List Of 7 In-game Marketing Mistakes To Avoid That Can Cost Big Monetary Setback

List Of 7 In-game Marketing Mistakes To Avoid That Can Cost Big Monetary Setback

Marketing mobile game can be one of the toughest task to carry out. Not only it is difficult for marketers to make people download the app but also entice them to spend money on the app as well. The mobile game space is getting highly competitive with each passing day,therefore, strong efforts should be made in terms of strategies to meet the key performance indicator. The most commonly committed mistake in in-game marketing stems from a blanket approach in monetizing and messaging.

If you own a game app and wants to achieve something big out of it, then make sure to avoid these mistakes in your in game marketing strategies.

Let us begin!

  1. Showing in game offers to everyone

Experts from iphone game development company suggests to segment players base and send them message accordingly. Never to show the same message of in game purchase to every player of the app. This way the revenue may increase but later the consequence can be devastating. Players may leave the app, if they feel the offer is irrelevant. It always beneficial to differentiate players within your user base and offer them on  segment wise to make them directly connect with the offer.

  1. The correct time of action

The success of any campaign depends upon the correct timing. The point of time choose in the game play, play a crucial role in determining the substantiality of the action. If you don’t put the campaign at the right stage of the game, it can happen that the campaign becomes useless or players may tend to leave the game before or after it. The most amazing time for campaign  offer is when the players are in need for it. While the players are consequently losing or winning the game, giving offer at this time may work wonders.

  1. Do not interrupt in players playing experience

The worst mistakes which are committed by marketers is interrupting the players at the wrong time. This mistake in in-game marketing can be corrected by analysing the data of players. It becomes easy to analyse which time of the date and which time of the week players engage more or less with your game. There are many fluctuation that come in different segments of players. Analyse these fluctuation and then place your marketing campaign for better result.

Know what time of the day or week, players are more attached to the game and then place your offer accordingly.

  1. Not showing the USP of the game

iOS app game development designers indicate that most of the players quit game in the early stage. It is therefore, important to give them reason to come back by showing the mirth of the game and how much it can offer. Marketing message for new players can also create significant effect. Rewards your new players or your will miss a great opportunity to bring better conversion. Make sure to give players some bonus points in weekly or monthly basis and show the unique aspect of the game. This way you can compel your players to come back again and again.

  1. Trying to sell in the early stage

Trying to sell your campaign right at the beginning of the players journey can make them run away. Give players the chance to get acquainted with the game, let them enjoy the game, feel successful and then give them an in app marketing opportunity for better experience.

There are several researches that shows that players who pay late for the game, tends to stay for longer period and vice versa. Patience is the key to bring long time success.

  1. What if your game is too rewarding?

The biggest risk and competition for in app purchase is free gameplay. There can be a chance that players return for free reward number and then go away.  The best way to know if the free game element is overpowering by analysing the data of loyal non spenders. Get in to the data to see if the game is too rewarding or if the offer is less communicative. If it is too rewarding, you will have to make changes.

  1. Avoiding A/B Testing

Having so many variables to consider, not doing testing would mean loss of opportunity. You can use A/B testing to notify players about various rewards at different time and see which one works the best. Make sure to make single element variable and others constant for better result analysis.


It is evident that you commit mistake in first attempt but that mistake should be corrected in the other attempts. Make sure to avoid these mistakes listed above and ensure great conversion rate for your in app marketing.

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