E-commerce Website UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

E-commerce Website UI/UX Design Mistakes to Avoid

Ecommerce businesses are reaching new heights because of their engaging ecommerce website development. The online stores are now easily reaching the interested audience in no time & having maximum sales in minimum investment. But still there are quite a few pitfalls which you need to avoid in order to have a never ending run. Today we are going to talk about one such stumbling block which if not taken care can cause loss in revenue & subsequent shutting down of your online store. You do not have to panic because after this blog your eCommerce business will be flourishing with the maximum sales in minimum investment.

That one snag we are talking about is the UI/UX design of your ecommerce website. The design of your website can be among the hidden obstacles which your top website developers need to take care from time to time. Understand one thing clearly that UI & UX design of your application is the most important aspect as setting up an ecommerce website will not bring in more sales. You will also need SEO services so it can create a positive impact on the audience. Let us understand how to find out UX/UI design is hurting your eCommerce business.

How to find out if your UI/UX design is hurting your ecommerce business

1. Shopping Cart Abandonment –  Customers are placing the item in their shopping cart but not completing the order is one of the common reasons to understand that there is some problem with UI/UX design. We understand your point that there are other factors from the client end too, which can lead towards abandoning the shopping cart. But still the most common reason is that the UI/UX design is not helping.

2. High Bounce Rate – Bounce rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors to a particular website, bounces away from the site after viewing only one page. If your site has a high bounce rate then it means shoppers are finding it difficult to reach out to the product they need. So, ecommerce website development should be done by keeping bounce rate in mind.

These two reasons that will let you know that you need to tweak with the UI/UX design on your eCommerce website.

Mistakes to Avoid with Ecommerce Website Development

1. Avoid Complex Navigation – While discussing your online store project with the ecommerce website developers, make it clear that you need minimum clicks to complete the purchase. The navigation interface should be simple & intuitive for a user to understand. For instance you can have filter & sort options so your users can easily find the product they are looking for. You can also request for breadcrumb navigation with your ecommerce website development as it makes it easy for the users to locate themselves & how to return to the next page.

2. Avoid Poor Quality Images & Product Description – There are many issues caused by poor quality images & product description on your ecommerce site. We have listed a few below.

-> Poor Quality Images takes time to load

-> No call to action to encourage the users to buy

-> Incomplete descriptions creates unnecessary questions in the minds of customers

-> Good quality content & description allow you to showcase your products

-> Engaging content can help users to complete the purchase

-> Clear & good quality images shows all important details

Poor quality images & product descriptions on your ecommerce site can be really daunting as it results in negative customer reviews, refunds & returns as customers did not get what they actually wanted. Negative reviews can take your site ranking down on the search engine result pages.  For instance: The fitting & sizing of this shirt runs so small, I had to return it, What’s up with you guys? Such ratings can drip down your business down the sewer. But you do not have to worry as the top website developer & best SEO agencies who understand your eCommerce business will provide what your ecommerce website development needs.

3. Missing Contact Information – As per many annual surveys condesigducted by Web Usability reports taken from time to time. More than 90% of respondents said that they leave the site because there was “No Contact Information/Phone Number” which leads them to leave the website.

4. Not Including FAQs & Live Q/A – Google being the biggest search engine favors the user generated content in its result pages. It helps you include a lot of keywords on your website in the most organised manner & gives you the benefit to rank higher on the SERPs. Live Q/A from the visitors gives key information to drive conversion. If the consumers get quick resolution to their questions, it increases your conversion rate percentage.

5. Avoiding detailing in Product – When it comes to e-commerce website development then each & every information plays a vital role to get results. Sometimes it may seem that you need content marketing then opt for it as it can be very beneficial if done right. A user tends to trust in your website when the product page offers a full description of the product. Even if your prices are low, without enough information you can’t promote more sales.

6Call to Action – Every call to action should be on point as it must be separated from the content as this allows users to see the next step to follow clearly. Primary & Secondary call to action links should be clearly differentiated from the checkout & continue shopping.

7. Look out for Checkout Process – The main motive is to give your business a new identity with the help from an ecommerce website development company. Checkout process is very crucial for any online store. The shopping cart must be visible from every page of the site. It should give every proper information including shipping fees, added taxes so customers know how much they need to pay for a particular order in one go. The whole ecommerce website development should be done in a way that it ensures fastest completion. There are a few ways to improve the checkout process:

-> Making Checkout Mobile Friendly

-> Providing Multiple Payment Options

-> Do not require membership or login to complete the order

-> Adding security features at every point of checkout

-> You need to understand that customer information is critical to store, so you ensure that method of assurance that you are providing is safe.

-> Request only critical information that needed to complete the order. Unnecessary information is not required to be stored.

8. Hidden Fees – Hidden fees is also the industry trend where the online stores try to extract more money from the customers. Let us tell you honestly that it is one of the most useless ways to move ahead with the process. This can lead in no repeat in customers & a bad review which can be very negative for your business.

9. Customers are Not able to Understand on the Site – If the users are not even spending a single minute on your website, then there is some problem of understanding the site. You need to find ways to gather the interest of your audience with ecommerce web development.

10. Not Enough Information – Aforesaid sharing every information with the customers creates a sense of trust & transparency in the process. So, you need to share information like shipping details, return policy, & contact information. It will allow customers to contact your online store if they need any kind of support.

We understand that SEO services are crucial for any ecommerce website but UI/UX design plays the same role for your business. A great design works as a great marketing tool for your online store & can give the results & increase your revenue in no time.

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