Top 4 Marketing Strategy To Boost Mobile Game KPIs

Top 4 Marketing Strategy To Boost Mobile Game KPIs

Smartphone is the most conveniently obtained technology in the present time. Be it a farmer or a doctor or a businessman, everybody has a valid access to smartphones. Smartphones run on various apps which creates smartphone useful for various purposes. Every day 100s of apps are released in app stores to get recognized as a valid platform for its users. But how many of them actually succeeds?

Apps stores are choked with new releases in every single day. This has also caused great stress on technique to acquire more customers. Companies are introducing new techniques to retain existing users and in terms of games, make them persuade to spend more money! It is the advancement in technology that has given advanced form of analytics for marketers to adapt to their game and improve the key performance indicators.

But what are the strategies that are making them getting good results?

Let us discuss four strategies that are used by game developers to boost their KPIs:

  • Coming up with the idea of new rewards for existing players

Experts from mobile game development sectors believe that a certain amount of budget should be given to player engagement in the marketing strategy for any game app. To make better engagement with the players, game developers can start giving new features and challenges in their game such a mini olympics or free accessories which can easily attract the existing percentage of players. Successful game developers promote such kinds of efforts on every marketing channel such as social media, email newsletter or in small paid CTA campaigns.

This player rewarding technique has provided maximum benefit to app marketers. Players love to win and get rewards, so it seems no surprise that this is an ideal way of game marketing. Game like seal online has incorporated these strategy of giving rewards in terms of tournament and free accessories to existing players and got good results. The game saw increase in concurrent users worldwide, time per play session, increased visit to in game store, guild membership and much more!

  1. Adapting the game to suit to audience playstyle

Game developers from iphone game development company in jaipur suggest that games should be optimized to keep the players engaged. This way they can easily spend more time on the game and would spend more.

When developing a game, developers usually assume its user and create the game accordingly, however, in reality every users has its own style of game play. Games like Angry Mob Games identified that they have three different set of players. To help these three set of players, three different tutorials were used. If a player understood the game in the beginning, the tutorial adapted and stopped easily. For some players who play till certain level and leave in the mid to resume, the tutorial would begin from the level the player left the game and all other players could get original tutorial.

This kind of adaptation of the game has shown phenomenal result to the app developers. Th is game saw 100% retention in players which indicates great player engagement. Hence, to make the game favourite for players, it has to be optimized according to their playing style.

  1. Focusing on game play

Developers from various parts of the world echoes to the view that biggest factor that affect KPIs is quality and feature improvement of the game. A game which is bug free, fun and enticing, always makes its position in the heart of the users. It is important on the part of the developers to put emphasis on the quality of the game rather than monetizing it. A well build, player enticing game will automatically bring higher engagement and retention.

  1. Don’t take retention as a only success parameter

Retention is an important KPI but stressing too much on it cannot earn benefit. There were certain games in the market who reduced their difficulty level in each game step in order to get better retention. However, the results were different. Players left the game as it was no longer fun and challenging. Players in retention technology move ahead fast in the game but don’t convert much.

It important beneficial to focus on player lifetime value and optimizing the game to make players convert. This kind of strategy would decrease the retention but it will give positive result on conversion and revenue.


App stores are so much clogged that it is difficult to differentiate without marketing strategy. In mobile game app market, every app is struggling to get the eyeballs on them. In such situation trying different marketing strategy like stated above can bring you users and conversions as well.

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