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10 Puzzle Sites to Improve Your Programming Skills

Programming puzzle site on internet

Some developers search of different classes or training, in order to refine their programming skills, but they don’t know that on the web there is something called programming puzzle websites exists. Attending training for a new programming language in web development company India will definitely help you, but if you start solving puzzles for that language then it will help you to feel confident about that language.

Today in this column, we are going to introduce some popular programming puzzle websites that will test your programming knowledge and will surely assist you in improvement and logical thinking skills. Thus, scroll down and have a brief idea about these sites:




This website works as an active programming community for developers, who are attracted towards the puzzles. It shows various active challenges for users and most interesting thing is some challenges offers cash prizes.

Topcoder programming puzzle site home page


Facebook Engineering Puzzles


Facebook comprises the assortment of thought-provoking programming puzzles that might result you in getting a job at Facebook. This social media network and its programming puzzles accept solutions in different languages such as Erlang, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl.

facebook programming puzzle site


C Puzzles


It features the programming puzzles that are specified to only C programming language. Being a software developer, it would be understood that many programming languages are derived from C, thus, your targeted language is likelihood to C then you can also solve these puzzles.

C puzzles programming puzzle site home page


Programming Praxis


Programming Praxis is a programming blog which includes various puzzles along with their solutions. The provided solutions are available in various programming languages.

programming praxis programming puzzle site home page


Python Challenge


The site named as Python Challenge shows different programming riddles that make you write small Python programs in order to get the solution. This site is excellent for those programmers who like to solve problems.

python challenge programming puzzle site home page




This site is developed by Dave Thomas and it serves as the blog of programming puzzles. Dave Thomas is a very popular author who has written a ground-breaking book, Pragmatic Programmer. The puzzles available at CodeKata reflects a number of issues that are quite relevant to the real world programming, thus, Dave has provided a good place for programmers to brush up their programming skills.

CodeKata programming puzzle site home page


Project Euler


This site features a series of challenging computer programming riddles that requires the solutions derived from exceptional mathematical insights.

Project euler programming puzzle site home page


Al Zimmermann’s Programming Contests


The site states itself an arena where crazy computer programmers compete to polish their skills and for some exciting prizes. Here the programming contests run every six months. But to participate in the contest, a user is required to get registered with the site.

 programming puzzle site home page


99 Prolog Problems


This site is specific towards Prolog programming language, but some people have also provided the solutions in other languages such as Python, Ruby, Scala, Haskell and others. Enhancing your programming languages with these puzzles, this place will enable you to pick up the new language very easily, as suggested by the web application development company.

99 Prolog programming puzzle site home page


Mind Cipher


Mind Cipher comprises in its own words “world’s greatest brain teasers, logical puzzles and mental challenges”, thus, if you are all set for a mental workout then this site will be the great gym for you.

Mind Cipher programming puzzle site home page


Complimentary: Ruby Quiz


This riddle website encloses the assortment of Ruby programming brainteasers which updates on weekly basis. Although this Ruby Quiz focuses on only ruby language, the solutions can also provide in other languages.

Ruby Quiz programming puzzle site home page

If you have any other name for a good programming puzzle site, then leave a comment, and we will include the name in our list!

See you soon!

How to get Succeed by Being an Independent Software Developer?

Tips to get succeed as an independent software developer

When it comes to job security, software developers lead the list for this advantage. The software developers are always welcomed to the clear path of growth. If we consider the demand of programming guys, then we can observe that its always a prime time for them. The developers working with best software development company in India can pack their work and leave the cubicle anytime they want.

Being an independent programmer for software is no less than a dream. Working like a boss, controlling your working hours reflects the best time and best personality. In this post, we Vervelogic guys have come up with interesting points that might help you to be successful if you are working for your own that means if you are working as an independent software developer. Take a look at these tips:

Find why you are doing this!

In this world, no action can be performed without a reason. You want to work for your own, and you are typing your resignation, but do you know the reason behind it? Working for your own can’t be the only reason. There will be many more like you want to be the boss, you want to spend less hours, you want to earn more money and more. You need to note all the reasons in a sheet so that you feel inspire during your tough time.

Carry a perfect plan before you quit

Before quitting your job, it’s important for you to prepare a foolproof plan for the step ahead, in future it will be nothing about software development. In the world of technology and software, you will get a range of tasks on your desk like consulting, development, training, decision making and much more, all these things will be executed by you. Thus, it would be beneficial for you to make a list of all tasks that you can perform and prepare a plan for those actions which you can’t. But this plan should be prepared before you leave your job.

Expand your business skill set

While working as an independent software developer, you will come across to more responsibilities other than just developing a software. Taking all responsibilities means you are the one who will make all the things happen. Here the things are related to both – technical skills and the soft skills. For example, if you want someone else to do it for you, then hire an employee. Later, you need to learn how to manage those people who are working for your company. Thus, there will be more tasks on your to-do list.

Deliver excellent quality and service

Isn’t it obvious? If you have decided to run your own company then, of course, you’ll be delivering quality products and services to your clients. But at this point, we are going to focus on your consistency. Remember that, happy clients are key to success and delivering exceptional quality and services consistently, makes them happy.

Be organized

As we have already mentioned, you’ll be responsible for each and every task while working as an independent software developer. Whatever you do, the later just get the things out of your head and review it personally. An organized system for making the things happen would help you to be at the top of everything.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can admit that taking all responsibilities and working independently is not an easy job, but remember it’s not impossible. At every step, you will be facing some challenges and in order to overcome from those challenges it is essential to be calm, patient, organized and every important be positive. Here, we are not talking about the blood group!!

If you have any suggestions, then we are always open for your valuable!

Web Development and its Branches- Need of Cutthroat Competition

For the need of having a website, you need to deal web development service providers in your nearby locality. But this is suited just for the lesser requirement of website owner. If you want to develop online identity for your business and want to prosper through it then you need to knock the door of a professional and expert web developer company, best example of which is Web Development Company India. In comparison with similar service provider elsewhere in world Indian Developer’s services are most effective and efficient.


Due to the cost of living being less in India and, on the other hand, they are effectively equipped by the web development environment in India with versatile of expert. Indian vendors along with developing businessman’s web experience, also strive to make the experience more lasting and easier. For this Indian web development industry’s branch of Software Development Company India proves to be a powerful support. Indian vendors along with developing web services also design and develop required need of optimized soft wares of an business to facilitate his working both off-site and as well as on-site. Designing customized software for business purpose keeps users as well as entity owner updated with the happenings in the organisation. Such kind of assistance is mandatory in order to sustain in this highly competitive zone.

software development

This development company falls under the shed of Web Application Development Company India . For recording of transaction taking place online, informing customers regarding offered discounts or also new introduced products designed mobile apps prove to be a vital and tremendous support.

India is currently outsourcing hub for nearly 75% of web development companies operating from remote corners of world. Indian vendors have served many of surprising and remarkable projects in this field of web building with its much smarter and equipped services of software designing or online app building services.

What are you waiting for? Take your business to new heights without fearing from high expenditure involved. Indian vendors are there to help you in this with most economic price packages.

Excellent services makes India top the IT world

There is a famous proverb in English ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, when there is a need for something than human beings invent article or items for their use. Similarly, computer came into existence and with that internet. When the internet became a necessary tool in business, then many software came up helping the customers in various ways. Software is the backbone of any website. Technology is changing with amazing new products everyday due to the strong competition in the business world. For this the software development company India is coming up with new software every time that can go with the business.

softwer deve

India is the hub of web development at present working on a different type of website related to different services. However web development company India offers services at a genuine cost to the client’s satisfaction as the main aim. Now the traditional need of software development and web development has also changed. Clients are now discuss their project with the service provider and the providers do the work according to the need of the client. There is analysis done before selecting the software for the technology.

India is a centric point to give offshore services and the clients receive benefits like customization, interaction, lessening of the hiring expenses, consultation. With the passing of time and development occurred in each sector now many new modifications and conversions has been made to the following field. Till date we can see that web development companies and software development companies has worked a lot in making the product according to the client to be at par with the strong competition with the customers.

We can see that Indian companies have rendered services to almost all the countries across the globe. It is the quality work that keeps the sustainability in the services. The bond the Indian companies develop with client support in bringing more business to the country. The positive aspect that really supports Indian IT Company is the skilled staff that is well versed in communication and is able to understand the concept and ideas of the client. The people here are well updated with the latest knowledge in the field.

India hub for software development company


In this fast moving time the world of communication and satellite is effective with software development as it is required by almost all the small or big companies. It is developed and used in various fields like communications, engineering, industries and many other areas. It has become a prime requirement for almost all types of industry. If any business are not in the habit of using softwares then it is a type of disadvantage to them. There is software development company India who claims to provide the best service in this field in the world.

In the phase of software development the companies are now adopting new solutions in the form of offshore software development. Similarly among the companies adopting this method are Vervelogic. com from Jaipur. The methodologies used by the company in software development are on world level. Verve as the offshore software development company India understand the need of the customers and making them satisfy as per their requirements.

It is true that India is a big center for outsourcing the software development. Offshore software development company India gives qualitative services across the globe within the budget. We at Vervelogic promises to give the best of our clients according to their requirements. Our team excels best in the field and satisfy the customers using the latest tool and technologies in creating the software for the clients. The main goal of the company is to provide you business with added values and more operational efficiency.

Verve’s big software development services and offshore application development services allows to give away the effective solutions that bangs straight to the heart of the business problem. The software development company India completely follows the complicated life cycle of development and execution. The proficiency of the team of developers gives the quality product and that too at a genuine cost. This attracts more companies across the globe in India and thus India can be well seen as a hub for offshore software development.

We can now see that Indian software companies have come up with a variety of services to its esteemed clients. The services mainly consist of custom application development services, web development services e-commerce shopping cart development and many others.

Software Development

Software development essentially refers to the development of a software product, from the initial conception of the required software right through to the final product undertaken through a structured process including research, development, prototyping, modifying, re-engineering, deployment and eventually maintenance.

There are primarily 3 broad reasons why software development takes place

  • To meet the business needs of a specific client as with customized software.
  • To meet the perceived needs of a specific set of potential users.
  • To meet personal needs like automating a set of tasks.

SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle refers to the phases of software development, or in other words management of the lifecycle for an application or a piece of software. The objective behind implementing SDLC is to ensure that the software developed, is of high quality, effective and cost-efficient as well.

Software Development Life Cycle can be broken down into the following phases of development:

There are essentially 2 methodologies of implementing Software Development Life cycle :

  • Requirement Analysis is the first step in the process of software development where the end user has to provide information regarding the specific need as well as eventual use of the software to ensure that the software engineer is able to develop software capable of meeting the actual need.
  • Specifications is the process of detailing out the software to be written as per the need in a mathematical representation.
  • Software Architecture refers to the phase where the system is represented in abstract to ensure that the software is being designed as per the requirement both current as well as future.
  • In the Implementation stage, the software design is broken down into coding language.
  • System Testing is done to ensure that the code is error free and will produce the desired result.
  • Documentation of the design and coding structure is done with the objective of future support and enhancements.
  • Training and support for the end users is offered till they are able to independently run the software without any glitches.
  • Maintenance and software enhancement is applicable both to the existing system as well as addition of new modules and applications to the existing design based on new and changing requirements.


Agile methodology is currently the more favored methodology due to its flexible nature as it can convert an application in development into a complete product release at virtually any stage, making it ideal for application updates.

Most software Organizations are opting for implementing process methodologies to ensure quality benchmarks in development. The CMM (Capability Maturity Model) is considered the most superior, although there are host of others like ISO 9000, ISO 15504, and Six Sigma.

With desktop PCs losing ground to tablets and smartphone usage,a growing trend in software development is that of mobile apps and Web services. Most software development companies are adapting their existing tools & skill sets to make the most of these emerging trends.

Some of the other emerging trends in software development include:


Technologies such as cloud computing have rendered business processes a lot more convenient & flexible. With Its ability to function as a deployment model it saves on investment and resources.

Location based software development is another trend that is here to stay. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that most mobile devices are GPS enabled & check-ins on various social media is gaining traction.

Clearly flexibility, efficiency & cost saving are 3 principles guiding the software industry, impacting the entire Information Technology ecosystem.