How Much does it Cost to Develop Yoga and Meditation App

How Much does it Cost to Develop Yoga and Meditation App

More than 300 Million people practice yoga worldwide, and the number is increasing every day. People spend billions of dollars to practice yoga and meditation to find peace. Yoga has been in practice for thousands of years now, and people still find it useful for good health and reduce depression. Yoga mobile applications are getting popular as people find them useful in learning art from their homes.

Yoga practice mobile apps help people to find courses on the internet that last for a certain period. These apps also let users stick to their routine and complete their goals with features like alarms and reminders. As a Yoga app owner, you can change lives, be it a student, businessperson, or housewife. Yoga mobile apps are trending these days, and people can earn lots by owning one.

Why are People Searching for a Yoga App?

Yoga apps are getting very popular these days. People want to take care of their physical and mental health in the easiest way possible, and the app will serve the purpose.

-> People do not want to take phones away from their hands, and a good app can help them master the art. This more than a thousand years old practice is followed by many.

-> People like to publish their progress, and with social media integration, people can post their daily progress online.

-> People love to learn from the best, and one app can help them find the latest videos of the Gurus they wish to follow.

-> Apps attract easy payment methods, discounts, and offers to help them save money.

What is the audience for Yoga Mobile Apps?

A good mobile app development company makes a Yoga Mobile app take care of four types of users:


An administrator manages the users and system data of the Yoga app. The person takes the help of a web-based Content Management System to administer all the available data.


Teachers are app users and can create their sessions and events. They manage students, sessions, transactions and can generate reports using the Yoga app.


Students can take advantage of the sessions available on the app. They can book the classes they like and can manage their profile to track their progress.

Event Organizers

Event organizers can create and book events with the help of the Yoga app. Admin and teachers can also be the event organizers on the app.

Features that make a Yoga Mobile App Unique

This type of mobile application has some features similar, and some features vary from user to user. To cater to the needs of different types of the audience a Yoga app has some different features for all. Some of the common features of the Yoga mobile app have a distinct user interface for different audience types.

Common Features:

Registration & Login: All the users can register themselves on the app by entering their basic details. The details include their name, email address, and phone number. People can also log in through social media integration and confirm their mobile number using OTP. Admins need not register on the app, but they can securely log in. Admins’ login is pre-created by the Android or iOS app development company that created your app.

Events: Here, users can manage the events available on the app. students can see the upcoming events and book their favorite ones. Organizers can create new events and edit the existing ones.

Ticket Type: This is a section where organizers can create, and students can book new events. They can be regular, VIP, or concession tickets.

Payment: Users can pay for the availed services on this page. There are multiple payment options for users to ensure ease. Teachers, on this page of the Yoga Mobile Application, can see the details of booked classes and payments made by the students.

Blog: The users will be able to view the latest blogs on this page. The blogs can be selected as per date, title, and description.

Notification: This feature is installed in the Yoga application to notify all the users of all the updates. Students receive notifications related to booking confirmations, upcoming classes, and events. Teachers get notified of bookings of a class and get admin notification. Admins can send push notifications to the users and get notified of newly created events.

My Profile: Here, students can view the list of past and upcoming booked classes, cancel bookings and manage tickets. Teachers can add their card details and edit them.

User Specific Features:

Features for Students:

Yoga sessions: Here, students will be able to view their past, present, and upcoming yoga sessions. Students can view the details like teacher name, teacher’s ratings & reviews, their certification, experience, class duration, and all the other related details.

e-Store: Yoga Mobile Applications also have an option of e-store from where the students can buy required materials like yoga mats, clothing, and related items. Products, in this section, are arranged as per their categories, sub-categories, and price. Students can also add the products to the cart and buy them after paying securely.

Features for Event Organizer Panel:

RSVP Notification: Event organizers can get the exact count of attendees from this section. Users are notified when someone has booked an event.

Admin Approval: Events after creation needs to be approved by the admin. When the admin approves the same, then it gets displayed on the Yoga mobile app.

Features for Teachers:

Reports: Teachers can create reports from their Yoga mobile apps with the help of this feature. The feature also comes with a filter option to fetch out only the relevant information.

Create Offer: From here, teachers can create offers for students. Teachers can also add offer details and descriptions on this page.

Publish Class: After entering the details like class name, class duration, and description, teachers will be able to publish their classes on the Yoga application.

Substitution: This feature allows the teachers to substitute classes or sessions in case they cannot attend the same. This feature of the Yoga mobile app notifies the substitute teacher and asks them if they would be able to substitute.

Calendar Availability: This unique feature of the mobile app marks the availability of the teachers on the calendars. This way the teachers can manage their classes and sessions effectively.

Features for Admins:

Manage Students, teachers, and event Organisers: The manage page allows the admins to add, edit or delete the users. They can activate or deactivate any user to ensure privacy and smooth operation.

Manage Sessions: This section allows the admins to manage the sessions as per date, time, and duration.

Manage Category: This section of the Yoga application lets the user manage the categories of an event. They can add, delete, edit or update any category.

Manage Offers: On this page, the admins will be able to add and update offers related to the class/event of the Yoga app.

Manage Booking Calendar: This feature allows admins to view, update and create booking slots as per date & time.

Event Management: Here, the admins can add, edit, or delete events and activate or deactivate them.

Reports: This is one of the prominent features of Yoga practice mobile apps that allows the admin to generate reports like ticket reports, event reports, classes report, student reports, teacher reports, and earnings reports.

Advanced Features:

Some features are available in the advanced apps, and you can add these to your apps as well to give users a better value. You can add more features to your app and an Android app development company can suggest more features besides these.

Social Media Share Option: This is one of the features users love as they can share their progress on social media. Their feedback and achievements are important to them, and they wish to show it to the world.

Review & Ratings: This feature enables students to rate their tutors and write feedback for them.

Video-On-Demand: Here, users can watch on-demand videos. These videos help the users to get their postures perfect and reap the best of benefits.

Live Streaming: This is one of the advanced features that helps the students and teaches to connect live. It sends a notification to all the subscribed users for them to view the session.

Shipment Tracking: This feature allows customers to track their orders. It lets the buyers learn about the current location of their shipment.

Real-time Analytics: This is the feature that lets all the users including the admin to view updates, bookings, payments all in real-time.

Popular Yoga Apps People Are Talking About:

Pocket Yoga:

This app is perfect for all beginners and breaks down every pose making it easy for everyone to learn. The animated instructor on this app teaches you all the postures, and you can choose your difficulty level. The best part of this yoga app is that it does not require any internet connection, and therefore you can practice from anywhere and everywhere.


Here you will be able to find experienced instructors and find a perfect class for you. The Yoga mobile app has Yoga practices for all people ranging from beginners to advanced levels. They also have a range of classes from being very short to lengthy.

5 Minute Yoga

It is the perfect Yoga app for all busy people. They have short Yoga sessions, and all the sessions are very effective. This app is ideal for a relaxation break at work or when you are in your room.

Cost to Develop a Yoga Mobile App

The cost of developing a Yoga practice mobile app depends on many factors. The choice of the platform, iOS or Android or both, and the country of its development play a major role in deciding its cost. The Yoga app’s functionalities, features, and design also contribute to its developing cost. The app can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $35000. Experts of a  mobile app development company can help you know the exact cost.


There is a growing need for yoga apps in the market, and a perfect app can capture the whole world. It is an app from where people get physically and mentally fit and also earn money. Yoga mobile app development companies can help you build an app of your own and run it smoothly.

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