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Why Your E-Commerce Promotions Flop? – Considerable Reasons

Why your e-commerce promotions fails

While running an e-commerce business online, you put your 100% to make the business successful. In order to make a boom as per the e-commerce trends, you offer discounts, coupons, promotional events and various pricing for your products or services. But its hard for you to receive the desired results. Have you ever thought, what can be the reasons? Why do your e-commerce campaigns fail? Don’t get worried, as we can give you some of the reasons so that you work on that and come up with great outcomes:


Lowering your products price


When you lowers the price of your products, then customer starts wondering about the value of your product. For example, if you are offering a branded handbag at 50% discount with just the selling purpose, then people who encountered with the less price of your product starts thinking, that if your product is worth or not?

If you are unable to represent your products along with their worth, then there a lot of things are waiting in your pipeline to be completed, as suggested by e-commerce development company India.


Poor First Impression


Once you have stamped your prices on the products, then you can’t look back. Since you can’t afford to lose all those valuable customers who have purchased your product at lower prices, but they will not make a purchase until you start your promotions again with lower prices. However, people who weren’t won over by your discounted prices will first keep a check on your special offers, but they are not dumb to pay the full amount for special deals.

In case, the prices are not attracting the buyers, then it’s time to set the prices again with additional discounts. But if you start selling your products with less amount, then what will be your plan during the promotional season?


Bad Services


If you are totally dependent on special deals or discounts to keep your customers engaging, then my friend you are ignoring one of the most important parts of e-commerce task and that part is after the sale services. The only issue with running promotions is that you spending your entire span in counting your conversions and not looking after your customers who need your help. Hence, instead of launching various special deals and offers, you should give some time to your customers in providing useful information about purchasing and guide them within their purchasing decisions. If you’ll do so, then next time they will buy your product by paying the full amount.




You get some of the new customers with your special deals, right? These new customers will again hang up at your website designed by e-commerce website development company India, whenever you run special deals, thus, it will be good for your business. But what happens with those customers, who bought your product by giving the full price and the next day they come across the half of the price for the same product and guess what on the same website. No one wants to feel like a fool that the product they have bought is not the worth of its price.

Hence, its your responsibility to come up with a fully proofed strategy for your promotions that make your customers think positive about your brand.

Promising E-Commerce Trends to Drive your Sales Strategy

E-commerce trends increases sales

In today’s hyper-competitive e-commerce industry, every aspect comes down to how people or your customers experience your brand over the internet. The customers expect your brand to meet or exceed their expectations, actively engage the shoppers with their products and service, promoting their brand with effective approaches, and the one who executes all these things can become one of the big winners in the e-commerce market.

Like any other industry, e-commerce market also experiences emerging trends, hence, it is necessary to catch up and follow these trends in order to maintain the business relevancy. So, here we are introducing some ongoing e-commerce trends for you that will make you cope up with the today’s overactive competition in market.


E-Commerce Trends


Big Images and Videos Creates Exceptional Homepages


large images and videos on e-commerce website

Since the e-commerce market is developing, many e-commerce websites designing company has started focusing on big images and videos for their homepages. These design elements like big images and videos flaunt the brands outstandingly, as these images and videos quickly explain the purpose of the website.

Large media modules also help the customers in taking their next step or where to click next, since the most of the clutter don’t seem user-friendly.


Mobile is not recommended, but it is compulsory to stay in competition


mobile is important for e-commerce website example

When you’ll see the mobile buying numbers, then you will observe that these are gradually increasing every quarter. Therefore, if you haven’t customized your e-commerce website mobile version, then my friend you are running out of time in the competition.


Popups or Popovers are making an influential comeback


popups are in trend for ecommerce website

We all know that previously consumers hated the popups. But now the trend have been changed. Popovers have made an influential comeback, if you are using the internet, then you must have noticed it.

However, there is a difference in the form of old and new popups. The new popups always offer something for free in exchange for your subscription or email address. In addition, the new ones never come back once you close them.

When it comes to email marketing, these popups work wonders, plus they don’t have the bad image like old popups used to have.


Flash sale popups are exploiting the market


flash sale popups example

Most of the e-commerce websites are getting excellent sales figures, and yes the credit goes to flash sale popups. Brands run flash sales for their regular customers. For instance, 1000 people are browsing your website on a regular basis, then you have a great chance of moving up your sales figures through flash sale popups.


Real time analytics have become the essential part


At the end of the month, real time analytics come into play, where the executives see the higher ups of the company while also figure out which aspects are not working out properly.

Due to the evolving trends in e-commerce market, the executives working in the industry will experience more advanced form of analytics. Thus, they will be able to find out how customers react to their actions, which further help them in decision making.


The Concluding Words


The e-commerce industry will be growing rapidly, so make sure you get to know about all effectual e-commerce trends which might save your cash and reinforce your business to the step ahead. Many firms like e-commerce development company help the brands to run along with the emerging trends so that they maintain their successful sales strategy.

In case you have any query or suggestions about upcoming trends, then feel free to leave us a comment in the below section!

Want Successful Online Store? Check out these Important Design Elements

Important Design Elements for E-commerce Website

Have you ever came across a brilliant salesperson? What they do? The salesperson with their superior skills of building trust and telling their products in a winning way, close their deals and proves to be an essential asset for their company.

If you are running an online store, then your e-commerce website plays the role of a salesperson for your company. Thus, just like an upright salesperson your e-commerce website should flaunt your brand’s character forefront while considering the few basic tactics associated with deal cracking.

In today’s post, we have brought some essential aspects which should be the major characteristics of your salesperson (E-commerce Website). Every e-commerce development company considers these tactics while designing a website. Hence, take a look and refine your online store:


1. Highlight your brand’s promise on homepage and build trust with your customers


The professional people of sales world never believe in presenting themselves in the middle. But they initiate the process by giving the introduction of their brand and further telling why they are different from others, and to present themselves efficiently, homepages are considered as the great place.

Homepage is the place where customer arrives first, thus, here you can show off your brand’s message, superlative products and any promotions. For example, if you propose home trail or free returns then tell this on homepage, if your products are organic or eco-friendly then spread this message through homepage.

At your e-commerce website’s homepage, you can easily tell people what sets you apart from other stores by using impactful and punchy statements along with impressive graphics which should be linked to your internal pages.

Bonus tip: Establishing a clear and easily accessible return policy helps you to build trust with your customers and also grant your store a strong value proposition.


2. A complete shopping experience would be great


Showing good-looking products photographs, is one of the easiest and quickest approaches to have an increase in your sales numbers. Impressive product images not only makes its contribution to building trust, but also it helps the customers in their decision making. For product images, it is essential to show every side of your product such as front, back, top, bottom in order to mimic the experience of seeing products in real. Moreover, it would be great to show the product while using, since the customers can get the idea about its size and shape.

Bonus tip: Social proof and customer reviews are equally important for in the sales process. Since people are going to purchase the product without seeing it in real, thus it would be essential to add the customers reviews.


3. A super-easy checkout can seal the deal forthrightly


When a customer is done with selecting the product, then he tries to come out from the store, hence, an easy checking out mechanism is treated as a crucial element for any e-commerce website. Many brands connect with professional e-commerce website development company to make this process effective.

The important factors that contribute to a great checkout process include speed, easy form filling, persistent cart summary and progress indicator. In case, you are offering free shipping or other attractive aspects then your conversions will automatically go up.

For sales people, it is essential to understand the customer’s requirements. If the customer is purchasing large quantities then you should make sure that it would be easy for him get all products into the cart with different quantity numbers. Regarding this situation, you should add a quantity selector with the product tiles in order to ease the checking out process.

Bonus tip: It would be beneficial for you to know the elements on your e-commerce website that makes your customers pull the trigger on their purchase. Therefore, for this A/B or multivariate testing would prove to be a great support.

If you got stuck with your e-commerce website and have some queries, the here we are and below you have the comments section. We would love to answer!

Reasons to Start your own Online Store Instead of Other Online Marketplaces

Why to go for own online store instead of other marketplaces

We all know about eBay, Etsy and Amazon, these websites helps to create and boost their online e-commerce environment. No doubt, that these marketplaces act as a rooter for thousands of startups who are working to establish a reputation in e-commerce industry.

However, at some point, you might feel leaving these marketplaces and start your own online store with the help of e-commerce development company. On the other hand, if you feel that you’re bringing enough money with other marketplaces and the idea of moving places is ridiculous, then we can give you the reasons. In this post, we will provide you the reasons for starting your own online store instead of other marketplaces, since you deserve to reach more.

Your Money is yours

No matter how many products you sell, in other online marketplaces, you have to pay fees. Or you can go for other options i.e. sell unlimited products and just pay the transaction fee for individual sales. If your own store can benefit you with more of your money, then why you’ll choose to pay a big fat share to online marketplace.

Work for your own Brand

When you work through other online marketplaces, you get benefits from their brand names, but have you thought where you stand, where your name stands? After all, your own customers know Amazon, eBay and Etsy, they don’t know what your brand name is.

Yeah, we are not denying the fact that due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, these online marketplaces get you more customers as compared to your own store. The customers buy a product of yours from one of the marketplaces, but do you think he or she would recommend your name to others. No, they will just say that they have bought the product from Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Being capable of handling all operations for an e-commerce website, you should invest your efforts in building your own brand name, not for others. Amazon, eBay and Etsy are just getting bigger and bigger, thus, your own store deserves all your hard work.

Promote your brand instead of someone else’s

If you promote your products outside the marketplace, then congratulations! You must have used social media marketing to target potential customers towards your small store. But do you think that other marketplaces will do something like this for you? The answer is “No”. They will focus more on sharing the products than promoting your brand name.

With your store, all your efforts will be provided to your own e-commerce company. You will be promoting your products, your brand name and it will elevate no one else but you. No other marketplace will be benefited due to your efforts.


The path of choosing your own online store is long and rutted, but in the end, what you’ll get? Your own e-commerce company. The e-commerce website development company will establish your own online store. Your income will directly come into your pocket and your work will support your own brand. Don’t you think its worth? We would like to hear from you! Please use the comment section below!

Rapid growth of E-Commerce companies

Revolution of E-commerce has evolved the medium for business through internet. However, the whole process was a long struggle as the security features were being implemented and developed. Security was a major concern as e-commerce websites mostly dealt with cash transactions and involves the use of credit cards for online payments. Thus e-commerce seemed to be a challenge for almost all the e-commerce developers to transact the people on the World Wide Web and for gaining their confidence. But now e-commerce has become the most profitable business for young to old generation. Even there is a craze to promote business and shopping online these days.

For many business owners, the Internet can be a great source of new clients. It is essential to have an e-commerce website for selling the products and services. The fact is quite interesting that the people are enjoying shopping at their home by just browsing web which saves a lot of time and money rather than going out in a car to the market. Online shopping do not require a lot of sitting hours on computer, only a clear and vital information about the web services and online stores services is required for the whole processing.

Nowadays e-commerce developers are becoming more and more popular, but it won’t be easy to choose a ecommerce development company. There are a lot of demands which people want from business merchants and owners for a trust able money transaction. An e-commerce website does need to look professional, and more importantly it needs to flow and function properly. The visitors should be able to use all online tools easily without confusion or error. Professional ecommerce developers are supposed to give a very pleasant, easily accessible and convenient shopping experience to their clients. This leads to build trust, reliability and confidence in client over the company further for more shopping options.

For the development of e-commerce company, the merchants are required to manage and customize all contents, logos, banners according to their business. There should be a simple navigation for user access control and also the email notifications and order confirmation emails are sent to the customers automatically time to time. The company development also relies on the fact that it should fully provide the advanced security for payment gateway options. The customer’s comment about the products are reviewed for their satisfaction.

Last but not the least, the company development also depends on the team members and family of company. There should be a dedicated and a highly proficient team of e-commerce professionals who focuses on user friendly solutions to enhance user experience and there should be complete customer centric approach for e-commerce development.

Role of e-commerce website development companies

The development of e-commerce websites and companies is a popular option for businesses, providing immense scope in online transactions and sales which are quite safe and convenient. Irrespective of the normal websites which are just used for searching and gaining information, e-commerce site enables its users to purchase the products online without going to market. Then these products are delivered at the customer’s doorstep through the merchants of the respective website. The best service providers ensure error-free functioning of website by employing the most advanced support-based application software. Therefore seeking the right e-commerce company is vital. Some exciting features of an ecommerce website are sales tracking, payment gateways, image upload, and currency exchange. Other supporting features include web certificates, promotions, discounts and newsletters. The utility of ecommerce website development has enhanced in the recent times with the advent of credit cards and debit cards. Credit /debit cards facilitate easy and simple steps to online payment with full security.

For selecting an ecommerce website development company some criteria should be kept in mind for a good experience of business. Specialization, creativity and capabilities of the company should always be considered and reviewed from time to time which helps in choosing better options for the business development. The e-commerce company meets all the requirements of its customers and provides its facilities utilizing pay per click, search engine optimization, or search engine marketing services to increase viewer traffic.

The few vital points for choosing an e-commerce website development company is the availability of sound and capable staff. The employees should be well versed with networking, should have programming command and deep knowledge of software. Besides having sound and versed workers, the company should have an ability to take the responsibilities of its clients keeping the client’s needs in the mind. The company should be available at any time for its customers. The service fee and reliable work should intersect at any view point. The project details and its schedule should be enquired for the proper delivery of the products. There should not be any deceiving factor while tackling to the customers, otherwise this may leave a very bad impact of the company. There should be always an easy approach towards the company so that whenever the company shows any discomfort for the product deliveries then a face to face contact can be made to eliminate any misconduct. The company should always have an option of feedback to review its customers.

The ecommerce web development company is the sole representative of whole business profile to the customers, hence any shortcomings in the website and its attitude can eventually affect the business.

How to choose ecommerce Development Company?

The world has developed into technological and informational because of the great rule of Internet. At present, many events and transactions are executing online entailing thousands of people in a worldwide network. If you also like to make you company famous and endure in hard circumstances of the online market rivalry, you will surely require creating a high-tech website. But, you should keep in mind that the first impression of your website will determine the future growth of your business.

But, website owner have lack of precise knowledge and time, so that they will choose to take the help from expert assistance and a reputed ecommerce development company india. But selecting a good ecommerce development company is not a simple task.

Making a website is similar making a house. You will be disappointed if your house drops, because low-educated workers used incorrect supplies to construct the base for it. The same thing applies while making a website. You should know about what a company can offer your business and at what rate.

This blog will tell you some important aspects to know before hiring any ecommerce development company.

Project Portfolio and Technology Experience

This is the most important aspect that you should seek in a company. Find out how much experience a company have. Knowing its speciality will assist you to identify, whether the company can fulfil your needs associated to your site. Also, remember to inspect the company’s technical expertise to recognize what modules and platforms they utilized in their work as well as what kind of websites the company can create. Try to ask them some technical questions to check whether they have good technical knowledge in programming languages (like Java, PHP, Python etc.), cross-platform compatibility, coding and enquire for a technical solution. Besides frequent reasons, an ecommerce development company having good repute will make efforts to explain all the benefits and drawbacks of the technologies they are likely to use.

The great way to describe professionalism of any development company is the portfolio it has. Each and every valued development company should hold a portfolio of earlier jobs at their website. By seeing a agency’s portfolio, you can estimate functionality and usability of solutions that have been offered, estimation of design and former variety of development company’s skills. Moreover, a company’s portfolio is a pleasant occasion to locate a related job that can fulfil your requirements and prospect and demonstrate how knowledgeable a company is.

Client-Developer communication

The other indispensable feature is an interface procedure between a developer and a client. Some famous interaction tools like email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, and Skype can be utilized for a suitable communication. If clients and developers are far away from each other, however they require communicating frequently.

An adequate and competent interaction process is the feeble point of many ecommerce website development companies because developers can battleground with their clientele very frequently, not being capable to clarify all running aspects accurately. However their responsibility is to discard light on every arguable point and produce a combined functioning policy.

How can Ecommerce businesses benefit with PPC Marketing?

An expert Ecommerce website development configuration is the primary component to an online achievement. The main reason for an e-commerce web configuration is to awe the clients, as well as rather it must be well composed and simple to explore. Many companies offer e-commerce site improvement administrations with PPC promoting to help business achievement.

New firms depending on e-commerce are additionally developing. Huge numbers of the current organizations are currently intrigued by giving e-commerce offices to their customers. For a smooth e-commerce exchange, an all around outlined and completely utilitarian e-commerce site configuration is fundamental.

The round-the-clock client Ecommerce Website administration guarantees zero-time slacks because of the time distinction across the mainland and on-time conveyance of imperfection free activities. Ecommerce web outline is a customer driven e-commerce web arrangements organization and keep them included, redesigned and fulfilled by the advancement of the task at all times. They are all around outfitted with assets, foundation, mechanical ability and inventive considering group specialists.

What is the wide range of web arrangements offered?

  • Booking Domain
  • Site Hosting
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Visual computerization
  • Custom Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Site Promotion by means of Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Advertising
  • Web Advertising
  • Social networking Optimization
  • Email Advertising
  • SEO-based Content Writing.

The benefits of Pay per Click services for business can be colossal concerning expanding the activity to your site. PPC is a significant internet advertising apparatus, where you bring forth supported connections for web indexes to direct individuals to your site. Ecommerce development company India empowers your site to highlight on the first page of real web indexes, for example, Google and the notice will coordinate clients straight to a page you need it to connect. The expense of every advert relies on upon how prominent a hunt term it is.

At the point when ran accurately, PPC can be an exceptionally viable system for promoting with a few advantages. Some of these advantages of Pay per Click include:

  • Expanded reach by extending your online vicinity
  • First page of Google
  • Immediately drive movement to your site
  • Magic word and greeting page testing capacities
  • Financial plan control
  • Provincial and neighborhood settings
  • Pay just when some person taps on your advert

What do e-commerce web outline and site advancement offer?

  • Boundless Custom Functionality
  • Acknowledge Payments Online
  • PPC and Advanced SEO Marketing
  • Proficient Custom Design
  • Include & Manage Products Easily
  • Modified Search Options
  • Boundless Products & Categories
  • Pamphlet Sign Up
  • Advancement & Discount Codes
  • Deals & Traffic Statistics
  • Lifetime Support
  • Ecommerce site highlights:
  • Uses the most recent innovation to expand the benefit.
  • Offers the best in standard highlights and usefulness while remaining totally adjustable.
  • The group talks about one’s need for custom usefulness and gives an answer that matches the e-commerce

What are the Ecommerce web configuration components?

Site’s route – the clients, are going to need to discover their way to their site effortlessly and rapidly in the event that they are going to finish a buy.

Are You Visible enough Online!

Companies into E-commerce business are well versed with their site’s world rank. The ranking helps in identifying its traffic and flow of visitors. A major part of their business involves constant check on the rank and to find ways and methods to increase the traffic on the website. E-commerce players are well versed with how important search engine optimization (SEO) is to derive traffic on the website. In layman’s terms SEO is optimization of a website to further increase number of visitors on the website, leading to sales. The traffic is unpaid and hence referred as organic search traffic. The term is exactly opposite of pay per click method to generate traffic.

Techniques involved in SEO

  • Organic SEO Page Code Optimisation:

For the website to earn more traffic it has to improve a lot on its content. The content on the website generates interest if targeted appropriately. Organic SEO page code optimization involves use of important keywords, titles, tags, coding, links, design, etc to improve the website.

Article Submission:

Article submission takes care of the content on the website. One of the most important SEO strategist strategies is to identify suitable content for its website. An online fashion retailer will post articles related to fashion. The articles related will bring in people looking for related data on the website. A real estate website will post articles related to realty trends and facts to deliver apt content and to increase the reader base.

  • Social Media:

For an E-commerce business it is extremely important to stay updated and regular on social media platforms. These include social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to name a few. The postings should be related to your product and services will bring in relevant visitors to the website.

  • Directory Submissions:

A directory submission is submitting details of your website on relevant SEO websites. SEO strategist strategies involves submissions include submitting its address, and descriptions to a directory that allows submission by the owners of the website of Logo Design company.

  • Press Releases:

Press releases helps in both online and offline awareness of the product and services of the company. The release usually involves details on up to date performance and details of its operations.

Elevate is an online service provider that improves online visibility for businesses across Australia. This Ecommerce website Development Company provides a one stop solution to all the SEO related needs of its clients. Planning SEO strategies is a task as the process involves both creative as well as analytic thinking. One needs to identify areas to improve its traffic and to fill those areas with creativity to enhance the site’s visibility.

What to do for visual appearance of the website?

For the visual appearance of the website a Flash movement and other media components may make the site more alluring. However, it will wind up harming their activity because these highlights moderate stacking times and divert their group of onlookers from the accessible products.

How to launch an ecommerce online?

Ecommerce is the strongest tool to enhance your online business. For this you will need a good business plan to guide bring a qualify target traffic hence more trades and sales. An ecommerce solutions will help you to launch a successful ecommerce online, below some tips:

# Your ecommerce needs a strong name which is easier to remember. The name must tell your customer about who you are and about you are selling. It will help you to create a strong online presence.

# After choosing a name for your company, you should select which products and services you will offer. A successful business depends on unique and exclusive services / products, for this you must know your target public needs.

# An image tells more than a word, for this figure out palette color and design of your website is really important to identify your personality and create a strong brand.

# A hosting provider will help you to deal with future problems in your business online, providing the best solution.

# Opening your online store without any clients it is a waste of money. For this, you must find relevant blog posts, invest in digital marketing, interactive with relevant forums and stimulate new members. One of the most important techniques for your online market are: banners, Pay Per Click ads; social media, newsletter, (SEO) and many more.

# You should maintain your clients happy and offer them an amazing user experience. This can be done through good services of shifting and consumer helping. It’s also important update your website constantly, it makes your clients feel like you care about the website as well products and services.

# Planning is essential to keep the fidelity of your customers. An ecommerce development company India will help you to create promotions, new facilities and new manners to improve your services and products. It will help your business to maintain the quality of your services and keep your clients happy with your company. Fidelity is one of the most important thing for a successful business, whether you understand your clients, you can understand the differences and competitors, provide the best service according your target public needs.