How to Make an App like Vine?

How to Make an App like Vine?

Vine was one of the most popular applications at its time. Twitter officially suspended the video-hosting service where users used to share second long looping videos on January 5, 2017. Since 2017, the vine mobile app is functional but the users won’t be able to post new videos from their account on the Vine platform. However, when Vine was operational it was one of the best applications among the people on the internet. There were many things that made the app popular and you must know them if you are looking to create an app like Vine. You must know what trends you need to follow in order to create a better app and not to follow the same steps which got the beautiful app as Vine suspended. Let us have a look at the success story of Vine so you can too create a video-sharing app for yourself. First, let us have a look at some information. 

What is Vine Video Used for?

When Vine was launched in 2013, it became popular among the people because it was creating something new. Videos from all over the place made it one of the most amazing places to have fun at that time. In 2013 it became one of the most downloaded applications in the iOS app store. It was so popular that it has over 200 million users from all over the world. Yes, that’s a very big number and you must know how to gain that popularity for such video sharing applications. The six-second video idea was something unique but it was the competition which they were not able to compete with. Every child used to know how to make Vine videos and videos from all over the world was responsible for sharing your moments with others. 

How to Make a Vine App and Avoid Pitfall?

You have to be better than Vine while creating the video-sharing app. You must look for unique techniques that you can add to your platform and need to look at the deepest pitfalls along your way. If you are looking to create a similar application then you need to target the right audience. No matter if your users are students, farmers, businessmen, teachers, or from any other profession. An application will be launched to benefit everyone who can use its services. 

The audience for Vine is everyone. Everyone who wants to make short, funny, romantic videos for their friends, mostly talks about young, energetic, socially active people.  So, those people who love to spend time on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc. By deciding & announcing your target audience you will be specific in adding unique specifications in your video sharing applications.  

The audience of Vine is everyone – everyone who wants to make a funny nice short video for their friends, mostly we talk about young, energetic, socially active people. I doubt you will use Vine for a business presentation or a tutorial. As follows, we have plain functionality and an elementary interface. Thus, by defining your niche and the audience you want to cover, you will choose a fitting functionality for the piece of software, which is going to make you rich.

Everyone who is ready to create an application just like vine has thousands of ideas to add to their application. With the latest technologies, it is capable to add so many thrilling and modern features. But the best in this situation is to start with a fully-functional version of the app. Let the users get acquainted with your product & once they are used to it, then you can add unbelievable features to your app to make it more special. 

There are many similar applications like Vine, those apps were launched with the same ideas & features and that’s the reason why they failed. The idea is to add so many technologies around the world, use and mix them to make the most rewarded application. New technologies allow you to be creative. If it’s a video editing app, then AR and VR, streaming and broadcasting, recording and editing. Mix everything and people will love it. 

The best part is the money. You worked hard, you have created a fantastic app and now you want a reward. Here goes monetization. We need to earn on our ideas, and this is the deepest pitfall and the biggest danger that can lead to failure. Imagine – you are recording your kids, doing a video presentation for a difficult customer, or filming a stunning view of the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas for your mom and suddenly a full-screen ad banner pops up. How would you feel? You should think this step over carefully, and not risk it. What advertisement won’t scare your users away? Perhaps paid features would be another way to earn here, and a more sensible choice.

When Twitter purchased Vine in 2012, the idea is to use it to promote Twitter as much as they can. The best thing about this idea is they don’t need to publish ads on the app while users are using it. The concept of an app without ads is a well-awarded move & you can also use it to make a sumptuous app if you are going to create an app like Vine.

Steps to Develop an App like Vine

The planning of developing the app is really important, you need to know every inch of detail before getting your application development ready. Let us have a look at the ideas of developing an app like Vine.

Select the features – The functionality of your app must fit the target audience that you have chosen for your application. If your app is targeted towards the business market, it must have all sorts of tools of presentation, calculation, data processing, etc. If your application is targeted to attract kids and teenagers then your app should be fun, simple, and easy to use. Here you can add virtual and augmented reality, various layers, all kinds of editing features, etc. 

Your App should stand out – As we have already mentioned that you must have new features in order to stand out in the market. The exclusive, individual, distinctive features will help you to be the best. You must monitor the other similar applications or your competitors and analyze the features which you can use in your app.

 Know your Rivals  – The huge variety of modern video-making apps offers you a variety of video processing tools. So, you need to know which tools are best to create an app like Vine. 

1. Instagram: Instagram uses simple features which makes it the most fun and usable application for creating small videos to share with friends.

2. Snapchat Another fun entertaining video maker, that brings you joy. The enormous number of weird filters made it popular. Features like creating streaks in which posting videos is a great idea which is liked by many people from all around the world. 

3. iMovie: iMovie is one of the most popular pieces of software for iPad of its kind. So many fantastic video themes made it popular to use it more.

4. Magisto: Magisto is one of the best apps for professionals who love to create their own stories. The makers use Artificial intelligence to analyze and choose the best shots from your video editing tool. 

5. Videoshop: Need to make a presentation from a coffee house or a restaurant. Videoshop is the best app for you. 

6. Tik-Tok: Another new and famous application that allows its users to make videos using various filters and a large population in the world is using it. Teens love to make tik-tok & has many followers from all around the world. 

Make Money: As we have already said that money-making is important from your application, but we have also mentioned that adding an application without the ads is a great idea. So, you can add a premium version to your apps in which users are allowed to use more distinctive features. For instance, the premium features will like to have advanced editing skills or AR filters, or more touch control. These features help you quickly monetize your app without the advertisements. 

Social Integration: Social media is the most recognizable media right now. Features likable to share videos with your friends make the app more social and people will love it. 

How does it take to Cost to create an App like Vine?

It totally depends on the technologies in which you are going to create and the features that you are going to add to your application. As per the general data, it takes 600-800 hours for the backend and front end to develop to make an app like Vine for iOS and Android.

You can anytime create a successful application like Vine. But you need to follow the guidelines to be the best in the market.

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