20 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Device in 2021

20 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Device in 2021

We are nothing without our smartphones in today’s world. Battery drain is the main pushback of modern mobile devices. That is why more and more people look for phones with maximum mAH. So their phone can offer maximum battery life. But still, the apps running in the background and sucking the battery life, malware, advertisements, continuously running, improper apps optimization leads to battery drain and low performance of the phone.

Battery savers apps have become an essential app for any smartphone user. These applications are specially designed to control many power consumption functions on the android device, which saves the battery especially when your phone is inactive. We all can’t just put our smartphones down just yet, you can extend the daily lifespan of your phone’s battery and enhance its day-to-day performance with the listed recommended battery saver apps for android.

If you are also a culprit of high battery drain and lower performance then we have listed some of the best battery saver apps for android which can improve the speed of your mobile device as well as extend the battery life.

Top Battery Saver Apps for Android

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1. McAfee Security Innovations

McAfee Security Innovations

We all know that McAfee is a very reputed name in the market when it comes to keeping the security of your phone and the computer. It helps in keeping antivirus away with tight security. Even in android, it’s no exception it amazingly works as a trustworthy and reliable security option for android phones. McAfee offers security protection, system utilities, notification blockers, secure QR code readers, and much more. McAfee Security Protections is considered one of the best battery savers apps for android in the market.

Download the best battery saver apps for android – McAfee Security Innovations

2. Yellow Battery – Battery Saver App

Yellow Battery saver android app is a very amazing application that offers one-tap optimization which helps in extended battery life. Its best feature is power optimization which helps in extending the battery standby up to 50%. And it’s smart save mode lets you monitor and analyze the battery uses and background power consumption so that you can sort out which applications are causing battery drain. It allows you to force stop the applications which are draining the battery from your phone. Because of its amazing features, Yellow battery is considered the best mobile battery saver app from top mobile app development companies.

Download the best battery drain app – Yellow Battery 

3. Power Battery 

Power Battery

As soon as you install this battery saver app, you will start getting the hang of this. This app offers a superb power booster which increases the power savings up to 60-65%. Along with mobile power save, it also provides a charging booster, running-app optimizer, memory manager and clean, battery power monitor, etc. You can customize the booster profiles and power saver as per your need. You can find out about the best android cache cleaners to make your phone more optimized.

Download the best save battery android app – Power Battery

4. dfndr battery

dfndr battery

Dfndr battery saver application is very useful when it comes to saving your smartphone battery for a long time. Its main work is that it helps the phone to remain stable by optimizing the phone’s background process. Optimizing your phone is one of the best ways to save battery life in your phone. Dfndr battery saver is very advanced as it offers customizable profile tools to improve overall battery life which makes it the best battery saver apps. The main features of dfndr battery are super and quick optimization, screen saver, battery health support, customizable profiles, battery cooler, lock screen charge monitor.

Download one of the best battery apps for android – dfndr battery

5. One-Touch Battery Saver

One-Touch Battery Saver app is a very effective and direct battery saver app. It consists of a customizable power save mode which makes the process easy. If your phone has a low battery then you can activate the power save mode, which will disable WiFi, background notification light, Bluetooth, GPS to keep the smartphone alive.

Download the fast battery charger app for android – One Touch Battery Saver

6. Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget application is a top-class battery savers app for android in the Google Play Store. It increases the battery life with useful tools like smart saving, power saving more, power testing, smart saving, etc. which makes it the best battery drain app. These applications are very much in demand and that is why top IT outsourcing companies develop such applications. The security apps are also in demand as you must know the ultimate guide to nfc payments.

Download the mobile battery saver app for android – Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

7. DU Battery Power Saver

DU Battery Saver Best - Ram Cleaner - AppLocker

DU Battery saver has more than 400+ million active users from all around the globe. It is considered one of the best battery saver apps in the market. It offers up to 50% more battery life on your android devices. The main features of this battery saver app are smart preset battery power management modes, one-touch controls, healthy battery charger stage, smart charge, fight against deceptive ads, battery monitor which makes the battery-related problems and ensure long-lasting battery life.

Download fast battery charger app for android – DU Battery Saver

8. 360 Battery Saver 

360 Battery Saver is one of the most popular applications among users that offers a wide range of handy tools like power saving mode, battery charging time reducer, etc. Which ensures fast mobile charging, battery life-extending, monitoring suspicious battery drainage, and providing overall smartphone security. The most notable features of the 360 battery saver app are the saving mode option, task killer, battery details, charging information, battery details, memory boost, etc.

Download 360 battery saver for your android phone

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9. Avast Battery Saver 

We all have heard of the avast anti-virus but today we are talking about the Avast battery saver app for your android mobile devices. It helps in increasing battery life by optimizing and closing unnecessary background apps. As a leading battery saver mobile application, Avast also adjusts values like screen brightness, Internet connectivity, etc. It also allows the user to create a different mode for each different context.

Once your battery has charged to a certain amount, this amazing battery saver will activate the profile you have selected. This will help the battery to save its charge throughout the day, basically saving the battery in your smartphone. Avast Battery Saver is a perfect example of smart app development by a top android app development company.

Download Avast Battery Saver – one of the best battery drain app 

10. Battery Doctor 

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is also a very popular battery saver mobile application for android devices that offer top features like one-tap power optimization, control power-draining apps, battery remaining time, monitor charging status, kill apps when the screen is off, and what not to save and extend the mobile battery life.

Download the top fast battery charger app for android – Battery Doctor

11. 2 Battery 

2 Battery

2 Battery is another essential app for all android smartphones which is specially designed to control the power consumption function on the android device. If your phone is inactive then it deactivates the internet connection. It also supports a blacklist and whitelist and also the battery icon theme of this app anytime you want. You can change all the functions in the setting option. The most notable features of 2 battery android app are controlling the internet on Wifi and mobile data, activating battery-saving mode to get more battery life, and turning off the screen automatically.

Download the best battery charger app: 2 Battery

12. Go Battery Pro

Go Battery Pro is another famous mobile app in the market which is used by many users. Go Battery Pro comes with some extra functions like an accurate report which gives you an approximate time that the battery will last from the current charge level. One of the best features of Go Battery pro is how many hours you can watch videos or play a game or listen to songs with that estimated battery life. It also comes with a boost option that optimizes the charging capacity. This application also provides a report on the charge consumption level of different applications.

The most notable features of this top mobile battery saver app are night mode with beautiful themes, power saving mode is very much effective in this app, will monitor other apps available on your device and show reports of their action, suggest you change activities to save phone power and battery. As the list is going on you can also find out about the best bodybuilding apps in the market to keep yourself fit and fine.

Download one of the best battery saver apps – Go Battery Pro

13. Green Battery 

Green Battery

As the name suggests, Green Battery is another top-class battery-saving app in your list which works by optimizing your battery. It offers some amazing tools that boost the battery like maintaining the brightness level of your phone. Along with battery-saving you also get memory cleaning support which makes it a top-class save battery android app by a top mobile app development company. The most notable features of Gree battery are accurate notifications of low-level battery, offers memory optimization functions, enables and disables power saving mode whenever you want, monitors every application, and provides reports on their power consumption.

Download top battery app for android – Green Battery

14. Long Battery Life Demo 

Long Battery Life Demo 

Get introduced to another supportive battery saver app for android users. Long battery life demo is another top-class mobile battery save application with some intelligent functions. Now your battery will not be used while turning off or switched ON Wifi or cellular data. You also get notifications about the charging condition. The most notable features of the Long Battery Life Demo are:

Provides proper information about your battery status and the estimated time of how long it will work, you can switch on the night more and save power more frequently, simple configuration, add a home screen widget to this app, offer notification about the battery level and it will alert you to charge your phone.

Download the mobile battery saver app – Long Battery Life Demo

15. Avira Optimizer 

Avira has launched an effective battery saver app for android phones from all around the world. It is an amazing multifunctional application that helps in extending your battery life by reporting and executing some internal power-saving activities. It comes with some very advanced options like the smart lock, cleaning cache, cleaning history, RAM booster, and others. On a look over this app, you have to agree that it will be essential as a regular battery saver app.

The most important features of the Avira optimizer are offering proper guidance for a long-lasting battery, the app can be locked with a smart lock system, boosts the battery life of your phone using the app, and is notified whenever you need to boost the charging function which makes it a top android mobile app development.

Download one of the best battery apps in the market – Avira Optimizer

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16. Kaspersky Battery Life

We all know Kaspersky as one of the best security applications, now they are back with another boosting app. This essential battery saver app for your android device is well known for providing accurate information about your battery level and also calculates how long you can use your smartphone.

If any mobile app detects any app consuming more power then it comes up with a notification about it. It also controls the background running applications and if it consumes more power then it closes the app automatically. It also comes with an intense battery-saving mode, which helps in extending the battery life. The most important feature of Kaspersky Battery Life which makes it one of the best battery saver apps are:

-> Provides alerts about high battery consuming applications

-> Get charge level in the notification bar

-> The app will provide you necessary information about the battery

-> Shows lasting battery time in hours and minutes

Download the best battery saver app – Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

17. AccuBattery 

AccuBattery is also another top-class battery saver application that is well structured and easy to use on your android phones. It comes with an optimized charging booster and it also stops the apps which are consuming battery. It also keeps your phone clean to keep your phone faster. The most important features of AccuBattery require one touch to boost the phone charger, measure the real battery capacity of your phone, list of apps that consume more power than they should, remaining charge time and charging percentage will be shown. AccuBattery keeps your phone healthy as you can also find the best health apps for android to keep yourself healthy.

Download AccuBattery


18. Battery Saver 

As mentioned above, these apps are mobile healthcare apps that are important battery-saver apps for android users. Once you install this application you need automatic battery-saving with just a single click as the power saving mode maintains the activities of some applications and extends the battery life.

Using this top battery saver android app you can also schedule a power-saving mode. It comes with another key feature known as battery boosting as it also provides you notifications on several battery statuses. It also provides you with battery information whenever you want. The most notable features of Battery saver are:

-> Boosts your mobile anytime to optimize the charge level

-> Can customize the battery saver mode also

-> Accurate information about other applications on power consumption

-> App has a one-click power saving option

Download fast battery charger app for your android phone – Battery Saver

19. Super Battery Power 

Super Battery Saver is another app on our list which keeps your phone charged more quickly. It is very easy to use this app and all its functions are easy to understand. This free battery saver app for your android device is optimized with a deep cleaning system that won’t let the other apps consume more battery power. The most important features of Super Battery Saver are one-click charge boosting ability, automatically clean junk files and make your phone faster, has a feature called cool master which measures the temperature of the battery, provides details of all the background applications and those that are running automatically.

Download save battery android app – Super Battery Saver

20. Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer

Battery Saver and Charge Optimizer is a very popular battery saver app for all your android phones. It comes with a flip saver option to turn the battery saving option in this app. It represents the battery level and percentage to you.

It also offers notification on low battery and full charge and also monitors every application in your phone with a report about their battery consumption. The most notable features of this application are:

-> Can detect battery temperature

-> Shows battery voltage while using it on your phone

-> Shows analysis on how long you can use your phone

-> The app is designed with a very easy configuration

-> Shows battery status such as a low battery or needs a repair

Download battery drain app for android – Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer

This is the list of best battery saver apps for android from the best android app development companies from all over the globe. You can install anyone from this list in order to improve the overall performance of your mobile battery life and boost performance. Moreover, if you are a business and looking for a top IT outsourcing company like VerveLogic for IT consulting like “Everything we know about android qs amazing features” or mobile app development then we can help you with it.

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