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Mobile Reputation Of Your Brand

Tips To Manage The Mobile Reputation Of Your Brand

You are out with a great app that is unique, useful and easy to operate. Do you think it is going to win the race in this highly competitive market? You would probably put a lot of efforts in order to make it popular. The bitter truth is Android and ios app development company in jaipur have become arenas where you have to undergo a huge fight to become visible. While doing marketing for you app you forget to maintain the reputation of your brand via app. It is not enough for your app to just get plenty of downloads everyday. You need to take care of brand reputation also. The mobile presence of your business is extremely important for you.

While marketing a particular product or service, marketers do not realize how much the mobile channel is influencing their brand’s reputation. Today, brands to maintain its reputation across all the channels including the physical store, mobile and app. The brands want the same as they have spent too much in making these assets available for us. They definitely want to maintain the brand reputation.

Apps are normally left behind in marketing brand strategy discussion. No matter you create a game app for iphone or Android, you need to take care of accepting mobile channel in your marketing strategy. A Sitecore and Vanson Bourne study found- The research confirms brands need to focus on improving mobile experiences in real time, brands must also implement a flexible strategy and anticipate consumer expectations to evolve over time. Two-thirds of those surveyed admitted their expectations and requirements as a customer will change within the next three years.

App reputation management is all about customer reviews and ratings. The review section is not actually taken to know what people think about your brand. It is taken so that you may know that what problems your customers are facing in operating the app. It is about how early you take the responsibility to solve them. It is what sets you apart. Give importance to the reviews people leave about your services. This is how you can set a good brand reputation in the market.

If your are a leading marketer it is is important for you to take care of your brand reputation via mobile apps too. Here are some ways with which you can do so.

  1. Encourage rating and reviews- Rating and reviews should be received from both happy and unhappy customers. The ones from unhappy customers makes you understand the flaws in your app. However you may use segmenting tool to show up only positive reviews on app store. To do this you need to understand your goals. What do you want from this section? Would you like to read reviews from unhappy customers? Do you want to give a boost to ratings and reviews? Do you want to know the reason behind your success and failures in the online market? Once you have set up the goals, define your segmented audience. It can be done on the basis of device data like what version of your app they are using.
  2. Implement customer feedbacks- Next comes implementing the positive and negative  feedbacks. Customers expect the company to listen to their queries. Lend an ear and you can score some really good points with customers. You cannot meet expectations if you are proactive in listening to them and telling them the solutions. Thanks to mobile that has made customer feedbacks more accessible than ever before. See your current product roadmap. Look for the problems that is annoying a number of customers and set you priority accordingly.
  3. Take feedback at right time- Identify the right time to ask for feedback. Giving a pop up at the wrong might make them leave the process. If the user is doing something important then he/she might not be interested in leaving reviews. Ask for feedback after the completion of a process. For example, for a shopping website the right time may be after the completion of purchasing process and for a gaming app, you can ask for feedback if someone crosses some stage. If you ask for reviews at wrong time then the users might find it time consuming and interrupting. You need to keep in mind customer experience while asking them for feedback. When you ask at the middle of a process then it might not accomplish your goal.
  4. Set up listening tool– Start listening to your customers when you come up with new version of your app. When you will listen directly to your customers, you will be able to solve their problems in a quick manner.

Customers reviews are the building blocks for online reputation and you need to take care of both positive and negative ones.

Build a Mobile App

How you can Build a Mobile App easily for Your Business!

In the digital world, developing mobile applications is not at all a option for all the small businesses, in fact it is more a necessity. According to a research, report says that around more than 40 percent of American mobile subscribers have the accessibility to download the apps in June. A consumer survey was conducted earlier this year by MTV Networks in this year, and according to that survey, around 91 percent of replies stated that apps allow them to expose the new things; 77 percent people compared apps with their personal assistants; and around 83 percent of active users of app reported believing they are actually more dependent on to the apps.

The basic entice of branded and business-centric mobile apps is very precise: no matter what your company do online, it can easily be done over smartphones also, this also adds flexibility, location targeting as well as cutting-edge technological advancement to the mix. The possibility of mobile apps outstretched beyond marketing. Companies can hold on applications to advertise their products or services. However mobile apps also does support purchase transactions done by online, loyalty programs of customers , turn-by-turn directions as well as interactions by social media.

The majority of most branded apps are available at app stores for download to promote large Mobile Roadie

Here we are providing you with five most crucial lessons for all smartphone masters by the best mobile app development companies which must be learn:

  • Identify what type of message you want to send.

Before you begin with working on your own app, try to be sure that you understand what you are selling, what you are about and most importantly, the look as well as feel you wish for your app, such as what type of logo, colors and font you want for your app. Moreover, identify and make it clear in your mind that what kind of content you actually want to put in your app. You can also integrate your app along with your blog or you can also subscribe to YouTube channel, but it will work only if you have your existing content.

  • Understand your audience.

Developing a mobile applications means you know well that it is the place where people are going to make interaction along with the brands which they like the most, but you should also have the knowledge about what kind of content your customers are taking interest in. Moreover, Apps also allow different kinds of user experiences as well as a new type of community feel other than the web, and hence this results in actual engagement as well as commerce opportunities. According to a report, fans and users tend to spend much money in buying an apps as compared to that of websites, and what they get is more ROI. But you also have to show more loyalty,by showing push messages or through visual content.

  • Make it clear what you want from app to achieve.

Your app achieves the success or not is totally depends upon the target. In a simple words, it is the number of downloads which decides the success, and also how frequently people are coming back for your app. How more the content is going viral  and how much people are choosing in and giving you e mail address of them?”

  • Forget about BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Palm.

According to the survey conducted in the month of June, Android has gained the controlled of around 40.1 percent of the United State’s smartphone market, also Apple’s iOS gained the 26.6 percent market share. Which means that both are growing rapidly every passing month. Their opponents are diminishing at faster speed. That simply shows that iPhone or Android are the main thing which matters. Else Everything other than this is irrelevant.

  • Fasten your seat belt.

Small scale businesses are allowed to take advantage easily with the perception that apps are developed specially for larger companies. Get both, iOS (iPhone) as well Android mobile apps, to put your app in front of billions of customers and get your business noticed by increasing the visibility of your own app.

Operating System iOS or Android

Which Operating System you Should Program: iOS or Android?

Long since the entrance of smartphones, a strong debate has been furious about which mobile operating system works great. The debate basically include the two most important Operating system: app development for iOS or app development for Android. And, provided the open-source behaviour of Android apps, Google’s commanding operating system (OS) typically receives the incline from the small scale businesses for competing against the well established leaders.

The most important question while developing app for mobile is; Which Operating System should develop an app :iOS or android.

To define the appropriate course for app, ask yourself these four most important questions:

  1. Do I have a Mac?

The ownership behaviour of iOS for Apple design expanded all the way to the programming. Applications for Apple’s iOS should have been developed in Xcode, which is presently being available only on Mac Operating Systems. Apart from  this, it’s quite easy to work for a Mac OS. If you do not own any of them, you’ll have to buy one prior you could begin with the coding section. If you already have a Mac OS and if you are targeting audience from America, then use the iTunes store, since it is the place where your audience might had already linked up their credit cards and also it provides you with the great place to make you app promoted better.

  1. What can my budget support?

Recently, a survey was conducted by the leading app developers, and according to that survey, the cost incurred in developing an iOS application differs widely, with a minimum cost of around $38,000 to the maximum of around $171,000. App development for Android cost more around 21 percent approximately less to develop around 78 percent of the marketplace. Except if you have enormous proof that your targeted audience mainly uses iPhones, it’s more recommended to target Android app development first, especially on a self deprecating budget.

And since iOS users have raise the expectations for design, you will be required to have a larger budget to invest.

  1. Which language make developers more comfortable?

Everything comes with some drawbacks, even open-sourced app development also have its own limitations. Android screens as well as internal device description may differ in size much more than that of with iOS, because it is much limited to iPhone or iPad. Due to this, Android apps are more likely to have bugs; and moreover, regular testing should be completed to make sure that apps are working properly, as expected, across all the devices.

  1. How quickly do you have to hit your chosen app store?

If you want to launch your app fast, you will get your app to the Google Play store with Android. In addition to this, many developers are keen to make apps more for Google Play Store rather than for the App Store of Apple, therefore being a small business owner, you have to keep in mind that you will more likely to find it simpler to find a developer to build or develop an Android app rather than an iOS developer.

While the pros of developing the Android Operating System are alluring, there are few of the benefits to programming for Apple’s iOS which can never be ignored, especially if your takings attached on in-app purchases. Usually, it has been believed that the Apple users are more prosperous and so more likely to pay out the money for purchasing an app.

To increase the visibility and to reach reach to the most of the audience possible, you might want your app to get easily available in all stores and on each ll platforms. And that can be possible if simple being mobile-ready is good for your app.

Though, while it will be great to develop once and implement it everywhere, this assurance hasn’t been entirely fulfilled.

mobile app

5 Development Faults That could Ruin Your Mobile App

If you have got a revolution thought and idea for your business, you would have possibly think about of bringing it into real life by developing a mobile app. It’s not a bad idea. Mobile apps are extremely popular at the moment, and they’re paving the way for all kinds of new and exciting business ideas. The basic problem, especially with most of the small scale businesses is trying to find out the appropriate approach.

Here we are providing you with the five most useful tips, stated by the best Mobile App Development Company which will help your business navigate the double-dealing of app development, by avoiding few of the most popular mistakes.

1. Lacking to build satisfactory platform considerations.

First of all, ask yourself, where should your app go? Whether it be iOS, Android or Windows. While any developer find themselves stipulated to challenge this question, mostly they fail to completely anatomize each alternate at their positioning. Some developers build their platform option as on conventionally. It’s quite popular to watch someone developing for iOS because they tend to think that monetization would be much simpler on the App Store. Whilst this might be correct to some point in few cases, but the fact is it is not universal. Moreover, there are lots of other ways which must go into the selection of the platform.

As iOS is actually extremely common, especially in the U.S., but Android rules more on a worldwide scale, also in more larger margins except in the United State. Therefore, if you wish to publish or launch your app in several countries, try to give more preference to Android rather than iOS. Do remember that when you take any decision regarding platform, make sure that you’re giving a second thought to every possibility as well as alternative. And in case you are not able to do so, you might rise the risk of limiting your targeted audience to a great extent.

2. Rationalizing the mobile experience like a downsized web experience.

Let’s understand it now so that we don’t have to do it afterwards: A mobile app is basically a far different from that of a website. It’s unlike in size as of a website, it’s unlike in functionality than website, and it’s dissimilar in scope as well. The dissimilarity is so important, that if Mac criticize the design of your app, than they might actually disapprove it. Then why should you miss so many essential detail? For one, many people might think that the designing and functionality of their app must perform all the similar things which their site does, else it is considered somehow less worthy. But this could not be far away from the truth.

The only cause why mobile apps holds much worth is simply because they’re dissimilar from the designing of their desktop versions. They can be easily accessible simply on the go, touch interfaces of them are much instinctive, they can take much benefits of being accessible to any hardware device, also they’re infinitely personalized. A great mobile app never fall back on already established designs and functionalities, since it often uses the hardware devices to make a new as well as delightful experience.

With flexible services and web design makes the browser experience even more easy to use and user-friendly than before, it takes a lot to rationalize the existence of an app. Before you bounce into the worn, do everything you can do ever to speckle which makes your item more unique, and then make that to life as a exceptionally designed software.

3. Relinquish the ball over monetization.

The gradations of monetizing your app could be extremely intimidating initially. You can go with three easy options such as subscription model, or implementing a freemium method along with in-app purchases else you can just choose to do in-app advertising to generate more money. Every feasible way could be mixed and matched in all the possible ways which can perfectly suit project, but it could be a great task to go on the best one.

Fortunately, you have great time to go for the appropriate decision. Begin to think about monetization while the development process is going on, and be energetic about choosing appropriate path. Sites like AppAnnie or AppTrace will allow you to manage top apps by popularity. So that you could be able to gain valuable vision of how the successful apps are being monetizing.

4. Contemplative that your app is going to sell itself.

It does not matter how much optimistic you are regarding your launch, at the time you are publish your app, you are more like tossing that into a world of millions of competitors. If you are not prepared with a complete and appropriate plan to improve your visibility, you are more likely to taking the risk of getting it disappear.

Before you start with your marketing attempts, it’s significant that you target your audience first. Ask yourself these questions that do you want to target a small recess, or do you want to target for a wider market? Do ensure that your app recognises particular issues which affect that market, and then provide functionality to your app to discourse those issues. For recognising trends as well as consumer demand, make use of various tools such as Google Trends or Xyologic.

One aim that you should set for yourself is that you should try to create an app that is more likely to gain featured status over the App Store.

5. Attempt to be the beta tester of your own app.

If you personally feel that Why you should have else beta tester of your app even when you could test it all by yourself, you are possibly been blazed by the results. There is a strong reason which depicts that why beta testers holds an important value, it is because they provides a valuable perspective from outside which will help you to grasp issues in your app.

It is not the bugs which holds value all the time, in fact some of the thoughts and ideas could be proved essential for building your app more user-friendly and easy to use.

One easy way is that you can also use app-analytics tools like Flurry or Universal Analytics tools provided exclusively by the Google to see that how testers are using your app. Mobile App Development Company often believes and stated many times that, the more you perform the beta test on your app outside of your office, the more you get prepared to send your app into the outside world.

Best Tools & Websites “Helping Hand” for iOS App Developers

Best Tools & Websites “Helping Hand” for iOS App Developers

The mobile app development company have launched a number of iOS apps for its clients. They have a team of experienced developers who take care of entire development practices. The basic practices in app development planning include deciding what can be the features and what strategies to be followed while promoting the application.

Since I am working with a mobile app development company, so I understand the basic approaches to app development and what an iOS publisher should know.

Therefore, in this post, I have outlined some of the best resources available to you for the purpose of developing an iOS app. We have listed some efficient websites and tools that can help you with every phase of developing an app, yeah right from the marketing and promoting phase.

If you’re planning to develop an app, then you should check these useful resources so that you can spread the knowledge among your iOS developers and publishers. You are also welcome to add your additional useful resources in the comments section right at the end of this blog post.

Websites & Tools for iOS Developers

Working on your app idea with Prototype

This section is helpful for those developers, who are currently working on their planning level. By using the following websites, the developers can easily create a prototype on the basis of their app idea. It implies a great approach to convert your idea into a functional approach. You can make a prototype for one screen size, and the following websites will help you in applying your prototype on different screen sizes. Here we are sharing the websites:

Justinmind Screenshot

Testing the iOS app on Cloud

App io Screenshot

Once you’ve developed the initial version of a mobile app, then the next phase is to test your mobile app. The prominent app stores such iOS app store allows the owners to test their apps, but if you want to have a quick solution, you can opt of to stream your application right from the cloud to any mobile device. Thus, you can give a name to as streaming solution for iOS apps.


This is another tool to test your iOS app on cloud and checking are your app is compatible with multiple devices or not.

Taking iOS App Screenshots


Now after testing your iOS app, you are all set to launch it on the Apple App store, where you’ll be requiring different sizes of screenshots on iPhone and iPad. With this tool, you can download a Photoshop template and by editing that template you can quickly create a screenshot on iPhone.


Launch Kit screenshot

Another web-based tool that can be accessed to create iPhone screenshots for Apple App Store. With this tool, you can easily create the screenshots for all popular iPhone devices.

Creating demo video for your iOS App

TechSmith AppShow

TechSmith Screenshot

To increase the visibility of your app, you must add a demo video for your app store. And this is where you need to create a demo video reflecting professional appearance.

TechSmith AppShow is an application for Mac OS, enabling you to create professionally looking app video demos within few minutes. You can create the video by using this tool, and for voice over the work done, you can work on Fiverr.

Some other Tools for iOS Developers

Reviewing the App with LaunchKit

LaunchKit review monitor screenshot

Want to get notifications, whenever you app gets a review from users? Well with this review tool you can monitor your app and make all this possible. Also, it follows the existing trends of mobile app development market.


Localytics screenshot


This tool works as an app listing rater that rates your application once your app is live. Here you can search for your published app and see how you can improve its listing. All these practices can also be considered as a similar app store optimization.

After getting all these information about above mentioned resources, don’t forget to share this knowledge with other app developers and publishers. Since they can play an equal part in promoting your application and highlighting its visibility.

Trends 2016 for Mobile App Development to Rock This Year

Trends 2016 for Mobile App Development to Rock This Year

In recent years, mobile app development went through a huge transformation and much of these transformations addressing innovations, top-notch technologies, new ways to deliver better user experience and breakthrough technical traits to learn. This is quite obvious, that when it comes to innovations and addressing latest concerns related to users, 2016 will bring different but new possibilities and promises.

As per mobile application development company, it doesn’t matter whether its Android app or iOS, developers are facing the competition of bringing innovation in almost every industry. Particularly talking about mobile app development, this field is experiencing immense transformation, due to the emerging technology trends. Although, the emerging technical trends are likely to command the app development market in the coming time, but we would say that evolving industries such as enterprise development and rapid development continue to play important roles.

Below, we have introduced some of the tech trends that have evolved and will help you to rock this year:

App Security is at the Center Stage

As per the Gartner Study 2015, “75% mobile apps fail due to the lack of security measures.” Last year, due to this issue many app developers were working on their toes and now it has grabbed the center stage. In iOS 9, the marketers have already put emphasis on high-end security aspects, similar in Android app development where Google has already constricted security protocols in the latest operating system i.e. Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Enterprise Mobile Apps will maintain their Lead

Over the last few years, enterprise mobile apps are in more focus, due to their increasing interest in all fields such as small and medium enterprises. The increasing number of businesses whether they are small or big, they have realized the integral role of mobile apps that they play for their business, while proposing more ease in connecting their customers and leading towards the growth. And in 2016, this trend is likely to nurture more.

More Focus on Cloud Compatibility

Throughout the last year, Cloud platforms have influenced the mobile app development superior ways and due to the impeccable potential of this technology, the cloud platforms are likely to extend this year. Today, users are irrespective of their locations and availability of the device on multiple devices has made possible, all thanks to cloud platforms. In addition, these platforms have contributed in performing delegated tasks for the organizations and made access to internet as well as mobile apps easy.

Beacon will continue to lead in Location Technology

Being a location technology, the beacon has contributed a lot in clearing the difference between being a mobile device offline or online. This top-notch technology for location comes integrated with iOS and Google and also proposes countless possibilities for connecting the users contextually. Although, it also stiffens the security measures depending on the information derived from their location.

Development of Mobile Commerce with Great Mobile Payment

Thanks to mobile commerce, which has made all the regular e-commerce offerings easy and transferred the funds or payments by using the mobile phones. The latest mobile devices are also comes integrated with breakthrough security technologies and aspects facilitating secure payment with ease. For example, we have Apple Pay or Google Wallet and both of them made mobile payments easier than ever before. In 2016, we will be seeing more apps that make your transaction quicker, faster and easier, as stated by SEO Company India.

If you thing, that your thoughts should add up in the above-mentioned trends, then share it with us in the comments section below!

Why the Strategy for Mobile Apps Fails in Business Startups?

Why the Strategy for Mobile Apps Fails in Business Startups

The success of mobile apps depends on various factors, whether it’s the gap between demand and supply, the budget or the marketing plan. The mobile app development company, follow the industry’s best practices and make sure that your app is working as per the set standards. From these aspects, you can make the difference between your mobile app’s failure and success.

However, its not easy that you will make a right choice every time without making any mistakes. And remember that a mistake can lead to your mobile app failure.

In this post, we at Vervelogic are going to highlight those mistakes which can be the reasons of your business failure, and if you avoid these mistakes then no one can stop you to become the industry leader.

1.  Poor designing

As per the statistics, most of the submitted mobile apps developed on different operating systems such as Windows, Android or iOS, rejected or failed, just because they were having poor design. Here, the poor designing means that the app is not able to impress the users or make an impact with its interface.

Thus, make sure that your app is having a proper user interface, well-design along with superior user experience.

2.  Not considering your competition

At the initial period, mobile app usually focuses on their own business, instead of worrying about their competition. But in case of the mobile app, you need to that. Ignoring your competitor is directly proportional to your startup failure. So try to know what your competition is up to and what tactics they are applying in their marketing strategy. By getting all these information, you can work better for your mobile app and can make it successful. Most of the business access analytics to prepare their strategy, hence you have to do the same since you can’t afford to lose at the basics.

3.  Lateness in launching app or launching it early

Are you aware of the fact that 90% of the mobile apps fails, because either the business owners have launched the app too early or too late. The problem in launching the mobile app is that it is associated with a risk. For example, you have launched your app early and users have tried it, in case they didn’t like the app, then remember they will never come across.

On the other hand, if you have launched your app late then the users might get disappointed with your service, and maybe they will not prefer downloading your product.

4.  Lack of Security

Safety is priority, whether you are designing a website or developing a mobile app. But make sure that you have tested your app while considering all the security concerns. There is a high risk of failure, in case the user is not having a secure experience with your mobile app. According to the industry experts, 2016 will the year which in comprises better security businesses by the businesses.

5.  Inappropriate marketing strategy

The marketing strategy plays a leading role in every business, no matter whether you are developing a site or mobile app. Due to an inappropriate marketing plan, your business or product can experience a huge irrespective of how good it is. Mostly, the startups make their resources engaged in developing the product and services and while doing this they miss out their marketing purpose which turns out to be great failure for their mobile app. The internet marketing company suggests you to work efficiently for your marketing plan.

Your Turn

Now its your turn to work out for your mobile app effectively. Avoid all the above mistakes and also, make sure that you are leading on the right track. Since no one would like to see all their efforts and hard work falling for their business. So why not working out properly?

Mobile App or Mobile site – Which one is better for Investment?

Mobile App or Mobile site – Which one is better for Investment

After so many posts on the importance of mobile web presence and after providing so many reasons, if you still don’t have one, then you are inviting danger yourself. We, the mobile app development company have mentioned thousand times and again, that smartphone reach has been continually growing at a rapid pace, not only in India but all over the world. In case your business is still missing out this aspect, then you are avoiding a massive opportunity for your firm.

However, exploring the options for going mobile can be a bit tricky since there is a range of decisions you have to make and the foremost of them would be “Does your business need a mobile site or a mobile app?”

Well, we can help you to take this decision, just scroll down!


Mobile Apps


Mobile apps or applications are those programs that can be saved in the mobile device and can also be accessed offline. These applications are designed and developed specifically for the mobile’s operating systems such as Apple’s iOS, Android operating system, or you can develop the app for both. As a result, developing a mobile application can cost you more and can make you spend your hours.

Mobile apps turn out to be successful when they give really engaging, innovative value to the users by dominating the functionality of mobile devices.

Considering the advantages of mobile apps, the primary benefit can be that it provides a separate corner to the user to access all the functionalities with ease. But, in order to make the most of this separate corner, the user have to download and install it on their device. Moreover, the mobile apps make it easy to deploy the programs and make payments through mobile without any hassle.

There are many mobile apps that are leading this area, but if you are thinking of going in this direction, then you have to pull up your socks and make best efforts in marketing with excessive bucks in your pocket.


Mobile Websites


While, if we consider the current status of the digital market, mobile apps are not the best option for investment. Most of the time, the merchants try to deliver decent user experience by designing an engaging mobile website. In case, you are selling your products immensely with your mobile website, then it is not required to dominate the functionality for any device.

While working for your mobile website, you should focus on optimizing the site as per mobile optimization guidelines. Well, we can give you a quick look of these guidelines here in this post. Have a look:

  • Large buttons or call-to-actions for better finger tapping
  • Sufficient spacing between different elements to avoid any conflict
  • Quick loading time
  • Large font for content
  • Optimized Images
  • A separate mobile website URL similar to the form as “”
  • Create responsive website that can load on any size of screen

Finally, at the end of this post, we would say that if you want to take advantage of taking your website mobile, then it is required for you to take time in figuring out which option would be best for your business.

You certainly not be willing to wasting your marketing budget on the option which is not-so-beneficial for your business, thus move ahead and take every step wisely or you can consider any mobile app development company in India. After all, it’s your business and your money!

Google Developing Keyboard App for iPhone to Boost Searches


iOS Keyboard Development by Google is the step towards acquiring boosted search volumes


Google developing iphone keyboard

According to the recent report by ‘The Verge’, Google is all set to launch its own third-party keyboard for Apple phones. The released report states that the keyboard app will be incorporated with a variety of search options in order to attract more searchers towards Google through iOS devices. Alongside, this app will be deployed with a number of functions like swiping, gesture-based typing and predictive text.

With the release of iOS 8, the brand Apple has permitted the third-party apps to take the place of its own keyboard. Plus, there will also be a Google logo on the developed keyboard, tapping on the logo will allow you to perform a quick Google search. Moreover, the keyboard will comprise some buttons for images and GIF searches – reflecting the lack of feature in Android phones. Apparently, with the development keyboard, Google reflects its main objective that gives the clear indication towards increasing the search volumes coming from iOS users. The developed keyboard has seemingly been on the testing stage for months, and Google has not confirmed that when they are going to launch this keyboard.

IPhone 6 keyboard Image

In the market of third-party apps developed by mobile application development company, Google is not the only company who is trying to reveal innovation, but Microsoft is also working to release its new Word Flow keyboard for iPhones. Although, just like Google, Microsoft has also not announced the date of their keyboard’s launch, but we are hoping that soon both of these quality apps will hit the App Store.

Further in this post, you’ll find the reason why Google need to boost iOS searches? Since it is already the king of searches.


Why Google?


There is no doubt that Google is the master of searches with 63% of share on desktop searches all over the world. But when it comes to mobile arena, the company faces some challenges. While using mobile, many people directly access apps rather than searching over Google and some take help from virtual assistants like Siri for quick results. Additionally, the iPhone users can change their default browsers in Safari. Thus, all these things may lead to raising encounters for Google mobile searches.

It will be very interesting to see Google and Microsoft working dedicatedly into developing keyboard for iPhones since third-party apps on iOS have not proven to be popular among iOS users due to some issues like slow in speed, crashing, and other bugs. We, at Vervelogic, are quite excited to see how their keyboard apps will perform.

Why you Need a Mobile App for your Business? – Check the 5 Reasons!

Need of mobile app for your business

We all have heard of the saying that a business can’t exist in the market if it doesn’t have the website. The saying is true, but now there is a change in technology. When we talk about marketing, each and every business has to be cautious towards the evolving trends and search engine updates.

Recently, the popular search engine Google came up with its new update which was related to mobiles and many mobile application development companies successfully helped a range of businesses. This can be one of the reasons for having a mobile app for your business. However, there are a lot of reasons for developing a mobile app and we have listed some 5 of them. Check out the reasons and understand the importance of mobile app for your business:

Brings additional sales

With three ways, mobile apps comprise the potential of generating additional revenues for the company. The first can be the popularity of smartphones as today mostly everyone is carrying a smartphone and the installed apps encourage the users to make the orders. Secondly, the company can be benefited with the advertising element integrated with mobile apps. Thirdly, the compelling design of mobile app can help the business to add its revenues.

Improves Customer Experience

Most of the business websites don’t look nice on small screens, but mobile apps are designed with the purpose to satisfy the customers on small screens and take the business to the sky. Simply, the mobile apps are easy to use and can be prominent in delivering improvised user experience.

Provides Competitive Edge

While most of the companies are wrapping their mobile apps, perhaps you work in the niche where your competitors haven’t thought of developing a mobile app, then you can be a differentiator for your customers. By delivering unique features to the users, you can build great chances of growth for your business.

Extends your market coverage

Not having an app for your business, can make you miss some segments of the market that prefer to do business, in the same manner, you have adopted. If you want to observe the market, then you simply check the number of visitors who arrives at your website or who have downloaded the app.

Delivers Speed

The mobile apps take less time than the websites to load, in fact, some of the features of a mobile app can be used with the internet connection. And we all know that no one likes to wait till the page loads, they don’t have enough time to waste on the loading time.

Concluding Words

With all the above reasons it is clear that having a mobile app is just for out reaching the customers and for better engagement. Since we know that first impression is the last impression, the mobile app can make you have a lasting impression on your customers with its first impression.

There is a range of mobile application development companies running out there, who can help your business to have a compelling mobile app with great features!