What are the Secrets behind Successful Non-Tech Startups?

What are the Secrets behind Successful Non-Tech Startups?

This world is pacing at a very high pace and it is safe to say that the world’s startup ecosystem has been evolving too at the same time. As per the latest GEM’s global report, a staggering 100 million businesses are launched all around the world each year. It’s been observed that startups are getting enormous support in terms of top things like mentoring, human resources, and also in terms of investments. These pre-requisite features make the life of a startup easier.

Fact – From 2013 to 2014, the total global venture capital investments rose by 95%. In the US alone, a whopping $58.5 billion in venture capital was invested in 2015.

However, there are two kinds of startups, tech startups, and non-tech startups. And as per the latest analysis, the software and IT industry are still one of the favorites for investors to lock in their money. First, it is a safe bet and secondly, IT startups get successful easily if we compare them to non-tech startups. And since non-tech startups focus on consumer products and services received the least amount of investments.

What Does it Mean to be a Non-Tech Startup?

As mentioned, non-tech startups bring in consumer products or services to the market but it doesn’t mean they can’t leverage technology as its delivery mechanism. For instance, the top non-tech startups like Uber, Airbnb, Groupon, etc. have used the latest technologies and made it big in the market. But all these best non-tech startups have one thing in common which is they do not need technology as they have minimal technology risks. It is true they need websites, apps from the mobile app development company, an ordering system, and also your product – but all this will be a waste if they do not have a community of users or consumers they are connected to. The high-end tech only comes into account when they are ready to scale.

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The Secrets Behind Successful Non-Tech Startups

Aforesaid. successful non-tech startups do not rely on technology they rely on their customers. If a startup is able to convince its potential customers then your business can achieve success in no time. We understand there are other factors too which need to be considered like product development, marketing and much more. And as an entrepreneur, you need more than one skill along with a community of users for your non-tech startup to succeed. This is known as traction and it shows the investors and the world whether the startup is viable or not.

What do We Need to Build a Traction?

1. Have Clearly Defined Goals

If you also own a non-tech startup in India then defining your goals is the best way to move forward. Without establishing your goals you are walking in the dark. We understand as a business you are planning to earn huge revenue and you feel like your goals are unrealistic but you do not have to feel that way. We suggest you start with simple life goals like defining yearly revenue or supporting your clients in the best possible way. Let us say that A is your goal, then you can start asking yourself questions like:

-> How many sales do I need to make to earn $A?

-> How many customers do I need to reach, to make $A a reality?

-> If I partner with a particular company then how much exposure my business is going to get?

Breaking your goals into mini-goals is one of the most accessible ways to achieve your goals.

Have Clearly Defined Goals

2. Start Approaching your Customers – Means Create a Pre Launch List

Find out who your audience is and how your best non-tech startups can make their lives easier. Tell them about your product and how it can benefit them. For instance, if your product needs a website or an app then you hire the mobile app development company and start pre-selling. Offer to those potential customers who pre-order an official offer, half discount deals, special rewards for referrals as the options are endless.

How to use a Pre-launch list to benefit your non-tech startups:

Lead Generation Landing Page – Means capturing every lead that comes your way.

Social Media Promotion – You know that brand sells, before you are about to launch your product in the market, creating a social media promotion can help you generate leads and a step ahead even before your product is in the market

Email Marketing – Compared to social media and paid advertising, email has a much higher return on investment (ROI). Using tactics like segmentation, personalization, and automation can increase your ROI to as high as 3,800%.

Start Approaching your Customers

3. Do Things That Don’t Scale Immediately

As the top non-tech startups in 2021, you need to invest the time to network yourself before you market your product/products to your potential customers. You can do it in many ways like writing guest posts, seminars, social events, or even speak at conferences. Basically, you need to create your social proof on different platforms. Here we have some tips which will help you scale your business, along with establishing yourself long before your product comes into the market.

-> Use the power of newspapers, blogs, press which will help you tell the readers about you and your products

-> Offer people with a following in your niche free access to the product, if they would promote it to their followers

-> Start a conversation with other interested people or audiences who are using your competitor’s product. It will help you to make your products better.

Having a unique idea will help you determine the success of your startup. A mobile app idea that solves the problems of the people will be much appreciated by the users. If you want your app idea to be a success then create something that saves time, streamlines tasks and cuts on costs of the users. So, here we have the 13 Best mobile app ideas for a successful startup in 2021.

Do Things That Don’t Scale Immediately

4. Finding Right and Educated Partners

The partnership helps in various ways, especially when you have a non-tech startup. It increases your knowledge immensely, offers you correct expertise and makes resources available to make your product better and faster to reach a greater audience. But it all will be possible when you will have a fine partner who is willing to grow along with you and your business.

For instance, if you need a mobile app to bridge the gap between you and your consumers then hiring a top mobile app development company that has prior experience with non-tech startups in India can help you grow exponentially. Their expertise as an android app development company will help you get connected with your audience in no time and increase your customer base by delivering products in no time. 

However, before hiring a partner you need to find out a few things about them as you do not need to be stuck with people who are not willing to make your product better. It’s like they are not going to climb up the ladder and because of them, you are not able to. Here is how to pick the right partners. 

-> Your potential partner must be trustworthy with every word coming out of their mouth. We suggest looking out for their previous records or even talk to their previous clients.

-> Look for partners who have experience in the type of products/services you are offering. It will also help you learn the insights of being a non-tech startup and it is the kind of experience that they bring in matters to the business. 

-> Look for business partners who have abilities that you do not have. It will help you expand your business in other verticals too

-> Find partners who are not too stiff with their work. Flexible people are what you need for your startup. 

-> Be aware of the partners who want to make some quick money and quit.

Finding Right and Educated Partners

5. Analytics and Testing

Analytics and Testing are two important aspects of any business and if you are an evolving startup then it becomes more crucial to keep track of your growth, components that are letting you down. As the best non-tech startups, learn to keep track of every analytics of your business because moving forward without keeping track is like driving a car blindfolded. Because it will hamper you to know your real potential.

The analytics can help your business in many ways like offering information on data like the number of people visiting your site, how long they stayed there, and what they were doing there. It helps you create an effective marketing campaign that can increase conversions.

For instance, with social media analytics, you will find out about your most effective and least effective social media platform. Now you can have a separate approach towards both the platforms and show what your customers want and need.

As mentioned, tracking your performance is really crucial. It will help you in many ways, like getting information about what is working and what’s not. It can be anything: your marketing campaign, any feature on your site/app/platform. So you need an analytics tool to gather the right information. Top App Analytics tools can be divided into several macro-categories, such as App marketing analytics, In-app analytics, and App Performance analytics. We understand being the non-tech startups in India you do not have enough time to search for the best analytics tools. So we have made it easier for you as we have combined a list of top app analytics tools of 2021.

Analytics and Testing

6. Create & Promote Original Content

Original content is the key to win the marketplace as it gains the attraction of your users and your potential customers. As a business, we take means like social media posts, blogs and articles on websites and sometimes guest posting too. No matter what you do to share the information, make sure it is the original content as it will increase your credibility in the market as a startup and also increase the brand awareness about your top non-tech startup 2021 in the market.

Well creating original content won’t complete the job, you also need to promote it in various means so it reaches the interested and desired audience. There are various advertising methods that you can employ to ensure your content reaches the target audience.

7. Take your Product/Services to your Customers 

Once you have completely developed your product as per market standards, it’s time to push your product into the marketplace. You do not have to wait for the customers to come to you instead take it to the. There are many ways to do it like:

-> Attending events that are suitable for your products 

-> Speak about your product at various forums

-> Do what your competitors are not doing

-> Use a special introductory offer

-> Run social media contests like giveaways

-> Use email marketing to find a larger audience

-> Offer a complimentary upgrade to some of your customers

-> Share customer reviews

Take your Product/Services to your Customers

Now that momentum is by your side and you have gained visibility among potential customers you need to start thinking about a technical partner. A leading IT consulting company can help you move forward in the most effective ways. They can help you set up your website, create a mobile app or even hire the right employees for your startup. As with so many top mobile app development companies in the market, you will definitely find one which will help your non-tech startup. If you have zero experience with them then read our Ultimate Guide to Hire Mobile App Developers.


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Now you know how to make your non-tech startup successful. All you need to do is to start with traction for your service or product and then move forward with it. The above points will surely help your startup to grow as you can also take help externally from the right technical partner.

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