How to build an Android Gaming App That Is a Huge Success

How to build an Android Gaming App That Is a Huge Success

A crazy figure of $134.9 billion was generated through global gaming market in 2018 which tells us everything about the huge success the related businesses could grab. While you look at the success, you might wonder what is the secret sauce behind rolling such an app in the market. With the ever-advancing technologies in mobile app development realm, a common user is blessed with a lot of efficient applications assisting them through out the day. You will be amazed to know that out of all the types of applications available for Android, 21-25% are gaming apps. 

If you want to get on the gaming app action, you must understand that it is not going to be a cake walk. It is not something that could be an element of interest for your circle, but you will be there on app stores among a huge crowd. You are thinking to build a large piece of digital art. Hence, you need to get acquainted with a good amount of knowledge about planning, development, platforms, technologies etc. In this blog, we will specifically talk about how to develop a Gaming app for Android

You need to get your technical stack ready in order to start with the development. It does not mean you have to learn the supporting languages like Java, HTML, CSS etc. You can hire a mobile app company for the goal accomplishment or can also start it on your own through online development tools. Download Android Studio before you strike the development part. Out of all, your first step has to be a good idea generation and effective planning towards it. 

Develop an app idea: 

Google Play store is piled up with a number of games but what they lack on is a good amount of creativity and uniqueness.  People often encounter similar things on different applications. If you want to stand out, you have to come up with a strong and interesting idea that can allure users. We agree that getting a great idea cannot be a regular task for you. You need to brainstorm along with your team in order to generates something unique. 50% of your task gets completed if you get that best idea. 

To get an idea, you have to look at the trends and statistics of mobile app gaming industry. Look at the games which are increasingly becoming popular among masses and followed blindly by users. PUBG is enough to show the craze people can have for a game. You go to college, you get people talking about it. You go to office, people just cannot resist mentioning it at least once or twice in day. Social media is full of memes that are being circulated and shared like anything. 

Next, you can think of the latest technologies hitting the market. E.g. AR, VR. How can you make them enhance your app features? Do you remember the times of Pokémon Go? Wasn’t it a big hit? 

Do not rush as the idea cannot be compromised due to lack of time or resources. Give enough time to this process so that all your further efforts can pay a good return to you. No idea gets a go-ahead at one go. You have to think of one and then refine it. Keep improvising it till you get a feeling that yes, it will certainly create a buzz in the market after launch. You can also consider taking consultation from industry experts so as to know the risk involved. 

Story creation: 

Take an example of highly acclaimed game Clash of Clans. It could get a gigantic number of downloads because it has a story to tell. Story is something which keeps your users engaged and at the same time curious. Another buzz, Coin Master does have a story too where you have to put efforts in completing your village. If you create a story around, users would be curious to know what helps next and to know that, they simply have to come and play the game. Your story becomes you USP and there is no one other that you who can tell your users what happens on the next step.

While creating the story, you have to keep in mind that it has to be ongoing, but levels should be of small spans. Give users rewards after they complete every stage or level so that they can be excited while playing. Also, make sure to use the modern designing and animation methods enough to make a good-looking interface. You can also create a theme and follow the same though out the lifecycle of the players. If there is a special character playing a main role in the game, it can support a good level of branding as well. 

Make your game addictive:

Two things can make a game additive. First is Storyboard and next is Rewards. If you have a great story and you reward users after he/she crosses various levels, your players would not go anywhere. Make sure that levels are not too long. Keep the length average so that users do not get bored and just give up. 

Have a great design: 

Enchanting users in this era is not so easy. They have a lot of other options. Even if you have a great idea behind your app, make sure your app is presented well keeping all UI and UX things mind. Designing plays a major role in creating engagement through a game. Your designer has to keep in mind the story, characters and other art work to be used in the app. Your app should not look cluttered on any device. The graphics used in the app should go in line with the logic of the game play. In all, you have to ponder over the designing equally because it is as important as the logics used. Users would be able to go into the logics only after they find the app appealing and good enough to go ahead with. 

Create Monetization strategy: 

More than 90% of the entrepreneurs want to earn great out of their efforts and valuable time. Moreover, rolling out a game in the market demands its development, hosting and marketing which cost dollars. You have to make a balance between your outgoing cost and the inputs. This is the reason why you have to frame a monetization strategy. Most common way of making money out of an app is using freemium model where you offer certain set of features for free while user has to pay to get additional things. Here are some of the other common ways. 

1. Advertisement: You can run advertisement over your gaming app based on pay per click model. It’s like when the player clicks on an ad, you get paid by the advertiser. Do not just pile up your app with ads. Allow a little number at starting which can be grown as you expand or put them in rotation. Running ads can be annoying for the users for which you can also allow them to enjoy an ad-free experience by subscribing to a higher plan.
Advertisement is highly used monetization strategy for online businesses. Once you reach a good amount of traffic, you will get brands requesting for placement over your platform so that they can get exposure. 

2. Paid levels: Keep the game free for a certain number of levels and if the user want to play more stages, he/she needs to subscribe for a paid plan. Bingo! Now, for this your game has to be really engaging and addictive so that users get willing to pay. You can also choose to give clues to users regarding how the next stage is going to look. What are the perks they are going to get? Any reward or something else? 

3. In-app purchases: In-app purchases is a great approach to earn from a gaming app. You can users to buy a certain set of diamonds, bullets, coins or something else associated with the game to unlock the next stage. Plan out what is the thing that can excite them the most while playing. Trigger that point and make the purchase those additional things. For example, in a game if the user has collected a certain number of coins, let’s say, 80 points. Ask them to purchase 20 more points to instantly reach the next level or may be to kill a monster inside the app story. 

Deciding technology stack: 

Android apps are powered by Java. If you are going to use any additional technology inside the application, you have to prepared with the resources having good hands on that. Approach a game development company and share your features in order to get consultation over the technology choice. Use the right SDK to accomplish the task related to your gaming App for Android, thus making it scalable and rendering high performance.

What kind of games you can go for? 

If you are a smartphone owner and ever got in touch with games, you must be knowing that there is huge variety of games running online. Gaming industry has made some huge numbers last year, but it does not mean all the types of games contributed equally. If you are coming up with a game in the market, you need to know what kind of games are actually a huge demand in the market these days. Framing your idea according to the demand would be beneficial for you at the end of the day. Here are some of the popular kinds of games which can create an instant buzz in the market. 

A. Puzzles: It is one of the most popular genres in the world of gaming apps. People like challenges which is why puzzles and word problems can become a great area of interest for them. From an easy jigsaw puzzle to complex mathematical puzzles such as Sudoku, puzzles rack the highest engagement percentage among users. Such kind of games have maximum life and a recent study has also revealed that 38 million monthly users are playing puzzles. This figure can be enough for you to understand the potential of such an app. Puzzles have power to keep users engaged for hours since every minute they think that who knows the problem can be solved in the next minute. 

B. Strategic games: Two of the great examples of strategic games include Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Such games have an addictive model which keeps the user bound to the platform. 

C. Casual games: This kind of games often find space in user’s phone but are not played very frequently. Casual games have power to appeal users only for the first two times. For example, Talking Tom which was a buzz once but now opened only when you have to engage children, that too rarely. 

D. Arcade games: Such games do not put much focus on story instead focused on coming up with different difficult levels. Arcade games get a lot of traction due to the added real-time factor. 

Is it possible to build a gaming app for free? 

Anything we get for free gives us immense delight. If you are wondering if there is any way to build an app for free or low cost, here is the information. There are plenty of Android SDKs and tools available online which can support the whole development and important integrations. Lets us know what these tools are all about. 

i. Construct 3: Construct 3 is powered by an intuitive GUI through which the developers do not have to remain entangled in coding part. They just need to put their creative best forward. You can create an app just by dragging and dropping elements through this tool. 

ii. Unity: Unity is a free to use platform which is widely used for game development purposes. It supports the development of both 2D as well as 3D games. It is flexible platform which can provide a great aid when you do not know anything about programming. 

iii. Game Maker Studio 2: Game Maker Studio 2 provides a platform interlacing programming with drag and drop capabilities which makes the tool apt for both coders and non-coders. If you have a unique idea that is not there in the scope of Game Maker Studio, you can frame your game using a scripting language like C. You can go through its developer documentation before starting so as to get acquainted with enough amount of knowledge regarding the same. It would tell you about versions, installation, updates, release notes, licensing and a lot more things. You will get a lot of assistance in project configurations, source code integration, advanced debugging etc. 

iv. Unreal Engine 4: It is said to a mature and futuristic tool for game development as it supports some of the next level features. This tool is flexible enough to make itself an apt choice for all the team sizes. It is a huge suite of game building tools designed to meet various artistic versions. It is a leading, powerful and trusted tool to develop mobile games. You can complete the whole process without having to use any third-party tool or plugins. It also offers immersive AR and VR experience for product designing and architecture. 

v. Godot Engine: Godot is a go-to platform for most of the developers for the creation of both 2D and 3D games. Godot provides a wide range of tools so that the creators can only focus on developing the game without having to remain entangled in solving the bugs of platform. It is cost free and open-source under the MIT license. It provides you a detailed documentation with all the essentials associated with the game. You can also report if you find any kind of problem with the engine and quick solution is provided.

According to Influencermarketinghub, “Newzoo released its gaming revenue predictions through to 2021 (revised in October 2018). By 2021 they expect total gaming to be worth $174.0 billion. They expect mobile gaming to continue to grow, reaching $91.2 billion in 2021, with 43% of the market smartphone gaming and a further 9% tablet.” You can see a huge potential in mobile gaming industry looking at these figures. It is the high time for you work on your idea so that you can launch your game in the coming year getting tremendous success for the gaming app owners. Due to high demand, there are chances for you to make an instant success by stepping in. 

We hope that this complete guide helps you through out the planning and development cycle. Make sure you do enough amount of research so as to narrow down important feature along with having a look at the risks involved. Moreover, the game has to be based on a story but its should not be much complex. You can take the example of Angry Birds which is based on an easy concept still could capture attention of masses. Get in touch with the experienced game developers in order to assist you with ideation, selection of tools and more. 

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