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14 Programming App Languages for Mobile App Development

14  Programming App Languages for Mobile App Development

Smartphones  – A smart door to reach your target audience. As per many reports, a user touches a mobile phone more than 2,617 times in a single day. These reports also mentioned that average phone usage by a person in a single day is for three hours and 15 minutes and honestly speaking this is great news for every online marketer on the internet. We are surrounded by applications that are making our lives easier. The above stats comprised both android and iOS users. Mobile users are one of the most active users and that’s the reason online brands should try to generate new app ideas. 

A mobile application whether it is android or iOS helps with brand awareness in the market which in return provides ease in selling the product and the services. Building compatible mobile applications as per the customers and OS helps you with establishing online. Top Mobile app development companies work day and night to come up with the best ideas to create the most user-engaging mobile application. But before hiring the mobile app development company for your application you need to know about the right tools and to produce functional apps so you can get the right idea to get you the app valuation you want. 

You need the right programming language that’s compatible with modern mobile platforms. As per the reports published by Statista the increase in sales of smartphones from 2007-2020 has increased gradually. No matter if you are looking for a local sale or international sales, you need the best mobile app development company by your side. 

Android Applications have an upper edge in Android vs iOS competition. And it is expected again that Android mobile applications are going to rule in 2020. So, having an android mobile application is a great idea as android phones have a great market reach due to various factors.

Why Do These Numbers Mean?

These stats lead to only one thing developing a mobile application is a great idea in the current market. But the challenging task that occurs is choosing the right programming language for your mobile app development. Before hiring a hybrid app development company you need to have an idea about where to start? What programming language you must choose? How to master it? And what to look for in a mobile developer? 

These questions pop up every time in the head of any online marketer when they are looking to build a mobile application for their business. There are several programming languages to choose from. 

Here we have the top Coding/programming languages for Mobile App Development. These are not the rankings from best to worst rather than they are top programming languages to go when you have decided to choose a mobile app development company for your services or products.

1. BuildFire.js


BuildFire.js provides the Build fire SDK and Javascript to allow developers to rapidly build mobile apps with the power of BuildFire backend. With BuildFire the mobile developers only need to build individual functionality that the client has offered, rather than build the whole thing from scratch. It has a flexible architecture to give developers the option to utilize any client-side javascript framework they like.

Key Features: 

a. Easy to Learn

b. Saves time by 40%

c. Highly scalable

2. Python


Python is a high-level programming and most popular language that is widely used in web development and app development, software development, creating desktop GUIs. If there is any language you need to learn then it is python, it is easy to learn and has great readability. Some popular hybrid mobile applications like caliber, OpenStack, Bittorrent, Quora, Reddit, Spotify, Instagram, and Youtube all are made in one programming language & that is python.

Key Features:

a. Easy to read

b. Scalable

c. Runs on Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux

d. Interactive Language

e. Object-Oriented Language

3. Java


Java is the most used app development language. Most of the mobile app developers use Java to complete their projects followed by Ruby. Java is used in the development of Android apps, Server apps, web apps, Scientific apps, Websites, Games, Embedded apps. 

Key Features:

a. Object-Oriented Programming

b. Runs on all the platforms

c. Supports APIs

d. Easy to learn and read

e. Powerful IDEs make coding easy & error-free

4. PHP


PHP was first developed for websites but now is used for general-purpose mobile app development today. With PHP it is possible to write complete android, iOS, and Windows app with ease. PHP is used for greater GUI, mobile app development, and dynamic websites.

Key Features:

a. Open-Source

b. Independent Platform

c. Easy to Learn

d. Server Compatibility

e. Easy Database Integration

5. Swift


Swift language has the potential to reshape the future. Swift is the fastest growing language and the demand for swift developers has increased 600 percent making them the most hired developers. Swift extremely easy to :

Key Features:

a. Learn

b. Open-source

c. Easy to code,

d. iOS development

e. Requires less coding as compared to other languages. 

6. C#


C# is also known as C sharp & is a multi-paradigm programming language. It was developed by Microsoft and is the object and component-oriented programming language. You can create pretty much anything in C# ranging from server applications to web services to games mobile app development and more. If you’re planning to develop a game app, C# is one of the best languages to go for since it is supported by Unity3D.

Key Features:

a. Easy to Use and Simple Language

b. Type-safe Language

c. Scalable

d. Access to .Net Framework

7. Objective C

Objective C

Objective C is object-oriented programming and is derived from C. Objective C was the core programming language used by Apple for iOS app development and OS X development

Key Features

a. Simple to Use

b. Can also use C++ and C along with Objective C

c. Uses Dynamic run timed

d. Supports Dynamic Typing

e. Works Smoothly in Apple applications

8. C++


C++ was inherited from C. It’s general-purpose object-oriented programming with a low-level memory manipulation feature. The demand for C++ has always been there. It’s not just about developing mobile apps rather it is a powerful language that is used in all the sectors ranging from finance to manufacturing to banking and several others.

Key Features:

a. Simple and Efficient

b. Object-Oriented

c. Massive Library

d. Portable

e. Extremely Fast

9. JavaScript


JavaScript is another multi-paradigm programming language that supports object-oriented and multi-functional programming. Creating apps in JavaScript is easy as you need to code once and it can be released on all platforms. 

Key Features:

a. One of the Easiest Languages

b. Fast and Efficient

c. Doesn’t use Server and Saves Bandwidth

d. Used for creating addictive animations 

10. HTML 5


HTML 5 is the fifth version of hypertext markup language. HTML5 is not essentially a mobile app development language. In order to create an app in HTML5, it has to be used with other languages such as JavaScript.You can create Android as well as iOS apps in HTML5. The only requirement is using a powerful framework such as PhoneGap.

Key Features:

a. Easy to Learn

b. Support for Mobile

c. Responsive design and support all mobiles

d. Drag & Drop Feature

11. Ruby


Ruby is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language and supports multiple paradigms. You cannot develop a mobile app on Ruby without using a framework such as RubyMotion or Rhodes. Using one of these frameworks, you can create apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X.

Key Features:

a. Dynamic typing

b. Object-Oriented Programming

c. Easy coding

d. Best for Beginners

e. Existing Codes

12. Perl


Perl is a combination of two languages Perl5 and Perl6 and is a high-level dynamic programming language. Perl is used for mobile app development for automation, games, bioinformatics, etc. 

Key Features:

a. Fast, reliable, and personal

b. Perl has no competition zone

13. Rust


Rust is a system programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents Segfaults, and thread safely. Many mobile app developers use Rust to create android and iOS applications

Key Features:

a. Not an Easy Language to Learn

b. Safer than other programming languages

c. It is fast and many different types of applications can be built on Rust

d. Developers Love Rust

14. SQL


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language that is used for managing relational database management systems, database analytics, and data processing. Mobile apps where you have to access data from the server, SQL will be used. Essentially, it is the single language that will be integrated with most of the mobile apps. Learning SQL is, therefore, crucial.

Key Features:

a. Doesn’t require any Coding

b. One of the Easiest Language to Learn

c. Both client and server-side language

d. Smoothly integrates with Java

You’ve got to understand the importance of mobile app development. You need to build a mobile application that caters to the consumers. If you choose to hire a mobile app development company then you need to conduct proper research and hire someone who will understand the idea & goal and help you achieve the best mobile application.

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