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25 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

25 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

As the number of smartphone users continues to take a leap each year, the demand for best and better-than-the-best mobile apps and features have also increased. Mobile apps have to be secure, easy to use and stable in order to survive the competition and to be certain that all the mentioned factors are perfect you need a robust programming language for development.

There are more than 600 different Programming Languages and each has its merits and demands. But we must filter in the best for creating some awesome mobile apps.

Here are 25 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps

1). Python

As a high-level programming language, Python is used primarily in web development, app development, creating desktop GUIs(Graphical User Interface), for computing and analysing scientific and numeric data and for software development.

 Surprisingly, it is easy to read and learn- language and hence is being taught at school and even college-level.

Android apps like Spotify, YouTube, Quora, Reddit and Instagram have been developed using this amazing programming language. No doubt it is the most taught programming language.

2). Swift

Introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift is considered the programming language of the future. It has made its debut as the latest programming language to make its way into the Apple ecosystem and is popular for writing the code for the Apple’s APIs, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

The language was released for iOS, its supporting system and Linux. Today, Swift has emerged as the primary language to be used in the development of iOS and OS X.

3). JavaScript

As a high-level interpreted programming language, JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports object-oriented and functional programming.

However, Javascript is not primarily a language programme used for developing apps but rather is run by browsers and used to develop and control web pages. JavaScript is used for developing mobile apps only when it is used with HTML, CSS and AJAX.

The one key factor that makes developing apps on JavaScript so convenient is that you have to code the apps just once and it can be released on all platforms like Android, iOS and  Windows.

4). Java

In the last two decades, Java has been one of the strongest programming languages in the world. It is largely favoured by app developers in companies due to its flexibility and ease to be handled, minimizing possibilities of error during mobile app development.

Java is backed by a community that makes fixing technical glitches very easy and efficient.

5). Rust

Sponsored by Mozilla, Rust is a system programming language and is known to be particularly safe, concurrent and practical. Its syntax is quite similar to C++.

The key advantage of Rust is that the errors are caught at the time of compilation which allows the developers to write optimal code. However, it can be quite complicated to install on Windows

6). Scala

Scala is one of the latest programming languages in the market. Released as a stable version in 2019, Scala is a general-purpose programming language and provides support for functional programming and a strong static type system.

Scala is based on Java and hence the software provides interoperability with Java so that libraries written in either of the languages may be referenced directly in both software.

Scala is object-oriented like Java but supports various functional programming features such as immutability, currying, lazy evaluation and pattern matching.

7). Buildfire

Buildfire.js helps you create robust mobile apps by using Buildfire SDK and JavaScript.

Buildfire is being commonly used in a lot of businesses which elements the need for the developer to create an application from the scratch. 

The developer only needs to create a specific process for the business, this results in rapid application development.

The buildfire marketplace also has a bunch of plugins that you can add to buildfire.

8). Ruby

Influenced by languages like Pearl, Eiffel, Ada and Smalltalk, Ruby is an object-oriented, dynamic, interpreted, reflective general-purpose programming language.

Ruby supports multiple programming paradigms that are object-oriented, functional and imperative.

Ruby has a dynamic type system with automatic memory management and can offer a standard structure for mobile app development.

It is also the friendliest programming language, especially for learners and beginners and has solid and liberal community support to help you out when you face any issue.

9). C#

Known as C sharp, it is also an object-oriented programming language and uses concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction, like C++

The programming language can be used for all languages and is developed by Microsoft. It is mainly used for developing mobile games, web services and server applications.

However, C# is low on memory and the power-consumption can compete with C++ or C.

10). GoLang

Also sometimes referred to as Go is a programming language by Google.

What makes Golang stand apart from the rest of its competitors is the excellent support it provides for multithreading which is why it is being used by various companies that have a strong dependency on distributed systems. 

In fact, it is so popular that it has attained the status of go-to programming language for startups in Silicon Valley.

11). Kotlin

Kotlin is a compact and understandable language that is compatible with Java. Its simple syntax and focus on mobile app development has attracted many app developers.

Kotlin can help make your life as an Android developer a lot easier.

Apps like Huber and Shadow Shocks have been developed using this programming language.

12). R

R might not be as widely popular a language currently like the above-mentioned programming languages, it definitely holds the potential to become one of the leading programming languages in the market as its popularity grows internationally.

It is an open-source programming language which particularly works well for UIs. The visual representation of data is important and R  can prove to be one of the best languages for creating beautiful animations, graphs and multi-layered UI elements in a mobile app. 

The language can also be used for statistical computing. Also, R is compatible with different platforms and supports cross-platform development.

13). HTML5

HTML5 can prove to be greatly useful in web-based mobile application development.

The latest version of this language features multimedia support and multi-platform functionality for different gadgets and programmes and quick market deployment.

Android and iOS app developers find HTML5 particularly useful due to its flexibility and rapid application development capability.


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used for general-purpose development today but was originally developed for websites.

After learning PHP, you will be able to create dynamic web applications and all types of mobile applications.

PHP can also be used for creating project management tools and PDFs code.

15). C++

C++ is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language with low-level memory manipulation features. Inheriting its syntax from C, C++ is the extension of the language.

If you have worked with C, handling C++ will not be a problem since both the languages share almost all the features, except that C++ is more comprehensive.

C++ is a powerful resource and has found extensive application and use in various sectors from the financial sector to the business of manufacturing, to the banking and many more.

C++ can be used to develop operating systems, new programming language, graphic and designs, game development, app development, medical and engineering platforms and computation platforms.

C++ can be used to develop some of the strongest tools like Photoshop, Google Chrome, Paypal etc.

16). Objective-C

Learning Objective-C is considered to be fairly easy because a large majority of features are taken from C language.

This language is mostly used by Apple for developing iOS and Mac OS apps.

However, application development through Objective-C can take long because the programmer has to write long lines of code.

17). SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is a domain-specific language which is particularly useful for programming and is designed particularly for stream processing in RDBMS.

SQL has scopes in data queries, data manipulation, data definition and data access control.

SQL was one of the first commercial programming languages for the relational model and is particularly useful for retrieving large amount of data for the database quickly and efficiently.

The SQL database uses standards that are not only well-established but also well-adopted by ANSI and ISO. Moreover, it does not need you to write copious amounts of code to manage a database system.

18).  jQuery

Developed in 2007, jQuery is aimed to facilitate client-side HTML scripting.

It is jQuery’s selector engine that allows it to stand out as it does quite well at traversal and manipulation.

The language eliminates most JavaScript drawbacks by simplifying the operations which take more than a while on JavaScript.

19). Lua

Lua is a light-weight, multi-paradigm language that was primarily developed for embedded application.

It’s a cross-platform language where ANSI C is used for the interpreter and C is used for API.

Salient features of the language include speed, portability, extensibility and reliability which mesh together to make it perfect for embedded applications.

This language is particularly helpful when it comes to handling errors and managing them.

20). BOO

Developed in 2003, BOO is a free programming language. BOO is considered an all-rounder and is pretty useful in general for application development.

It works well with Mono frameworks as well as Microsoft.Net.

However, since it’s a new language, programmers do not go for it often and it is not as powerful as the older programming languages such as Java, C++ and Python.

Its unique features include First Class functions, list comprehensions and closures.

21). Corona

Do not panic, it is a harmless and quite friendly programming language. But it is more of a software development kit that is used for building 2D mobile applications for iOS, Android and Kindle and desktop applications for both Windows and OS X.

It is built on programming language LUA and works on a pretty simple process that makes it easier for the developers to build apps.

22). Scratch

This programming language was developed by MIT Media Lab Lifelong Kindergarten group in 2002 to allow programmers to culminate in games, animations and storytelling.

Although the language was targeted at students, users of all ages can learn and use it easily.

23). ObjectPascal

This is a branch of object-oriented derivatives of Pascal and is essentially an extension of Pascal Language. The language is comparatively easy to learn and understand due to its easy syntax and wordiness.Additionally, its compiler is faster than C and C++.\

The downside, however, is that it is useful only within a niche  and also, it contains some unnecessary syntax.

24). QML

Qt Modelling Language- QML, is a good programming language for creating mobile applications. 

QML is, though less preferred by developers because an app developed with QML will not work without Qt quick compiler which is only available with the commercial QML version.

25). Perl

This programming language is actually the combination of two different languages- Perl 5 and Perl 6. A high-level dynamic programming language, Perl has a capability to use features from other programming languages like C, sed, AWK.

What stands out here is that both Perl 5 and Perl 6 run and evolve independently of each other.

The language is used in numerous fields such as bioinformatics, automation, website app development, game development and many more.

 Comprehensive Perl archive network is the language’s most powerful feature which makes it fast, reliable and personal.

So that was it for the best 25 Programming Languages for Mobile App.

Which one would be your path to success?



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