Why React Native to Develop Cross-Platform App 2023

Why React Native to Develop Cross-Platform App 2023

Do you want to hire a mobile application development company? Why react native is the best choice to develop a mobile application? What is cross-platform app development?

Application development frameworks like React Native (RN) are used to develop mobile applications for all types of operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows as well. React Native has become one of the best Cross-Platform App Development platforms.

Some of the top reasons that make this platform perfect are its speed, efficiency, and easy-to-use UI (User Interface). All the functionalities of React Native make it one of the best choices for developers after developing applications for any purpose.

React Native framework saves you time to use the same code for all operating systems. The platform to develop applications from React Native is cost-effective and delivers speed, better UI (user interface), pre-built components, and other features that answer- why React Native is the best choice to develop applications. Thus having a plethora of advantages is making application development companies choose React Native framework.

The top mobile app development companies in USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other such countries’ developers are adopting React Native. To develop mobile applications for different purposes. This blog will help you know more about React Native platform to develop an application for your company. So, read the blog to know what more benefits of choosing React Native to develop mobile applications.

What is React Native cross-platform?

React Native is a mobile application framework based on JavaScript. Which is being used to develop apps for both the OS (operating systems) Android and iOS. React Native is a Cross-Platform App Development that was first introduced by Facebook. React Native has become one of the best frameworks ever.

As a group of developers, we have studied that React Native has made companies and developers love it. The top advantages of React Native such as reusable code for every operating system, the easiest user interface (UI), the use of third-party plugins, and the framework functions like a native application. All these top benefits in a single platform make React Native a perfect choice for developers and companies.

A Cross-platform for mobile application development

One of the best parts of React Native mobile application development is that. The components work seamlessly on both operating systems Android and iOS mobile applications.

Using React Native for mobile application development drives several benefits such as:

The use of JavaScript as a core programming language.

  • Reusable code. 
  • Speed
  • Live updates
  • The better user interface
  • Native code compatibility

React Native mobile application development has other advantages that are making the React Native platform a perfect framework for an application development company. The best thing developers have noticed is that there are no limitations as other mobile application design platforms have.

Top companies that use React Native cross-platform

React Native has become one of the most populist cross-platform application development platforms. Thus, seeing that we have covered some of the top companies that are using React Native framework to develop applications. Below are some of the top five companies that are using the React Native framework or React Native to improve their services. We will also discuss a guide to developing a mobile application. Let us see which companies are using the React Native framework.



We have already discussed that React Native was developed by Facebook. Facebook has also built its application using React Native but Facebook does not use the framework for its application. Using React Native by one of the top companies and others that we have mentioned here. All these will be an inspiration for you also.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering application, launched in 2014 by Uber. The headquarters of Uber is based in California, USA. To keep its users engaged, Uber needed development tools that they adopted from React Native to build a stylish user interface (UI). So, they have used React Native platform to develop its application.



Instagram is another social media network from Facebook. Where Instagram lets users make short videos and post-digital photography as well. As of now, Instagram has a plethora of active users. The social media application you are using to create online content like short videos and sharing photos. Instagram has used the React Native platform for it.



Skype is from Microsoft, which is known for video communication domestically as well as internationally also. Most companies are using Skype for their business communications to connect with their internal and external audience. With the service of this application, they can send messages and receive voice calls also. Developing such a beautiful application for professionals. React Native is the one that has been used to develop Skype’s mobile application for both Android and iOS applications.



If I’m not wrong, we all are well aware of Wix services. Let us see what Wix does. Wix is a cloud platform which is delivering its services to build websites for all types of businesses. For this, the person does not need coding skills to build a website.

You may find more companies that are using React Native to develop mobile applications using React Native platform. Moreover, we have covered the top five companies that are using this multi-platform React Native platform for them.

Benefits of React Native cross-platform app development

Our experience developing several iOS and Android mobile application development has taught us- how complex it is to develop mobile applications- when using other application development platforms. There is no such thing with React Native application development. Using React Native cross-platform app development you can save time, costs, and the efforts that are so important for a business.

We have covered all the important points that you would need to have your mobile application in the market. All the points added here are so important that will help you a lot to have such a service from React Native. The best thing about React Native is the benefits React Native has other platforms do not offer. What are the benefits of React Native? Let’s see what all of them have for you as well.

Pre-built components from React Native library

React Native framework has already pre-built components that save a developer’s time. To choose the required components from its library. It becomes beneficial for all to save extra costs and time by using free components. It means the application developer does not have to work much to develop all the things from scratch again and again.

UI and Access to Native API

This is a type of process to make UI work smoothly to give high and quick responsive outcomes. By using it in the same way the developers can give it an exact look like JavaScript. Which lets all the developers build their applications without any complexity. The platform will make things so simple and easy to develop applications for your company. 


The platform has the primary code base for Android and iOS that makes things straightforward. To make you understand we can say that the same code can be used for both operating systems (OS). Written module in a comparable language used to link with React Native mobile application development.

You can Run it as a Native App

With this, the web view system components can be completely overlooked by using hybrid mobile application development. The basic building blocks can be compiled into their roots. Which becomes more beneficial for the developers and the companies that need an application for them.

Cost-effective method to develop an app

When one starts a new business therefore funding becomes one of the main issues. But you can come out of such problems. React Native is a cost-effective method to develop an application for any type of business. However, as we have told you above as well that React Native is one of the best options for startups and the one who wants to develop an application for their business. React Native has several free components that can help you with your project to develop a mobile application. You can access its library at no cost and can use all the components that you are required to have.

Thus, using such a platform to develop an application for your business will become so easy. Which delivers you the best advantages to have the service for your business.

If you are looking to develop an application for your business. One that comes with the best features and is cost-effective. Hiring a React Native app developer company in the USA to develop an application for your company.

Before hiring an application developer you must keep one thing in mind: the developer you are hiring. Does he/she have all those skills that a react native app developer needs? This way you will be able to know more about the application developer for your company. You should not blindly hire one that costs both your time and money.

Offers cross-platform mobile app development

One of the best things that you would like about React Native app development. The platform is known for its reuse of code. Moreover, you do not need languages like JAVA, Swift, C++, or any other to develop a React Native app. The developer can use the same code for iOS and Android applications also.

There is no doubt that this will give you the same performance. That is how the platform makes many of the things easier for you to build an application. But you will need a JavaScript developer that is profound with a native user interface library.

Use external Plugins

With this option, the developer can use third-party plugins. Where sometimes other platforms do not allow third-party plugins because of security reasons. But React Native allows developers to use other plugins as well and you can customize options also.

Easy coding

Coding with React Native is easy enough as other applications have multiplex coding. And this becomes one of the problems for the developers. Which is a time-consuming task as we have experience developing applications for groceries, e-commerce, and others. But you do not have to worry about React Native there is no such thing with RN. React saves your time by reusing the code for both operating systems.

We hope that the above-given data clears all your doubts about creating an application for you. These points will also help you to develop React Native apps for your business. There are several advantages an application development company can help you with. So, the platform to develop an application for you is going to be one of the best options. 


Having an application development company platform that offers you several advantages. That will be one of the best options for you to have a cost-effective and time-saving project for you. However, React Native has all those benefits to have the best platform for you and develop an application. To clear your all doubts, the given data helps you a lot. React Native has become one of the populist platforms for all developers and companies. Because the React Native platform has several advantages. Which saves your time, and money and makes things super easy for a developer and the company as well. These several advantages deliver you the best platform. The application development company can help you a lot to have the services of React Native platform.

If you are looking for such a service our dedicated team can help you to hire React Native app developers. You can contact us to develop an application for your company. Feel free to contact us to help you with application development.

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