Among the Best IT Consulting Companies in India

Providing custom IT consulting services to our clients, VerveLogic is one of the best Indian IT consulting companies that deliver quantifiable results. Amidst all the other consulting companies in India, our uniqueness is to provide you with IT consulting services that help you automate and digitise your experience using the latest technologies.

Our IT consulting firm owns a team of software engineers working through the projects with careful planning and effective execution. Our aim is to align your IT processes with your business objectives.

Custom IT Consulting Service

We are one of the leading Indian consulting companies which provide IT strategy consulting based on the needs of your business. Our experienced team of experts understand no two businesses are the same, therefore offering you tailored, fast and cost-effective optimization of IT systems is our ultimate goal.

Some Common Challenges Businesses Face With Software Consulting Companies

  • Lack of Strategic IT Planning
  • Outsourcing Risks
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Hiring Budget Developers
  • Controlling excess development time

Our IT Consulting Firm Eliminates These Challenges With Ease

  • Strategic IT Consulting Services
  • In-House Team of Developers
  • Risk management and Cyber Crime Safety
  • Software Engineers with Years of Experience
  • Working in Steps and Keeping up with the Timeline

Services We Provide at Our IT
Consulting Firm

VeveLogic LLC is among the leading Indian consulting companies providing strategic IT consulting services to help you achieve your business goals. The IT consulting services we offer include:
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Personalised Software Development

Unlike other Indian IT consulting companies we offer tailored IT services to all our clients. Every business has a different target and helping you achieve that target with custom solutions is our motto.

  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Easy to use software
  • Access control and validation by admins
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Analysis of Businesses

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business with the use of the latest technologies and existing resources are taken care of by Indian consulting companies.

  • Learn about the present-day business process
  • Document a plan of improvement
  • Receive progress reports
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IT Security Consulting

Among the top-rated consulting companies in India, we offer services like assessing all security measures and providing solutions accordingly.

  • Analyze security systems
  • Study potential breaches
  • Supervise the implementation of solutions
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Audits & Assessments

Examining the current IT landscape for your business is our aim with these IT consulting services.

  • Overview of current IT infrastructure
  • Highlighting the risks existing within the environment
  • Outlining the steps needed to remedy those risks
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Technology Consulting

IT strategy consulting and technological advancements are the objectives of Technology Consulting services. Manage risk better, reduce cost and grow businesses with the help of these services offered by consulting companies in India.

  • Presenting strategies to clients
  • Bring new systems and help in monitoring them
  • Creating documentation to show the progress reports
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Forecasting App Life

Indian consulting companies like us can help you in Forecasting the longevity of your mobile App. Cybercrime management lifecycle assistance to businesses and supporting them to establish and gather effective evidence can be done by consulting companies in India like us.

  • Digital frauds and cyber crimes investigation
  • Analysis of created log
  • Identification of incidents and responding to them
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Management of Risk

Assessing the business risks that will ensue with the use, ownership and adoption of IT in an organization can be done. Unlike other software consulting companies we provide feasible solutions after receiving feedback from our experts.

  • Monitor & Review the Risk
  • Evaluate and Rank the Risk
  • Reduce the Impact
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Dedicated Technology Consultant

We are a part of leading Indian IT consulting companies providing Dedicated Technology Consultancy services to help you transform the way you use technology.

  • Maximising the use of Technology
  • Reducing business cost
  • Software portfolio consulting

Working of Our IT Consulting Firm

Being among one of the best IT strategy consulting firms, we provide IT strategy consulting in three steps.
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All - round market reserach for small business
  • Extensive market research for businesses
  • Integration of technology for decision-making
  • Training businesses to achieve targets
02 Consulting Firm
All - round market reserach for small business
  • Research of complexity in the market
  • Distinct operational and financial capabilities exploration
  • Suggestions of scenarios to extend further
03 Consulting Firm
All - round market reserach for small business
  • Long-term and short-term partnership plans
  • Augmentation by continuous upgradation
  • Optimise architecture with the latest technology

One of the leading Indian IT Consulting Companies Providing Best Technical Solutions

Our IT consulting firm helps businesses achieve greater heights with efficient strategies for IT consulting services. We keep you up with modern technologies to help you achieve the best of results.

Our IT consulting services: What To Expect?

We are one of the consulting companies in India that believe in delivering excellence. We analyse your business and provide optimised solutions best suited for you.
  • consulting services Highly Experienced Team Members
  • consulting services 24/7 Technical Assistance
  • consulting services Result-Driven Approach
  • consulting services Security of Your Idea
  • consulting services No Hidden Charges
  • consulting services Usage of New Technologies
  • consulting services Understanding Business Needs
  • consulting services Innovative Planning
  • consulting services Quality assured Products
  • consulting services Customer-Centric
Choose from Our Various Hiring Models
Our leading consulting company in India realises the different needs of different businesses. We have three different models for businesses to choose from.
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Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of professionals will be assigned to your project. A monthly rolling contract is applicable to this model.

  • No hidden charges
  • 160 Hours of part & full time
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work
consulting services
Fixed Price Model

Fixed price models have one time fixed payment contracts. These are best for large well-planned projects.

  • No hidden charges
  • Fixed deadlines & budget
  • Milestone based payment
  • No setup fees
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Hour wise rolling contract is applicable to this type of model. It is suited for projects that are undefined.

  • No hidden charges
  • Requirement based working hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work

With ever-evolving digitalisation, IT consulting companies in India focus on helping you with the usage of Information technology to achieve your business objectives. A team of professionals from IT consulting services help you build a business strategy that works for the betterment of your business. Automating processes and operations within the business with the help of software consulting companies benefits them by optimising their work. 50 percent of the success can be achieved by building an effective strategy and consulting companies in India will assist you to have one.

Our IT consulting services include custom software development, business process analysis, security consulting, audits and assessments, technology consulting, forecasting app longevity, risk management and dedicated technology consultant. Our team of experts make your business operations smooth and cost-effective with the use of the latest technology. We are one of the finest Indian consulting companies that analyzes your needs and make required changes with the help of the integration of new technologies.

We are one of the leading IT consulting companies in India providing custom solutions based on market research to help you grow exponentially. Our customized research reports and consulting services help businesses to track their growth. We deliver measurable results and evolve the processes from time to time.

Our IT consulting firm does an extensive research of the market and provides IT solutions to our clients that are feasible and in reach. Solving your IT related problems and putting technology to the best use of your business is the prime objective of consulting companies in India.

Unlike other Indian consulting companies, our team of experts dive deep in understanding your business to identify key issues to solve and future endeavors that can help you grow leaps and bounds. Our strategic technology roadmap follows current trends and allows future advancements to happen as well.

For a new client, first we understand their needs and analyse the resources that are available. We then move to documentation which includes project cost, relationship parameters, required resources, project timeline and associated information. After documentation, we start the engagement and provide clients with the IT consulting services and solutions.