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Why should you Convert Your Site from PSD to WordPress?

Why should you Convert Your Site from PSD to WordPress

When it comes to a website, no matter how attractive it is, the only thing that matters is the functionality. If you’ve designed an appealing site, but it’s not getting much visitors, then the first thing you need to check is its functionality. And for this, you must have enough technical knowledge, so that you can turn your website into a responsive one.

Additionally, in case your web designers don’t have expertise in coding, then you should start looking for a prominent web development company India to upgrade the site. Or as another option, you can opt for the conversion which takes place between PSD versions of your site to WordPress.

We all know about WordPress, an open-source tool that turns your website into a more user-friendly form. Hence, it seems a great option if you opt for converting your site.

Below, we have outlined some of the reasons that why you should go for PSD to WordPress conversion. Take a look:

Easy to Manage

Developing your website through WordPress makes it manageable easily.  This CMS proposes a range of prominent tools, enabling your site’s content management an easy cakewalk. Without having deep knowledge of coding, you can have access to its web-based interfaces, to make all or any changes to the website. And you can execute it quickly by using WordPress.

SEO-friendly Website

Today SEO is believed to be your key asset if you wish to survive in the digital waves running all over the market, and WordPress can help you with this. This CMS platform comes with a range of search engine optimization themes which are free to use. For this, you don’t need to hire a web designer to redesign your website by applying complex coding. WordPress enables you to access the instantly available tool which builds a website deploying all the required features and attract more traffic. A WordPress site is compatible across all the browsers. In addition, it enhances the visibility of your site over the internet and lets you experience a solid client base.

Flaunts a Real Appeal

The availability of numerous themes makes WordPress give a unique look to any site. You can pick a theme which turns out to be beneficial for you and your business and make you connect with the client base with ease. WordPress accesses a PSD to HTML conversion which makes your site compatible over the internet.

Establishing a Brand Identity

You might be having a team of potential developers creating a visual outline for your website, that work great for your business. The conversion of PSD to CSS offered by WordPress adds an active interface to your site that highlights its operational functionality.

Personalized Site

Your site will be customizable if you opt for PSD to WordPress conversion. This CMS proposes a wide range of third-party plugins that facilitates the process of improvisation in your site’s functionality. Alongside, it makes the process of web development faster, while making any changes to show a personalized look.

Manage Multiple Site Better

You might be having multiple sites for your business. With WordPress, you no longer need to manage them individually, since it makes you control and maintain sites easily. Although, you’ll, not be compromising with distinctive appeal and functionality of the website, since you websites remain independent to each other.

Managing your Site Remotely

As we know, WordPress is an open-source tool, and you can use it from anywhere and at any time through live internet connection. Like this, you’ll be permitted to manage your site even if you’re not available at your workplace. By using WordPress, one doesn’t need to access HTML and CSS files in order to manage the site’s content. This sort of flexibility can be advantageous for you as well as your site and through this, you can make wonders.

To reap the advantages provided by WordPress, you should look for an eminent Internet Marketing Company, elaborate all the aspects that work best for your website.

Explore the World of Web Designing with New Trends…

Explore the World of Web Designing with New Trends…

Nowadays, the advancement of technology takes place within a blink of an eye. The use of internet, evolving technical aspects and up-gradations are growing at a rapid pace. Today, not only SEOians working in SEO Company India are heading on the path of innovation, but web designers also seem to provide effective technological services to make some improvements in their business.

During recent years, responsive web designing has improved tremendously and increased by leaps and bound. Now, this field contains lots of new tools and techniques that people wish to implement for the betterment of their business.

Let’s check what the new things are which have entered into the world of web designing:


You know, scrolling actually enhances the readability of a page, since no one ever likes to glue their eyes constantly on a single glance. Thus, it has been observed that the newest and hottest trend that had headed into the world of web designing is scroll which kept to the minimum. However, short period of scrolling is good for catching all the available points easily. Today, there are a number of long scrolling sites which has been switched to short scrolling trick!

Scrolling website example

Card Layout

People today, are more attracted to the card styled layout. This layout was first adopted by Pinterest. Card styled page layout expresses new waves into the web designing arena, also it is compact and convenient since it provides the piece of information in the form of small bits. The card seems like content containers as they represent information in the shape of rectangle, while making the users catch the point easily.

Card Layout Website Example

Visual Appeal

For catching the attention of visitors, it is very important to make your page visually appealing. Using HD images in your web pages is the new trend of this technology realm. Alongside, adding the piece of information and making use of images is more prominent and has been marked as a fastest growing trend of the year. Also, highlighting the design with brighter and bolder shades in different forms such as fonts, graphics and animations enhance the appeal greatly.


Its not new that web designers are adding icons to their website, whereas it has become very popular these days. Now, the web designers of web development company India are experimenting with a range of large-sized icons by forming their SVG formats, enabling the page to look more appealing and attractive.

iconography website example

Buzzing Animation

Most of the websites today are almost animated and virtual. It will be really difficult for you to distinguish between the real forms and the animated ones. As we know, we designing is developing rapidly, it has made it possible to customize the website’s formation as per users’ choice and requirements. Animation in web designing also includes the task of creating imagery that looks real but actually these are not real.

Interactive Designs

It has become a vital part to make your web design interactive. In the realm of web designing, it is believed that interactive web pages complete the task of establishing connection between the users and your company. With this kind of pages, you can add value to the end user. Interactive forms such as tiny alarms, text alerts or a light beep can really contribute in making the people not only connect with your brand but with the device as well.


Typography is leading in its direction successfully, the courtesy goes to the streamlined interfaces. Typography which is bright, bold, and large is actually ruling the roost of web designing showground this year since its visual appeal goes really well with other elements on the web page. Also, it plays the role of interacting the message more precisely among the visitors, while making it more understandable.

Creating Design in Compact Modules

Nowadays, the web designers are adapting the process of segmenting design into small modules and components rather than designing the entire page. These tiny modules describe how the search function will work and how the site will perform its navigation process. It has defined as one of the popular trends of industry this year, which the web designers are increasingly adapting.

Responsive Website Design is Much Better than Conventional Static Design – Check Why?

Responsive Website Design is Much Better than Conventional Static Design – Check Why?

In digital market, web designing is itself considered as a craft. According to the internet marketing company, with web designing, the designer tries to showcase some effectual images and writings to the viewers. Presently, almost everyone is dependent on websites not only for big things but for small things as well, thus this lead to the dominating sector of web designing.

Being one of the parts of web designing sector, we at Vervelogic have observed that nowadays the merchants and website owners are more paying attention to the new concept, which is known as Responsive Web Design. So let’s check out what’s this new concept is all about?

What is the new concept?

Responsive web design has arrived as a different approach, in which designer crafts an optimal website that conveys better information to the viewer. This new concept showcases more variability than the conventional websites that are more rigid by design. The static design soon will be history in the digital market since the new concept of responsive web design is getting popular with a rapid pace, and all thanks to its user-friendly approach. The designers convert a conventional static website into the responsive one, by making it dynamic that proposes better interaction with the visitors.

The contemporary practices implemented on responsive web design includes:

  • The first is to replace the static aspects into dynamic and responsive prototypes.
  • Designing a website in such manner that it fits in any devices starting from desktops to smartphones.
  • Applying lower-fidelity prototype designs during the process of designing.

If you thinking of the first step, then first you should keep your content ready. Content in hand influences the designers to decide which aspect of the website comprises high priority, which further lead to hierarchical layout to be completed precisely. Although, we understand that the entire content can’t be available all the time, but you can try out for a simple layout for a brief idea.

After preparing the content, the next move should be considering your Mobile-First approach. With this step, your website design will be fit on any device, where you will keep it. Alongside, the images fit as per the screen resolution. Moreover, you will get the design which makes you interact with viewers who are available on desktops and smartphones as well.

Why Responsive Web Design? – The Reason

As we have already mentioned, responsive web design is more interactive than the static design, and it also easily fits on any device. Its dynamic animations, hovering elements, slideshows images, navigation and motions completely modifies the environment and also draws more attention of the viewers. With its over design, the visitors get details more effectively about what the website is all about and what it is offering. It makes the website more fun and keeps your traffic engaged for a longer period. And as you know the equation, more traffic will directly lead you to more profit. So, we, the web development company India can say that responsive web design is much better than static compositions in very manner.

10 Influential Examples for Call-to-Action – You Can’t Help But Click

15 Influential Examples for Call-to-Action – You Can’t Help But Click

Think about those sign-ups that you made, but have you ever logged in again. Well, this is called an influential call-to-action (CTA), where the landing page convinces you to sign-up and become a member.

According to the Web Development Company India, owning a website and blogging is not enough, it is also essential to assist your visitors in their buying journey by using strategic call-to-actions (CTAs). Regarding this, you need to pull out the best of your web designing team and prepare an effectual design that pushes the visitors to click. Since CTA remains as one of the areas of interest to attract the traffic.

Further, you’ll find some of the best examples of CTAs, so that you could take cues and prepare a one for your website.

1.   Dropbox

When we land on the Dropbox website, we always see a simple outline with excessive negative space. Even the embedded graphics comprise simple and subtle design. But do you know, this simple design stands as the strongest aspect. Its blue coloured “Sign up for free” CTA button captures a great amount of attention, as compared to everything else available on the page.

Dropbox CTA Example

2.   Prezi

The web designers at Prezi are also enthusiast of minimalist designing. Apart from the green dinosaur and dark brown coffee, the shades which are highlighted along with a lot of negative space – black and blue. Their primary CTA ‘Give Prezi a try’ and secondary ‘Get Started’ consumes their strategic placements.

Prezi CTA Example

3.   Panthera

The Panthera folks are really inspired by the wildlife and wild cats, which we can understand through their design. To target the big cat lovers, Panthera has a dominating CTA saying ‘Join the Pride today’.

Panthera CTA Example

4.   Huemor

If you land on a website which has a button saying ‘launch’ and along with a signaling statement as ‘Do not Press’, then what will you do? Will press that or not? Let me tell you, you’ll be dying to press that button. Here Huemor has executed a reverse psychology concept, which obviously have a great impact.

Huemor CTA Example

5.   Grey Goose

This is called a unique CTA to click. This kind of CTA “Discover a Cocktail Tailored to Your Taste” enables the visitors to have a feeling of an enticing game. And the accompanied play icon gives a hint that visitor will be directed to a video, which imitates a better idea of get people clicking.

Grey Goose CTA Example

6.   Evernote

The topmost statement “Remember Everything” is clear to understand. The Evernote’s design is super simple that shows the benefits to the visitors to apprehend what the site is all about. Plus its green coloured CTA “Sign Up” buttons goes well with the page’s theme.

Evernote CTA Example

7.   Humboldt County

It is the gorgeous website of its own. The moment you land on this website, it welcomes you with a full-screen video screening amazing footage. And yes, the most interesting part of this page is their unconventional call-to-action button which is placed right at the bottom side, featuring a bunny icon and statement as “Follow the Magic”.

Humboldt County CTA Example

8.   Madewell

The greeting headline on the page “I’m Looking For…” is itself steals attention of the visitors. Further, this headline is followed by a “Clothes That’ll Travel Anywhere”, representing the categories available on the site. And later you will find two options “Yes, Take Me There” or “Hmm… What’s Next?” this is called an interesting plan for CTA.

Madewell CTA Example

9.   EPIC

EPIC has used their homepage to present their work, their art. The greeting animated videos show their work they have done for their clients. The primary CTA stands out on the page influencing the visitors to start a new project – “Let’s Start a new project together”.

EPIC CTA Example

10.   Square

If you want an effective CTA design, then you need to think beyond the button design criteria. Besides that, you also need to consider some elements like background, surrounding images, and the text, as suggested by the Internet Marketing Company.

Mindful of other elements, the designing team at Square accessed the power of simplicity and returned a great homepage containing interesting texts, images, background, and a great button for CTA.

Square CTA Example

If you have some interesting examples for CTA, then the comment section is right below the text!

8 Premium E-Commerce Website Templates to Design Amusing Platforms

Have you launched your online store? Have you used an exciting template for it? Well, if you have not launched your e-commerce product, then we have some interesting for you by the Web Development Company India.

Before you pull your socks to work for your online store, you need to consider two major questions: which e-commerce platform to select, and which e-commerce template to buy for your own digital store. No store exist without a platform or template, thus, here we have brought you 8 premium e-commerce templates that might inspire you with their designs and embedded features.

All of these listed templates are SEO and mobile-friendly and designed as per the latest trends of web design market.




Styler E-commerce Template Screenshot

Style has been developed for fashion stores that sell fashionable wares. Since, the release of this template has undergone a range of updates, so it includes several other features like 3 new homepage, layouts, social media options, media elements and much more. This template can be transformed easily with classy design and exclusive feature set. In case, you are looking for an exciting clothing store template, then Styler can be one stop destination for you.




Coffee E-commerce Template Screenshot

The ready-made design solution for a cafe or restaurant, Coffee features numerous rich elements. Its dynamic tabs include sections for New Arrivals, Best Sellers, and Popular Brands. Contemporary sliders, interesting blog previews, and creative typography flaunt the overall sight of a professional online café website.




Minimal E-commerce Template Screenshot

Embracing low density of content, this Minimalist template showcases a distinguished list of features. It shows few elements on screen at a time, so that the visitors focus on them only. This template proposes numerous colour schemes that reflect text blocks, logos, icons and some minor designing aspects.




Infant E-commerce Template Screenshot

It is a responsive design embracing boxed layout and a classic appeal. This template supports a range of characteristics such as mega menus, parallax scrolling, Google maps, live chat and sliders. This e-commerce theme is coded with HTML5 + CSS3 and it is search-engine friendly.


Simple Constructions


Simple Constructions E-commerce Template Screenshot

Simple Construction design theme comprises all the construction related services such as hardware, tools for plumbing, building materials and more. If you are thinking of launching something like this, then grab it without giving a second thought.


One Page Store


One Page Store E-commerce Template Screenshot

Unique, and showing a few exclusive products, this e-commerce template enable you to develop a precise online store. Its layout reflects one of the landing pages and it also includes video backgrounds, expressive buttons for call-to-action, big social sharing buttons, galleries and interesting design for testimonials.




Furniture E-commerce Template Screenshot

The well implemented unfussy designing template, Furniture lets you launch your full-featured store without making any changes to the coding. But in case, you are a pro in HTML and CSS, then you can easily reshape this e-commerce designing theme in order to fulfill your preferences.


Kitchen Tools


Kitchen Tools E-commerce Template Screenshot

Enclosing a wide range of online store aspects and dealing with kitchenware and home décor, this designing template let you release your digital store with no hassle. While using this template, you can take advantage of most elements such as newsletter popup, visually striking and informative product cards, cross-selling options and cloud zoom.

Looking for more, then keep in touch with the internet marketing company and we will bring more interesting information about web development.

12 Small CSS Frameworks for Best Responsive Web Designs

12 Small CSS Frameworks for Best Responsive Web Designs

While preparing a web design, you notice that some of the features are not very useful that comes with large UI frameworks, for example – Bootstrap. In case, you are working on a small project or straightforward projects that you want to run as soon as possible, then Bootstrap can’t help you effectively. But the best thing is, there are a number of simpler and smaller CSS frameworks available online that you can use in your web designs instead large UI frameworks. Many web development company India are using these frameworks to prepare their responsive web designs.

Implementing your web design with small CSS framework typically translates your web design with better functionalities such as non-dependency on JavaScript, user-friendly outline and faster load time. Whereas, you also don’t need to explore those JavaScript books when using these frameworks.

In this column, we have provided a list of 12 small CSS frameworks which are under 5 KB enabling you to explore more and come up with operative web designs.


Blaze CSS


Small CSS framework Blaze CSS

An already lightweight framework, Blaze CSS provides out of the box functionality to your design. This CSS framework can reduce the file size, and the courtesy for this advantage goes to its modular architecture that permits you to add those parts which deliver better results.




Small CSS framework example Furtive

Furtive is all set for contemporary web designs, whereas most of the developers consider it as a CSS micro-framework. It has a grid based responsive outline on Flexbox and accesses rem unit for its length and sizes. Alongside, it covers all the basic entities such as buttons, default colour classes and forms.




Small CSS framework example Basscss

This framework is an amalgamation of 22 CSS modules comprising all basic characteristics including CSS reset, grid system, colour classes and utility classes for creating more responsive designs. Embracing the size of less than 4 KB, Basscss surprisingly delivers a range of prominent features.


Picnic CSS


Small CSS framework example picnic CSS homepage

Written in Sass, this lightweight framework enables you to edit or customize variable easily such as colours and sizes. Alongside, it also shows some efficient CSS UI components, for example, content slider and modal window.




Small CSS framework example Lotus

Lotus is the smallest CSS framework available in this list. It has covered all the essential aspects in its outline including responsive grid system, buttons, forms and typography.




Small CSS framework example Fox CSS

Another lightweight CSS framework with the modular architecture. This CSS framework follows the Mobile First design approach and supports every browser no matter how old it is. Plus, it has got an easy-going CSS reset feature.




Small CSS framework example Kube

Kube framework wraps a range of basic elements with negligible size standing at less than 6 KB. It encloses responsive grid system, robust set of classes for designing the web forms, numerous table classes, classes for notification in order to view important messages to the users and much more.




Small CSS framework example Skeleton Framework

If you want to create a rapidly responsive web design, then Skeleton comprises the top-notch features for you. Though, the vendors have not upgraded it in over a year. It comes packed with an approachable grid system and base styles which can be used in HTML.




Small CSS framework example Siimple Framework

When it comes to preparing a clean, responsive web designs, then this trivial CSS framework would make you do that with ease. It’s quite similar to Skeleton comprising 12-column grid system and base style for typography, buttons, forms and much more.




Small CSS framework example Pure Homepage

This is an open source project by Yahoo developers, expressing the combination of CSS modules for designing a responsive and fast web designs. For HTML elements, Pure encloses some base styles, modules, web forms, buttons, table and yes the navigation menu.




Miligram homepage CSS framework

Miligram is geared for the modern UI frameworks consisting grid system accessing FlexBox, and its sizes and length uses rem unit. It also follows the approach of Mobile First. But we know best things comes at a cost, Miligram only supports latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera.




Small CSS framework example Min homepage

The another smallest CSS framework in this list that encloses 12-column grid system, table styles, button styles, icons compatible with android and much more. Moreover, it also supports oldest browsers like IE 5.5. Developers use this framework for effective landing page design in India.

If you have some names for this list, then we would love to add it. Use the comment section below and we will see you soon!

10 Puzzle Sites to Improve Your Programming Skills

Programming puzzle site on internet

Some developers search of different classes or training, in order to refine their programming skills, but they don’t know that on the web there is something called programming puzzle websites exists. Attending training for a new programming language in web development company India will definitely help you, but if you start solving puzzles for that language then it will help you to feel confident about that language.

Today in this column, we are going to introduce some popular programming puzzle websites that will test your programming knowledge and will surely assist you in improvement and logical thinking skills. Thus, scroll down and have a brief idea about these sites:




This website works as an active programming community for developers, who are attracted towards the puzzles. It shows various active challenges for users and most interesting thing is some challenges offers cash prizes.

Topcoder programming puzzle site home page


Facebook Engineering Puzzles


Facebook comprises the assortment of thought-provoking programming puzzles that might result you in getting a job at Facebook. This social media network and its programming puzzles accept solutions in different languages such as Erlang, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl.

facebook programming puzzle site


C Puzzles


It features the programming puzzles that are specified to only C programming language. Being a software developer, it would be understood that many programming languages are derived from C, thus, your targeted language is likelihood to C then you can also solve these puzzles.

C puzzles programming puzzle site home page


Programming Praxis


Programming Praxis is a programming blog which includes various puzzles along with their solutions. The provided solutions are available in various programming languages.

programming praxis programming puzzle site home page


Python Challenge


The site named as Python Challenge shows different programming riddles that make you write small Python programs in order to get the solution. This site is excellent for those programmers who like to solve problems.

python challenge programming puzzle site home page




This site is developed by Dave Thomas and it serves as the blog of programming puzzles. Dave Thomas is a very popular author who has written a ground-breaking book, Pragmatic Programmer. The puzzles available at CodeKata reflects a number of issues that are quite relevant to the real world programming, thus, Dave has provided a good place for programmers to brush up their programming skills.

CodeKata programming puzzle site home page


Project Euler


This site features a series of challenging computer programming riddles that requires the solutions derived from exceptional mathematical insights.

Project euler programming puzzle site home page


Al Zimmermann’s Programming Contests


The site states itself an arena where crazy computer programmers compete to polish their skills and for some exciting prizes. Here the programming contests run every six months. But to participate in the contest, a user is required to get registered with the site.

 programming puzzle site home page


99 Prolog Problems


This site is specific towards Prolog programming language, but some people have also provided the solutions in other languages such as Python, Ruby, Scala, Haskell and others. Enhancing your programming languages with these puzzles, this place will enable you to pick up the new language very easily, as suggested by the web application development company.

99 Prolog programming puzzle site home page


Mind Cipher


Mind Cipher comprises in its own words “world’s greatest brain teasers, logical puzzles and mental challenges”, thus, if you are all set for a mental workout then this site will be the great gym for you.

Mind Cipher programming puzzle site home page


Complimentary: Ruby Quiz


This riddle website encloses the assortment of Ruby programming brainteasers which updates on weekly basis. Although this Ruby Quiz focuses on only ruby language, the solutions can also provide in other languages.

Ruby Quiz programming puzzle site home page

If you have any other name for a good programming puzzle site, then leave a comment, and we will include the name in our list!

See you soon!

10 Awesome Books for JavaScript

Best Books for JavaScript

JavaScript, one of the dependable scripting language which is currently ruling the web development world including various web development company India. By using JavaScript, developers are building excellent web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, robots, games, backend programs and much more. In addition, many software supports this scripting language for writing add-ons or the related manipulating data.

However, if you are a novice developer and seeking for effectual JavaScript knowledge, then here we are! In this post, you’ll get the best 10 books for JavaScript which will help you to get the hands on experience in JS.

1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

Written for beginners, this book is the ultimate learn-by-doing approach for them who wants to observe their luck in JavaScript. In addition, it will be useful for experienced individuals who desire to sharpen their skills.

Book for javascript

2. JavaScript: The Good Parts

Various books contain both the good part and the bad part about the topic, but this book comprises some unknown facts about JavaScript, and yes, all the facts will leave you with a positive impact.

Book for javascript

3. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

This book by Marijn Haverbeke dives deep into this scripting language while representing how to write impressive and effective code for an application.

Book for javascript

4. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

This book is also referred as the bible for JavaScript programmers, which delivers the comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client-side APIs.

Book for javascript language

5. JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Basics of Javascript Programming!

This JavaScript book by James Patterson assists you to get a good grasp on JavaScript and eventually mastering the scripting language. Whether you are working with the most popular web application development company India or a startup, this guide would make you a chief of this language.

Guide for javascript

6. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers shows the professional form of the scripting language. It covers the developer-level introduction along with more advanced aspects of JavaScript. No matter, whether you are a pro or just a starter, this book will greatly assist you with the language.

Guide for Javascript programmers

7. JavaScript: Academy

It is referred as the academy for JavaScript language. It includes the mechanism of this scripting language and further break it into some easy-to-understand steps. Starting from basics of JavaScript to some common errors with their solutions, this guide covers almost everything about this language.

Book for javascript programmers

8. Thinking in JavaScript

With this book, the reader will get to know about the concept of JS and how this language can be used in web designing while he/she will become the first runner in online business. One will learn about the Operators, Functions, Variables, Conditions and Loops. Alongside, it will represent the basics of jQuery.

Guide for Javascript language

9. You Don’t Know JS: Up & Going

The author Kyle Simpson has provided the necessary background of JavaScript for those who have limited experience in JS programming. By understanding the basic building blocks of programming along with core functions, this book enables you to be prepared for the future JS challenges.

Best book for Javascript language

10. Head First JavaScript Programming

This brain-friendly JavaScript guide by Eric T. Freeman and Elisabeth Robson assists you with everything, whether it is the fundamentals of JavaScript language or the advanced topics.

Best book for javascript programming

Feed your visitors with genuine information and gain credibility


An online presence is an essential part of every firms marketing strategy which ensures immediate success both in terms of visitors and revenue. A Web Development Company India works in a very disciplined and streamlined fashion. It first gathers every bit of information pertaining to your business and then in a very creative way set up a website that talks to your clients on your behalf.


What is a landing page design india?

Every webpage on a website that a person lands on after clicking on a button or a hyperlink is called a landing page. Either it could be related to your website or it could be some other website’s page which n hyperlink on your website redirected to.

Anatomy of one such page:

  • Invoking and crisp headline:

which from the very beginning tells your visitors what your company is all about and more importantly, it should gel well with the sub-content.

  • Grammatically correct and wordily perfect content:

Write content that is flawless in terms of language and is attractive. This would ensure a good readership on your website.

  • Don’t overdo it with links:

Keep them as relevant and genuine as possible. These are mostly to educate your visitors about a product or service.

  • Testimonials:

People vocally vouching your firm can add 40-50% more clientele to your company since they variably or invariably guarantee that your firm is a no nonsense firm and delivers just quality and nothing else.

What is its purpose?

  • The more these are in number, the more keywords you will have and search engines love them. The chances of your website listing high would definitely increase.
  • Higher conversion:

Since a visitors will always be exposed the information they want, your website’s credibility would increase manifold times and such they will pose no problems in becoming your clients. It goes without saying that this will generate huge revenues.

  • Tracking analytics:

By appending your visitors to some other URL, you can in fact track the visitor’s inclination towards a particular good and service.

Become the front runner in online business

There was a time when not every business firms had their presence online. But with the revolution that came in the IT sector and tough competition in the business world people do want their services and products to be present online. A large section of customers is daily visiting the sites for searching of products and services of their choice. Web Development Company India functions according to the client’s service and products and that could reach the targeted audience.


Web application Development Company India providing high quality services to the clients that facilitates enhancements and are reliable but easy to deploy. At present web development companies are providing many facilities for different types of services and products that are offered in the market seeing the targeted audience. Web application solution companies are more focused to create a user friendly website. The prime focus of web application service provider is to develop a user friendly site, which will work towards more business to business or boosting online business.

Strategies are developed according to the present market scenario by the web development company India and it helps to strengthen the presence of the products and services online. India is offering web services in so many areas and the important thing is that it not only helps to promote business but through the internet you are able to promote a social cause or campaign.

This has really expanded the market of web application development. A website establishes your brand in whatever field you excel. While developing a web the service provider and client must be clear about what would be the theme of the products or the services given. This helped in a notable growth of the site.

A site should be made only when it is tested properly and seen that the audience will not get confused about the website what it tries to convey. A simple website is easy to understand and so whatever is shown on the page should be presented very clearly. No unusual images and content should be present. It is not good for the growth of the website. In today’s world in fact it is hard to imagine any company without a website. A website is a complete presentation of the company online which is seen by millions of people daily.