Operating System iOS or Android

Which Operating System you Should Program: iOS or Android?

Long since the entrance of smartphones, a strong debate has been furious about which mobile operating system works great. The debate basically include the two most important Operating system: app development for iOS or app development for Android. And, provided the open-source behaviour of Android apps, Google’s commanding operating system (OS) typically receives the incline from the small scale businesses for competing against the well established leaders.

The most important question while developing app for mobile is; Which Operating System should develop an app :iOS or android.

To define the appropriate course for app, ask yourself these four most important questions:

  1. Do I have a Mac?

The ownership behaviour of iOS for Apple design expanded all the way to the programming. Applications for Apple’s iOS should have been developed in Xcode, which is presently being available only on Mac Operating Systems. Apart from  this, it’s quite easy to work for a Mac OS. If you do not own any of them, you’ll have to buy one prior you could begin with the coding section. If you already have a Mac OS and if you are targeting audience from America, then use the iTunes store, since it is the place where your audience might had already linked up their credit cards and also it provides you with the great place to make you app promoted better.

  1. What can my budget support?

Recently, a survey was conducted by the leading app developers, and according to that survey, the cost incurred in developing an iOS application differs widely, with a minimum cost of around $38,000 to the maximum of around $171,000. App development for Android cost more around 21 percent approximately less to develop around 78 percent of the marketplace. Except if you have enormous proof that your targeted audience mainly uses iPhones, it’s more recommended to target Android app development first, especially on a self deprecating budget.

And since iOS users have raise the expectations for design, you will be required to have a larger budget to invest.

  1. Which language make developers more comfortable?

Everything comes with some drawbacks, even open-sourced app development also have its own limitations. Android screens as well as internal device description may differ in size much more than that of with iOS, because it is much limited to iPhone or iPad. Due to this, Android apps are more likely to have bugs; and moreover, regular testing should be completed to make sure that apps are working properly, as expected, across all the devices.

  1. How quickly do you have to hit your chosen app store?

If you want to launch your app fast, you will get your app to the Google Play store with Android. In addition to this, many developers are keen to make apps more for Google Play Store rather than for the App Store of Apple, therefore being a small business owner, you have to keep in mind that you will more likely to find it simpler to find a developer to build or develop an Android app rather than an iOS developer.

While the pros of developing the Android Operating System are alluring, there are few of the benefits to programming for Apple’s iOS which can never be ignored, especially if your takings attached on in-app purchases. Usually, it has been believed that the Apple users are more prosperous and so more likely to pay out the money for purchasing an app.

To increase the visibility and to reach reach to the most of the audience possible, you might want your app to get easily available in all stores and on each ll platforms. And that can be possible if simple being mobile-ready is good for your app.

Though, while it will be great to develop once and implement it everywhere, this assurance hasn’t been entirely fulfilled.

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4 techniques to help you truly understand your customers

Optimizing the customer behaviour is an efficient way to acquire new customers. It’s also one of the best ways of fostering customer loyalty.

According to a report, only 40% of marketing executive are using customer engagement data to inform their marketing strategy.

Also, the marketers and other organizational leaders are neglecting the customers before and after the sale. The biggest barrier is usually the lack of understanding of the customers.

Having the deep understanding of the customers is a key to achieving business goals. ‘When you are trying to optimize or build customer experience, create more engaging content.or increase sales ‘ says experts from seo services company India.

Here are the 5 techniques you can implement to understand your customers better, suggested by professionals from best SEO company in Noida

#1. Apply Intelligent Customer Engagement

If you get it right, an optimised customer experience can be valuable for the revenue and retention and can be a source of customer insight.

Engaging with your customers in real time is becoming more easily accessible with the help of tools such as Messenger, is becoming even more popular customer service channels, while Drift allow you to talk with customers while they browse your site.

Your proprietary data from interacting with your customers, regardless of the channel, can help you understand them better. Work with your customer service teams to look for patterns and react to the insight you generate.

Moreover, nothing beats customer development. Getting your customers on the phone on regular basis can help you go deeper into their needs, pains and challenges.

#2. Create more Robust Buyer Personas

Many marketers use the generic demographics like age, location, and profession to develop buyer’s persona. These data points simply do not provide the messaging that resonates with the target audience on an emotional level.

One way to know more about the customer’s preferences is to use the Acquisition tab on Google Analytics to see which social media outlets, professional forums, and industry blogs your site traffic comes from. Then, apply this information to your personas so you can find out where and when to reach them more effectively.

Furthermore, acquiring keyword data is a helpful way to determine the terms and descriptions that certain buyer personas use to describe your services.

For example, to segment customers based on keyword searches, use Google Webmaster Tools to create a list of common keywords that drive people to your site. Then, group the keywords into overarching themes and assign to different personas based on the data you have available.

#3. Generate data from Customer Analytics

Every customer action from clicking on a link to reading through a web page every offers valuable insight into customer behaviour.

To determine how customers interact with your website, you can try a user behavior tracking tool. Tools like Inspectlet and Google Analytics are great tools for gathering insights such as bounce rate and time on page. Inspectlet can even provide short videos of users on your page in real time.

The behavioral data you collect will lead you to conclusions about what your audience members do and don’t like,  what they don’t understand and how you can create a stronger website experience.

If there is trouble navigating to a certain sales page, for instance, adjust the interface to allow for a more user-friendly experience.

Analyze that page content where people spending more time to see what’s retaining people’s attention. Most importantly, if there is a page with a high bounce rate, try to analyse what’s making people leave.

#4. Traverse Your Customer’s Path

The only way to understand the dynamic and the unique customer buying journey is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

This is made possible by an advanced technique called customer journey mapping — a method where companies make a comprehensive, graphical representation of the customer journey based on critical touch points, interactions between a customer and your brand before, during, or after purchase.

With the help of advanced analytics, behavioral recording tools, and stronger customer touchpoints, understanding customer behavior has gotten easier than ever. For more help, you can contact to best seo company in India.

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How to turn those seasonal one-time shoppers into permanent customers

Seasonal and Black Friday shoppers are unique in the way that they will purchase your products without knowing anything about your brand. This means chances are there that they might forget your brand entirely if you don’t make any effort to keep them interested.

Transforming seasonal shoppers into lifelong customers will have a huge impact on the success of your e-commerce business, over time they will cost less, buy more, and even develop a strong connection with your business.

Here are some effective ways suggested by experts from e-commerce development companies.

Nurture your New Relationship through email

Email is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. How can you form that connection through email? Introduce them to your brand and tell them a story with very first email you send them. You should consider sending your first email to the seasonal customers after your sales end and once the dust settles.

Here is an example of effective email from NOMAD

‘ We are glad you found us’

Welcome to NOMAD. Here are few things that we(and hope you love it too):

We are 100% funded by our customers and early backers from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

We accept barters, not just money.

We make the smallest and most portable cables in the world so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

We are happy to have you onboard and love to hear from you.”

An effective email can kick off the nurturing process with new customers. It warms them up to your brand and messaging. It let you share your story and what your brand is all about.

Do not make a mistake by blasting your customers with promotions right in the first email, otherwise, you won’t be able to develop a worthwhile and lasting relationship with them.

According to a report, nurturing emails get 10 times more engagement than promotional emails. Keeping them engaged will make them less likely to forget about you and more receptive to future promotional emails.

Here are some ideas of email you can send out after your welcome emails to keep your customers engaged

  • Educational Content – Share your helpful blog posts or create content that educates people interested in your niche. For example, if you sell yoga mats tell them about the new pose or share some workout routines you have enjoyed.
  • Entertaining content- You can also engage your customers by sharing some entertaining content. For example, if you sell dog food, share some cute video of dogs playing or creating memes that dog lovers would enjoy receiving.
  • Customer stories – Your customer has interesting stories about your products and their lives that new customers might relate to. Tell this story through your emails that your new customers can relate to your brand.
  • Content curation– You don’t have to create original content every time. Share some useful and interesting resources from around the Internet into one email that they can digest.

Exceed Customer Expectations

What can you do to be different and stand out of other e-commerce websites that seasonal shoppers do shopping with? How can you surprise customers and exceed their expectations?

If you are able to stand out, your business will be memorable and if it is memorable, it can begin to build a worthwhile relationship.

Here are some things you can do to exceed customer expectations

  • Follow-up thank you email/note – Contact customers a few days after the holiday season craze with a personalized and meaningful message. If this was your first holiday season sale, let them know. Also, let them know how grateful you are to have them as a customer (if you really mean it!), wish them a happy holiday and hope they love what they purchased.This could be far better if could send them a handwritten note, but an email will also be good enough.
  • Follow-up discounts, coupons, and gift cards: To get people back to your store offer them a discount, coupon or free gift card. This might be better a few weeks after their purchase (when they receive their order) to entice them to come back.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive: Do not wait for customers to have an issue or question before offering assistance. Be proactive. Ask your customer if they need help assembling your product, ask if they have any questions and what their experience with your product has been like so far.
  • Tweet/ FB message your new customers: It’s better to engage with your customers on social media after their purchase. Though it can’t be possible always but if you are small and have time to find your customers on social media you can ask your customers to use hashtag or Tweet you with an image of their purchase, this will give you an opportunity to engage with your customers also make them feel special.

Re-engage customers with Re-targeting

Consider placing Facebook Retargeting(custom audience) pixel on your website and retarget visitors that reached the checkout. This will allow to keep you engaged with one-time shoppers and allow you to build a relationship and brand awareness outside of your website and email list. This does not need a huge budget either, a small budget will do.

Here are some ideas for Facebook ads suggested by experts from e-commerce solutions company for your custom audience of holiday season shoppers

  • New product announcement – If you have added a new product that the seasonal shoppers might be interested in, create an ad letting them know.
  • New sale – If you are about to run another sale or deal on your store, let the customers know about that who took the advantage of the previous sale.
  • Offer coupon – If you are having a hard time getting the seasonal customer’s attention, consider offering a coupon. Something along the line we haven’t seen you in a while or similar to it, with coupon offer, can work well.
  • Do something different to grab their attention – You can create a unique ad to grab the attention of your seasonal customer attention.  It could be a personal ad such as ‘ Hey, how was your experience with our product? Let us know in the comments of this ad’. The goal doesn’t always have to be the immediate repeat sale. Sometimes, it’s just about brand awareness and nurturing a relationship with previous customers.
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SEO: 3 Paths To Get It Done

What is SEO?

Search engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search engine results page (SERP).

It involves the combination of several ongoing activities and strategies. It requires constant monitoring and regular campaign changes. An SEO campaign has to grow and change with every little change in the search engine algorithms and the internet user’s developed expectations. This is the key element because of which companies will stay on the top of the navigating panel of SERPs with top rankings and ratings. With this, brand can consistently reach its customers and clients.

Getting SEO done does not always require the same level of work and intricate strategies for every company. In some cases, it is sufficient to learn basic practices of SEO and implement it on the small website. While for others it become essential to hire an entire team, may be In-House or outsourced SEO to perform constant updates to the website and regularly build links and relationships with other organizations.

Basically, there are three ways or paths to get your SEO done.

  1. Learn and Do It Yourself,
  2. Build an In-House Team
  3. Hire an SEO Agency.

Let’s hear from professionals of the Best SEO Service providers, where these three paths will take your SEO.

  • Learn and Do It Yourself

There are several facets of SEO that you can learn and do on your own to get your website in line with Google’s quality guidelines. These actions will create a better opportunity to show up in the organic search results or in the local results for your business.

While many of the theories and principles are easy to understand, the application and the fine details can be more of a challenge. If you are going to start teaching yourself about SEO, you can further take help of various search engines, especially GOOGLE.

Google provides you with few good learning resources, for getting started, after that you can branch out from there. These good resources are inclusive of:

  1. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  2. Search ‘How Google Search Works’
  3. Go Through SEO blogs, Industry Research and Search Engine reports.
  • Is DIY really Possible?

Yes, it is possible to manage many aspects of your SEO  campaign assuming your website to not so big and traffic isn’t overwhelming it. In order to keep up and consistently manage an efficient campaign you need to master these key skills:

  • Technical SEO
  • Market analysis
  • Link building
  • Schema markup
  • Data mining
  • Advertising
  • Writing
  • Social media
  • Web metrics

You will also need several tools to help you run an efficient campaign on your own. Like: social media tools, seo tools etc.

  • Hiring An SEO Agency

You can choose this path, when you are not confident that you can have access to all skills and tools you need to run an effective SEO campaign. The idea of hiring an SEO agency will be a good option. This can help your ball roll quickly and immediately you can:

  • Get your site reviewed for quality content and intuitive navigation/website structure.
  • Get recommendations for website changes that will have the most impact.
  • Review your site for potential issues with things like hosting, error pages, redirects, etc.
  • Research the market and the keywords that will prove the most effective.
  • Start tracking your traffic and rankings so you can focus on the activities that are proving the most effective.
  • Create content and promote it across several different channels.
  • Can Part-Time Employees fulfill your business?

Agencies, by their very nature, work with a wide range of clients. This means that they will be acting without the same close association with your products and services that you or an in-house employee might. This often leads to questions about whether they can understand your products and services well enough to grow your customer base.

As long as the agency has experience establishing communications and detailed reports, it is possible for an SEO agency to work in an industry that requires a high level of knowledge on the part of the seller and the buyer. But you will need to be ready to work closely with them in the earliest stages.

  • Hiring In-House Specialists

An In-House SEO department has some definite advantages:-

  1. Your online efforts can be more closely tied to the normal promotional activities. That kind of flexibility and immediate response to your changing needs is critical in a highly competitive environment.
  2. You will have the ability to choose each and every team member and make sure they fit with your company culture.

This is absolutely not an option for  low marketing budget SEO Companies.

  • How much In-House Specialists costs?

If you can budget about 14K a month for a single team member, then it may be time to take your online marketing in house. If your budget is less than that, you may want to look into other options.

Which Path Should You Take?

The goals you’ve set for your company and your current marketing budget will be major factors in which path you take to get your SEO done. Carefully consider where you currently are in the rankings and where you’d like to be by the time you reach the end of the path and make your decision accordingly.

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5 Development Faults That could Ruin Your Mobile App

If you have got a revolution thought and idea for your business, you would have possibly think about of bringing it into real life by developing a mobile app. It’s not a bad idea. Mobile apps are extremely popular at the moment, and they’re paving the way for all kinds of new and exciting business ideas. The basic problem, especially with most of the small scale businesses is trying to find out the appropriate approach.

Here we are providing you with the five most useful tips, stated by the best Mobile App Development Company which will help your business navigate the double-dealing of app development, by avoiding few of the most popular mistakes.

1. Lacking to build satisfactory platform considerations.

First of all, ask yourself, where should your app go? Whether it be iOS, Android or Windows. While any developer find themselves stipulated to challenge this question, mostly they fail to completely anatomize each alternate at their positioning. Some developers build their platform option as on conventionally. It’s quite popular to watch someone developing for iOS because they tend to think that monetization would be much simpler on the App Store. Whilst this might be correct to some point in few cases, but the fact is it is not universal. Moreover, there are lots of other ways which must go into the selection of the platform.

As iOS is actually extremely common, especially in the U.S., but Android rules more on a worldwide scale, also in more larger margins except in the United State. Therefore, if you wish to publish or launch your app in several countries, try to give more preference to Android rather than iOS. Do remember that when you take any decision regarding platform, make sure that you’re giving a second thought to every possibility as well as alternative. And in case you are not able to do so, you might rise the risk of limiting your targeted audience to a great extent.

2. Rationalizing the mobile experience like a downsized web experience.

Let’s understand it now so that we don’t have to do it afterwards: A mobile app is basically a far different from that of a website. It’s unlike in size as of a website, it’s unlike in functionality than website, and it’s dissimilar in scope as well. The dissimilarity is so important, that if Mac criticize the design of your app, than they might actually disapprove it. Then why should you miss so many essential detail? For one, many people might think that the designing and functionality of their app must perform all the similar things which their site does, else it is considered somehow less worthy. But this could not be far away from the truth.

The only cause why mobile apps holds much worth is simply because they’re dissimilar from the designing of their desktop versions. They can be easily accessible simply on the go, touch interfaces of them are much instinctive, they can take much benefits of being accessible to any hardware device, also they’re infinitely personalized. A great mobile app never fall back on already established designs and functionalities, since it often uses the hardware devices to make a new as well as delightful experience.

With flexible services and web design makes the browser experience even more easy to use and user-friendly than before, it takes a lot to rationalize the existence of an app. Before you bounce into the worn, do everything you can do ever to speckle which makes your item more unique, and then make that to life as a exceptionally designed software.

3. Relinquish the ball over monetization.

The gradations of monetizing your app could be extremely intimidating initially. You can go with three easy options such as subscription model, or implementing a freemium method along with in-app purchases else you can just choose to do in-app advertising to generate more money. Every feasible way could be mixed and matched in all the possible ways which can perfectly suit project, but it could be a great task to go on the best one.

Fortunately, you have great time to go for the appropriate decision. Begin to think about monetization while the development process is going on, and be energetic about choosing appropriate path. Sites like AppAnnie or AppTrace will allow you to manage top apps by popularity. So that you could be able to gain valuable vision of how the successful apps are being monetizing.

4. Contemplative that your app is going to sell itself.

It does not matter how much optimistic you are regarding your launch, at the time you are publish your app, you are more like tossing that into a world of millions of competitors. If you are not prepared with a complete and appropriate plan to improve your visibility, you are more likely to taking the risk of getting it disappear.

Before you start with your marketing attempts, it’s significant that you target your audience first. Ask yourself these questions that do you want to target a small recess, or do you want to target for a wider market? Do ensure that your app recognises particular issues which affect that market, and then provide functionality to your app to discourse those issues. For recognising trends as well as consumer demand, make use of various tools such as Google Trends or Xyologic.

One aim that you should set for yourself is that you should try to create an app that is more likely to gain featured status over the App Store.

5. Attempt to be the beta tester of your own app.

If you personally feel that Why you should have else beta tester of your app even when you could test it all by yourself, you are possibly been blazed by the results. There is a strong reason which depicts that why beta testers holds an important value, it is because they provides a valuable perspective from outside which will help you to grasp issues in your app.

It is not the bugs which holds value all the time, in fact some of the thoughts and ideas could be proved essential for building your app more user-friendly and easy to use.

One easy way is that you can also use app-analytics tools like Flurry or Universal Analytics tools provided exclusively by the Google to see that how testers are using your app. Mobile App Development Company often believes and stated many times that, the more you perform the beta test on your app outside of your office, the more you get prepared to send your app into the outside world.

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Top 5 Rating And Reviewing Websites for Best SEO Services

Faster, user-friendly and smooth website must be the demands of the day. The reason for you to land up here must be the growth issues associated with your pre-eminent design. Be it a well-constructed website or a novice’s work, all you need is a process that makes your web presence visible on search engine result pages. Search engine optimization serves to be the key tool to make a website survive in this rising competition. Commonly referred to as SEO, Search engine optimization has a lot of benefits inclusive of improving targeted traffic, better conversion rates and building brand awareness.

With the dramatic change in digital landscape, a plethora of companies are there to serve your website with its development and marketing needs. Which one is best for you? There are some reviewing segments that let you know about the genuine and reliable SEO service providers operating in different parts of the world. Top five on the list are as follows:

  1. Topseos.com

With its inception in 2002, topseos.com strives at fetching the names of best SEO service providers operating in different parts of the world. The company adopts a disciplined research process in order to evaluate the service provided by a number of SEO companies. It has developed a rigorous evaluation method so far that relies on gathering information about various services and monitoring consumer demand in the marketplace.

  1. 10seos.com

Operating under the shelter of its parent firm Virtuous Reviews LLP, 10seos.com was founded in 2015 with the sole aim of monitoring industry-wide trends and bringing out the names of best SEO service providers operating across the globe. The team working with 10seos.com comprises of marketing specialists and a number of SEO geeks that keep themselves engaged in continuous learning. The reviewing segment releases local as well as global listings of best SEO companies every month. It works for the benefits of both vendors and users and endeavors to bridge the gap between them.


  1. 10bestseo.com

Being one of the largest directories in the world, 10bestseos.com has been working meticulously with industry trends since its inception. It works to unveil the listings of best SEO companies operating in different parts of the world. The top rankers in the list are best performers and achievers within the industry. The company works towards bringing consistent innovations in the online market.

  1. Bestseos.com

Bestseos.com is one of the noblest reviewing segment in the world. The company works to make you discover the best internet marketing agency for your business. The team working with bestseos.com understands the difference between white hat and inauthentic SEO services. The rating and reviewing website strives at reducing the gap between SEO service providers and seekers.

  1. Clutch.co

Born in 2012, the reviewing segment clutch.co was created to solve a two sided problem. It works for the buyers who require best services to make their online business pursue well. Conversely, it also assists SEO vendors in standing out of the crowd of mediocre competitors. The team working with clutch.co has firsthand experience in the field of SEO. Search engine optimization is key tool to bring traffic to any website and the process should be left in expert hands. Clutch.co works towards bringing those names in limelight so that the users might not face any difficulty in making purchasing decisions.

Voice Search Can Change SEO Forever – But How?

Voice Search Can Change SEO Forever – But How?

As we observe the current status of the digital market, we can say there are many new attributes that have the potential of taking off the market soon. And one of them is Voice Search.

Voice search is growing rapidly in the search market. In fact, according to the figures, 55% of teens and 41% of adults are already performing their search through voice search and these figures continue to grow, as stated by SEO Company India. One can’t deny the allure of voice chat, its faster, and hands-free, and it allows you to perform multiple tasks.

As the technology is improving, there is another thing in the queue which becoming increasingly reliable – voice chat. Again the fact says, there are 20% of word error in searches, while the speech recognition word error rate is as low as 8%, reflecting an immense leap in a short period.

Perform Search Smartly than Ever Before

There are few people who type the way as they speak if we specifically talk about search queries. When you type words in the search bar, you tend to use your shorthand, so you search for like weather Jaipur or used car Delhi, whereas, in terms of voice search, you speak the complete question like “What’s the weather in Jaipur?” or “find used cars in Delhi”.

Since the applications such as Google Now, Siri, and Cortana becoming more popular and their programming has been refining, its quite important for the search engines to interpret the common phrases properly. Regarding this, Google has been trying its luck, while adopting the search quirks and peculiarities to integrate with its voice search programming.

There are many traits that voice search delivers such as:

1. Corrections in spelling or queries

For example, if you ask Google to show the images of Wales, then it will come up with some pictures of whales, where you have to clarify W-A-L-E-S and then images of the country will come up in the results.

2. What was the last search?

If you ask Google, “where is Gateway of India” and follow that search with other queries like “show some pictures of it” and “what’s its history” then Google will show the results on the basis of your first picture which gives all the details, like where the Gateway of India, some of its pictures and information related to its history.

3. Location based results

If you’re at India Gate, Delhi and you search for how far the Indira Gandhi Airport from India Gate, then Google will automatically understand that India Gate is the current location of yours and provide complete information for your query.

4. Context based on App

In case, you’re chatting about a specific restaurant in one of the apps like Whatsapp, then next you ask Google to show you the menu, Google will understand that which menu you want and show the menu of the same restaurant.

5. Results based on your on-screen content

When you’re looking at the Wikipedia page of Mahinder Singh Dhoni and then you ask for pictures of Mahinder, then Google will definitely show you the pictures of Mahinder Singh Dhoni, since you were seeing its page on your screen.

6. Context about you

If you ask Google, what’s my address? Then it will show you your address only, without asking for the specification about “my”.

But it doesn’t end here, there is a lot more to which Google is currently working hard. Now it will be soon, that Google will lend the results for your purchase like you can ask for “Order a pepperoni pizza for me from Dominos” or you can ask “show some jeans of size 28 from American Swan.”

Short-Tail Keywords are Endanger!

After all the above discussion, its quite clear that conversational search is becoming more important for search industry, as we are seeing the evolution of voice search. So what will happen with SEO?

Well, for this the webmasters have to get serious and integrate voice search into their websites since we can say Voice Search is on its path to becoming a crucial part of search engine optimization or it is the future of SEO.

Also, you need to understand that, users who are typing the search query and users who are performing voice search comprise two different types. For example, the typing people would be fine with some research while the voice searchers typically need quick answers. Thus, you need to entice both types of users.

So, here we have compiled that the things that you should take into consideration:

1. Concentrate on Long Tail Keywords

Although, we don’t believe that short tail keywords will disappear completely, but they act like less relevant when we see the common phrases in voice searches. Thus, it will be good if you concentrate more on long tail keywords.

2. Perform Optimization for your Site’s Microdata

For this, make sure that make some of the things like locations and XML sitemaps readable to the users and search engines. The mobile users and voice searchers often look for this kind of information.

3. Include Pages with FAQs Answers

When a user performs voice search, it is quite obvious that he or she will start the sentence with wh-words like “who”, “why”, “what”, “when”, “how” and then look for the answers that meet their immediate requirement. To provide answers to these search queries, you must include a FAQs page and start each question of yours with wh-words, and provide answers to appeal them.

4. Perform keyword research for conversational queries

Access any of the keyword research tools and prepare a list of potential keywords that are popular in voice searches. After that, base your FAQs questions on those potential keywords and provide good answers to them, and you’re done!

Concluding Words

It is clear that voice search is on the rise and it will continue to rise in this industry. People who’re not taking it seriously, surely missing out the most important aspect of SEO market, as stated by Internet Marketing Company. Its time to distract your focus towards conversational queries and find out, how you can optimize your site for voice searches. Since the future the conversational.

All the Best!

Best Tools & Websites “Helping Hand” for iOS App Developers

Best Tools & Websites “Helping Hand” for iOS App Developers

The mobile app development company have launched a number of iOS apps for its clients. They have a team of experienced developers who take care of entire development practices. The basic practices in app development planning include deciding what can be the features and what strategies to be followed while promoting the application.

Since I am working with a mobile app development company, so I understand the basic approaches to app development and what an iOS publisher should know.

Therefore, in this post, I have outlined some of the best resources available to you for the purpose of developing an iOS app. We have listed some efficient websites and tools that can help you with every phase of developing an app, yeah right from the marketing and promoting phase.

If you’re planning to develop an app, then you should check these useful resources so that you can spread the knowledge among your iOS developers and publishers. You are also welcome to add your additional useful resources in the comments section right at the end of this blog post.

Websites & Tools for iOS Developers

Working on your app idea with Prototype

This section is helpful for those developers, who are currently working on their planning level. By using the following websites, the developers can easily create a prototype on the basis of their app idea. It implies a great approach to convert your idea into a functional approach. You can make a prototype for one screen size, and the following websites will help you in applying your prototype on different screen sizes. Here we are sharing the websites:




Justinmind Screenshot

Testing the iOS app on Cloud


App io Screenshot

Once you’ve developed the initial version of a mobile app, then the next phase is to test your mobile app. The prominent app stores such iOS app store allows the owners to test their apps, but if you want to have a quick solution, you can opt of App.io to stream your application right from the cloud to any mobile device. Thus, you can give a name to App.io as streaming solution for iOS apps.


This is another tool to test your iOS app on cloud and checking are your app is compatible with multiple devices or not.

Taking iOS App Screenshots


Now after testing your iOS app, you are all set to launch it on the Apple App store, where you’ll be requiring different sizes of screenshots on iPhone and iPad. With this tool, you can download a Photoshop template and by editing that template you can quickly create a screenshot on iPhone.


Launch Kit screenshot

Another web-based tool that can be accessed to create iPhone screenshots for Apple App Store. With this tool, you can easily create the screenshots for all popular iPhone devices.

Creating demo video for your iOS App

TechSmith AppShow

TechSmith Screenshot

To increase the visibility of your app, you must add a demo video for your app store. And this is where you need to create a demo video reflecting professional appearance.

TechSmith AppShow is an application for Mac OS, enabling you to create professionally looking app video demos within few minutes. You can create the video by using this tool, and for voice over the work done, you can work on Fiverr.

Some other Tools for iOS Developers

Reviewing the App with LaunchKit

LaunchKit review monitor screenshot

Want to get notifications, whenever you app gets a review from users? Well with this review tool you can monitor your app and make all this possible. Also, it follows the existing trends of mobile app development market.


Localytics screenshot


This tool works as an app listing rater that rates your application once your app is live. Here you can search for your published app and see how you can improve its listing. All these practices can also be considered as a similar app store optimization.

After getting all these information about above mentioned resources, don’t forget to share this knowledge with other app developers and publishers. Since they can play an equal part in promoting your application and highlighting its visibility.

An Introductory Guide for Beginners in Marketing Focusing on PPC

An Introductory Guide for Beginners in Marketing Focusing on PPC

The marketers in startups and their efforts towards PPC seems quite overwhelming. While setting up a PPC campaign, there are so many factors to consider and too many data to collect, not mentioning the cash concerns that can come with any startup company.

But if you’re working with a thoughtful planning, careful considerations, and right hacks, then PPC advertising can turn into a productive approach setting your startup off the ground along with effectual marketing campaigns as followed by the SEO Company Jaipur.

Further, we have underlined the five core aspects associated with PPC that startups marketers should focus on while working on the most impactful ads for their business. Read further and you’ll get to know:

Specify your goals more clearly

Well, the goals are considered as the most logical place to start with. After all, you have to be clear in mind that why you putting all these efforts and how they can align with your business objectives.

Before working on your advertising, we suggest you ask yourself some of the questions as mentioned below:

Questions related to your startup company:

What do we offer? What is so special with us? Where are we offering our products?

Questions related to your prospects:

Who are our target audiences? Where are your targeted customers? What do we want our audience to do like buy or sell?

Questions related to your spending:

How much budget we have? How much have we planned to spend on PPC monthly? How much are we planning to pay for our new customer or sign-up?

Hence, the more specifically you’ll provide the answers to these questions, the more effective your PPC advertising will be. Therefore, invest some of your time in getting the answers prior to your marketing efforts and picking potential keywords.

Make an all-inclusive keyword list

When we consider the keywords for startups, long-tail keywords would be a great aspect of starting with. These keywords are highly targeted, cost-efficient and comprise more competitive terms.

The best way to do this, to understand the above mentioned questions and getting specific answers. Once you find out some long terms that imply with your company, then perform some research and make a list of popular long-tail searches associated with those terms. For example, if you’re working in real estate industry then popular searches could be “best location for house on rent” “find house to buy” “how to sell a house in Delhi”.

Alongside, if you want to find the long-tail terms for your PPC campaigns, then you can access some of the tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Know your competitors better

Once you’re done with your business objectives and comprehensive keyword list, the next move is to perform a thorough competitive analysis, so that you can identify the new opportunities.

Check, whether your competitors are offering any benefits? Are they bidding on keywords that you’ve missed? How their ads are landing pages performing better? Getting the answers to these questions will provide you more clarity about your business and competitors, and what their attainment tactics are.

Keep in mind, that you differentiate your harmless competitors and dangerous one. And don’t waste your time and money on such competitors that aren’t standing on your primary list.

Keep tabs on your conversions right from the beginning

When heading on the path of optimizing your PPC campaign, tracking your conversions stands as one of the landmarks for you, which helps you to be confident about your efforts. Likewise, you can easily determine what expenditures led to conversions and which ones are not, and like this you can optimize your spending.

Bonus: Getting to know which ones led to clicks, new leads, and customers can also show you the clear picture of about your success, not only for the PPC campaigns but for your targeted audience as well.

For this, you can access the conversion tracking tool such as Google AdWords Conversion Tracking or Google Analytics Conversion Tracking, which will work right from the start and never make your PPC perform blindly.

Keep a fine-tune with your PPC campaigns

Your entire business concept will make no sense if you’re not promoting it over the internet. Being successful with PPC campaigns calls for becoming a real pro. How can you initiate? Learn from the industry experts like internet marketing company and never stop in updating yourself, since PPC is a dynamic and comprises constant updates and new aspects.

To optimize your PPC campaign, you could also try a bid management tool and keep your focus on the optimization of your ads, landing pages and more.

So, do you have any questions to ask regarding PPC practices? Then use the comments section below and we would love to answer that!

Know Your Business Should Say Yes to Open Source Platform

Know Your Business Should Say Yes to Open Source Platform

For a successful e-commerce website, it is essential for online retailers to pick a prominent platform, as suggested by e-commerce website development company. Open source platforms propose an approach of offering undeniable freedom, scalability and flexibility. However, sometimes they don’t stand as the best choice for everyone since these platforms can be technical, difficult and expensive to manage individually.

In this post, we are going to elaborate those major factors that e-commerce retailers must consider when you determined that your site requires the support of an open source platform.

Your Budget

When it comes to having an impact on your budget, open source platforms are more expensive than alternative options such as template-based platforms.

What’s the reason?

Essentially, an open source retailers start from scratch that means they have to invest more money, time and resources into their site development and pay some money to the aspects like developers, updates, extensions, maintenance and much more. But keep in mind that this cost is largely unpredictable, with some unanticipated expenditures such as security boards, updates for software and redesigning pop-ups.

All in all, we can say platforms like open source cost an average of 4 times more than other options such as template-based platforms. Later, the key is for retailers to be aware of these differences and ponder those factors such as the potential of the company towards growth, nature of the company, and overall growth for the site to evaluate open source is worth or not.

Users in Open Source Platform

An ideal user accessing open source platform can be designed highly structured, heavy site developed by the experienced development team and a well-developed business plan. With all these factors defined, the e-commerce company can have both internal bandwidth and the requirement of an open source since these sites comprise specific vision for their site and a need of customization level that other platforms can’t provide easily.

On the contrast, a retailer working at small-scale along with easy-to-evaluate catalog and a technical team might get overwhelm with the requirements of open source platform.

Later, the major points are that retailers have to consider all the relevant aspects, prior to allocating the budget and determining that open source platform is a smart decision for their business.

Technology to Access

If e-commerce retailers wish to develop a proper and well-structured website, then they must connect with expert, certified developers. The nature of open source platform depicts working with the site’s source code which directly reflects that retailers will be having a clean slate when we consider the back-end actions for their site.

However, it provides a sort of freedom permitting for an unparalleled amount of customization and flexibility. If a development team has lots of resources and a clear vision, but still there are some limitations for them, there is still a room for error, as depicted by Internet Marketing Company. For instance, in case, an e-commerce retailer is using multiple developers and all the developers are not Magento certified, then there are the chances that they will build conflicting codes, incompatible connectors, and unsupported extensions and keep in mind that if things will exist on your site, it will turn into an unresponsive website and it will likely to be redesigned which means loss of revenue, time and some unanticipated expenses.

It is highly recommended that retailers must consider the technological scope before they land on the open source platform.

Your Business Strategy

Companies, who are having a well-defined business strategy, should access an open source platform and once again it has to be combined with flexibility and scalability. By implementing template-based platform such as BigCommerce, most of the time the retailers have to change their business actions in order to fit in the template-based model.

Thus, we would recommend that retailers should consider the requirements and limitations of their business while choosing an appropriate solution.

Type of Product & Catalog

While taking the platform into consideration, e-commerce retailers must consider both the number of products their website have and the number of variations available for their site. Depicting the general rule of thumb, the more complex and variations in catalog, it is more likely to have an open source platform.

Why this?

When it comes to template-based platforms, they tend to perform best for simple catalog type. Once the catalog starts becoming more complex, the product’s page performance begins to suffer on such template. And this can easily cause a big problem for the retailers since it can lead to slowing the site’s speed, unresponsive product page design, or low-quality images and directly it is going to have direct negative impact on traffic and conversions.

In this big picture, it is important to site owners to identify a potential platform, since it works for the foundation for your online business and provides best support for company’s requirements.