20 Best Paid Android Apps That Worth your Money

20 Best Paid Android Apps That Worth your Money

As we have mentioned earlier, we are nothing without mobile phones and mobile applications in today’s world. It makes our life’s easier and makes our business smooth. However, sometimes you need to pay a little price in order to get the best services. Many times everyone needs some extra services for different professional occasions that only some real paid apps can provide. Because of the best android utility apps, we can learn greater things using these android and iOS applications.

We have come up with this list because spending on useless applications is not worthy. Once you spend on the mobile apps which makes your life easier you will start relying on them so it is a fair warning before we move on to the list of paid apps for your android device. So, without any further ado let us move ahead with the list of top-paid mobile applications that you can install on your phones.

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Best Paid Android Apps You Can Spend Money On

We know that everything is possible with the top android apps these days. However, it still feels like a risk paying in front for the services as many times we start looking for alternatives. But these premium mobile apps have extraordinary services which are worth paying for which makes them the best android apps of all time. In the list below we have the top paid android apps which will be worth every penny you will spend on them.

1. PhotoPhills 


Photography has seen a lot of boom in the past few years. Thanks to seamless and extraordinary smartphones, taking an amazing picture is now easy. Moreover, if you want to move ahead with your career in photography then PhotoPhills is a must-have mobile application for your android phones. It is an all-in-one mobile app that makes editing, adding, color contrasting, shaping, etc an easy task. If you are a model or an influencer who loves to post their pictures on social media then you must try it. Let us have a look at the most notable feature of PhotoPhills as it is developed by a top mobile app development company.

-> Easy to edit your everyday photos and turn them into something mesmerizing

-> Easy to use with an amazing interface

-> Add extraterrestrial objects like the sun, moon, stars, planets, etc.

-> Monthly payments options with free trials

Download the android premium app on your phone – PhotoPhills

2. Netflix 


Everybody knows about Netflix and how big this brand is all over the world. If you are also one who loves to watch movies, tv-series, drama, documentaries from different genres then Netflix must be the platform you must visit. Once you are unleashed the paid version of Netflix, there is no going back as you will automatically stop looking for alternatives. It is the world’s number one video streaming mobile app development for android and iOS. Netflix also works as a production company which makes it better than the rest in the market and with its content it is able to attract the younger generation around us. The most notable feature of Netflix which makes it one best android utility app are:

-> Home to millions of movies, tv shows, and programs

-> User-friendly search and smart UI with recommendations shows as per your interest

-> Fast, secure, and other several monthly payment methods that make the process simpler

-> Allows you to search shows, programs by title, actor, genre, language and so one

Download the best video streaming mobile appNetflix 

3. Nova Launcher Prime 

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is another very popular application on the play store which offers some outstanding service and that is why it is on our paid android app list. If you want to tweak your mobile phone’s home screen then you must have this best premium android app in your phone for full customization. It offers a great look by enhancing your use of its functions. It also allows you to secretly disappear your app or folder which also makes it a privacy saver app. The most important feature of this Nova Launcher Prime are:

-> Fully optimized app

-> Comes with a highly demanding night more and a dark theme

-> Creates custom tabs and setting your own apps drawer

-> Hides folders in your mobile apps that only you can access

Download the top paid android app on your phone that makes your life easier – Nova Launcher Prime

4. Delta Icon Packs

Delta Icon Packs

Delta Icon Packs is a top paid android app that is packed with some amazing icons and wallpapers and also with lots of launchers. It helps you bring a new, fresh, lively, active, and spirited look to your android phone. It also offers amusing dashboards which makes it a must-have android mobile app on your phone. Let us have a look at the top features of the Delta Icon Pack are:

-> Highly anticipated dark light and day-night modes

-> Easy and user-friendly interface

-> More than 20 launchers are available

-> Offers more than 1000 hand design icon along with themes and wallpapers

Download the best android premium app on your phone – Delta Icon Packs

5. Dictionary – MW premium

Dictionary – MW premium

Dictionary M W Premium android app is one of the best dictionary apps available on the play store. On searching a particular word in this application you will also find the synonyms and antonyms alongside the meanings which makes it a popular paid dictionary app. It also shows every grammatical issue of those words along with the important facts related to them. Basically, it is a very smart online almanac that offers you every information related to that particular word which makes it one of the best-paid android app and that is why it is adored by the top IT outsourcing company in India. The most eminent features of dictionary MW Premium are:

-> Voice search and word pronunciation

-> Definition and details of the words are available

-> Consist of meanings, synonyms, and antonyms of over 2 billion words

-> Contains many graphical illustrations and more than 20,000 entries of different issues

Download the top android app – Dictionary MW Premium

6. Weather Forecast Pro

Weather Forecast Pro

Knowing your outside weather is really crucial especially when you have big plans. With weather forecast pro you can keep every single detail of the weather. It is one of the best-paid android apps which is worth spending each and every penny on as it offers all the weather updates on your timeline. Weather Forecast Pro uses its own GPS tracking system to tell you the right weather around you. The most important features of this leading mobile app are:

-> No ads or any kind of spam

-> Tells you weather about any city and the country

-> Update every detail of the weather forecast on time

-> Automatically detect your location by its GPS network and show the weathers report of the particular place

Download the android premium app on your phone – Weather Forecast Pro

7. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

As the list grows, more and more outstanding mobile apps are added to it. It is the right time to meet a spirited file explorer which is known as the Solid Explorer File Manager mobile app. It is perfect for busy people who can’t manage all their files as this app does it automatically. Its top functions make it more than a file managing app as it offers security service and cloud managing services. It also offers customization as per your need. It is one of the best out of 110 mobile app ideas. The most important features of Solid Explorer File Manager which make it a top android app development are:

-> The indexed search option to find your file in a second

-> 2 Different panels are available for file browsing options

-> Offers various cloud file managers like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

-> Also allows you to set a password to secure your zip files and documents

Download the best android utility app on your phone – Solid Explorer File Manager

8. MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro

MX Player Pro is a high-quality video player app for your android device. Without spending too much, this video streaming android mobile app allows you to enjoy music videos and other video programs which you won’t find in other such applications. As per the reviews, every single penny is worth spending on MX Player Pro because of its outstanding services and content. The most notable features of MX Player Pro are:

-> Video support with multi-core decoding approach

-> Privacy and kids lock are also available

-> Consist of high-quality songs and programs in the storage

-> Hardware acceleration is also available

Download the top video streaming mobile app for android – MX Player Pro

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9. Manual Camera 

Manual Camera is not a regular android camera app. Basically, it is the premium version of a super supportive android camera app, Manual Camera. Well, the name suggests that it is a manual camera but it’s very much advanced in its features. Some of the top qualities of this paid app can’t be even find in other paid apps which makes it a perfect android mobile app development company. If you are also an emerging photographer then you can enhance your photography skills using the Manual camera app with its picture edition. Let us have a look at the most important features of this best android utility app.

-> Comes with Timers and the raw format of the images

-> Offers an easy, beautiful interface

-> Clear and concise picture quality

-> Have full control over the camera of your device

Download the top android app on your phone – Manual Camera

10. Tasker


Tasker is a very advanced tool that gives you the advanced times vibe once you install it on your android device. In simpler language, it is an all-in-one task managing activities android premium apps which you need to buy before using it. It automates the processes like photos, SMS, and other files on your phones. It comes with more than 200 built-in plugins and other issues. It is a perfect application if you have to handle more than one task at once as it is a highly recommended task management app. The most important feature of Tasker is:

-> Functions like calendar, alarm, reminder, and so on

-> Allows you to set up auto-brightness, password, keyguard patterns, etc

-> Work as a scanner and scan files and documents that you need

-> Able to show call log, history, block, and much more internal systems

-> Comes with 28 system setting dialogs

Download this leading task managing app on your phone – Tasker

11. PPSSPP Gold

This one is for the gamer’s friend out there. If you are also a pro-gamer who wishes to play games on the PlayStation but cannot afford it, must try PPSSPP Gold. It is among the best-paid android apps on the play store which allows its users to PlayStation on their android device. The best part of using PPSSPP Gold is that it consists of almost all games that allow you to have fun with many games. So, instead of spending huge chunks on the Playstation you can install PPSSPP gold on your android phone and have fun. The other notable features of PPSSPP Gold are:

-> Smooth gaming experience

-> Games are available in HD and Resolution

-> Create no obstacles and provide the smooth gaming experience

Download the best android premium game app – PPSSPP Gold 

12. Business Calendar

Business Calendar

As we are comparing every aspect in the field, the next app in our list is business calendar 2 for the people who are busy and active in their hectic work. As a user, it helps you date, schedule, and other issues that have a time limit on them. Basically, it works as your personal secretary at a very limited price. It always reminds you of everything that you put on it. Let us have a look  at the most important features of Business Calendar 2 which makes it one of the best android app development company are:

-> Includes multi-day views from 1-14 days of every view

-> Remind you of your loved one’s birthday

-> Comes with smart suggestions for a title and other pop-up menus

-> Also offers to provide 6 different themes

Download the most adorned best android utility app for your phone – Business Calendar 2

13. WolframAlpha

This one for curious minds from all around the globe. If you are also a person who wants to enhance their knowledge and ideas about the world then WolframAlpha is the best-paid android app in the world. It contains information and ideas which seek your interest. After installing this app you can learn a lot from it as it contains data from science, mathematics, literature, history, and other genres that you like. Education is the biggest investment that you can ever make in yourself.

-> All the info is subjected

-> Consist of computation data

-> Comes with thousands of domains

-> Store the largest gatherings of information

-> Development over 25 years

Download the best android premium app to increase your knowledge – WolframAlpha

14. Tiny Scanner Pro

Tiny Scanner Pro

If your work requires you to turn your phone into a portable scanner then Tiny Scanner Pro is a great paid app on the Play Store. If your job requires you to scan papers and documents now and then it makes scanning easy and automatically stores them in your phone memory. Not only this, but it also offers some amazing features like secure privacy, device flexibility, etc. Let us have a look at what features make it a top-class premium android app and why top IT outsourcing companies adore it so much.

-> After scanning it saves the documents in folders sort by the source

-> Advanced search option by document titles

-> Compatible with every device

-> Privacy with a passcode to secure your data

-> Offers contrast to adjust the text level

Download paid android app – Tiny Scanner Pro

15. Poweramp Full Screen

Poweramp is among the most downloaded paid music apps in the market along with Spotify. Moreover, it comes with some amazing features like equalizers, gapless play, crossfade, etc. Music helps in many ways especially keeping your brain engaged, reduces anxiety, blood pressure, improves sleep, mental alertness, etc. Poweramp comes with 15 days free trial and some amazing features like:

-> Supports types of music file

-> Get lifetime support once you purchase the top premium paid apps

-> Comes with an unmatched equalization system and fully customizable audio settings

-> Also provides modern effects and offers great support for different kind of headphones

-> Easy to use with its amazing UI

Download the best-paid android app – Poweramp Full Screen

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16. Touch Retouch

Sometimes there are some unwanted objects in your clicked pictures and we want to remove them. Touch Retouch helps us to omit these unwanted objects to make your picture nice which makes it one of the top paid apps for android. Moreover, if you are looking for how to hire a mobile app development company then read “10 tips to hire android app development companies“. In just simple steps you can fix your images without breaking your bank. The most notable features of Touch ReTouch are:

-> Offers easy and follow up interactions and tutorials to make it easy to use

-> One-touch fixes and presets to enhance your images

-> Comes with an advanced single flick line remover that offers a great deal of convenience to you

-> Tools like smart brushes, erasers, copy tools, etc.

Download the best android utility app – Touch Retouch

17. Home Workout Gym Pro 

Home Workout Gym Pro 

If you are also fed up with ads popping up on health apps then Home Workout Gym Pro is the perfect app for you. It comes with amazing 3D animation videos which make your full body workout easy without any hassle and without any equipment. It is basically a goal-based android premium app that makes the change visible in just a few days. The most notable features of Home Workout Gym Pro are:

-> Offers exercise for weight loss, fat burning, and fit-out workout sessions

-> Provides track weight and daily meal consumption

-> Workouts for abs, chest, arms, and other full-body activities

-> Also offers a food shopping list and also warm-up routines for easy management

Download best android utility apps that makes it a top health mobile app development company are – Home Workout Gym Pro

18. Aqualert Premium 

I guess you guys are smart enough to know that the next app in our list is related to water as its names suggest. We do not live without water, and with Aqualert premium app helps you consume water properly from time to time. As per today’s research, a person should write down their water intake. Aqualert Premium also provides personal suggestions and notifications for water intake. It motivates the user if they have drunk enough water throughout the day. The other important features are:

-> Offers water consumption chart so you can take note of daily intake

-> Provides sleep mode and daytime modes

-> Helps in reaching workout goals to stay fit

-> Premium grade daily water intake organizer as per your age, sex, and activity

Download the top android app to make your life easy – Aqualert Premium

19. Swipe Pro for Facebook 

Swipe Pro for Facebook

Swipe Pro for Facebook is a very unique application in the market. It offers you enhanced security while you remain online using Facebook and Messenger apps. Being the best-paid android apps it helps in controlling your data and privacy using this app. The most important feature of Swipe Pro for Facebook is:

-> Integrated with top-notch security lock system along with fingerprint or pin code

-> Offers day and night theme with a smart interface

-> Contains adblocker

-> Doesn’t damage your battery life and customization capabilities

-> Allows you to photos and videos using this paid android app

Download the top android app to control your social media feed – Swipe Pro for Facebook

20. Easy Voice Recorder Pro

As the name suggests, Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a voice recording app at your convenience. The main feature is that it offers you freedom of audio recording without any limitations or any kind of advertisements. You will have the leniency to record high-quality file formats and share them easily. The best part is yet to come which is you can also access Easy Voice Recorder Pro through your android smartwatch which makes it a top-class mobile app development company. The other notable features of Easy Voice Recorder Pro are:

-> Supports Bluetooth and other wireless microphones to record audio files

-> unlimited recording capability

-> Also supports cloud storage like Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

-> Easy and amazing interface which makes the quick note-taking easy and voice tracks

Download the Easy Voice Recorder Pro, one of the best android premium apps

These are the top android paid apps for android devices. These 20 devices make your daily functions smooth so you can make the daily process easier. Some of these applications are essential and many are dedicated to a particular type as your choice is now totally dependent on your needs.

Moreover, if you are planning to create one such application or finding 20 android app development trends to watch out for in 2021 then a top IT outsourcing company like VerveLogic is there for you.

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