15 Business Ideas for Students to Stand Out in 2023

15 Business Ideas for Students to Stand Out in 2023

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count.” – Winston Churchill

Do you have these questions in your mind?: 

  • 15 unique business ideas for students 
  • 10 best part-time ideas for students in India 2023
  • Top business ideas for students with no investment 
  • 15 of the most popular small business ideas for 2023 
  • I want to start a business but have no idea

Don’t worry, in this blog, we cover popular business ideas to explore every big opportunity for student, which help them to build into a better person. 

Business Ideas for Students


Do you want to become a student entrepreneur? Are you struggling with the above questions? As in student life, many youths want to start their startups or ventures but are afraid to lose their first dream early.

Every generation has successful young entrepreneurs. We have great examples like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc who have established their business to the next level, but the idea starts at an early age. But they trust their heart and follow their zeal.

In college life, students thrive with positivity and want to pursue their dreams, and follow different paths. They have the courage and zeal to achieve it. But due to a lack of resources and income, many of them left the dream of their first love, i.e business.

Many students complain that they have less time to manage both study and business. But once you organize your daily tasks as per schedule, you find that you have a lot of time to pursue your goals.

Due to lucrative opportunities in business, many students are willing to start their own ideas and dreams. To encourage students, many companies encourage students by giving initial funds to them.

Although starting your own business sounds complicated at first, if you break down the process into little steps, then you will find it easy. Businesses teach you a very important lesson in your life; how to manage risk and opportunities simultaneously.

According to Oberlo, a small business can generate 15 lakh jobs annually, which is a big figure. And it sounds more interesting that 10% of contributions are from student entrepreneurs. Gen-Z is more likely to create their own way of hustle, a side business. Over 188% believe that they aim to start their own business at an early age.

For your better assistance, we come up with the top 15 business ideas for students in 2023. You need not worry anymore.

Let’s bump into the new business journey.

Welcome to NEW-AGE Entrepreneurship! 

Be your own BOSS! Want to pursue your own passion? Not ready to retire soon. Have strong financial freedom. Be someone else’s motivation. And many more thoughts like that. The new-age entrepreneurship is based on such a new mantra and philosophy.

Talking about student life is the time when we enjoy our life to the fullest. We had no stress about anything. Just two things hardly matter to us. That was study and friends. But as life moves forward, we forget the realm of life. We found that what we had learned in college or school actually does not exist in reality. Then we got into depression and confusion.

This blog is mainly intended to take the younger generation out of that depression. And for business entrepreneurs, we advise you that students are the biggest opportunities for you. They are young and have high energy levels. They are the pillars and backbone of the nation. So why not invest in their ideas and give them a platform? So that they can pursue their passion with an educational degree.

The unemployment rate after basic education is exceedingly high. We can use technology to survive in the 21st century. It has been easier for students to do anything and earn money than ever.

Hence, bringing all, we come here and write this blog to let you, the YOUTH give you a chance to listen to your Heart only. Take that one idea that hits your interest, and makes you excited.

So are you ready to start your business this year 2023? Ready? Let’s go!

Top Business Ideas for Students With No Investment in 2023

YES, you heard it right. We have a list of top business ideas for students who are short on income or have no investment. See if you have no idea and no money but with a positive thought, then also you can start with any business.

So let’s start your journey. 

  • Writing Services 

Writing is a single genre in which a large number of categories exist. It is not alone. Writing consists of many career options for students.

In college life, students used to study and understand different subjects. They encounter their mind to learn new topics and their depth. And that is a really inspiring thing. While studying in college, students used to get ideas about many different creative things.

So with the subject knowledge or knowledge about novels or any magazine, everything hits new things into the student’s mind. You can start your own writing service. Start connecting with some company that specializes in writing services. Start your career first by writing for them.

You can be an essay writer or freelancer or professional writer. Writing is a stream that has no limit. The youth has lots of ideas and thoughts. And while annoyingly looking for some platform why not start your own platform?

In 2023, the writing service is one of the best business ideas. There has been an avalanche of demand for the niche career option. The scope of this option as a business is very high, and there is medium competition.

Disclaimer: you simply need no money to start this evergreen business at any age. 

Note: top writing service businesses focus on aware people of everything. 

  • Motivational Apps 

Next in the segment is motivational apps. On Social media we all once a day at least come to visit a single video or clip on motivation. If talking about some energetic source for today that helps and boosts up energy level; then motivational apps are on the top.

The app idea could be a wise monetary source for the student. Who knows your app could become the ideal source for other students on your campus.

How can you start with a motivational app? No worries, we can help you start your app from scratch. You just start creating your videos and upload them on the online platform. Bang on! Once you find a single person who gets your zeal and inspiration; you are good to go.

Find out more: 110 best money-making startup business ideas in 2023

Note: start as an academic motivational speaker. Create lectures, events, and short sessions for other students and let them easily attend them.

Motivational app ideas for student businesses can be designed for unique areas. Add coins, coupons, and vouchers on the app to trigger students and other people to attend these videos as much as possible. 

  • Dating Apps

You must have heard about the OK Cupid app. And what about dating apps? Yes, we all know about it very well. In 2023, dating is not an annoying or awkward topic for college students. Everyone is aware of it. And why not? It is the age of adulteration when people start taking interest in the opposite gender.

Take this as a new opportunity and start to give online dating services on your platform. It is a guarantee that your app idea would be much appreciated by a small nectar of people inside your campus. Bring the love affair to the table under the reach of lovebies.

Disclaimer: keep an eye on the policies while giving Android app development services. Find out about 4 Popular Dating Apps & Reasons Behind Their Success.

Note: The dating app is high in demand. For the student-level business, you need not add high complexities. So you do not need a high investment. 

  • Local Reviewer 

Are you a travel freak, visiting plenty of new spots that are unseen and exciting? Do you have an enthusiasm for traveling alone? Do you have an interest in finding new things every new day? If your answer to every question is yes, then a local reviewer is the right line of business for you.

In the market,  there are many industries present that are serving their services and products to customers and other businesses. They want reviews and feedback on their websites to attract a big customer base.

Users trust your reviews to get a better understanding of specific websites or channels. So grab this resource as a valuable source of earning at a low investment.

So you can start a business for local reviewing to sell your valuable information about some public spot or if in history you have tried some portal. With the local reviewer business, you have a big opportunity to advise people where to go, what to do, and how to do it. There are lots of options for you here.

Disclaimer: do not fake reviews on your website about some other website.  

  • Sell Books Online 

Who does not love to read books? Nobody, I guess. Especially during our college time, we arrange lots of time for reading books. When we met with our college friends we used to give books to them and read their books too. We explored the library where many bookshelves are organized with the ‘n’ number of books. What a time it is!

If you have a collection of books and want to make its proper use not waste them, then you can sell books online at your website or app. Do you have friends who are short on money but always have a love for books? Then your mobile app can make them feel happy and refreshed at the same time. And a book with the least price could be real love I tell you.

As books are our true friends, we love to fall down into the sky, with a sip of coffee and our book.  We enjoy reading a book and getting lost in an imaginary world. That is the beauty and magic of the book. So you should start your book-selling business today. It will generate a good source of income for you.

Resources: we have expert mobile and web app developers who are profound to develop an app for your demand at a low budget. 

Note: competition is low and demand is very high. You can start your business with marginal cost and part-time too.

Find out here: School business ideas for teens 

  • Re-Selling 

In the Indian market, something like re-selling and refurbishing is in much demand. If I would say that the reselling market is in big growth, then do you believe in it?

As a student, we want to save our pocket money. We do not earn, but we want to enjoy lavish lifestyles. So the solution lies in the online website which has both new and refurbished items. In addition, if the platform gives the option to resell the purchased item, then it can solve every problem. The consumer like a student or user needs not go anywhere.

You can take the idea from other reselling websites. Many reselling websites are present like eBay, and olx. You can pick ideas from it.

Note: the difficulty level of reselling websites is medium and it requires less investment.

Same ideas you find here: Start with your home business to make and sell online

  • Blogging

Many students have a hobby of writing and reading different stuff during their college time. They have gone through various academic books and nighttime novels and many other things. This built-in their great writing skills. They wish for some channel where they can write short stories or about their academic books; at zero investment.

For such students, you could bring a blogging platform. Blogging can be of different types, and there’s no hard and fast rule to writing a blog. Let your friend write any way of storytelling. No limitations. Only the fresh piece of content.

Monetize: in the initial stage you might be afraid about how to earn money with a competitive business like blogging, especially when there are lots of public blog websites already available. 

Note: blogging business has medium competition and investment. 

  • Tutor 

A tutor is someone who is skilled in their profession of knowledge sharing. A tutor is not limited to a particular area. If you are an excellent student, and scholar in your college, and want to share your knowledge with your collegemates, then you must start your classes today. I am sure it will help your friends and save their time from boring lectures.

How to start?

You can start a tutoring business in your room, just need a small camera, mic, and board. That’s it. You are half done, hurray. Trust me if you have zeal and love to teach students or ones who can’t afford costly classes, then taking classes on your own platform would give you huge satisfaction.

Note: the tutor business idea needs low investment and medium difficulty. 

Disclaimer: you can charge more once your idea turns into success and prepare different subscription models for a range of student savings. Place a variety of packages for students to pick from.

*Find more educational business ideas here: Educational app ideas for startups 

  • Event Organizer 

There are people around you who are willing to spend money on someone who can arrange for them holiday packages. Paying 10 or 20 dollars is just a nominal fare for them. But they need a hassle-free organizer for that. They want to chill and enjoy their evenings, nevertheless want to get stuck in organizing and arranging things.

In the college, some students have a group to organize college events. Do you have one such group? Do you easily convince people to like anything? Are you a sound speaker who explains your services easily?

If yes, then you can pick the event organizer idea as a business. It is a creative, fun business idea for students in a university that gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself in a group and mutually organize everything to the venue.

Note: event organizing is a medium investment business with less competition, as a theme-based organizer is a big trait and you should be careful about it. 

  • Language Course 

During our school or college time, many of you are fond of learning new languages. After some time you have realized that it has become your hobby. So if you enjoy learning new languages and want to share them with others. Do you want to help your collegemates in learning a new language?

If yes, then you can start a standalone language learning platform application or website. Different languages are much required in other countries. Also, regional languages are scaling high recently. So you can pick anyone, learn it, get expertise on it and start giving sessions to other students. It is one of the great business ideas for students at home where they can have fun, enjoy and learn a new language.

Resources required: you need a small space and a video conferencing app like Skype to take live lectures over video calls.

Note: pick any category of languages like coding languages, or professional speaking languages like French or German.

*Translation is another business career opportunity for you, once you have command of multiple languages. A language specialist is everywhere in demand.

Disclaimer: start your service with a small or no fee. Here is a quick guide to starting your language course to earn income. 

  • Photography Services 

You can start a photography service app for the people around you. The world is inside the canvas. The line explains that the world is what we have an illusion of. And pictures are something that does not utter a single word but speak everything.

Do you like to click pictures? Do you have a passion for experimenting with pictures? Are you such a persona? So why not start your photography services inside the campus? On your app platform, you can showcase your talent. Sell pictures, start auctions or organize an event for photography.

Although there is high competition in this domain. Maybe you don’t know how to get started with this new business idea. So we are here to help you to begin your journey.

Let’s check out more: 115 best website ideas to start a new business in 2023

How about apps like Instagram or Adobe Stock images? We have got you covered with an app like Instagram. It is the right place, right? Besides, it is a social media platform but it is primarily focused on images.

Disclaimer: little competition but bucks of investment. The equipment needed is just a good camera.

  • Cleaning Services 

The idea of cleaning your own closet is different and giving services to others is far different from it. Student life is full of mess, and if you are living outside of your home then you can feel a similar pain.

Students have no time to spend cleaning their mess. Perhaps they want some magic to clean their mess. What if you start cleaning services? That would be a measure of happiness for them. It is a good venture to start and needs only a small penny as an investment.

You can either tie up with some laundry service company and give your pick-up and return service at your platform. Or you can start cleaning on your own.

Disclaimer: cleaning services require low investment and have less competition.  

Note: there are lots of cleaning services like laundry services for clothes, car washing services, home cleaning services, etc.

Start your apparel and clothing services today, let’s get an idea from here: How to start a clothing line business from scratch?

  • Youtuber 

Youtube is the best platform for youth to enjoy and learn. The younger generation is highly inspired and follows trends that become viral on Youtube. And what about becoming a youtube vlogger? Have you heard of this vlogger thing? It is a new trend seen in younger people. They are fond of creating videos.

Especially after TikTok, a part of the youth has a big crowd for Youtubers. And why not, Youtube is the major video-generating place. Lots of videos just after upload went viral on it. So people want to become YouTubers.

What to know? 

Youtube is a great career opportunity for you as well. You can access multiple videos, and create your own video. You can make a career on youtube. But you need to work very hard for this.

Since everybody is on youtube, it becomes a very daunting situation to survive here. Sometimes you may lose your sleep, and work overnight. But you become a public figure once your first video gets a hit.

How to earn? 

As soon as you cross the mark of 1k subscribers, you come under the youtube monetary model. Youtube promises you to pay for clicks and views. You can add analytics to your channel and monitor everyday improvements.

Disclaimer: avoid making bulk videos that are wasteful. Follow your passion. You should be particular about the topic which you have chosen. You must have immense knowledge and do a lot of research on it.

Note: Youtube is a great source of income. Plus you get a golden button for the mark of lakh subscribers. But for 2023 and the coming years, YouTube will become a tough competition. Although you need ZERO investment here to get started.

Start with your jewelry-making business here: How to start a jewelry-making business?

  • Podcast 

A podcast is one of the top trending Business ideas for beginners in 2023 to convert into an ideal revenue source. You have heard about podcasts in the late 2020s. And soon it becomes one of the top platforms to get depth and the latest insight about any topic. There are plenty of topic ideas available. You can pick any one of your interests and start sharing your knowledge.

Students on campus are looking for free and cheap options of knowledge and information which is interesting for them. And the podcast is one solo platform where they will get information about talk shows, events, news, and competition.

All you need is a mic and phone to record your audio. There is a huge opportunity for other businesses to connect with your channel once you get the right audience. Both businesses and you, collaborate to bring podcasts on brilliant and demanding topics. This way you can monetize your channel.

Also read: How to start an online store? 

Note: capital required in the podcast app is none at the campus level. Plus competition is also low, as people are less comfortable creating podcast development apps. This app idea is hyped a lot. 

  • Digital Marketing Services 

Do you have a basic understanding of e-commerce and the company’s branding? How about promoting some business on your platform on a large market scale? Have you done any courses before for digital marketing services?

Being a student you can’t deny the importance of marketing. In your daily habit, you are using technology as a ritual. It has become your online presence, so you do not want to miss that.

Have you heard about young entrepreneur Vinit Patil who is 21 years old only? He had started a marketing service to promote his products. He came on Shark Tank India along with Geeta Patil and Darshil, all three are running a snack business worth Rs 3 crore. Isn’t it a great story as a student for you to get motivated?

But in 2023, nothing is like mouth publicity. Now businesses want someone who does homework for them at the back and makes their online presence everybody reach. So you can simply start with digital marketing services as your business option. But earn a learner certificate first, to make yourself reputed.

Start giving the services at first at a basic cost or very less, and practice yourself as much as you can.

Note: give a free consultation to your clients for the first time. 

This business opportunity is difficult to start but requires less investment.


**designing and development services are a great way to advocate your knowledge and connect with new clients on a shelf. You can start these services as a business option.

In college academics, if you are from the technical stream, you must be aware of codes and design. So you can easily start your services for college students. Charge for them to do their projects or become their helping hands.

Are you still confused about how to get started with it? Research out the best mobile app development company and find out how they are giving services to businesses. 

  • Swap Website 

How about finding anything for rent? We all love to get something at a discount rate or in exchange. But we don’t have a valid resource for it.

In college life, students are always looking for some option where they can find anything for rent. As they are short on money. So for them, a swapping website is a good option. They are based on the same concept. These websites are focused on rental or buying and selling.

Your website would be a big source for generating revenue if you add on a number of options for swap or rent.

Note: there are many options you can add on your swap website like academic services, clothes, accessories, gadgets, books, shoes, etc. 

Disclaimer: The platform is less available anywhere, plus it is a good opportunity for individuals to convert it into a revenue-generating business.

Final Thoughts!- How can a student start a business? 

As a student, you have an abundance of opportunities for a self-taught career. Jumping into the business is maybe your choice or you are in need.  In both cases, you shall treat yourself as a valuable source.

Trust me, having self-faith is the only way you can start with anything, even in your 20s. Experience will come with day-by-day practice. And once you get reputed and known by your collegemates and the people around you, you will love the decision which you have made.

See, sometimes the ground is all there for you and sometimes you need to pluck by yourself. Practice and experience have no alternative and you must follow them with every ounce of your business.

Better before your courage has lost, trigger your journey… your move. And in case you are nuanced (unaware) and have some questions, then connect with us. We have real startup ideas for you. Our experienced developers and consultants are pro in giving admiring and app development for you on a low budget.

We wish you a beautiful journey ahead!

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FAQs- Most troublesome queries and their answers

  • Which business is best for students? 

In 2023, for the students there are many business ideas they can choose from like re-selling, swapping websites, laundry services, blogging, tutorial, podcast, and development services. These services are low on budget and do not require any high technicalities.

  • Which kind of business can a student start?

A student can start a business that is service-based and need less hassle. Students can address the solutions to problems that they have seen daily. You can start a business for motivational apps, local reviewers, photography services, tutoring, cleaning, laundry, repair services, food delivery, or graphic designing. These business ideas need a low budget to start.

  • Which business will grow in the next 5 years? 

Every business requires hard effort to initiate from the beginning. If you invest in some great new business ideas and start your own platform, then there are chances that you will be stable in the next 5 years and earn profit or some big investors for funding.

One important thing is that you will get enough expertise and confidence with your own business at the student level. And this will help you further in your career and life.

  • How can students start their businesses?

For the students and youth, it has become easier to grab some opportunities and make them their careers. There are many careers for them. They should decide which is the best area for them and follow their instincts. There is no need to worry about loans. Many methods encourage students to understand the market needs. 

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