15 Famous WordPress Websites That Are On Top Of Their Game

15 Famous WordPress Websites That Are On Top Of Their Game

When people were wondering about the scope of WordPress development, these giants were building their foundations on this technology.

WordPress is a technology that has evolved over time – from mere blogging sites to mobile applications, e-commerce portals, business portfolios, and whatnot – we have come far with this technology. In fact, there are some most popular websites (you will recognize the minute you hear the name) that have leveraged the technology to create masterpieces. To keep you motivated about your next big project and get your facts straight about WordPress, we have dedicated this article to the top 15 WordPress websites that are ruling.

Pause for a while to know the technology: What is WordPress and how it is benefiting businesses? 

Fascinating Facts About WordPress   


How do you know that a single technology has left its mark? I accumulate candid facts and figures.

Now that WordPress is the star of the show, here are some interesting facts and figures about this technology.


-> WordPress CMS singlehandedly occupies more than 35% of website share over SERPs. That loosely relates to 4,55,000,000 websites over the internet. 

-> There are more than 70 million New Posts and 77 Million New comments each month on WordPress sites. This shows site SEO compatibility. 

-> WordPress is the highest searched CMS with 2,940,000 searches in a month. 

-> WordPress is entitled as the crown-prince of the CMS community with more usage, search, and capabilities.

-> WordPress versatility ranges from startups and small-scale businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

-> WordPress 5.2 has been downloaded 16,712,361 times. 

-> woocommerce supports more than 70 million eCommerce shops built on WordPress.


-> There are over 55,000 WordPress plugins in the directory with frequent plugin updates in the list.

-> From blogging sites to business portals supporting sales and revenue generation – a person can build anything with WordPress. 

-> WordPress single-handedly holds more than 11,000 themes (free and paid). With such immense options, you are most likely to get your ideal pick.

Top 15 Famous Websites Built On WordPress

As a dedicated WordPress development company, we cannot resist WordPress capabilities and neither can these top websites.

1. Etsy Journal

Etsy Journal

Etsy is well-known for its unique handcrafted goods. The store is responsible for bringing smiles to millions of faces with its aesthetic items. It holds a community of sellers who promote and sell their craft. With the Etsy journal compartment, the intention is to keep sellers and buyers motivated. Plus, it is a place for keen enthusiasts to come, read and learn more about crafting. Etsy journal is a classic WordPress web example.

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2. Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Who isn’t aware of Microsoft? It is one of the oldest tech giants that has survived the test of time and evolved to transform desktop generations for us. Every update that you need about Microsoft is there on its Microsoft News site which is a product of WordPress development. With WordPress it is simple to get a layout like Microsoft News, isn’t it good news?   

3. TED Blog

TED Blog

Another on the list is TED Blogs. TED Blogs is a magnet for those who like to read and see the videos of TED Talks. As a non-partisan and non-profit organization, the website is solely dedicated to spreading knowledge and ideas to people all around the globe. The team behind TED Blogs knows its tasks very well and also knows just the right nerve. 

4. BBC America

BBC America
The classic American entertainment channel, BBC America, is also a fond entertainment source in Britain. This makes the site popular in both parts of the world. Ever seen Dr. Who or Planet Earth? BBC America owns both the series, along with some other worthy names. With TV Dramas, comedy shows, sci-fi series, and history documentaries – the platform has won many hearts. BBC certainly doesn’t want to dishearten a huge audience which made it go through 100 reasons why to choose WordPress. The website is so versatile that you can read blogs and shop online for merchandise.    

5. PlayStation


There is no age group that does not like playing with Playstation. In fact, getting a PlayStation remains a fantasy for a lot of millennials who are game freaks. The Playstation website built on WordPress holds information about worldwide game drops, trending gaming news, and advanced technology that no game freak wants to miss. Because of the engaging content and niche, this WordPress site attracts a huge amount of traffic daily.    

6. Skype

If you see a layout that is similar to Skype don’t be surprised as Skype also uses WordPress for its blogs. Skype being an extension of Microsoft knows that if this active CMS works for Microsoft News it will equally work for Skype. This renowned WordPress site holds information about skype features, tutorials, skype interviews, and any other story that happens at Skype headquarters. 

7. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company

With some of its wonderful fictional stories, Disney has created a happy place for many people. The fan following of Disney is age and gender-neutral. The unbeatable fictional production unit uses another unbeatable website development CMS – WordPress. Incorporating large HD animated photos, dedicated sections for investors, bright career options, and the company’s philanthropy efforts – the site relies on WordPress.   

8. Star Wars Blog

Star Wars Blog

There is a huge fan-following of Star Wars which led to star-wars blogs. Falling under Disney’s umbrella, the Star Wars blog suit uses WordPress to handle huge traffic on the website. The love for Star Wars makes people fix their chairs for its next installment. Star Wars blogs spread smiles with announcements of release dates, news, discussions, reviews, etc. Apart from your website, your logo creates an identity of your brand and does the storytelling on your behalf. Know how the Star Wars logo evolved over time, keeping its audience’s hopes high.     

9. Yelp


Yelp reviews occupy the front page of Google search results, try to get positive feedback for your online business and your chances of ranking on Google will raise. Yelp itself relies on the SEO-optimized platform WordPress, which helps increase the visibility of various sites on Google SERPs with positive reviews. SEO experts find WordPress a great choice when it comes to ranking the site on SERPs.  

10. Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Newsroom

Facebook gives you the news about the world, aren’t you interested in getting some news about Facebook? Facebook News is a worthy site to get any information directly from the desks of Facebook headquarters. It has been a lot in the news lately because of its “Metaverse” announcements. Facebook Newsroom built on WordPress, holds a lot of information and is updated every day with fresh news from Facebook. 

11. MTV News

mtv news

If you are a fan of music you are a fan of MTV too. MTV has occupied an elite position as a broadcaster of the latest celeb gossip, newest album releases, and red carpet/Cannes festival outfits. As MTV has a lot on its plate it has started MTV news where you get piping hot information about everything that is latest. MTV news website is again based on WordPress. 

12. Vogue


When it comes to fashion savvy, one cannot forget Vogue. The name that started as a weekly magazine in the US in 1892 has now become a never-ending influence on the fashion industry. Vogue is one of the top online fashion magazines in the world that writes on couture, beauty, culture, living, and runway. This WordPress-based site is a trademark of quality.   

13. Evernote

People who love to organize their office desks are familiar with Evernote. The tool helps you organize and store important information. With more than 225 million people actively accessing this online tool in 25 different languages, it seems like WordPress is here to rule.  

14. Angry Birds

  Angry Birds

The love affair of the 20s generation, Angry Birds which was also converted to a movie, has its own WordPress website. From a game, it has become a franchise that found its way into PCs and gaming consoles, television shows, clothing, and much more. You can download any version of Angry Birds from its website (even compatible with mobile phones). Seeing billions of downloads on the site, it is hard to doubt the efficiency of WordPress.  

15. Flickr


For those who aren’t aware of Flickr, it is the most popular website for image and video hosting services. Initially designed to help people organize and share photos and videos. Behind the scenes, wordpress.com supports Flickr.

Did You Spot Your Favorite WordPress Website?

Are you using any of these websites? If yes, then you are well-versed with how an affluent WordPress website works? In Fact, you are most likely to get the layout for these websites. An affluent WordPress website involving insights from the best WordPress developers often keeps the base for a business’s great fortune. If you aim to get into a list very much like this one, then discuss your thoughts with Vervelogic. If you like the blog and want us to come with more such information, then lay your comments below. 

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