Internet of Things (IoT) Digital Twin Technology

IoT Digital Twin
Let Machines tell their own stories!

Digital twin is the virtual representation of the physical object, that shows its entire lifecycle. The virtual representation is made using real-time data that makes it easier to understand or learn about that system.

Digital Twin makes the engine an innovative platform

As vehicles are getting smarter and connected, operational data can be easily made available and represent across the lifecycle of the product or system with digital twin. Analysing the real-time parameters, including speed, pressure, air ratio, temperature and others help in achieving maximum efficiency, prevent breakdown and maximize the experience. The advanced data insight help in designing the next generation engines and make the manufacturing process easier and smarter to develop connected engine. Gaining real-time insight within systems-of systems and provide the engineers with the easy and efficient process to hide the interdependencies, recommend optimal steps of intervention and predict the results for future use.

Get new level of visibility across engineering and business with IoT Digital Twin
An smart innovation for connected product development
Enhance the product quality and provide the best customer experience.

Get the real-world insight to convey and perform operations that helps in enhancing the performance to a great extent. IoT Digital twin helps in minimizing the design cycles, foster tighter linkage and traceability. This allows the team to capture, design and deliver better connected products.

Create agility and flexibility and manage complex lifecycle

Predict risks, failure of critical equipment, optimize the maintenance schedule, and minimize the impact on overall equipment effectiveness.

Streamline the product development lifecycle with digital thread and cognitive sensing
Streamline digital twin with cognitive sensing

Make it easier to design and deliver products and services by improving the quality of your digital twin. This helps in maximizing the experience while reducing the costs..

Incorporate digital thread into your lifecycle

digital threads helps in improving the quality, enhancing product development and reducing manufacturing costs.