How to Make A Travel App Like Expedia or Trip-Advisor

How to Make A Travel App Like Expedia or Trip-Advisor

Many people in this world have a strong desire to travel. We also have a term known as “Wanderlust” which is used to describe people who have an urge to travel the world. And people from this decade are not holding themselves from travelling as being a Wanderlust is the latest trend to which everyone wants to associate with. They want to explore places from all around the world which makes the hospitality business very crucial as travelers will stay somewhere.

The Travelling applications make the process easy for the travellers. Travel apps are capable of arranging tickets for a single person to a whole team, as they are best especially for female travellers. People love to use travelling applications, because they do not need to visit a travel agency to plan everything. But with everything in their hand, people now sit together and plan their next travel destination including the stays & food. The mobile app development for travelling can help you gather customers at one place which will surely increase your revenue. Travellers also want to use more & more travel apps especially the ones which offer knowledge about the destination they are planning to travel & look around. Let us have a look at how big travel industry is:

travel industry

Benefits of Having a Travel Application for Travel Agency

Travel agencies always crave for new customers as it is their business niche. But when you have a travelling application then have several benefits: 

-> You can easily track your customer actions & create a plan for their needs

-> Enhance your customer support & give more personalised solutions

-> Easily create a database of largest vendors from all over the world through your brand

-> Streamline your customer involvement through your engaging Mobile application development

-> Offering discounts & offers to loyal & new customers for better results

-> Get back to customers who have already used your services by launching Re-Engagement campaigns

 Features of Travel App for Android & iOS Devices

Travel App for Android & iOS Devices

-> An efficient travel mobile app development the users have easy access to all the hotels & travel tickets anywhere else. 

-> Able to get the cost-effective price of the hotels & tickets to users so they use your travel application to book them. 

-> Can easily compare the transportation tickets for different transport companies so users can choose whichever they find suitable. 

-> Must be able to notify through various means like push notifications about the latest discounts, coupons available on the travel application. 

-> Users must be able to create their own travel wishlist which will include all the places that users want to travel in future. It will allow you to target them with plans which will suit their next travel. 

-> Travel apps must be able to update the users about the combo packages which can include the stay & transport cost at lower cost. 

-> Easy navigation to the location that users have booked or travelling to. 

-> 24X7 support from the admin panel to the people who are using the application.

Advanced & Must-Have Features in a Travel App

Local & Global Event LocatorCurrency Converter for maximum ease
Wifi-Hotspot Locator at every place Language Translator
Weather Forecast will be the cherry on the cakeTravel Planner 
Availability of Rooms in hotels Add to Cart(Just Like eCommerce)
Instant Booking Secure Payment Integration with options 
Allow to Share Reviews & Travel Stories Creating Personal Albums 
Money Estimator Geo Location

Features of User Panel

When you hire a mobile app development company or the development of a travel app then ensure that the user panel must include the following features: 

-> User Login/Registration – User must be able to login & Register using email or social accounts to use the application or book their package for next tour. 

-> Offering Deals to New Customers – Ensure the registration by offering better deals & discounts to the users who will list them in the app. 

-> Holiday Package – Offering online holiday packages which contain the combined deal of both the travel & hotel stays. 

-> Easy Navigation – A user must be able to navigate & track themselves to the place they want them to. It can also be helpful to locate nearby landmarks & directions for the same.

navigate & track

-> Finding & Booking – It is one of the premium features that you can include for the users as it can help in locating the hotels & cabs if the travel is at a new location.

-> Booking a Guide – Guide can be helpful for solo & group travellers who want to gain knowledge about a location. The travel app can help book a guide & share guide’s information like contact information & details. 

-> Payment –  A user must be able to pay through various payment gateway methods including wallets & card payment in the application.

Features of Agency Panel

Package Management – The packages and the discounts that are availed by the users must be managed by the agency of the travel app. 

Listed Destination – The travel must provide the destination list in the app where they offer services. A user books a destination and then the agency will manage accordingly the user’s timings. 

Manage Payments – The travel must be able to manage the payment done by the user through different payment gateways or methods.

Manage Payments

Booking Management – The agency panel will include all the information regarding the bookings done by the user for hotels, flights, cabs etc.

Editing Packages – This feature during the mobile app development will allow the travel agency to edit their prices and package to offer various deals.

Analytics – With this feature, agencies can generate reports about every analytics including booking made, hotels, flights & which destination is the most common for the user.

Features of Admin Panel

Managing Request –  The admin panel of the travel mobile application will store the request made by the user or other searches the user does, giving an opportunity for the agency to have more sales with various methods.

Manage Advertising & Promotions – Advertising & promotional campaigns that are running on the application can be managed by the admin on this panel. It will be on the admin to update or remove a particular panel.

Manage Users – Admin panel can also manage the users who are registering in the account credentials & are managed by the users. 

Manage Travel Agents – The admin also manages the travel agents & other providers through the comprehensive travel mobile app development.

Manage Travel Agents

Cost to Build a Travel Applications like TripAdvisor or Expedia 

-> The cost of building a travel application depends on various factors like: 

-> You need to choose between the android mobile app development & ios app development. However you can also choose both & go for cross platform mobile app development for your travel app. 

-> Second it depends on the number of features it needs to be integrated during mobile app development. 

-> The size & time dedicated to the travel application development. 

-> Creating a in-house team or outsourcing the development as it can reduce your efforts & cost of the mobile app development.

Cost of Every Particular Feature Needed in Travel Application

Every feature is unique in its working & needed special attention while development. We believe that hiring top-class developers will be needed for this project creation. The quality developers from third party countries can do the trick for you in your budget. Let us understand it in a more detailed manner.

User Login: This feature is really essential because it will help you save user’s information and remarket your services for later & it will cost around $200-$300.

Search Bar: Including search bars in your travel app development will help users to find a particular space & it will cost around $150-$200.

Customization as per Needs: Allowing the user to customize the application as per their needs and can cost around $500-$700.

Multiple Language Support: The must be the special feature if the app is running in multiple languages. Adding multiple language support with all the above features can take the total amount to $1000.

Payment Mode Integration:  Payment mode integration is the most important feature to be included in the travel app for in-app purchase & can take the total between $1300-$1500.

Display Ads: Displaying the ads in the application can help you gain more viewers & benefit the application.

Chat Messaging: This addition of this feature in the mobile app development will allow the users to interact with you for every query & solution. It will add more $500-$700.

Integration of Google Maps: Adding Google Maps for Android and Apple Maps for iOS in the application to help the users to navigate to the selected location in the application or to find the booked location through the app itself.

Push Notifications: The most important feature of any application as it helps the users get notified about the new packages, deals, discounts. It can cost you in the range of $1200-$1500 depending upon the notification style & text.

If you are in a confusing state then you can hire a travel app development company as they can create mobile applications like Expedia or TripAdvisor.

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