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10 Best Android App Development Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

10 Best Android App Development Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

As a beginner, you must be attracted towards the clever designing and exquisite appearance of plethora of applications existing on app stores. With Android app development dominating the market share in the first half of 2019, one can easily get attracted towards making it a career choice. Here, we have compiled the details about Top 10 Android app development courses for you to qualify a range of associated in-demand job roles.

1. Udemy: Udemy offers a platform through which you can learn any course at any time and can also introduce your skills, knowledge and innovations to the world. With its huge list of courses, it has successfully managed to serve over 24 million students. The global marketplace comprises of over 65000 courses taught by different instructors. The cost of the courses can range from $20 to $100 depending upon the teacher. You can learn courses on your own pace as you get lifetime access to the courses you opt. You have gotten a number of industry experts from whom you can learn even the advanced concepts. Not just the beginners, even experts need it for continuous learning because of the open source nature of Android. The Android development program offered by Udemy keeps you ahead of the learning curve. Android skills would remain high in demand in the coming years as more and more businesses are adopting mobile first approach nowadays. Click here to learn more.

2. Udacity: Udacity offers you a range of courses to build Android apps, learn principles, tools and out of all best associated practices. Through such courses, you will get industry relevant content, mentorship, certification etc. It is a profitable online education organization which includes course videos as well as learning management system, forums, programming interfaces and other social elements. The goal of the Android app development courses offered at Udacity is to make students start the work as Android engineers for which there is no need to have a coding background. Once you complete a project, you will have enough experience in app development and get Google certification. The theorical concepts are blended with sufficient amount of practice in order to make students learn best practices of app development. It offers rich learning content along with taking interactive quizzes with ease of self-paced learning. College students or already employed developers do not get a set amount of time to take courses and hence the platform gives them an opportunity to do self-paced learning. Click here to learn more.

3. eDX: eDX is an online open source platform to learn a range of academic courses. A lot of courses are offered for free of cost. The beginner’s course for Android offered on eDX is for the students who are completely new to programming. Taking this course, you will be able to learn key principles of processes involved in Android development and Android architecture. The students would be able to get familiar with the generally used Android tools and modules. They can also get insights to the UI development. The Android lessons are given by the Google app development experts. Reaching towards the end of course, you will have two simple applications created. Click here to learn more.

4. Simplilearn: Simplilearn is a platform comprising of more than 400 courses related to IT and programming. The short term training courses are provided by the experts over the platform. It offers one of the most suitable programs for the beginners as it teaches the basics about Android app development along with further processes. You will also be able to learn publishing the application over Google Playstore. This makes you learn the Android architecture and also provides hands-on training along with 2 popular basic APPs developed by the end of the course. Click here to learn more.

5. Google developers training: Over Google developers training platform, you can choose from end to end training sessions created by highly acclaimed Google developers training team. With the help of this course, you will be able to create high performing applications that are marketable and useful. Once you have taken the course and you are ready, you can take Google developers certification program to become a certified developer and gain recognition in the industry for your development skills. This course is apt for both the new developers as well as seasoned developers. It has set of lessons teaching you Android app development to optimizing your presence for search. Click here to learn more.

6. Coursera: Founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, Coursera is an online platform providing a number of courses. It offers degrees and courses in Humanities, Engineering, Mathematics, Digital marketing, Data Science etc. There are over 28 million students registered over the website. Through the Android app development program over the platform, you will be able to gain knowledge and skills to design and develop mobile computing applications. This specialization would let students apply core Java features along with software patterns required to create maintainable mobile apps by means of core Android components with fundamental Java I/O mechanisms. Click here to know more.

7. Code School: Code School is a learning website through which aspiring developers can learn coding concepts in an entertaining manner. It allows you to learn according to your timeline and keeps you ahead of the curve by keep notifying about the latest trends coming in the industry. Click here to know more.

8. Raywenderlich: This website provides learning tutorials for iOS and Android app development. It facilitates you in learning the programs and concepts of Java and Kotlin. There are over 25 free tutorials available over the platform to learn the development from scratch.Click here to know more.

9. LinkedIn Learning – Lynda: This is a dedicated course for learning Android app development. It makes you learn best practices for developing highly functional mobile apps by means of Android Architecture Components for display and data persistence. David Gassner who is the Instructor of this course makes you learn the real-world concepts by the creation of a simple note-taking app from scratch i.e. beginning to the end. Click here to know more.


10. Treehouse: Treehouse is an IT learning website comprising of courses for web design, development, mobile application & game development. Learn developing Android apps with Treehouse. Click here to know more.

Reasons why Android Learning can transform your career: 

A. Huge demand: Whichever career you pick should be of your choice and must be in great demand. Android app developers are hot commodities at this point of time. There is a huge number of business willing to go for mobile apps especially Android app to serve mobile users and grow their business. According to Statista, “Google Play generates the largest amount of worldwide app downloads. In 2019, app users downloaded 21.3 billion apps from Google Play.” You can clearly see the demand in the market which becomes a solid reason behind why you should go for it. 

B. Great pay: Another important benefit for Android users is high pay. According to Indeed, “The average salary for an Android Developer is $111,670 per year in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 2,169 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Android Developer employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.” If we talk about other countries, then there is a significant reduction. According to Payscale, in India, the Average Android Software Developer Salary (Fresher) is Rs 355,189. 

C. Variety of job roles: The person having a rich knowledge in Android development is not restricted to one job role. You can choose from multiple roles like Mobile architect, Android app developer, Mobile lead software engineer etc. 

D. Challenging: If you are an Android developer, you will never get bored of you work since Android development is vast and the industry people often comes up with new and interesting innovations. You will get the requirements that would be challenging and would compel you to learn new concepts and technologies. You can design and develop innovative applications and thus your skill set keeps on expanding. 

E. Be an independent developer: Once you learn developing highly functional bug free apps, you can become an independent developer. You do not have to be tied up to a 9 to 5 job under the instructions of your boss. You are your own boss and can pick the projects of your choice. There are platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer full of job opportunities ranging from small tasks to big projects. Since, you are not tied up with a company, you will be able to get a good profit out of your efforts. 

F. Big organization look for you: Being an Android developer, you can apply in any of the MNCs of your niche. These companies come up with great offers along with challenging projects. 

Hence, it is a great time to pursue a career in Android development. Write to us what you think!

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# 10 Best Android App Development Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

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