30 Top Software Ideas For Startups & SMEs

30 Top Software Ideas For Startups & SMEs

Today’s world is nothing if there is no software to make our life easy. The same is followed by your business. If you don’t have software in your business then you are doomed in today’s market. The most appropriate way to start a business is the idea, without it, you won’t be able to start or run your business. There are many ideas which you can implement in today’s world to make life easy and earn profit out of your business. Since new technology has emerged in recent years, the software development domain is the area that should be worked on. Here we have a few software ideas for you if you are ready to get your feet wet in the market with your startup. 

Here is the list of software ideas for startups for 2020

1. Create a Medical Software

Medical Software is another important and useful software that you can provide to the hospitals, in order to increase their productivity. Medical software maintains electronic medical records of patients. These days hospitals are avoiding the error-prone manual entry of patients’ records and looking for proper medical software that is error-free and completes the task on time. Assigning this task to a software development company and selling your software to the hospitals can help you earn good profits for you. As per many reports posted by Statista, the global market for medical software is expected to cross 11 billion USD by 2025. And it was around 2.4 billion USD in 2018. So, it can be clearly seen that good opportunities are present in this area. There are a number of healthcare software development companies that can help to turn this idea into a software that you can sell.

2. Software that Download Videos from Youtube

Most of the time people love a video on youtube & want to capture it forever by downloading it. But many people are unable to do it as they don’t know that there is such software that can help people in downloading their favorite videos from youtube. Such software can be very beneficial if you can create such software. People who created youtube downloaders have made millions. You can also go for it with the help of any software development firm that offers quality software outsourcing services. It is quite easy to create such software, users will simply enter the link of the youtube video in this software & it will download these videos for them.

3. Time Tracking Software

A time tracking software keeps a track of the time of employees. This software is quite helpful for organizations as it helps them to know which employee is putting how much time in the office work. Various people jumped to business with time tracking software and earned a lot and are still making money with each time their software is downloaded on a system. You can also come up in the business with time tracking software. A software development organization can create software that tracks the time of staff members of any organization. You can contact these organizations and can take their help in order to run your idea into reality.  

4. Create Customer Relationship Management Software

 Customer relationship management software is of great use to industries. All companies use CRMs in order to manage their work. So this could be a great idea to invest in CRM and market it. This software can be sold to numerous startups available in the market. Such software gets subscription-based pay. So, you will get a payment from your customer at regular intervals of time. It may be every 6 months or every year. There are many software development companies that can create customer relationship management software for you.

5. Invoicing Software

Many companies in all over the market face invoicing issues daily, and that’s the reason to develop an invoicing software and earn a profit. There are infinite agencies that require invoicing software for performing their important task to ease their invoicing as well as the payment process. With so many e-commerce websites selling thousands of products every day, invoicing software can be a really good idea. Many software companies outsource software development services. Good software development companies can really help you break the shackles and establish a great startup for you.

6. Food Inventory Software

With technology and without technology, grocery shopping is never going out of the market. It is always difficult to manage food inventory when you grow your business. So you can sell food inventory software to all such places. The food industry is one of the biggest industries and its never going to end. You can contact a software development company to create software for you and you can earn a profit by selling it. They can also help you with technology consulting. It helps you to save time & money.

7. Business Communication Software

There are many big & small companies in the market which prefer to have their own communication system between the team members in a company. So, here, you can target all the small as well as big business. Sell your software such as businesses to start your own business. You can take help from some top software outsourcing companies available in the market. They can guide you as well to use your money in an optimum way. Enter the market with your software that makes professional communication more interactive and easier.

8. Software to Book Tickets & Manages Reservation

You know how much an e-ticketing website and application works for. So, you can also make e-ticketing and reservation software. With the help of a software development company, you can create better software with better loading time & better ticketing process. By this, you can make people’s lives simpler with more efficient software.

9. Hotel Booking Software

This software is used to book rooms in different hotels of the user’s choice. You can select the hotel name, room name, and can book that room in that specific hotel. This can be very beneficial as people will be able to use hotel rooms from anywhere, in advance. This project can be handled by a good software development company, and they can turn your idea into reality.

10. E-Learning Software

An e-learning software helps teachers to create a syllabus, course schedules, quizzes, tests, and online exams for students using this portal. This software can be useful to various educational institutions like schools, colleges and training institutes, etc. If you find this idea useful, then there are e-learning software development companies in India. You can take their help. They will help you to turn your idea into reality. Create an E-Learning software and get set!   

11. Cropping Software

A cropping software can help people to crop their photos as per their requirements or choices. Many times we click the picture that we click requires cropping of the things that you don’t need to check in the picture. Most of the time people crop their pictures so cropping software can be a good idea. There are various companies in the Indian market that offer you amazing quality software development services and that too at reasonable prices. You can contact them and they will create beautiful cropping software for you as per your requirements.

12. All in one Booking Software

This type of software can be used to book various things at once. Your software platform can be a single place to book flights, trains, buses, hotels, and doctor appointments. All in one kind of software is a great option for most people as they can do multiple things from one application. Users hate switching between apps to get things done. One of the top software development companies can create the best all in one application for your business. If a proper strategy is there, it is not difficult to earn money online. Some companies provide technology consulting services.

13. Plagiarism Checking Software

Google hates plagiarized content. Nobody loves plagiarised content, and everyone needs content these days. From IT companies to educational institutes need content and plagiarism checking software. You can take help from many software development companies to create a plagiarism checking software. Market your software and earn potential customers and money!

14. Software that Converts Audio to Text

In this software, users can convert their audio into text. This kind of software is in demand as changing audio content can make it a better place for search engines to access. There is not much such software available so it can give you an upper edge in the market. Many software development companies can create such software for you.

15. Software that Converts Image into Text

This kind of software is mostly used to convert pdf files to text that is editable. You can create such kind of software and can start giving this software as a service. Such software is in demand as the need for converting a pdf file to text is increasing with the time. In this era, most of the tasks are done using the computer system. There are various Indian companies that offer good software development services at affordable price rates. You can check with them. They also consult you first once you tell them your idea.

16. Software Reads that Text for you

This software converts text to speech. You can adjust the voice volume, speed, and quality. You can use this idea and can start thinking about taking an initiative towards starting a startup. For the development of this software, you can easily outsource the software development project to any good outsourcing company or you can hire dedicated software developers to create the software according to your requirements.

17. Daily Horoscope Software

People on and off the internet love to read their horoscopes. This software tells about the Raashi of a user. There are numerous people who believe in astrology. Your target audiences will be all of them. Your software will be quite helpful to such people. Hence, you can go with this idea and can set up a startup. A proper software development company can help you with such software so you can start your startup with this idea.

18. Software for Consumer Complaints

This software allows all the consumers to file complaints against a system. Companies use this software as a platform where they can get their customer’s complaints or feedback. This kind of software is in demand and it can be a good software project idea that you can work on. For software development, you can take the help of a good firm that can develop this software for you. Some companies that outsource software provide technology consulting as well. These companies are far better as they first consult you on how the same software project can be achieved at the minimum amount of money expenditure while quality remains the topmost thing to be taken care of.

19. Screen Recording Software

With this software, users can record tutorials and can make videos. People mostly use these screen records to create tutorials for various software and languages. Hence, this can be a good idea for a software startup. There are various IT companies in the market that provide custom software development services. You can take their help and can get ready to kick start your startup!

20. Software that enhances the Security of a Computer System

This software removes malware from computer systems. Nowadays, almost all the important information and data are put in computer systems. Hence, security is the topmost thing to be taken care of. That is the reason this idea can work as a turning point in your business. You can go with this idea as security is a necessity in today’s time and your efforts cannot go in vain. Because almost all the people who are using laptops, desktops, and tablets would need software for security. And for making this software, there are various IT firms that can help you. Get security software and run your own startup!

21. An app that Allow Users to Make their own song using Karaoke 

This app allows the users to record their own song with the karaoke of their choice. Everyone in the world loves music, so it would be a good idea to contact an app development company & go for it. People once recording the song can add various music to it can be a new feature that you can add in your app.

22. Health Inspector

Everyone goes to the doctor for a checkup, but prior they need to set appointments for themselves in order to do that. Health Inspector app can help the user in notifying when their next health checkup is. It will also automatically text message for the appointment and will notify the user whether it was approved or not! It’s a unique idea & can help you with establishing your new startup easily. Many software development companies can help you in creating such software for you.

23. Police Scanner App

Everyone wants to have information alerts about the criminals in the surroundings. The police scanner app allows users to see the wanted criminals in their area and whenever anyone is approaching their locality. Furthermore, it will hold a database of criminal activities updated by users & professionals. And they will be able to press an alert button which would quickly inform the police and show them the location through GPS.

24. All in one Social App

This app will combine all the major social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. and logging this app will show them feeds of all these platforms at a single place. The users hate to use and switch various apps. So, development so such apps can be very beneficial in these times.

25. Car Parking App

With so many cars running on the road, it can be a daunting task to find out the car parking space during rush hours. A car parking app will show all the nearby parking spots according to GPS and help the users to find a parking spot. It would be a lovely idea if you were able to sell this app in the market on a large scale. To make it successful you need to hire from the top app development company for the development of this app.

26. Selfie Competition App

The craze of the selfie is all over the world, it’s true we all have clicked at least one selfie in our lifetime and many Millenials click hundreds of selfie every day. So, the development of a selfie competition app from the best app development company is a good idea. You can also add many filters to make the selfie more attractive and appealing.

27. Disaster Alert App

Natural disasters can occur anytime, no matter if you are at home, at your office or any other place. In such a case, this disaster alert app will automatically alert you in case of a natural disaster and will give suggestions on how to get saved from it. You can also provide contacts for the fire department or other natural disaster relief to make your app better.

28. Song Finder App

This app allows users to recognize the complete song just with the help of the little tone of that song. It is a good idea for a startup as it helps users to download the song that has slipped from their minds for the present time but they remember a little tone of that song. Song finder app will analyze the tone that the user is listening to and will automatically show the result with its downloadable link.

29. Blockchain-Based Invoicing app

Since blockchain has the capability of making any transaction fast & secure. Blockchain can be used to create an invoicing app. This app can calculate the tax for the user and how much they need to pay according to their income. Moreover, this app will make sure that the correct amount of tax is always paid. This app is overloaded using various blockchain frameworks such as smart contracts, ethereum, and hyper ledger. This can be a better idea for this time as blockchain is trending because of its amazing capabilities to make any transaction secure as well as faster.

30. Create an App that Gives Business Tips

There are many young entrepreneurs who need advice as they have less experience with the business. Your app can provide business tips to young entrepreneurs in difficult situations.  Moreover, it will contain strategies and techniques for a successful business.

There are many business ideas for you to follow to start your startup. All you need to do is select a suitable business as per your knowledge and contact a software and app development company and get started.

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