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Guide to App Store Optimization

Guide to App Store Optimization

There are about 3 billion smartphone users. About 2.6 million apps are available on Google Play Store and more than 2 million apps on Apple App Store and the number is consistently rising. So if you are an app developer or app owner who is trying to get their app noticed- just know that ‘stiff competition is an understatement when it comes to these two platforms for app ranking.

So, how do you make your app rank high in these two digital megastores?

The answer is App Store Optimization (ASO)- it is utilized in both the stores and it works, it works well if you know well enough to use it.

What is App Store Optimization?

App store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. ASO is similar in its functionality when it comes to SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Here are some tips to use the ASO to your( app’s) advantage

1) Descriptive Title

A keyword or two in your title or subtitle is the trick. In fact, including keywords in your title can help you rank at least 10% higher. 63% of users find apps through general browsing so if you include the right keywords, the chances of your app popping up during app search gets higher- thus your app will have more exposure.

When it comes to the app description, the App Store and Play Store work differently-

The App Store offers 225 characters for your title. So take your time to come up with a title that is unique and descriptive with keywords included.

But when it comes to the Play Store, it offers only 30 characters for your title- so you need to be precise and use your words wisely- in fact, it would be best if you use mostly keywords.

2) Use Keywords Wisely

Now, you cannot put up keywords just for the sake of it- let’s not forget that you are not the only one to opt for ASO, thousands are doing the same. So you need to be selective about your keywords as well.

Apple App Store provides only 100 characters for your keywords, so you need to be precise with your keywords

When it comes to Google Play Store- there is no specific field for keywords. However, the app description is searchable and you will have a comfortable 4000 character limit.

3) Keywords Research

Before you proceed, it is advisable to do a bit of research in the field. Learn about the traffic, difficulty, and demand for those keywords as well as how many apps are already using them.

Be sure to include select keywords in your app’s title and description.

Try to put the top keyword in your app’s name and use words rather than phrases, try to avoid using conjunctions and prepositions as keywords, and use digits instead of spelling for numbers.

4) App Description Matters

See, if you are thinking that keywords rule the ranking game- drop that though. You need to have a good description of your app so that the users are interested and download your app.

You need to make the users want to try out the app- so you need them downloading it and is it even needed to mention how important download velocity is? Very, very important.

Go for a brief, creative and fun description and remember, it is not just an overview of your app- you need to convince the viewers that they should download the app- so focus on benefits.

5) Use High-Quality Screenshots

It is like glimpses of the most vital functions of the app- so you know screenshots are important. Users would prefer visual description more than written. On average, a user spends about only 7 seconds to decide whether they want an app or not. So the focus should be on key benefits and the most engaging features of your app.

6) Add An App Preview Video

As mentioned before, visuals are worth more than the written description- the users do not have all the time in the world. So, a smart and trendy option is to add a preview video keep it crisp and fun, focus on its interesting features and benefits, and the users are already downloading your app.

7) Pick The Right Category

Another important element. Sometimes, if we mess up with the category- we are at risk of losing a lot of potential app users. So deciding on and picking up the right category is important.

For this, you need to know what your app is for, what to expect- what are its functions, sub-categories, everything plays a role.

8) Use App Store Analytics

Just like Google Analytics, several powerful App Store Analytics tools will help you design your app marketing strategies. You will be able to see where your app stands concerning the competition and you can work on boosting your app ranking accordingly.

That was it for the tricks and tips, you can choose what you need, what your priorities are, and decide accordingly which tip is the most valuable to you.

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