What is WordPress? A Beginner’s Guide

What is WordPress? A Beginner’s Guide

Whether it’s a business site or an online e-commerce portal, what sits online has the best revenue scope in the 21 century. With every person running to the internet for their small to big needs – online websites are here to rule. But the real struggle lies with the development phase. If you need to bind your customers you need a website that is highly responsive, technically sound and aesthetically pleasing – WordPress development company does that for you.

For beginners, it is tough to understand wordpress technology and thus the article is molded in the form that will directly hit you with just the right information and answers you are looking for – what is wordpress and how it will help your business?

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What is WordPress? 

WordPress is an open-source content management system that can effectively be used to build some intriguing websites without much coding needed. WordPress holds a clear advantage over its counterparts as a wordpress website does not need any pro-level coding aid for maintenance plus it is the most cost-effective source to start an online business.

What is WordPress? A Beginner’s Guide

Being open-source, the software is free-of-cost to use and one can simply install it to get started.

Thanks to its efficiency and sure-shot benefits, wordpress alone holds a 60.8% share in the CMS market with around 14.7% of the world’s top websites built on the platform (we will mention some success stories in our later blogs). Currently, WordPress holds the directory of 55,000+ plugins needed to build any type of website one needs.

As compared to its counterparts like Shopify or, Wix wordpress holds a clear edge for any business that is willing to own a feature-rich and high-quality website. 

Some Latest Facts About WordPress 

-> More than 30% of the web uses WordPress with a 4% raise every year in usage. 

-> More than 1.1 Million New Registrations On WordPress Domains Every 6 months 

-> More than 400 million people visit wordpress sites that they search via Google or other SERPs. 

-> WordPress sites rule Google SERPs with 2.28 billion results. 

-> WordPress is so far the highest used CMS. 

-> The CMS software is available in 196 Languages

One can foresee the bright future of wordpress built websites by just looking at the above-mentioned stats. Post-covid various online businesses are dependent on wordpress built sites and several are planning to revisit their sales strategies to involve a full-fledged wordpress site in 2021.     

Origin Of WordPress

Dated back in 2003, WordPress was designed and developed by Matt Mullenweg – a college student. The project was actually the advanced extension of the previous project b2/catalog originally built by Michel Valdrighi. Matt found out that the functionality of the website can be enhanced without tempering with its source code – this is how WordPress came into existence.   

WordPress – Initial Acceptance And Growth

WordPress came to the limelight after a competitor altered the pricing structure, people then started switching to wordpress as an alternative to other custom website development tools. Matt started his own firm named Automattic and raised around $1.10 million in initial funding from top investors of the time including  True Ventures, Radar Partners, and Polaris Ventures.   

WordPress As We Know It Today 

As we know it today, wordpress is the ever-growing community of developers, designers and bloggers who are putting their insights into the product making it even more efficient and bug-free. WordPress recently re-defined its user-experience (UX) with a new editor called Gutenberg. WordPress 5.0 (the latest version also called Bebo) has a new and highly advanced showcase theme. As said above some of the industrial influentials are leveraging from wordpress in today’s date.  

What Type Of Websites You Can Develop Using WordPress?

Initially, wordpress was the center of attraction for bloggers who wanted to start their blogging sites, but eventually, the software underwent various modifications which led to a versatile platform that can create any type of business website one wants.

WordPress website is a great way to make your online business ideas come to life, provided that if you are new to this technology take help from the professional wordpress development company.

You can come up with your own:

-> Blogging website 

-> Professional Portfolios 

-> Business websites 

-> E-commerce Portal 

-> Mobile Applications

-> Membership Forums

Blogging website

If you hold the power to impress people with your words, a blogging website is for you. You can come up with your own health and lifestyle blogs, finance blogs, travel blogs, or any other niche you are holding your heart for. Because wordpress was originally introduced for building blogging sites, the software holds a huge array of features for the purpose.

-> The CMS differentiates between posts and pages. 

-> With WYSIWYG editor, post creation is easier than ever. 

-> Being a content-rich website, WordPress helps you create a subtle website with a strong organizational system (categories, tags, posts, quick links, recommended and so on). 

-> A comment section after every blog to make people engage with your writings and give their feedback.

WordPress operates on a plug-and-play model where after you install the software you can search for a particular theme that you find appropriate for your blogging niche. Moreover, you might want to add the plugin for any extra functionality that you want to incorporate into the website (like sharing to social media or tweet buttons). 

Professional Portfolios 

Sky’s the limit for those who want to create their professional portfolios online using wordpress. Whether you are a professional photographer or an artist, you can easily set up a portfolio letting the world0 know about your personal brand. Use “Pages” functionality to create a homepage, about page and contact page, while you can opt for “Posts” if you want to feed any written/audio/visual content to your professional portfolio. Go with pre-designed themes for portfolios on wordpress.  

Business websites 

You hold a business website to let people know about your business – what do you do? What products or services your brand gives, how to reach you? and so on. Mostly, a business website holds more pages, CTA tags, features, and functionalities than a personal blogging site. WordPress with its built-in capabilities and an active community adamant to eradicate functional deficiencies is the most viable option for you. With a lot on your plate, you need a wordpress developer to leverage the software so that you get the best from the digital assets that are available.

With a huge catalog, you are most likely to reach the suitable theme for your website development rest the expert is there with you. 

Also, the WordPress SEO and lead capture along with other analytical plugins will make it easy to track the performance and accordingly renovate your sales strategies for good fortune. 

E-commerce Portal 

Want to build an online business store? WordPress is the answer for you. The CMS is particularly modified to build safe, quick, and efficient E-Commerce portals for businesses to revive their sales after the COVID-19 crises by operating remotely. An e-commerce portal made on wordpress with other eCommerce plugins will help you manage a huge catalog of products, complete the online payment process, and shipping. Get complete guidance about wordpress from a professional ecommerce development company

Mobile Applications

Smartphones offer assistance on the go and therefore more than half of the world population refers to their smartphones above laptops or tablets. If you have a business or an e-commerce site it is inevitable for you to facilitate services through phones. Standalone app development will cost you shedloads, instead turn to WordPress that can easily convert your site into an application without much difficulty. If you do not know-how, the expert wordpress web development company does. 

Membership Forums 

Membership sites are revenue-based platforms that offer premium content upon subscription. WordPress supports an array of plugins that are worth it to create such membership forums. With wordpress you can come up with a sleek website that manages payments, set-up member levels and manage sign-ups. Gate your content for subscribers only and earn from your membership sites with wordpress and support plugins as your site’s powerhouse. 

Immediate Advantages Of WordPress Web Development

Why choose WordPress over other platforms? More than 35% of online sites (different niches & types) employ wordpress, this itself is the trademark of efficiency. Adding to that are the immediate advantages of wordpress:

-> WordPress is an open-source free of cost-utility. 

-> It involves an active community of developers, designers and bloggers who are constantly contributing to the platform for functional efficiency and removing bugs. 

-> WordPress is feasible and an easy choice for beginners. 

-> Does not need pro-level coding expertise. 

-> It is a cost-effective alternative to web development than other equally competitive tech-stacks. 

-> WordPress is SEO friendly – after all, it is about ranking and visibility on SERPs. You can avail yourself of immediate help from SEO experts regarding the ranking of wordpress websites. 

-> WordPress supports all media types and file formats. 

-> The CMS is highly secure for e-commerce, membership sites and other business sites. 

-> Is a feature-rich tool that can even build pro-level revenue-generating sites.

Get Started With Your WordPress Web Development Today 

If you have decided to bring your business online, then do not wait to get enough knowledge on wordpress website development. Reach out to the expert web developers with Vervelogic who have trusted expertise and experience of years. Let’s step up for a productive table talk today.

Post your feedback or queries regarding WordPress in the comment section below and we will come up with all your answers.  

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