Back To School Business Ideas For Teens – Based On Their Personality Type

Back To School Business Ideas For Teens – Based On Their Personality Type

Not every teenager or a kid aspires for a job package, some dream of being their own boss by having a full-fledged business in the future. All the teens out there, what are your plans for the future? – This is indeed the most common question people might have repeatedly asked you… One more time – what is your answer to this question? Are you searching for a good job, or do you want to become your own boss? Schools can teach you how to get good grades and good jobs, let’s try otherwise, what business do you want to own in 2021?

Surprisingly, 18-20 years is the age when students are just scholars or living lives as there is no tomorrow, but there are some unicorns in the crowd who have shaped their passions into a part-time business. Some are doing business to make it big in the future, some for their interest, while some are doing it to earn for their college tuition. Whatever the motivation, these young, insightful and enthusiastic minds are somewhere keeping the foundation for their own big fortune.

Business Ideas For Teens

Inspired by the recent trend of teens owning a part-time business, here is a write-up to guide youth, parents and teachers about the benefits of out-of-the-box thinking and youth-oriented businesses. Bonus: The article is here to help you through the days when you are at your lowest in terms of energy or motivation. So, Stay Tuned till the end.

Major Title Tags

1. Why Youth Should Run A Business?

2. For Teens – How Can You Start A Business If You Are Not 18 yet?

3. Brace Yourself – Here Are The Most Promising Business Ideas For Teens

4. Facing Lack of Motivation? Know-How To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Business Journey

5. Which Business You Are Good At? (As Per your Personality Traits)

6. Conclusion    

Why Youth Should Run A Business? 

There are various sure-shot advantages for youth pursuing a business and the prime among them are “energy and time”. A successful entrepreneur needs out-of-the-box thinking and pacing with the current trends. 18-20 is an energetic age where you are eager to learn a lot plus you have sufficient time to identify your business scope. It is a good time to try new approaches and also to assess whether you have a business mind or entrepreneurship is not at all your thing? If you are lucky, by the time of your post-graduation, you will have an established business.

Colleges seek students with leadership qualities, a small-scale side business owned and managed by you will add to your skillset and will increase your probability of getting admission to the college you prefer. Moreover, stepping into the business at an early age will lead you to build as many professional connections as you want and explore new possibilities for your businesses’ growth. Even if you decide to drop your business you can use those connections to get references for decent-paying jobs.

PS: These are your peak years deciding your entire future. Do what interests you and stay focused till the end. No one can ever put a job or a business on a pedestal – it completely depends on your time, dedication and interest.

For Teens – How Can You Start A Business If You Are Not 18 yet? 

18 years in many countries is the legal age to start your business. What if you are not 18 yet? Will you drop off your amazing online business idea? Or wait till you are 18? If you are waiting will you be able to retain your enthusiasm and excitement for a couple of years? If you want to start a business before 18, you need your parents to have your back. In most countries, it is not legal for a teen under 18 to start a business and they cannot sign legally binding contracts as well.

For teens under 18 – you need your parents to sign off and get started. Also, you might want your parents to open up a business account for you under their name and then transfer it once you are 18. Even if you are going to start an online business and need the help of an IT Consultancy you need to be 18 in order to officially be a website owner or start your own online store.

With the support of your parents or relatives, you can come up with a full-fledged online store and start a low-investment side venture from home. Though online businesses are far more feasible and cost-effective than offline ones, here are some online side venture ideas to inspire you to start your own business, scale and grow. Before you put your dibs on any of these online ventures, you and your parents need to have a small question-answer session:

Ask yourself these questions before you think about keeping the foundation of your online business: 

-> How much time do you and your partner (if any) are willing to dedicate to the business each day/week? 

-> How much autonomy will the teen have? 

-> Who will look into the finances? 

-> How will you build and market your online business? 

-> What will be the consequences of breaking the finances? 

-> What is your exit strategy?  

Brace Yourself – Here Are The Most Promising Small Business Ideas For Teens

Small Business Ideas For Teens

With our experience of years in web development and promoting businesses online, we have handpicked some business ideas for you young minds that will help you channelize your energy and be your own boss.  

1. Dog Walking and Petting Service 

If you love dogs or other pets and know how to take care of one, then convert your skills into a part-time business of your own. Start your own dog walking and petting service in your free time. Though the business could stand on word-of-mouth from your parents, relatives or neighbor, a full-fledged app will help you scale your business to a wider extent – you can also employ others to join you if you scale. Know how much does a dog walking app development cost?   

2. A Simple Lemonade Stand 

One of the best business ideas for teens is a simple lemonade stand. The drink is loved by all in summers and the business needs no long-term commitment. Though you can bring in some new approaches to old recipes of lemonade and become popular for one-of-the-kind lemonades in your locality or city.   

3. Part-Time Teaching

Part-time teaching will not only fetch some extra money for you but will also brush your knowledge from time to time. You can come up with your own coaching classes (an educational brand) if you are able to get a large group of younger students. 

4. Babysitting

Want to earn some extra bucks while keeping up with your studies? This is for the teens who are looking for a part-time business opportunity, you can take up babysitting. Looking at a bigger picture you can come up with the creche at your home taking care of a group of babies. For beginners, you can start with babysitting one kid. Adding on, you can come up with tuition classes for some extra bucks. 

5. Make And Sell Handmade Goods 

There are immense options to start with when it comes to handmade goods. This is indeed a fun activity that your entire family could bond over and fetch some money by selling it. With more adulterated goods in the market, people are constantly seeking organic and homemade substitutes. 

There is an entire list of goods that you can make and sell online by sitting at home, some of which are handmade/organic soaps, chocolates, beaded jewelry, sweets, etc. Though you have other secondary platforms to sell your homemade goods, a dedicated online e-commerce site will help you stand as a separate brand identity and have authority in the market. 

6. Become An Influencer (Youtube or Social Media)

This 2021 put your bets on the most popular side-business idea – social media influencing. Pick up a dedicated niche revolving around which will be all your videos and posts, further creating a community of followers with similar interests through social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. It can be beauty, cosmetics, entertainment or financial or educational content. Later you can monetize your skills by posing promotional content for various businesses that belong to your niche.

7. Sell Your Unique Inventions 

If you hold out-of-the-box thinking and are good at creating things, you can certainly come up with something unique to sell in the market with the help of your parents. Selling your own invention gives you inner satisfaction and also helps you have a monopoly as no one other than you is selling the same product. Kudos on your next big invention… Your invented products can be mass-manufactured or made by hand and sold online.   

8. Sell A Digital Product or Service

There are various agencies out there that are paying shed loads for digital products like a song composition, a particular write-up, a design, online tutorials, etc. For instance, if you are a good photographer you can either sell your skills online or monetize great clicks that are taken by you. Here is the list of online platforms where you can sell unique and exclusive photos taken by you. A dedicated website developer still remains the elite when it comes to starting a full-fledged online business.   

9. Sell Your Artwork Online 

Start your own e-commerce business by selling your unique artwork online. Apart from studies, some students are great artists and have a distinctive insight that can fetch them a good sum of money. If you have an artistic edge then this is one of the best low-investment business ideas that you can come up with in 2021. But why e-commerce? The Internet knows no boundaries, by having an e-commerce site you can easily scale with your business. Know more benefits of e-commerce portals for a business

10. Small Scale Dropshipping 

One of the best and cost-effective business models to prosper in 2021 and beyond. Dropshipping is a true online business where the seller owns an e-commerce portal to sell products without actually stocking them. With no upfront inventory cost or management cost, as soon as you get an order on your site you can divert the same to the dropshipping supplier or manufacturer and they will further process the delivery. We have a lot in stock to tell you about dropshipping.

Not only for teens but this business model is feasible for those who want to start their own online ver 

11. ‘On-Demand T-Shirt Printing and Selling

If you are thinking about business stability and have a budget to spend on your own brand, then sell something that has a high demand in the market. A T-Shirt is something that is regularly worn by people of every age group. Think about the scope of your product niche. As customized t-shirts are in trend these days, an online and on-demand t-shirt business is here to scale. Go for direct to garment or heat transfer printing methods for on-demand t-shirt printing. Print and sell customized T-Shirts in these 6 simple steps. For every business you start, brand building is a must. If you want to make it big in t-shirt printing and selling a business, then   

12. Create An Online Affiliate Website  

Promote goods from other brands. Affiliate marketing is one of the promising business ideas in 2021 – create a dedicated online site and promote external brands. The Internet is a widespread utility and is the best way to promote products and services as far as you want. Create a niche website and promote the products and services that are aesthetic to your niche. Explore not 1 or 2 but 112 low-cost website ideas that you can pursue as a part-time gig without compromising on your college schedules.

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Facing Lack of Motivation? Know-How To Stay Motivated Throughout Your Business Journey

As much as teens and kids are enthusiastic on some days, there are days when they are drained and running out of motivation to work. There is no one size fits all answer to this question – everyone is unique and so is their motivation. The segment is here to fuel you up with categories of motivation (find your motivation today). And tips to remain motivated…

Motivation Categorized into 6 Parts

1. Passion – If you are passionate about art, craft, designing, or making handmade goods. Your passion can certainly turn into a full-time business and pursuing something you are passionate about is itself the biggest motivation. Passion is powerful enough to keep you up all night, set routines, wake up early in the morning and do anything to stay in business every day. Ask a web development company, what much does it cost to build a business website?

2. Meeting Daily Goals – Some need money not to secure a future but to earn a daily fortune. For someone who is struggling with daily finance and fulfillment – money is the biggest motivation that keeps them on their toes.  

3. Appreciation and Approval – Approval and appreciation is yet another big reason why people pour their blood and sweat into a business. Appreciation or approval can be from a friend, family, relative, or a user who has purchased your product or service in the past. The last one is the best form of motivation, as no one other than a stranger can give a candid review.

4. Personality Enhancement – This is one of the biggest reasons why a teen or a kid is motivated to pursue a business. Owning a small scale or self-business will contribute to the overall personality development, inculcate leadership and risk-taking qualities in a teen or a kid.

5. External Motivation – There are various external sources to boost your enthusiasm when it comes to seeking motivation and staying motivated in a business. Read success stories that relate to your segment, listen to podcasts, read more and more books, buy your favorite stuff with the money you have earned, etc. All these external sources will tell you the worth of what you are doing in life and that you need to keep doing it in order to succeed with it.

6. Be Goal-Oriented – Make goals and be adamant to reach there. Having a goal will give your efforts a direction and will give you a reason to celebrate small milestones that you have achieved. May it be a certain income you want to reach, or a promotion, a fitness goal, etc. Brace these goals with a concrete roadmap analyzing the potential hikes and bumps in your business. 

Which Business You Are Good At? (As Per your Personality Traits)

Wondering which business you are good at and what to start? Well, why not ask yourself what type of a person’s/aura you have and accordingly dive into a business that suits your sign? However, you might put your interests and things you are good at on a higher pedestal.

See yourself relate to one of these founder signs…

1. The Trailblazer 

2. The Cartographer 

3. The Firestarter 

4. The Mountaineer 

5. The Outsider

The Trailblazer 

The kids or teens falling under this sign are most organized and active of all. You are the type that excels at schoolwork simultaneously balancing your social life and a side business. You are active most of the time. You hold immense energy to juggle it all in your basket and hold the wits to solve a problem under some unfortunate event. You certainly hold an upper hand in creativity.

Business Ideas for Teens – Trailblazer

-> Selling handmade goods online 

-> Selling your Unique innovation 

-> Small scale services (like petting, home chores, or babysitting services).

Bonus Tip: Have a goal, have a plan, and channelize your tasks as you might face some disorganization with managing everything that you have put on your plate.   

The Cartographer

You know you are a cartographer if books, studies, and a perfect valedictory entice you. You have the milestones in your mind that you want to accomplish and are doing it with utter care and dedication. You like to inspect 180 degrees of a situation and then proceed with care – this quality makes you a thoughtful leader. You are organized and dedicated enough to lead a profitable business along with your studies which makes you a true business leader.

Business Ideas for Teens – Cartographer

-> Tuitions 

-> Selling digital products, classes or tutorials 

-> Work on an educational app idea

-> DIY templates, kits and supplies 

-> Assemble and sell gift boxes, customized hampers or organic care kits.

Bonus Tip: Do not force yourself a lot. Take a deep breath and relax. You need to organize everything might be a reason for your stress. Do not stress it and employ help as and when needed.  

The Firestarter 

Think big and dream big.. If you are a firestarter, this is probably your life motto. We assume that you are already an entrepreneur who is probably waiting for a green flag or the business idea that makes your adrenaline rush. It takes an entrepreneurial mind to make it big in the future and have an established business. Firestarters, you have it in you.

Business Ideas for Teens – The Firestarters

-> Dropshipping business 

-> On-demand merchandise or t-shirt printing business. 

-> Starting an online business to sell collectibles. 

-> Sell vintage clothes online.

-> Start an online e-commerce business with the help of an e-commerce web development company.

Bonus Tip: You have an entrepreneurial mind, come up with something that no one has thought of before (it may be a business idea or a different business approach). For instance, rather than selling a product, you can focus on raw materials that are hard to find in the local market (to eliminate competition). Get inspired by Charlie Kobdish the young founder of Charlie’s Treats – a kid-made kid-owned business. 

The Mountaineer

You are a mountaineer if you have your eyes on a single large goal rather than setting small milestones. You work for a single purpose and you certainly hold the talent to make it big with a side business hustle. Your excitement to do something new and in the run to achieve bigger goals might sabotage your studies. To avoid such circumstances, set your boundaries and embrace your priorities from time to time.

Business Ideas for Teens – The Mountaineers

-> Social Media influencer or product reviewer. 

-> Personal shopper or shopping assistant. 

-> Affiliate marketing through a full-fledged niche website

-> An e-commerce store making and selling artwork. 

-> Print on demand store.

Bonus Tip: You need to hold yourself accountable. Set your priorities straight and work for each on time. Quitting is not your thing, mountaineers you like to embrace the endings – quitting either on your business or studies is a big step for you to take.  

The Outsider 

You are amazing at the work you do whether it’s making goods, digital products or monetizing your talent through a full-fledged online website. Your solo attitude will help you pursue your hobbies in a good way and maybe you can turn your hobby into a full-fledged business. Know how you can start your online brand with Vervelogic.

Business Ideas for Teens – Outsiders

-> Own an online bakery or any other homemade goods store. 

-> Selling digital products (like compositions, write-ups or podcasts) 

-> Sell your expertise like managerial, vocal or admin skills as a service.

 Bonus Tip: With a never-giving-up attitude a strong mindset is needed. You cannot be afraid – you need to take risks from time to time and challenge your boundaries. 


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A side business is a boon if you have a strong idea and a will to accomplish the goals. Why run for jobs if this 6 mins article holds Small business ideas for teens and the guidance to stay motivated each day? It is an accomplishment for us if the article helps you change your life by thinking big.

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