ideas that will help you earn great in these post-lockdown times.

Disclaimer: This article is not concerned with technically making a website but is full of ideas to enhance your website and help you make money.

Stay tuned for some unique website ideas for 2021.

Mentioned below are 112 Proven Business Website Ideas (categorized under various fields of interest) that actually work in 2021. It’s time to pick a passion and make it your full-time business.

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Business Website Ideas 

1. Own Brand Website – Why bound to a limited market? Let your brand and business shine by introducing a website that will reach a maximum target audience and help you find genuine clients for your business.  

2. Mobile App DevelopmentPeople are highly dependent on smartphones for their small to big needs and this creates a luminous opportunity for business applications. As per surveys, more than 80% of smartphone users surf applications to get a particular product or service.    

3. Create a Fashion Website What piece of clothing is trending in the market and where can you get the best deals on them? (give the shopping links) Your idea for a full-fledged fashion website will take your business to ultimate heights. Know the 13 best shopping apps for women to buy fashionable clothes. It is always a better deal   

4. Create an Online Affiliate Site The concept of affiliate marketing is on the boom. The Internet is a widespread net and this online way for promoting the goods or services fetches loads of money for the promoters. You can create a lot of fascinating content for advertising the brand (blogs, videos, photos, highlights, etc.) and promote the particular commodity through your website.  This is one of the most sought-after ideas for a website in 2021.  

5. Give Stock Trading Advice If you are interested in stock trading and are well-versed with the stirs of the stock market, you can benefit from your knowledge and start your own business website of stocks and debentures advice. As it is a knowledgeable website, you can add a paid subscription to your website.    

6. Website for Buying and Selling a domain Websites are highly in demand as they increase the digital reach of any business. But developing is not enough, every website needs a domain on the server. Make the best out of the skyrocketing demand for domains by making a website where users can buy and sell domains easily. 

7. Website for Paid Promotions – Create a website where you can promote different products under different categories. You can upload video content using that particular product giving major highlights of the products with the purchasing link. Companies often pay good commissions on such promotions.    

8. Wedding Website Ideas Give people insights into some beautiful and successful wedding celebrations in the form of storytelling along with the links to various wedding vendors advertising their services on a commission basis. 

9. Building Survey Websites – A lot of companies are eager to launch surveys to know their clients well and optimize their products or services accordingly. Create a full-fledged website for organizing surveys for such companies and grab a good amount in return from them. 

10. An Online Pharmacy – If you are in the medical business you can create a website where people can easily order medicines with door-to-door delivery. Upgrade your stock to medicines that are hard to find. 

11. Create A Niche Website – Pick up a particular sector you are an expert in and create a digital portal to spread knowledge and your experience in the same. Include online tutorials, written content, and images. Simultaneously you can promote various related products and facilities for the same. 

12. Finance Management Websites Ideas – Introduce potent financial management software and tools over your website through which businesses can quickly analyze their expenses, revenues, growth, and goals. Give them the add-on of the recorded growth chart. (SAAS)

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Educational Website Ideas for Teachers and Students

13. Start A Tutor Website – COVID-19 has made everyone dependent on online modes, even for tuition classes. Create a tutor website for primary and secondary classes and earn by giving live sessions online. This is one of the best online business ideas for home tutors, teachers, or students looking for part-time work.

14. Website for Online School or Classes – A halt due to lockdown has adversely affected the learning of the children. Whether it’s pre-school or primary education, it is advisable to shift to online schooling so that the child’s academic growth is not hampered.

15. Start Online Language Learning Courses Give live sessions or recorded aid for people who want to learn different languages. You can also create a digital ecosystem of students, admin, and instructors sharing and gaining language knowledge. Earn from giving paid subscriptions.  

16. Online Drawing/Art Classes – If you were always appreciated for your drawing and painting skills then why not make it your full-time niche business. Create a website to flaunt and sell your drawing skills and simultaneously promote the branded stationeries. 

17. Online Career Counseling – Most of the institutions hire career counselors, financially benefit by giving your assistance to such institutions. Introduce questionnaires or online tests to judge the potential of the students. You can earn a commission from institutions or via paid subscriptions. 

18. Give Online Kids Education – Let children learn through you. Create an e-learning website and teach small kids through fun activities. Make it an engaging and fun-loving website. Free trials but paid subscriptions.

19. Online Libraries – Start an online library of your own. You can upload virtual novels and books under various genres. Let your website become your readers’ daily habit. If you are a writer you can upload your own short storytelling. Looking for inspiration for your online library, here are the 8 best apps for book lovers in 2021. Know what people like the most.

20. Website for Online Professional Courses You can list the range of best professional courses on your website giving direct links to the best deals on online professional courses. Help people take online sessions from the comfort of their homes.

21. Vocabulary Apps – Vocabulary is something that can make or destroy anybody’s first impression. These are people who constantly search for the best vocabulary apps that will sort their issue of blank walls while communicating. Create one and earn from paid subscription while imparting valuable knowledge of words.

22. A Quora Alike – As Quora gives answers to questions, you can come up with a website where people can sign up, select a category, ask questions and fetch answers for the same under one roof. Earn via paid subscriptions or online ads.

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Ecommerce Business Ideas (Selling Goods Online)

23. Start A Dropshipping Website – Drop shipping is an online business model where you can sell the items online without holding any upfront inventory. As the customer purchases, a product from your e-commerce site, you can redirect the order to the supplier for packaging and shipment. This commission-based online business idea is your best bet in 2021.  Know everything about the dropshipping business model with Vervelogic…

24. Build a standalone Grocery Website – Provide your customers with an online gateway for product delivery by introducing the best E-Commerce Website ideas. People are now getting used to online shopping for groceries. Help them replace those trips to shopping malls. Get inspired by these 26 best grocery delivery apps for your business venture.

25. Sell Electronic Gadget Online Gadget reviews, unboxing videos, written blogs, and links to purchase them is what you can fill in the website. You can run paid advertisements promoting different brands.

26. Website Ideas for Food Delivery Food blogging is the wide arena and if you are a foodie this is the golden ticket for your online business. You can highlight the best dishes with the links to order them online also you can upload recipes of homemade delicacies and enhance your food website. Or, you can enlist the packaged foods and spices on your website for purchase.

27. Website for Selling Artwork – If you are a painter or an artist show your skills and at the same time earn from them. You can make customized artifacts for your customers, create a website that will link you to your genuine clients. Indeed the best business web idea for artists in 2021. Start your online art selling business from scratch.

28. Printing and Selling T-Shirts online – T-Shirt is apparel that is worn by every age group and gender, the audience pool is incredibly high for this e-commerce business. Achieve success in 2021 with this amazing online business website idea. Start your t-shirt printing and selling business from scratch.

29. Start Your Vintage Clothing Line – Vintage clothing is still embraced by many fashion enthusiasts and therefore it is the best business website idea in 2021. If you are a fashion designer, then do not be limited to working for another brand but create your own online vintage clothing brand with Vervelogic.

30. Start Your Own Online Boutique – If the textile and designing industry fascinates you and you have the required expertise then wait no more for this best online business idea. Start your own online boutique with minimal requirements.

31. Website for renting Fancy Garments Why buy an outfit every time for a heavy occasion like a wedding or festival when you can rent one? Give your clients the facility to rent an outfit by selecting the garment and size online and let them have a trial at home delivery.

32. Create an online Jewelry brand If you have any expertise in making handmade jewelry do not let it get wasted. Own a website through which you can exhibit your handmade jewelry items, and popularize your online jewelry brand on a much wider scale. Know how to start your online jewelry business in 2021.

33. Website for Selling Second Hand Products A website like OLX or Craigslist. Let your website bridge the gap between the sellers of second-hand commodities and the purchasers. You can list a commodity as small as a book to as large as a vehicle over your website.

34. A website selling marketplace – As websites are highly in demand, there is a lot of profit hidden in this sector for the sellers. Being in this business you can easily buy a website, improve them a bit and sell them for great profits.

35. Make and Sell Home-made Goods online – The business website idea where you can create a masterpiece of value and sell them online from your home itself. Starting a home business has always fascinated people and therefore here are 14 things that you can easily make at home and sell through your eCommerce site.

Are you holding back from starting your business due to limited funds? Your search is over with 12 low-investment online business ideas and tips to start. Also, know how to build an online e-commerce store to serve your customers with shopping and online payment.

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Website for Paid Services – The best Online Business Ideas

36. Home Chores and Babysitting – This is a fast-paced life where time is equivalent to money, this gives you an opportunity to start a web portal for home chores where you can offer cleaning, cooking, and babysitting services. Give the option for temporary and permanent services.

37. Pet Services – Believe it or not but people spend a lot on their pets and especially workaholics who are ‘too busy to take care of their pets. Creating a pet service website is the best business website idea that you can come up with in 2021. You can even start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with limited features and grow to add more features to your website/app. Know about creating a dog walking and grooming app from scratch.

38. Website for Repairing Services A comprehensive online marketplace where a visitor can hire any serviceperson from plumbers to mechanics, cleaners, beauticians, etc.

39. CV or Cover Letter Writing – CV with correct format and no grammatical errors is what people are still paying for. You can give your services as a CV or cover letter writer choosing correct formats, good vocabulary, and no grammar mistakes.

40. Event Management Websites – Event organizing remains the preferred choice for people who have less time but bigger pockets. Create an event management website and offer a quick event organizing service to such customers. You can even start with organizing small events like birthday parties, kitties, get-togethers, etc.

41. Catering Services – The world is for the internet to rule. Popularize your online catering business or open a tiffin center (with an online ordering facility) for more and more people to reach out to you.

42. Online Customer Care Service – An online customer service assistant that can answer the general queries of your clients and is available 24*7 for them. Further any intense query will be transferred to the respective department. This idea for a website works well with any business.

43. A Freelancing Marketplace – There is a hiking demand for freelancers in every sector. Starting a website where you can accommodate freelancers showing their respective expertise and years of experience and bridge the gap between the businesses and the right talent.

44. Motivational Counselling Online – Correct motivational counseling is rare to find and if you are a certified counselor then this is the time to shine. Own a website under which you can organize Skype sessions, webinars and give calls and instant messenger facilities.

45. Create a Gymming Website – Post-COVID most people have started avoiding gym trips. Help such people with personal trainers, yoga instructors, fitness experts, etc. List the experts on your website and earn the referral commission from trainers. 

46. Social Media Consultant – If you have a knack for social media marketing and hold the experience of years, then why not create your website where you can give online social media consultations to businesses who need to promote their products and services.

47. Online Business Consultant – Help businesses improve by fetching their drawbacks and reverting them with the best-customized solutions. Every business lags on different parameters, monetize your business skills, and earn from your potential clients.

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Online Entertainment Website Ideas

48. Entertainment Blogging – Are you a Bollywood lover? Or into songs and movies. Well, there is something lucrative you can do with your hobby. Create a website and start entertainment blogging with star ratings and reviews to engaging your target audience. Influence people with your blogging and earn via paid subscriptions or affiliate links.

49. Start a Music Website – Websites like gaana and Spotify are ruling these days. Taking inspiration from such websites, you can create your own music website where the user gets access to any type of song and download them. Research your competitors well, here is the list of the 10 best music apps with in-app purchases.

50. A Confession Website – Create a portal where people can sign up as anonymous users and confess their darkest secret. Also, you can keep room for emotional counseling on your website.

51. BookMyShow Clone – A movie show booking app/website is a profitable business these days. Own a website that allows users to see movie trailers with IMDb ratings, ticket availability, and price comparison.

52. Create Gaming Website or App – Demand for gaming has surged in COVID-19 times so why not benefit from the new culture and start your own gaming website for the entertainment of your viewers. Use AR, VR, and 3D animations to give users the next-level experience.

53. Dating Apps – Online dating has climbed a sudden ladder in the last 10 years. As per the survey of 2019, 50 million people used Tinder. You can bridge the gap between the two compatible people and at the same time earn a portion through ads or paid subscriptions. In the last quarter of 2020, Tinder pooled 6.6 million paid subscribers (says: Statista).

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54. Start Your Own Podcast Website – Podcast is the range of audio series uploaded over the internet in installments for subscribers to download or listen online. You can decide the categories as per your interests.

55. Social Interaction Website – Create a website where similar-minded people can connect and have conversations. You can conduct tests and quizzes to know their nature and mentality based on which you can connect them with the group they most fit to.

56. Online Theatre or Restaurant Spotting Websites – Your website will be a hit amongst travelers. You can help your audience spot the nearby restaurant, theatres, or hotels with the best deals and availability. Give them a booking facility via your website. Check out for some best dining and restaurant spotting ideas

57. Online Streaming Websites – There was a time when a very less crowd knew about Netflix and today the world is using it. The trend is not changing anytime soon and therefore it is a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to invest in such utilities.

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Blockchain Business Website Ideas

58. Blockchain Platform – Blockchain is the most recent technology and people are eager to deal with this. A platform to facilitate the selling and purchasing of online money is taking the world by storm. There is nothing lucrative than ideas for websites giving blockchain facilities.

59. Investment guidance – Why limit to stocks or mutual funds while you think of investment. Tell your viewers more than just stock and mutual fund trading. You can build a standalone brand showing them profitable deals on gold, house, foreign exchange stocks, and debentures.

60. Digital Crypto Marketplace – Build your own digital crypto marketplace and facilitate your customers with purchasing and exchanging liquid money to crypto. There are certain limitations on such websites but those are nothing in front of the great earning opportunity.

61. Crypto News – A simple crypto news platform where you can update your viewers about the current stirs of the crypto market. The news needs a lot of research and therefore it is worth it to have a standalone website sharing crypto news and giving advice.

Explore the Blockchain and Crypto World:

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Blogging Website Ideas

62. Blogging Tutorials – There is a lot of scope for blogging these days and if you hold a niche in blogging, you can start your website by giving complete tutorials on how to write good quality blogs.  

63. Travel Blog Websites – If you are a travel freak then why hold yourself from owning a website that will tell the world about your experiences with videos and written blogs. You can earn goods via affiliate marketing or paid advertisements.

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64. Technical Blog Websites – If you are well-versed with the latest technology and are eager to share your reviews on the same then why not go for technical blogging. Own a website where you can place your high-end blogs and earn via space or selling a service.

65. Health Blog Websites – In this fast-paced life health is often ignored, your blogs can be a big help for them in terms of knowledge and correct guidance. Also, you can earn via selling health products, gymming equipment, or running advertisements.

66. EStory Books – Every aspect of our lives have become digitized then why leave behind the storybooks? You can upload EStory books on your website and earn via paid subscriptions.

67. Event Descriptions – A lot many events and concerts take place from time to time. You can start a website where you can cover the high-end social conventions and write narrations for the same.

68. Blogs about interesting facts – There is so much to discover and get inspired by. Start a blogging website jotting down some interesting facts. You can eventually increase your niche to traveling and exploring exotic locations.

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Ideas for Niche Websites

69. Political News – Politics is the most sought-after arena and is always in the limelight. You can showcase a lot about states and central government, current policies, the scope of improvement, highlights of elections, etc.

70. Online Business for DIY Craft Ideas – Owning a website where you can showcase your love for art and at the same time teach DIY Craft to kids through online tutorials is the best idea for a website in 2021.

71. Sports websites – You can create a comprehensive portal for sports lovers who can visit your website for sports news, live match, highlights, blogs, and a lot more. You can enlist the sports accessories over your website and run ads to gain some monetary profit.

72. Homemade Craft Marketplace If you have a clean hand in craft items, wall hangings, or any other decorative piece of art, then kickstart an online business by building a website dedicated to your passion or niche.

73. Hiking Stories and Tips – Hiking is the favorite adventure for many teenagers and millennials and those are your target audiences. Create a website where you can upload the hiking stories with tips to hike well and also attach links to the hiking equipment for purchases (earn a good commission).

74. Become an Online Dietician – Healthy weight loss is what most people crave these days and here we need a dietician to plan our daily calorie intake. If you are a certified dietician then an online diet consultancy is a lucrative idea for your website.

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75. Professional Photography Web Ideas – If you are passionate about photography then now is the time for you to turn your passion into a reality. Create a website to sell photos or photography services online.

76. Website Ideas for tattoo designs –  Tattoos are permanent to our bodies and the wrong design will remind us of the mistake every day. Help people decide just the right design with a hands-on display to make them confident of their pick. You can also connect them to the tattoo artists through your niche website – all in under one roof. Get inspired by these 7 top apps for Android and iOS.

Start Your Own Business With Listing Website Ideas

77. A Listing Website – The website where you can enlist the resources fulfilling different purposes of your customers.

78. Door to Door Food Delivery Website – Similar to Zomato or Swiggy, you can own a full-fledged and responsive website to facilitate door-to-door food delivery. You can introduce some latest features to your website to have an upper hand in the market.

79. Start Your Own Shopping Website – Online shopping website is the best way to increase the reach of your business. For instance, if you own a clothing brand, you can create a website for your business and facilitate online delivery with multiple payment modes. Review the best shopping apps/websites in India to know your deal.

80. Create An Online Portfolio – No matter which expertise you hold (writer, developer, coder, online marketer, etc.) an online portfolio will help build your goodwill in the market fetching the best clients for you.

81. Presentation Website – There are a lot many reasons businesses will outsource their presentation tasks to professionals. It can be the sales presentation or marketing/management/financial strategies. Give them the benefit of the best business presentation formats through your website.

82. Hotel Aggregator Website/App – How about a website like Trivago? They are the mediators who show the best deals on hotels and help people make online bookings. They earn referral commissions from hotels or hotel booking websites. Know the cost and mandatory features of a hotel booking app.

83. Content Aggregating Websites – Do you have a bullseye in terms of quality content? Then you can start your own website where you can collect and upload quality content (videos, posts, write-ups, etc.) under various genres or upload something of your own.

84. Build a Factopedia – Enlist the worldwide facts and superstitions along with narrating the stories behind them. Factopedia comes under the knowledge and entertainment genre and is the most lucrative online opportunity for you.

85. Online Magazine of Top 50s – Just like Forbes, you can own a website listing top 10, 20, or 50 accomplished personalities in various fields. Also, you can highlight their achievements and the story behind them being at the top.

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Best Online Business Ideas – Earn From Freelancing

86. Virtual Assistance – Become an asset to the companies who need virtual assistance with their day-to-day management tasks. Companies tend to give handsome amounts in lieu of your services to them.

87. WordPress Web Developer WordPress is the worldwide popular platform to acquire some outstanding websites, themes, and plugins. You can start your own small business by creating websites on WordPress and selling them for a good profit.

88. Online Project Management Consultancy – The prime role of the project manager is to plan and manage a team through different projects of clients. You can start your own online website where you can offer your managerial skills to businesses in need.

89. Analytics Website – Place a potent analytics software on your website and help companies with their marketing, sales, management, and growth graphs.

90. Email Marketing and Management  – You can place an email marketing software on your website or create an email marketing app and benefit the firms who send bulk emails to a wide database of their clients.

91. Online HR Consultancy – If you are a certified HR with years of experience this is the right time to establish an online HR consultancy providing complete services of employee management to beneficiary businesses.

92. Telemarketing Website – Many businesses seek telemarketing services for the promotion/marketing of their products to potential clients. You can work for such businesses as their online telemarketer. The initial investment is very less.

93. Influencer Marketing – Help businesses promote their sites, services, products, or deals by becoming an online marketing influencer. Earn a good sum from the businesses for website clicks that are sourced from you.

94. Logo Designing Website If you have skills in logo designing then convert them into a monetary benefit by selling the customized logo design to businesses and earning from them. Create a website for people to see your services and reach out to you. Get inspired by these creative logo design ideas..

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95. Custom Software Development Marketplace – Are you a software designer or developer? Enlist some customized software for businesses in different industries and sell them your service.

96. Become An SEO Consultant – SEO consultants are in demand among companies that are redefining their sales strategies. Help them reach out to you through a full-fledged website.

97. Online Business Plan Writer – Various businesses and especially startups appoint experienced business plan writers to create a plan for their business. Business plans are used to fetch fundings from investors and so one cannot go easy with the mistakes in a business plan. Also if you are starting with any niche business, a business plan will help you with every step. Know how to create a business plan and become an expert.

98. White Hat Hacking – Businesses often hire white hat hackers to test the security of their protected networks and identify the loopholes. If you have experience in hacking and that level of skillset then white hat hacking is the deal for you. There is minimal competition in this segment and this is a unique website idea for your business.

99. A Membership Site – Working entirely on SAAS (Software as a service), these membership sites earn from paid subscriptions. The software is centrally hosted meaning the entire process of storage and management happens on the cloud.

100. Virtual Tech Support – If you have an upper hand in technology, you can serve the companies who are willing to hire online tech support to deal with the queries of their customers.

101. Sell Ghostwriting Services – Various businesses or high-end individuals hire ghostwriters to write attractive articles, news, speeches, or blogs. If writing is your niche, then you can create a portal to outsource your writing services.

102. Online Ad Campaigning – You can own a website to serve online marketers with software to manage their ad campaigns and social media campaigns, PPC ads, etc.

103. A File Host – You can facilitate your clients with the potent file sharing and cloud storage portal and having the facility of password-secured profiles. File management and cloud hosting is no doubt a profitable idea for a website.

104. App Tester – You can induce potent app testing software on your website and help businesses and developers to test their apps for efficiency. Make it a subscription deal.

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Other Noteworthy Online Business Ideas for 2021

105. Creating and Formatting Documents – Many businesses need help with paperwork creation, formatting, and management. Reach out with your services to them via the full-fledged website stating the genre of your services.

106. Best Deal Sites – Exhibit the best deals on your website related to any product online. There are heavy discounts on products and services that last for a day or two. Source such deals via your website and earn a good profit.

107. Web Research Sites – Web research sites offer you analytical, personal, and statistical data that is hard to find. This is the best online business idea in 2021 as your portal will be a one-stop solution for viewers who need more intimate knowledge for their search. Inspiration – statista.

108. Start Auction Websites – There are people who bid for valuable artifacts through the auctions. Create an online auction marketplace for them to bid their best and buy those valuables via your website.

109. Online Translators – Translation is the most sought-after deal in the travel and journalism sectors. If you have a grab of a couple of foreign languages, then a full-fledged language translating website with videos and tutorials is the deal for you.

110. Online Bookkeeping Services – Bookkeeping is the classic practice of maintaining the financial transactions made by a firm. This is a crucial practice for annual audits. Companies often outsource their bookkeeping tasks to third-party vendors and if you are an expert in the field then this is the lucrative idea for a website.

111. Charity Websites (bonus) – COVID-19 led to a major financial crisis worldwide. Though it is not the idea for an earning website, still you can create one to facilitate people who want to donate money or other commodities. 

112. Job Search Engine – There are a lot of job-seekers who surf online portals to land their dream jobs, give them a platform for the same. Invite them for paid subscriptions and get the best-handpicked job for their search.

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In the End

All of us hold a niche in some of the other segments and advertising our skills and previous works via an attractive website is the best way to gain more clients and monetize from our skills and expertise. If you are planning to develop a website and give a digital appearance to your skills, you can easily reach out to our experts and they will get to the roots of your requirements and deliver customized and best solutions. Know more about building an advanced e-commerce app from Vervelogic.

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