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A Complete Guide to Ecommerce Web Development

A Complete Guide to Ecommerce Web Development

If you want to sell merchandise on the internet, the first thing that will come to your mind is launching your own ecommerce site. Though you can sell your product on a number of online marketplaces, it will not give any brand recognition. Further, these third party platforms charge a certain amount of commission. The sellers are charged a commission fee between 5 % to 15% on the price of products sold, plus a monthly fee to continue selling on Amazon.

Having your own e-commerce portal gives you the freedom of selling the products at a reasonable price. Not only this you can customize the pages as per your preference. Hiring the best ecommerce web development company india is crucial to create a site that catches the eyes of the visitors.     

Without further ado, here are the necessary features of an e-commerce site-

1. High Quality Images – A picture says a thousand words, definitely true. A high quality image with a clear CTA can instantly communicate what your site offers to the visitor. Images are not only used in the product pages & banner, but also in the navigation bar to quickly reveal the product’s type in the various categories.

The images on your homepage is the element on your site a visitor notices. An extraordinary image with a clear CTA will hold the attention of the user. 

On the other hand, a bad quality image gives an impression of selling substandard products to the visitors. Along with the quality you also have to keep in mind the size of the images. They should not get blur on zooming.

In order to load quickly they should be compressed in the right format.

2. Navigation – Think how would you feel if you had to spend hours searching for a product. Frustrated, right? The same experience the visitors have. The bar at the top your site should contain the categories, with expandable sub-category menus.

Creating a site that is intuitive with small GUI icons informing the buyer of the next step they have to take for completing the order is vital. Additionally, ecommerce web development company india focus on other pages that the customers might want to excess.

3. Search Bar – It is an integral part of navigation,when people can’t figure out the product they want to buy, they type it into the search bar. After a person types a query, the products that includes the exact and related terms appear in result. On Amazon, the search feature is outstanding, you get the same product if you have typed its name correctly. 

4. Terms of service- To resolve their after-sales issues the buyers often search for the customer care. While you might think of adding a chat button on the extreme right, it’s best to have a clickable separate customer care page.

Keep the shipping, refund & return policy page in the lower panel. Also,include a disclaimer to inform people about the damages your site isn’t liable for. Instead of writing them yourself take help of a professional.

Clearing stating the rules & regulations which your business follows help the buyers in taking a decision they wouldn’t regret later. If they order a heavy merchandise only to find later the international shipping costs 30% of the overall price, it’s a smash in their face. Don’t give them ugly surprises.

5. Loading time – People browsing on the internet are generally impatient. On an average a visitor will not wait more than three second for a website to load. Thus, to keep the visitors on your site longer, the loading time needed to be minimized. With a short loading time increases the click through rate which acts as a ranking factor in the search engine listings. 

6. Payment Gateway – The payment gateway facilitates the transactions on e-commerce website. A good payment gateway provider accepts a wide range of payment cards. An SSL layer should be added to your site for securely processing credit / debit card information of the customers.

7. Content Management System – After an ecommerce development company india

 creates a site for you, it need to be updated with the content such as product details and web page content. Through a CMS you can manage the content on the website without any development skills.

It allows you to –

A. Add,edit and delete content

B. Optimize pages for search engine

8. Responsive design- The massive increase in mobile searches lead to the rise of responsive design. It is an approach which focuses on designing and developing a site that automatically adjusts to the screen of the user irrespective of whether he is using mobile devices or desktop. 

9. Hosting – For other people to access your website it is stored on the server. You will have to purchase server space from a web hosting provider. At the time you are purchase select a hosting package that gives your site ample of server space & bandwidth. The web host’s customer service plays a major role when there is a problem in your hosting. A quick response from the customer care can save your site from being stuck in void.

Changing your hosting company can be a tedious process. Do a proper research before opting for one. Now that you have learned about the must-have features, let’s find out how to choose an ecommerce web development company india. 

The current surge in the sales of merchandise on the internet is pushing the traditional businesses to take their store online. For a retailer who has no knowledge of website creation , choosing a web development company that can cater to their needs that need is challenging.

Have you planned to open your own ecommerce store?  Here are top tips to find a company which offers the best e-commerce website development in India – 

1. Portfolio –  Every company showcases their best work on the site in the portfolio section. From there you can analyse the type of projects they have undertaken in the past. Most of the companies specialize in a specific niche. See if they have developed a site similar to the one you want for your business. Check the flow of navigation, the product pages, cart, etc.

Not only this will help you understand the quality they offer but also introduce you to the features your competitor might be using. 

You can even make a list of points you like about the sites they have designed. 

2. Location  – This factor is often overlooked ecommerce by the people looking for website development in India. For designing a selling portal that is up to the standard a team of professionals is required, with each member specializing in  a particular skill. Finding a one-stop solution where you can get the developed from the scratch and than market it to the customers can save a lot of money in long run. A company with has not mentioned any address or just the name of the city might be  owned and run by a single person.

3. Experience – You can’t risk your site in the hands of inexperienced individuals. A person who has worked previously on several projects has the ability to solve any issue that becomes a hurdle during the software development cycle. Additionally, the developers who have been active in the field for quite a long time can guide you when you are not clear about the requirements.

4. Research – The pricing for ecommerce website development in india varies from company to company. The cost depends on the complexity & vastness of the ecommerce business you want to establish. Performing research on the latest trends in ecommerce development familiarise you with the features your website should have. Comparing the rates of the best companies you will get a fair idea of cost you should expect for ecommerce website development in india.

5. Testimonies & Reviews – What their past clients have said reveals ample of information of the work ethics of a company. Good testimonies are written by satisfied customers. They are a sign of credibility & reliable. Don’t just read the reviews on the company’s site. These days reviews can be faked, to save yourself from being deceived look on third party review sites like Clutch.

6. Meeting –  Finally, before hiring a company for ecommerce website development in india conduct a meeting with the development team. Ask who is the chief developer & check out their account on GitHub, Behance, and Dribbble.

Conclusion – The above-mentioned are six most important tips to find a company that offers the best  ecommerce website development company in india. Timely response from customer service and ability to work under deadlines are two other factors you should consider along with the above.

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