How to Optimize your Ecommerce Product Pages the Right Way?

How to Optimize your Ecommerce Product Pages the Right Way?

With plenty of Ecommerce websites coming onboard, it has become difficult for the businesses to grab a significant number of buyers and generate even a decent ROI. There are lots of marketing methods available online through which it has become easy to bring your brand in front of people but getting sales is still the tough-most job. To a great extent, it depends upon your products whether or not, you are going to succeed in the market. This is the reason why your product pages are gold mines for you. The better would be the presentation, the more would be sales! We are here coming up with some of the tried and tested tactics to optimize the products pages. 

Analyse your Product page: You first need to analyse your product page and look for the things that are not according to what your customers need. Check whether you product page loads fast, engages users, provides sufficient information, has compelling copy or not. Your product page should load faster as an average online shopper waits just for 5 seconds for a page to load. If they fail to see your product within this time period, they might immediately move to the next page in Google listing or your competitor’s website. Then, there are other important things such as your page design, the quality of content, meeting context etc. This list of lacking factors would help you decide what changes are to be made in order to optimize your product page. 

Context is important: If you are selling a ring, then just a close up shot would not serve the needs of a customer. You have to put an image of women wearing it so that the shopper get can get an exact idea of its size, shape and overall appearance. You can use plenty of images or even demonstrative videos in order to showcase the product the best way. At the same time, make sure the images are optimized so that the image size does not affect the speed of your website. 

Allow social sharing: Sometimes, people do need help from friends or family in order to decide whether or not to buy a particular item. If you give them an option to share it on social media, they will be able to show it to required people quickly and decide there and then. It would help you reduce shopping cart abandonment as well. Though, it is not advisable to make them look giant on the screen as it might also distract users. Keep the buttons small and visible. 

Offer hover to zoom feature: Most of the Ecommerce giants already have this particular feature which allows you to see every little detail of the products with zooming effect. Users can simply hover over the images in order to zoom them. This feature keeps a lot importance if you are an online jewellery seller. Generally, women would like to see every single detail before making a purchase of necklaces, rings, bangles etc. Also, if you show them everything upfront, it would reduce the chances of exchange and refunds which disturb both buyers and sellers. 

Provide detailed product description: Besides your amazing product images, 88% of online shoppers think that a clear and detailed product description is extremely important. The must-have inclusive of your product description are relevant title, features, price, care and maintenance details, material information, dimension, capacity etc. What is important to include depends majorly upon what type of products do you have. You need to use a polite and engaging tone so that while reading the same, people feel connected and you leave a good impact on their minds. Keep search engine optimization factors in your mind which might require you to include specific keywords in the content. Make use of clear structure, bullet points and headlines. 

Do not keep fancy CTAs: CTA is Call-to-Action. It is a must have for your product page. You must be aware of its importance. Though, we have seen the usage of fancy terms as CTAs over many Ecommerce websites. Keeping CTAs simple and short would help even a common and not much savvy customer understand what you are trying to say. You put a ton of effort, time, energy, and budget into the creation of your product pages or campaigns then throw a useless call to action on the end of it. 

The brevity and directness of a well-written call to action will put the focus on what’s important and remove any distractions.
Your call to actions should be concise but not very short. Buy Now and Add to Cart are the two mostly used CTAs, though you can change them a bit to bring a difference but do not indulge into fancy vocabulary. 

Linking your product to variants: It is a very general desire of a shopper to look for variants for a particular piece before making purchase. If you want to add some personality to your products, link up some variants to it on the basis of color, flavor, etc. Also while naming the variants, try to use easy most language. There are a lot of sites using fancy color names which people do not understand and hence the conversion rate decreases. Personality is obviously great but it should always come up with equal amount of clarity. 

Details backing costly products: If you are selling a low cost product, people would not bother about paying even if they are getting half of the value in return. On the other hand, if your products are on the higher side in terms of cost, then prospects might want to know a lot of things about it to decide whether its worthy or not. Such description might include the origin, features, passion behind the product and many such things which gives your prospects an additional amount of information than a normal old school PD. Merchants often think that a lot of things must be already understood to people though they need to understand that people do not know as much as they know. 

Be transparent about cost: Be upfront regarding the hidden cost you are going to charge the buyer. Shoppers always love transparency. Run on the concept of transparency, trustworthiness, providing complete pricing details & information about shipping. You can tell your prospects that this particular product includes extra cost for shipping, express shipping cost, VAT etc. It you will be upfront, it will only rise your value in the eyes of your customers. They will feel that you are reliable and they are free of any kind of reliability. 

Use currency converter: Most of the e-commerce websites set up with an aim to target multiple cities or even multiple countries. If you target more than one country, there emerges a need of currency converter. If you have currency converter over your website, people would be able to see the product cost in their local currency hence they can quickly make buying decision. There is also an advanced feature that we have come across according to which the currency gets automatically converted according to the IP from there the product page is accessed. 

Display customer rating and reviews: This is an era where reviews keep the highest importance in order to make a digital purchase. Over online platforms, where the customer knows nothing about you, they need ratings and reviews left by other people who have used the same product of yours. Display a cumulative rating along with the reviews so that people can gain trust in your products or services and decide to move ahead with you. Also, customers do not have much time to remember leaving reviews on your website so after they have received your products or services, you need to poke them by dropping an email or message to reviews your services. Many online shoppers highly prefer to take advice from someone who has used a particular product before buying it. 85% of consumers today trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Do not just keep them on your testimonial page, display them along with your products on product page so that the customer can immediately make a decision. 

Show recommendation: The last important thing that you can do to your product page in order to make it productive is to cross sell and upsell. Means, you need to show them the relevant products as per their purchase. Let’s suppose they are looking for a formal shirt, you can show them a tie or may be formal shoes or trousers matching it so that instead of taking just one thing, they can purchase the whole set from you. You can get some amazing examples by visiting some of the Ecommerce giants such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart etc which work on hyper personalization and things are recommended in a great way to the users which brings sales as well. 

We agree that there must be many more ways to increase the productivity of the product page of an E commerce website. Write to us what you think can make your store worth a visit.

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