Users Game Experience: 5 Best Ways To Provide Memorable Free To Play Experience

Users Game Experience: 5 Best Ways To Provide Memorable Free To Play Experience

To make a great game experience requires the complete knowledge about the players engagement metrics and player segments for better targeting. These metrics helps in delivering best offers to players and best free to game experience. Real time player enhances the in play game experience which further bring great retention and conversion.

But how can the engagement level in free to play games can be enhanced?

Let us discuss!

A/B Testing

Developers from game development android platforms agree to the point that in order to enhance the performance of any game app, the experience of the players should be recorded. The best to record players experience is by testing on a regular basis. A/B testing is a technique of testing different variable in a particular segment of players. There can be many parameters of checking the game such as adjusting the game difficulty, changing the value and type of stage in game. In testing one controlled group and one test group players is needed. Tutorial flow, difficulty level, offers, prices, and menu organization are some of the key to testing.

In game messaging

In game messaging is needed for effective monetization of app and retention also. Be it in the form of notification, push message, offers, in app messaging, bonus etc all of them are highly effective. To make in game messaging highly effective, it is important to design the app message attractive. Professionals from iphone game development company suggest, in app messaging is effective only when targeted with different segments. For example, if players are stuck at level 4, they need certain offer or resource to come out of it. Frequency is also a key factor of consideration in in-game messaging. Too much repetition can bring irritation in users and they can abandon the game.


Every player in the game is different, hence one plan that can fit all players is not possible. Personalization is an important key for the success of the game. Use behavioural segmentation to identify players, their likes and make real time changes for the segment to bring better engagement metrics. When games does not resonate with the players interest, they move away from it. Therefore,making adequate change is essential for capturing the rentiton of people. For example, if new players are not able to cross certain level in game, they can be offered with extra points or lives to make them inspired and motivated for the game continuity. If some players are moving through the game too fast, you can increase the difficulty level for them.

Ads serving

Ads are a great way for monetizing the game apps. If done in accurate way fetches amazing results but if it is other way round, serious consequence can be faced. A bad ads serving practice can ruin engagement level and retention of customers. Here the basic point to remember is, ads in a game should not disrupt the flow of the game. Rewarded videos are a great way to foster engagement among players. If done in right direction, advertisement can bring better revenue stream that can support in app purchase as well

In game events

To make detailed behavioural profile without digging deep inside the data, one has to very strategic in setting the event right. The first few minutes in a game is a crucial time and developers should follow the flow within that period. Custom events are helpful in determining where the players are stuck and what part of the game needs improvement. Analysing the segment of players blocked in the app can help in balancing the game for them. Thus, giving better engagement.

People of all age groups are game lovers. Games not only entertain but educate as well. The strategies stated above not only make game playing memorable but also bring better conversion and engagement level.

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