Why should you Convert Your Site from PSD to WordPress?

Why should you Convert Your Site from PSD to WordPress

When it comes to a website, no matter how attractive it is, the only thing that matters is the functionality. If you’ve designed an appealing site, but it’s not getting much visitors, then the first thing you need to check is its functionality. And for this, you must have enough technical knowledge, so that you can turn your website into a responsive one.

Additionally, in case your web designers don’t have expertise in coding, then you should start looking for a prominent web development company India to upgrade the site. Or as another option, you can opt for the conversion which takes place between PSD versions of your site to WordPress.

We all know about WordPress, an open-source tool that turns your website into a more user-friendly form. Hence, it seems a great option if you opt for converting your site.

Below, we have outlined some of the reasons that why you should go for PSD to WordPress conversion. Take a look:

Easy to Manage

Developing your website through WordPress makes it manageable easily.  This CMS proposes a range of prominent tools, enabling your site’s content management an easy cakewalk. Without having deep knowledge of coding, you can have access to its web-based interfaces, to make all or any changes to the website. And you can execute it quickly by using WordPress.

SEO-friendly Website

Today SEO is believed to be your key asset if you wish to survive in the digital waves running all over the market, and WordPress can help you with this. This CMS platform comes with a range of search engine optimization themes which are free to use. For this, you don’t need to hire a web designer to redesign your website by applying complex coding. WordPress enables you to access the instantly available tool which builds a website deploying all the required features and attract more traffic. A WordPress site is compatible across all the browsers. In addition, it enhances the visibility of your site over the internet and lets you experience a solid client base.

Flaunts a Real Appeal

The availability of numerous themes makes WordPress give a unique look to any site. You can pick a theme which turns out to be beneficial for you and your business and make you connect with the client base with ease. WordPress accesses a PSD to HTML conversion which makes your site compatible over the internet.

Establishing a Brand Identity

You might be having a team of potential developers creating a visual outline for your website, that work great for your business. The conversion of PSD to CSS offered by WordPress adds an active interface to your site that highlights its operational functionality.

Personalized Site

Your site will be customizable if you opt for PSD to WordPress conversion. This CMS proposes a wide range of third-party plugins that facilitates the process of improvisation in your site’s functionality. Alongside, it makes the process of web development faster, while making any changes to show a personalized look.

Manage Multiple Site Better

You might be having multiple sites for your business. With WordPress, you no longer need to manage them individually, since it makes you control and maintain sites easily. Although, you’ll, not be compromising with distinctive appeal and functionality of the website, since you websites remain independent to each other.

Managing your Site Remotely

As we know, WordPress is an open-source tool, and you can use it from anywhere and at any time through live internet connection. Like this, you’ll be permitted to manage your site even if you’re not available at your workplace. By using WordPress, one doesn’t need to access HTML and CSS files in order to manage the site’s content. This sort of flexibility can be advantageous for you as well as your site and through this, you can make wonders.

To reap the advantages provided by WordPress, you should look for an eminent Internet Marketing Company, elaborate all the aspects that work best for your website.

6 Logo Creation Tools that You Should Start Using Today

6 Logo Creation Tools that You Should Start Using Today

Name some instantly recognizable logos. Let me do it for you. Twitter has a bird, Apple shows an apple, Nike reflects a tick and Puma expresses its esteem with a panther. This is how logo works.

Logo is the thing which people are going to remember whenever they think of your brand, it becomes the first picture of your brand. That is the reason, people prefers it to be simple, professional and striking.

For a recognizable logo, you could hire a logo designing company that work for your brand, or you can perform the logo designing in-house. And if you want to do it in-house then you’ll be requiring a software, which is great in its job.

Below, you’ll find some of the names that are quite popular in logo designing realm!

Logo Creation Tools

1.  Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, which is one of the parts of Creative Suite remains at the ace of graphic design software, and that too for a good reason. It proposes a pack of various features that provides control in every aspect when you design your logo.

Adobe Illustrator Screenshot

For beginners, its pixel grids make it easy for the users to align objects clearly, whereas the integrated shape-building tools, brushes, and high-end path controls make you freely create any graphic that you want to. On the other hand, perspective grids can assist in creating depth and distance graphics. Its amusing typography, extraordinary visual effects, and new drawing engine can turn a raster image into editable vectors.

When you want to use colors frugally, then using gradients can make your image very effective and Illustrator communicates with gradients and makes it work for your graphics. However, Illustrator can also imply for beginners.

2.  Logomaker

If you’re looking for a logo that you want to use online indemnity, then Logomaker is the right tool for you. Even those, who are new to logo designing can create an effectual logo in few minutes through this tool.

Logomaker Screenshot

It has over 10,000 icons and images created by professional designers, reflecting its huge selection of artwork. To express your own uniqueness, you can play around with colors, add text, select a font and experiment with spacing.

With Logomaker, you can create and download six web-ready logos. To download them, you will get appropriate HTML code which you can copy and paste online.

3.  Laughingbird

Similar to Logomaker, you don’t need to draw anything with this logo creation tool. You just need to download the software, available for both Mac and Windows and its trail is free.

Laughingbird Screenshot

Laughingbird comprises 200 templates coupled with various graphic elements, which can be placed directly on the canvas. As another option, you can upload your work and custom the graphics from the web. In addition, there are also different special effects and options for text style available on the menu.

4.  Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

Visually, Summitsoft Logo Design Studio appeal similar to Microsoft Office and most interesting thing that it also proposes free trail.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Screenshot

With this tool, you will whooping 1500 ready to implement templates that go will with logo designing trends. Alongside, it has more than 5000 objects to get the visual effect from. Play around with colors, fonts, shapes and effects or you can import your own graphics so that you make your personalized logo.

In addition, its usual web formats let you print your logo in high resolution. Like in Laughingbird, in Summitsoft, you can sell you designs to other users as well. But for this, you need to work through the trademark process so that you secure your security identity and come up with great ideas for taglines, slogans embedded with your logo design.

5.  LogoYes

LogoYes permits you to design your logo and make it perfect for your brand, prior to making any payment. Once you’re done with the overall process, you can make a purchase.

LogoYes Screenshot

It is kind of straightforward tool, letting you find art for your logo. Secondly, you need to drag and drop your canvas and try out the work by adding text and making tiny tweaks like resizing, spinning or repositioning elements. Web development company also follows the same practice.

However, this software does not propose any special effect or any other extras, you would be using one graphic icon for each logo. If you want a clean and basic logo design, then LogoYes is the thing that you need.

6.  Sothink

Another downloadable software along with free trail, proposing a range of free templates and make you edit your existing one or you can create a new one from scratch.

Sothink Screenshot

With its smart color tools, Sothink can help you in great ways. It has seven vector drawing tools and a dozen special effects which you can apply to individual text letters.

At last, you can import the content by yourself either through Flash or static graphics. Also, this tool follows the mechanism of exporting formats such as png, jpg, bmp, tiff and svg.

If you have any other name which is not present in this list? Then Comments section is just below the text! Share the name with us!

Explore the World of Web Designing with New Trends…

Explore the World of Web Designing with New Trends…

Nowadays, the advancement of technology takes place within a blink of an eye. The use of internet, evolving technical aspects and up-gradations are growing at a rapid pace. Today, not only SEOians working in SEO Company India are heading on the path of innovation, but web designers also seem to provide effective technological services to make some improvements in their business.

During recent years, responsive web designing has improved tremendously and increased by leaps and bound. Now, this field contains lots of new tools and techniques that people wish to implement for the betterment of their business.

Let’s check what the new things are which have entered into the world of web designing:


You know, scrolling actually enhances the readability of a page, since no one ever likes to glue their eyes constantly on a single glance. Thus, it has been observed that the newest and hottest trend that had headed into the world of web designing is scroll which kept to the minimum. However, short period of scrolling is good for catching all the available points easily. Today, there are a number of long scrolling sites which has been switched to short scrolling trick!

Scrolling website example

Card Layout

People today, are more attracted to the card styled layout. This layout was first adopted by Pinterest. Card styled page layout expresses new waves into the web designing arena, also it is compact and convenient since it provides the piece of information in the form of small bits. The card seems like content containers as they represent information in the shape of rectangle, while making the users catch the point easily.

Card Layout Website Example

Visual Appeal

For catching the attention of visitors, it is very important to make your page visually appealing. Using HD images in your web pages is the new trend of this technology realm. Alongside, adding the piece of information and making use of images is more prominent and has been marked as a fastest growing trend of the year. Also, highlighting the design with brighter and bolder shades in different forms such as fonts, graphics and animations enhance the appeal greatly.


Its not new that web designers are adding icons to their website, whereas it has become very popular these days. Now, the web designers of web development company India are experimenting with a range of large-sized icons by forming their SVG formats, enabling the page to look more appealing and attractive.

iconography website example

Buzzing Animation

Most of the websites today are almost animated and virtual. It will be really difficult for you to distinguish between the real forms and the animated ones. As we know, we designing is developing rapidly, it has made it possible to customize the website’s formation as per users’ choice and requirements. Animation in web designing also includes the task of creating imagery that looks real but actually these are not real.

Interactive Designs

It has become a vital part to make your web design interactive. In the realm of web designing, it is believed that interactive web pages complete the task of establishing connection between the users and your company. With this kind of pages, you can add value to the end user. Interactive forms such as tiny alarms, text alerts or a light beep can really contribute in making the people not only connect with your brand but with the device as well.


Typography is leading in its direction successfully, the courtesy goes to the streamlined interfaces. Typography which is bright, bold, and large is actually ruling the roost of web designing showground this year since its visual appeal goes really well with other elements on the web page. Also, it plays the role of interacting the message more precisely among the visitors, while making it more understandable.

Creating Design in Compact Modules

Nowadays, the web designers are adapting the process of segmenting design into small modules and components rather than designing the entire page. These tiny modules describe how the search function will work and how the site will perform its navigation process. It has defined as one of the popular trends of industry this year, which the web designers are increasingly adapting.

Are we treating SEO as too complicated process or we making it complicated?

Are we treating SEO as too complicated process or we making it complicated

Just some time before, I was analyzing some of the reports and realized that I was actually drowning the basic statistics which includes benchmarks, KPIs, rankings, conversion rates, dashboards, audits and many other things. There is a fact, that all of the data and tools make life easier, but this is really too much!

At SEO Company India, we put major significance on the data which is important to make sure that are we delivering what we have asked to do. Since as we were working, we realized the more you dug into the data, and switch the tools, the less time you will be spending in doing the required work.

With the world of search engine which is crowded with various options and resources, we would say it’s time to get back to the basics and simplify the entire mechanism.

But how can we access all the data and impeccable SEO tools to generate a more streamlined and simplified approach towards SEO? You’ll get the answer below:

Simple doesn’t mean it’s Easy

Here, with the term simple, we do not mean it’s easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it effectively. We used the term simple for consistency and the results it delivers. Thus, instead of concentrating on the number of deliverables, we should focus on the results that we could get.

By simplifying the overall mechanism of SEO, you will make your path towards some of the extras that really don’t matter and you’ll start focusing on the actions that help you obtaining your overall objective. To make you understand more, we have shown a picture of “Simplified Search Productivity Cycle”.

Simplified productivity Results cycle

This is all start with a goal

You can’t move even a step ahead if you don’t have a fool proofed plan. With the help of defined goals, we can easily find our desired destination. Once we’re clear on what actually we want, we can work backward and start generating an effectual strategy that helps us to get in the right direction.

While you’re working on your goals, here are some of the questions that you should ask yourself:

What is the main purpose of my site?

Is your site for driving leads? Increasing sales with four magic words? Want people to connect with your content? Your site’s purpose is directly proportional to the goals that you will set. Therefore, this is step is pretty important.

What do I want to obtain?

And here you’re going to draw a picture showing how your end goals will look like. Is it based on revenue? Based on users? Based on traffic? Defining these things, and you’ll determine whether you’re succeeding or not!

How will I measure success?

When you know what you want to acquire, you’ll definitely know how you will measure the success. In order to be sure about the positive ROI, you just the need to know the count. For example, your site is for generating leads, you just not need to drive traffic, but your traffic should also convert. If you have thousands of visitors and none of them is converting, then doesn’t make any sense.

Who is my competition?

Knowing what you’re up to is important. But looking at your competition what they’re doing give you some idea of taking advantage of the holes in their search engine marketing strategy.

Real Outcomes

As we have already mentioned, in SEO we have to access more data than ever before. This is a mixed concept, good and bad.

When we mention the term “real results” we mean anything which has the real impact on the leads towards your overall objective. At this point, you should ask the following questions and estimate that are these your real results!

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • Why?
  • What’s next?

So, if you find the answers to these questions, then you can find out are you walking in the right direction or not? And keep in mind you get the answer of the last one since you can’t get stuck with the results and data and you have to look forward and keep pushing yourself, as suggested by Internet Marketing Company.

Making Adjustments

Now, just because you have a defined plan, it doesn’t mean it is going to work well. In fact, I would say it’ll never going to work perfectly. So what you should do with it? Well, this is the time to make adjustments. After reviewing your real outcomes, now you should start working on your calculated adjustments.

Use the data that you’ve collected from tweaks, add and remove some of the actions and start focusing on your strategy around the goals.

Get Back to the Start

Now, you’ve made tweaks, the cycle starts again from the top place. You should spend some time in reviewing your goals after you’ve made the changes. And somewhere you’ll definitely find that the objectives you created initially need to be shifted slightly. Hence, now the ball is in your court!

Trends 2016 for Mobile App Development to Rock This Year

Trends 2016 for Mobile App Development to Rock This Year

In recent years, mobile app development went through a huge transformation and much of these transformations addressing innovations, top-notch technologies, new ways to deliver better user experience and breakthrough technical traits to learn. This is quite obvious, that when it comes to innovations and addressing latest concerns related to users, 2016 will bring different but new possibilities and promises.

As per mobile application development company, it doesn’t matter whether its Android app or iOS, developers are facing the competition of bringing innovation in almost every industry. Particularly talking about mobile app development, this field is experiencing immense transformation, due to the emerging technology trends. Although, the emerging technical trends are likely to command the app development market in the coming time, but we would say that evolving industries such as enterprise development and rapid development continue to play important roles.

Below, we have introduced some of the tech trends that have evolved and will help you to rock this year:

App Security is at the Center Stage

As per the Gartner Study 2015, “75% mobile apps fail due to the lack of security measures.” Last year, due to this issue many app developers were working on their toes and now it has grabbed the center stage. In iOS 9, the marketers have already put emphasis on high-end security aspects, similar in Android app development where Google has already constricted security protocols in the latest operating system i.e. Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Enterprise Mobile Apps will maintain their Lead

Over the last few years, enterprise mobile apps are in more focus, due to their increasing interest in all fields such as small and medium enterprises. The increasing number of businesses whether they are small or big, they have realized the integral role of mobile apps that they play for their business, while proposing more ease in connecting their customers and leading towards the growth. And in 2016, this trend is likely to nurture more.

More Focus on Cloud Compatibility

Throughout the last year, Cloud platforms have influenced the mobile app development superior ways and due to the impeccable potential of this technology, the cloud platforms are likely to extend this year. Today, users are irrespective of their locations and availability of the device on multiple devices has made possible, all thanks to cloud platforms. In addition, these platforms have contributed in performing delegated tasks for the organizations and made access to internet as well as mobile apps easy.

Beacon will continue to lead in Location Technology

Being a location technology, the beacon has contributed a lot in clearing the difference between being a mobile device offline or online. This top-notch technology for location comes integrated with iOS and Google and also proposes countless possibilities for connecting the users contextually. Although, it also stiffens the security measures depending on the information derived from their location.

Development of Mobile Commerce with Great Mobile Payment

Thanks to mobile commerce, which has made all the regular e-commerce offerings easy and transferred the funds or payments by using the mobile phones. The latest mobile devices are also comes integrated with breakthrough security technologies and aspects facilitating secure payment with ease. For example, we have Apple Pay or Google Wallet and both of them made mobile payments easier than ever before. In 2016, we will be seeing more apps that make your transaction quicker, faster and easier, as stated by SEO Company India.

If you thing, that your thoughts should add up in the above-mentioned trends, then share it with us in the comments section below!

Top 3 Ways to Employ User-Generated Content in E-Commerce

Top 3 Ways to Employ User-Generated Content in E-Commerce

While working on any marketing strategy, it is essential to work on your social proof. User-generated content (UGC), is the form of customer reviews and pictures, addresses the head point of ambiguity that further affects the buyers as well as the business owners, as suggested by the e-commerce website development company.

Sometimes buyers hesitate to buy anything from an online store since it can be hard to evaluate the quality or products without seeing them personally. Whereas, the owners of e-commerce stores have to liaise with some essential tasks of building trust with the users and promote their products through the barrier of digital screen. The customers’ experiences and reviews provide something for which buyers always look for i.e. confidence.

Here we have outlined the best practices which will assist you to leverage user-generated content in order to grow your business.

1.  Build Relationship with your Customers

By providing relatable information, customer reviews increases the shopper’s confidence in a brand. This user-generated content throughout the online store including home page, checkout page, and product details page makes the entire shopping experience outstanding if genuine customers address their positive reviews.

If you let a conversation happen between the interested shoppers and previous buyers, then it will build a community around a brand, which also showcase the social proof for the products as well as for the brand. These communities break all the barriers between the shoppers which in return establishes a unique connection with the store and leads to conversion increment.

It is considered as an effective way to ask your customers for reviews, which further help you in engaging your audience and developing retention to make them feel important.

2.  Make your Social Ads more Effective

With user-generated content, people can increasingly build trust on social media while generating leads.

Social ads are kind of process that extends your reach and stimulus the shoppers when they are not shopping on the site actively. There are many times that people are scrolling through social media and they easily ignore a brand-sponsored ad.

Reviews upsurge social commerce because it provides immediate visibility on social media which includes authentic customer reviews, and embedded images in social ads enable you to build a significant brand reputation, while bringing more traffic to the site.

3.  Boost your visibility during Search Engine Marketing

The reviews posted by customers differentiate your brand and products from all the other results that come up on the list. These form of user-generated content not only attract the shoppers’ attention but lead to sales increase.

Due to the use of user-generated content in your paid and organic search engine marketing practices such as listing ads along with rich snippets that underline your search listing and make it look more enticing for the searchers to click through.

As per the internet marketing company, during the research phase, when shoppers come across the customer reviews, your product comes to an edge over the other search results and boosts the shoppers to head towards your website.

If you have something to tell us? Then leave in the comments section below!

13 Social Networks for E-Commerce Website Owners in 2016

13 Social Networks for E-Commerce Website Owners in 2016

For an e-commerce merchant, social networks work as a platform full of opportunities that assist them in promoting their business, and even increasing their sales. According to E-commerce website development company, the popularity and people’ interests towards these social networks are growing at a rapid pace, and this is the reason we see new social networks running on the web. Alongside, these emerging social networks propose new features linked with established networking sites in order to explore new opportunities for your business.

If you are an e-commerce merchant, then further you will find a surprise. Just kidding… Though, its not a surprise but it definitely going to cheer you up. Have a look:

Emerging Social Networks


Peach social network screenshot

Peach is a messaging app which is going to make its debut this year at Consumer Electronics Show. This app accesses relative magic words to attach pictures, drawings, songs in between the conversation. The new social networking app, Peach is specially designed for increasing the privacy scope, as it allows the users to chat with their friends privately. Dom Hoffman designed this app who is the co-founder of Vine.


anchor social network screenshot

This is an iPhone app which is available for free and enables the users to record and broadcast their short audio clips in seconds on a global platform. While sharing the audio clips, your listeners can also revert back and can initiate a group conversation. Once you are done with publications, you can share the conversations as podcasts.


bebee social network screenshot

It is a compatibility-networking channel that helps the e-commerce merchants to establish connections with like-minded people. beBee permits you to join or create your own group where people with common interests can easily connect with you.


Yubl social network screenshot

Looking for a dynamic messaging app, then Yubl is your destination. Coming towards its features, this social app enables you to add overlays, text, graphics, filters and stickers. Alongside, it has an interactive Yubl button, which makes you get a vote from your connections, and you can also organize your meetups.


Weave social network screenshot

It is also referred as a networking platform for curated professionals. With this network, every week you will be linked with someone who will have similar interests, and like this, you will get a chance to expand your network within real people.


Hyper social network screenshot

This social app lets you share images and chat to like-minded people about what you love the most. While exploring the network, you can make posts to those areas that interests you, and thereafter everyone who is linked with that zone will be notified about your post. Like this, Hyper let you get instant feedback and votes while letting you increase your visibility.


Blab social network screenshot

A live video-chat app that can help you in different ways such as interviews live workshops, products videos or interviews. You can watch live or tune into for later replay.


slyce social network screenshot

This app is designed for live Q&As. It was co-founded by NBA’s brilliant mind, Steph Curry. Primarily, it works as a tool that makes you get in touch with popular athletes. However, Slyce also serves to the influencers who connects with followers that help them to expand their reach.


Alignable social network screenshot

Alignable works as a social network for local online businesses, enabling them to connect and collaborate with other business owners. With Alignable, you can be the part of discussion in order to learn and share some important points on business.

Established Networks & Their New Features


twitter social network screenshot

Recently, Twitter has rolled out its “buy buttons” for e-commerce platforms such as Bigcommerce, Demandware, Shopify, and Stripe. Twitter launched this feature after testing it with big brands of e-commerce world. One can share their products with followers or they can use the feature named as Promoted Tweets in order to extend their reach.


pinterest social network screenshot

Last year, Pinterest enabled the purchasing of products directly from social networking site by launching its “buyable Pins”. You won’t believe that till December 2015, there were approximately 60 million buyable pins on the site. In fact, 84% of the customers in buyable pins were new. By introducing the buyable pins aspect, this social network has turned into social commerce platform.


facebook social network screenshot

In 2015, Facebook and Shopify make an extension to beta testing for Facebook’s buy buttons that make the users purchase the item without even leaving the Facebook. Recently, Facebook has made some changes to Messenger and launched Messenger for Business, providing a new opportunity to the merchants to have real-time conversations with their customers.


instagram social network screenshot

Instagram has come up with a new API during mid-2015 that let you include direct response functionality to advertisements. Alongside, the social network have also launched some prompt buttons such as “shop now”, “install now”, “learn more” and “sign up”.

Therefore, to get an increase in your business sales, you need to expand your reach through social networks, as your work is not restricted to applying GDD to your e-commerce site.

Looking for more social networks? Well, this time SEO Company India would like to hear from you!

Leave your comments below!

Logo Designs that have turned into their Simple Forms

Logo Designs that have turned into their Simple Forms

Nowadays, it has become a trend for brands to change their logo in order to match up with the industry trends. If you are working in the field of logo designing like logo designing company, then you must have known that complex logos marks as a distant memory, whereas the logos that are much simple and clear cut, are easy to remember and defines their brand for a long time.

Last year and even this year, we have observed that there are plenty of brands who have changed their logo and made them much simplified. So, here we have shortlisted some of them for you to take inspiration with their simple and unblemished forms.

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall Logo transformation

Royal Albert Hall, the renowned London Performing Art Centre had drawn the attention of a huge audience with its new appeal and of course the new logo.

According to the authorities, the purpose of this change is to underline the reputation of the centre as a world class venue since the institution has started working with strategy consultancy firm BrandPie’s charity arm.

The unique silhouette of the hall has been featured through their new logo which is designed to move across the media. While the new logo is much simpler than the old one, but it appears cleaner, smaller and also shows five shades drawing a complex silhouette.


Verifone logo transformation

Maybe God knows and yes the Verifone authorities must have known the purpose behind those angular shapes that were shown in the previous logo. With their new and simplified form of a logo, we can say that finally they have realised their mistake and made up with a great idea of highlighting the V of Verifone.

Daily Motion

Daily Motion Logo Transformation

One of the popular video platform after YouTube, Daily Motion has finally come up with their new logo that eliminated its icon and came up representing its simple wordmark logo. Daily Motion boasts 300 million viewers on its player and around 30 billion views each month around the globe, so it was a definite need of a simple and clear logo.

Integrated Research

Integrated Research Logo Transformation

The Australian company which is also known as a global leader in proactive performance management software has truly adapted the idea of simplicity which can be seen through their logo. Its old logo was representing a green coloured monogram with company’s full name. On the other hand, the new logo is simple featuring geometrical shapes along with the initials of the company that results in completely confident and contemporary appeal.

Integrated Research has shown a great example of unfussiness while using three shades featuring the superior malleability and sophisticated character of the company.

Banco Popular

Banco Popular Logo Transformation

This association stands as one of the biggest bank in Spain and with their new logo they bank has really reached beyond the boundaries of simplicity. Their other part of the name “Banco” has completely removed from the new appeal which just shows “Popular”.

In logos, the slanted line is often appointed beneath the logo that works as an exceptional visual device enabling the logo design to stand out against any sort of background, whether its solid colour or comprises some effects.

Open Table

Open Table Logo Transformation

Ditching its old logo outline completely, Open Table has now evolved into a new form that does not have any three-dimensionality or linear standpoint. Going along with the flat designing trend, the new logo performs tremendously against the plane of the screen, while highlighting the fact they serve to help patrons to find their perfect fit.

If you have any other best example of logo change, then leave in the comment section below!

And we, the internet marketing company will be right back with more logos!

How to Boost your Link Building Conversions?

How to Boost your Link Building Conversions?

In the world of SEO, where Google actually suspending local listings, link building is still considered as a prominent task to be completed. Although, its pretty different today, but it also brings a great amount of benefits for your site’s SEO.

Google provides huge weightage to these links and usually sends traffic to the website on the basis of applied links, but make sure that you are deploying quality links, not the junk links. Since Google doesn’t like those websites who follows wrong factors in order to bring traffic.

Due to the evolving issues related to link building, we the SEO Company India want to share some important aspects that one should consider before optimizing their website.

Approaches for solidifying your link building

Approach #1: Save quality link for quality blog post

Suppose that you have just finished off a good blog post, but now what you need? Links for your blog, so you are sending lots of emails to the bloggers working in your niche, right? This is considered as an important move for good outreach.

However, today the process of getting links is changed a bit. People are focused more on what they read and how the page manage to provide them what they are looking for. If you are applying the links which are not at all related to the subject of your blog post, then let me tell you the link will not make any sense to the visitor. The reason is, he or she has arrived to read about the subject you blog depict, but not those links which you have deployed purposefully without even considering what it says and what it is all about.

Hence, try to apply to those links which relate to your blog and comprises the potential of engaging the visitors.

Approach #2: Shorter is better

There are some of the marketers working out there, who actually goes an extra mile for their link building. Well, that is good to go out of the box for work, but how about working smart. Yeah, here we are trying to make you understand that for a good reach, you don’t need to go an extra mile, as you can obtain it simply by making you email replies shorter and understandable.

If you try to put your stories in emails in order to make some connection with the blogger, then please stop. Instead of putting stories, try to include the important points, if you write an interesting invitation, then you will definitely get replies from eminent bloggers.

Approach #3: Do not ask for too much work

Suppose, you are roaming on a street and someone ask you to take a picture. You will take it, right? But what will happen if that stranger asks you to take full photoshoot? Of course, you will not do that! Then, why you expect others to do your excessive work?

Overall, we are trying to prove the point that the more you will ask for work, the less you will likely to get it. At some point, you have to ask for the link, but you have to do it intellectually. Below, you will find the ways on how you can do it:

  • Point out towards the page where you want the link and write a text at the place, which actually makes sense for the blogger.
  • Provide some future blog ideas to them that assist them to apply a link to your content naturally.
  • Send them the embedded HTML code, so that they can make some changes if required.

Concluding Words

Unless you build a site which comprises tons of traffic, for those websites you need to conduct your ongoing link building campaigns.

We know that the better your conversion rates, the more traffic you will bring to your website, and of course the less time you need to spend on your link building campaigns. That is the reason, we shared these approaches that will help you in boosting your link building conversions.

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How to Deploy Growth-Driven Design to E-Commerce Sites?

How to Deploy Growth-Driven Design to E-Commerce Sites?

Applying growth-driven designs (GDD) to your websites is considered as an effectual marketing approach, which can lead to huge benefits. In digital market, people uses GDD to provide an evolutionary, dynamic and implemented interface to the viewers as suggested by the e-commerce website development company. Especially for e-commerce websites, GDD works as one of the valuable elements.

For an e-commerce website, it is required to be consistent, embracing security points and comprise fresh, educational and interesting content that directly relates with the visitors and to make sure about these actions, GDD helps the most.

Further, you will find the fundamentals of implementing GDD for your e-commerce website.

Start with a Foolproof Plan

For any of your business task, you need a smart plan which will provide you the realistic sense of what steps you should be taken in order to create a top converting e-commerce website. Here, the top converting website means that site which drives conversions and makes sure about your future success.

How to plan?

For a successful website, it is required to work on a SMART plan that signifies specifications, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Instead of making a goal which generates more revenue, try to incline towards the goal that accurately measures your progress in the industry. Regarding a foolproof plan, you need to pull your socks up for executing some research and assessment.

Ultimately, you are working for attracting and delighting your site’s visitors with your content, products and services.

Create Your Website

Before you get all set to apply GDD on your e-commerce site, you need to prepare a wishlist which keeps all the information regarding your plan and aspects you want on your website. To create a wishlist, sit down with your team and outline all the ideas that you get from them.

Once you are done with your wishlist, then its time for some analysis. Thus, analyze your ideas and shortlist the ‘must-have’ elements for your site. This will include user-friendly aspects and optimized product pages. We have mentioned some “must-have” aspects for your e-commerce site that plays a major role for any online store:

Entrance = Homepage

Aisles = Category Pages

Shelves = Attributes that are used to sort your products

Products = Product page embracing every detail

Analysis Followed by Development

As you step forward on the path, continue to implement analysis, development, and revision for your website. Always maintain a tracker for all your practices, which will help you to check the potential of your plan, strategies so that you can make changes accordingly.

As you analyze the products and information available on your site, then start drawing conclusions to make sure that everyone is locating to your site and you are making most of it. By doing this, you will be controlling all the embedded tools and taking full control of your website including the site’s performance, conversion rates, and online presence.

As per Internet Marketing Company, this sort of precision and control is extremely difficult in case of conventional web designs. Although, GDD may seem like a time-taking and complex procedure, but trust us it is one of the best marketing strategy working out there, especially for e-commerce websites.