25 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android – No Rooting Needed

25 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android – No Rooting Needed

How many of you have deleted your precious memories from your smartphones? Or some important document snaps? Either due to the lack of memory storage or accidentally, the pain of losing the picture forever from your phone is constant. But what if we say that you can retrieve those photos anytime you need them with the help of an android mobile application?

Photo Recovery Apps

Yes, technology has gone way too far to serve us with any challenge we are facing today and photo recovery apps are examples of lives being simpler than before. As an Android App Development Company, we are here to uncover the best photo recovery apps for Android that will save you from the misfortune caused because of losing pictures from your phone. The below-mentioned list is in no particular hierarchy. 

Photo Recovery Apps For Android 

The app marketplace is flooded with various applications serving various purposes. Talking precisely about photo recovery applications, I bet you will find more than 50 options on Playstore alone. But, are all applications worth it? You need to pick the application wisely as it takes in your details and pictures. To filter your search, here is the list of the top 25 photo recovery apps for Android with their benefits and limitations. Refer to the list to find the best options for your purpose.     

25 Best Photo Recovery Apps  

1. DiskDigger – Top Photo Recovery App

DiskDigger is one of the top-rated apps that helps you recover deleted photos from your phone. The app is authentic and keeps data security as its priority. DiskDigger involves a perfect mechanism with a fully-featured and technically sound UI that works with all the latest Android devices and versions.

It gets regular updates to efficiently scan the data, doesn’t occupy much system resources, and has a low app size.

Product Specifications

-> Works with all advanced versions of Android devices. 

-> Recovers images and videos from SD card and system storage 

-> Owns a feature called “Wipe Free Space” to free up the space in your device. 

-> Allows rooted devices to have a full scan and normal devices to have limited scan. 

-> You can upload and preserve recovered photos & videos to cloud storage (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

-> With DiskDigger at work, you do not need to store pictures on any other device.

Download From – Playstore

2. Restore Image – The User-Friendly Application

The product by AlpacaSoft – Restore Image is an extensive photo recovery application that helps you get all your precious memories or important documents back on your Android Phones or tablets. Made for the general public, this Android app is super friendly and free of cost. The app has an upgraded version that offers an ad-free experience.

The app size is convincingly small and is operable on almost all the updated Android devices. You can easily fulfill the process with the simple app installed and it does not need any heavy device to perform the recovery process.

Product Specifications

-> Manually select folders in your device from where you can restore the image or video files. 

-> The app gives a custom scanning option that lets you select the files with the navigation system. 

-> The app is fully-equipped with functions performing in your favor and it is available for free. 

-> Has access to system storage and SD card. 

-> The app needs no additional backup services or rooting to work.

-> Simple and clean UI interface even the person with low tech knowledge can operate the app.

Download From – Playstore

3. Photo Recovery – The Simple Photo Recovery App

Another to the list of top photo recovery apps for Android, Photo Recovery is a feature-oriented application that helps you recover your deleted photos. No matter how you delete the photos every single click from your phone will be stored in a recurring file from where you can restore any deleted picture in a few clicks. It is a simple app with only crucial features and functionalities. Install and use the app for free.

Product Specifications

-> The app employs 2 different photo recovery approaches. 

-> The advanced browsing mechanism will help you recover photos effortlessly and soon.

-> Data transfer and upload is a matter of minutes with Photo Recovery’s advanced version. 

-> The app lets you save recycle bin files easily and effectively. 

-> Restore video files that you need with the help of this app.

Download From – Playstore

4. DigDeep Image recovery

Another Android Centric application – digdeep image recovery app is surely an inspiration for Android App Developers who are looking for a push to make some high-end apps. The app will scan your device storage (system and SD card) and will fetch the missing pictures and videos. The performance and UI efficiency are two positive signs of digdeep image recovery app.

Product Specifications

-> It will effectively scan the internal and external storage to find out the deleted photos. 

-> Your device needs not be rooted. 

-> The app supports all the image formats from jpg, jpeg, png, etc. 

-> Employs a strong photo recovery mechanism. 

-> App’s simple yet efficient interface lets even the layman get the hack of it in hours.

Download From – Playstore

5. View Deleted Messages & Photo Recovery

Another noteworthy application that stands in the league of top photo recovery applications. Result by the best app development company, the app is your kit and companion that stays in your Android phones and helps you revive your missing photos and images. As the name implies, the app lets you restore all your deleted messages, making sure that you have everything in hand as and when you need it.

Product Specifications

-> Robust scanning mechanism helping you scan internal and external storage spaces for complete 360-degree results. 

-> The app doesn’t need a rooted device.   

-> The app with advanced functionalities works infinitely well with the latest android devices.

-> Owns a simple yet efficient interface.

Download From – Playstore

6. Deleted Photo Recovery By Workshop

Another authentic medium to get deleted photos back on your Android smartphones – Deleted Photo Recovery App By Workshop makes easy and quick restoration possible. The app comes packed with an advanced tech stack and features making your efforts reduce to just 50%. The app gives direct access to all the accidentally deleted images from system storage as well as your mobile SD card.

Product Specifications

-> The quick mechanism to even recover your undeleted file from the source. 

vThe app lets you scan both the storage and have a preview. 

-> The app holds the ability to save all your recovered images to your smartphone’s internal storage with a single click. 

-> Supports scanning for all image formats – jpg, jpeg, png, GIF, BMP, TIFF, 3GP, MP4.

-> App usage is free of cost.

Download From – Playstore

7. Restore Deleted Photos – Dumpster

With more than 50 million downloads on Play Store, the app is one of the most popular choices when it comes to restoring deleted photos. The app is extremely efficient and is equally easy to use for the audience with quick results. Giving access to both device and external storage, the app goes a long way in assisting you with photo recovery purposes. Know why Android App Development is better than iOS App development?

Product Specifications

-> The app scans and brings back all your lost photos and files. 

-> The app is easy to use and quick as compared to most of its counterparts. 

-> The app is not restricted to rooted devices. 

-> A single app premise supports 14 different languages. 

-> Incorporates the benefits of cloud storage.

Download From – Playstore

8. Photo Recovery – Restore Images

The product by some best and insightful Android App Developers hired for the process, Photo Recovery is all about scanning the deleted media from internal and external storage and loading back to let you have quick access on your phones. Data scanning and transmission are entirely secure, easy, and fast with Photo Recovery App.

Product Specifications

-> Restore all the pictures from manually selected folders (paths). 

-> App gives you the details of the restored pictures. 

-> App gives you the option to permanently discard photos from the destination. 

-> No need for a rooted device or even internet connectivity. 

-> Either save or share the restored photos directly from the manually selected path.

Download From – Playstore

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9. RecycleMaster: RecycleBin, File Recovery

Employing experienced app developers means you are creating a masterpiece application. Recycle Market is one such masterpiece android application that holds a comprehensive list of features a photo recovery app should have. As the name depicts, the app has an integrated recycle bin folder, that automatically restores the photos as you delete them. This means the device doesn’t have to scan device memories as you can restore any pictures from the recycle bin now.

Not only photos, but you can also restore contacts, messages, and files as well.

Product Specifications

-> The app includes an auto-cleaning system. 

-> The app is password protected and can be secured for eternity with a strong password. 

-> Acts as a backup for the deleted files that go to the recycle bin. 

-> Reviving photos, videos and other files is a quick process with the RecycleMaster App. 

-> Within a fraction of time, you can get access to the media or information you deleted beforehand. 

-> Quick and easy for spontaneous access.

Download From – Playstore    

10. Deleted Photo Recovery

Deleted Photo Recovery is one more option open for you if you want to instantly revive deleted photos. Just like any authentic and efficient photo recovery application, Deleted Photo Recovery App helps you completely scan system and SD card storage and get you the media you accidentally or intentionally deleted. No rooted device is needed to retrieve information from the application.

Product Specifications

-> User-friendly interface with crucial features only. 

-> Employs a powerful scanning algorithm to fetch and restore deleted pictures. 

-> No need for a rooted setup or even the internet. 

-> Not limited to photos, the app lets you re-access files, contacts, and messages that you have deleted earlier. 

-> The app uses the highest data security protocols.

Download From – Playstore 

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11. Recover My Old Photos

You cannot mend time but you can always store them in your smartphone in the form of photos and videos. “Recover my old photos” is a noteworthy application that can easily recover your old photos and let you save them on the device. The app scans your entire device as well as external storage to fetch deleted files and then re-routes them to you within a fraction of minutes.

Product Specifications

-> Share photos directly with your friends and family without saving it to your device. 

-> The app scans the cache and other device folders to nullify the chances of failure.  

-> It has a simple yet efficient UI – to retain its clients. 

-> The app is fairly quick in restoring the media and photos. 

-> You get the preview after the scan is complete.

Download From – Playstore

12. EaseUS MobiSaver

With more than 5 million downloads on Play Store, the app is one of the go-to options for Android users to retrieve their lost photos or media from the smartphone. The app restores your deleted photos, contacts, videos, and sd card data that you need urgently. More to that, you can easily retrieve Whatsapp conversations and messages from the internal & external storage of the smartphone. EaseUS Mobisaver supports all the images and video formats and takes a few clicks to revive any media you want from your phone.

Product Specifications

-> The app scans your device faster than you think

-> The app allows you to preview while scanning the process. 

-> You can easily filter your search and fetch the files you need if you get it in the middle of scanning. 

-> Get access to photos with details like thumbnail, size, and format. 

-> The app supports a range of photo and video formats from jpg to jpeg, png, gif, BMP, mp4, 3gp, Avi, MOV.

Download From – Playstore

13. Restore Deleted Photos – Picture Recovery

This photo recovery app is frequently used for spontaneously retrieving lost photos from phones. The app entirely scans an android device’s internal and external storage to fetch the picture that you want on the spot. You can scan the entire storage but need to wait for results until the entire process is complete.

Product Specifications

-> The app does deep scanning ensuring concrete results. 

-> Pictures in all the formats can be retrieved –  png, jpg, etc.

-> The photo recovery app for android has a simple UI for people to get hack of it easily. 

-> No rooted device is needed for the app to function. 

-> The app functionalities are quick and thus take reasonably less time to scan the storage and restore the image.

Download From – Playstore

14. Data Recovery – Photos Or Videos

Android App Development is a tough deal as one needs to create an app that more than 80% of the smartphone users in the world will be using. Data Recovery is one of those high-end mechanisms that world with proper protocols and show accurate results. The app works on complex scanning algorithms that make it even faster, easy and safe to restore media. No matter in which folder the photo is, it will not leave even a single inch of the internal/external storage to fetch the photos you want.

Product Specifications

-> The app helps you recover photos and videos as well. 

-> You can get your lost media no matter the file format. 

-> Keeping in mind spontaneous results, the app is made to work faster than many other apps of this genre. 

-> Simple UI to enhance customer engagement. 

-> Sort your recoverable data as you need.

Download From – Playstore

15. Recuv – Photo Recovery App 

If you are an aspiring photographer, your life will always be hectic when it comes to saving and selling your work online. Recuv takes care of recovering your deleted photos by effectively scanning internal and SD card storage. For the second half click on how you can sell photos online?

Product Specifications

-> You can easily restore the pictures by marking them and restoring them directly to the selected path. 

-> You can see all your restored images and pictures directly from the app itself. 

-> You can easily preview the list of restored photos and then select the ones you need back. 

-> Simple yet professional UI to enhance user engagement and retain clients.  

-> You can restore the entire media from Recuv – photos or videos.

Download From – Playstore

16. SD Card Data Recovery – The Android App for SD Storage

Working comprehensively for all the advanced versions of Android devices, the SD card recovery app is the example of the best android app development made to restore photos. It comes packed with an array of recovery features and functionalities that makes your work easier and faster. As the name implies, the app allows you to restore anything and everything from the SD card to photos to videos, even audio files.

Product Specifications

-> The app does not require any root system to recover the data. 

-> You can recover your data from any SD card you own (specification no bar). 

-> The app is known to recover your entire contact list that is deleted without any backup. 

-> It requires a few steps to restore all your information to your smartphone back. 

-> Apart from the SD card, the app helps you restore data from system storage as well.

-> App has the best combination of interface and performance.

Download From – Playstore 

17. Restore Image or Video Apps Recover Deleted Photo

In no particular hierarchy, Restore Image or Video Apps Recover Deleted Photo is one of the best photo recovery apps for the latest android devices. The app holds a disk digger that affluently helps to fetch or delete data of all kinds and in all formats. It also gives you the privilege of cloud storage (you can store your data on Drive) so that you do not run out of space in your device’s internal memory. It is a full-equipped app when it comes to restoring lost data from Android smartphones.

Product Specifications

-> Restore all your photos and videos from the device using the app. 

-> Subtle yet efficient UI for better customer engagement and ease. 

-> The app shows exciting graphical representations as the app recovers your data. 

-> You hold the privilege of arranging photos in different orders. 

-> Delete the photos you do not need at all permanently from the app.

Download From – Playstore

18. Recover Deleted All Files – A Feature-Rich Android Application

The app owns exclusive features and is certainly a worthy option when it comes to instantly recover the lost data – pictures, videos, and contacts. Its interface has smart technology integrated that gives the best ever user experience to the user. So, gone are the days when a photo was gone permanently from the phone, this is the time we need a photo recovery app like this in our smartphones. This photo recovery tool needs no root arrangement and is known to show results in a few taps.

Product Specifications

-> Get your desires from any kind of storage – internal or external. 

-> Files in all the formats can be recovered in a few clicks (photos, videos, documents, contacts, etc).

-> The app is highly spontaneous and helps you retrieve manually deleted contacts as well. 

-> Either save the data on your device or save it on the cloud (Drive or dropbox). 

-> You can send the data directly to your friends and family. 

-> Cloud storage is better than device storage in terms of data security, density, and immediate access.

Download From – Playstore

19. Camera Photo Video Restore HLP

Camera Photo Video Restore HLP is worth your choice as it restores your lost device data as well as helps you regain all your formatted and/or corrupted files. You can easily recover the data from your smart gadgets with the help of this incredible Android app. Camera Photo Video Restore HLP is available also for MAC OS and Windows.

Product Specifications

-> The app helps you restore even RAW file-formats – including high-definition pictures. 

-> It needs no root device to recover the data. 

-> Organize your recovered data on priority or any other basis with simple numbering. 

-> Increasing customer retention by helping them with the guidelines to use the app. 

-> The app is your certain choice for spontaneous data recovery. 

-> It does not need an internet connection.

Download From – Playstore

20. Restore My All Deleted Photos

The app lets you dive deep into your old data to give you the results. It is one of the best photo recovery apps for Android and the reason is its efficiency, speed, and security factors. The app holds an effective and highly efficient data recovery algorithm that makes it capable to scan deep inside the paths and fetch data within seconds.

Product Specifications

-> The app has options to keep your data safe and private. 

-> Retrieve your lost data on the cloud with just a few taps on your smartphones. 

-> The android app is compatible with an array of file formats – pictures, videos, documents, contacts, etc. 

-> The app runs a deep scan algorithm on your device to give you what you want instantly. 

-> It is highly secured from cyber threats or intruders.

Download From – Playstore

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21. FindMyPhoto – Recover Photos For Android

There are endless options on app marketplaces but less worthy options. Find my phone is one of the 25 best photo recovery apps for Android because it is designed and developed to retrieve all your lost photos with ease. Whether you deleted it accidentally or intentionally – if you regret losing your photos you are certain to get them back with efficient apps like FindMyPhotos. The app is feature-loaded and is free to use.

 Product Specifications

-> The app has free installation and usage directly from the play store. 

-> You can easily scan your system storage as well; as SD card storage to get the photos or data that you want. 

-> User-friendly interface lets you get the hack of the application even faster. 

-> The app is highly performing and needs no internet connection to the process. 

-> No rooting is needed.

Download From – Playstore 

22. Recovery App – Android App To Recover and Restore Photos

This android app helps you recover and keep a backup of all your lost photos. One of the flexes is it helps you recover your entire data from any file or folder. The app restores all the lost photos in HD quality giving you back exactly what you lost. The app is compatible with all the latest versions of Android.

 Product Specifications

-> Easy to use and highly efficient android application. 

-> Helps you restore your photos and other useful data instantly. 

-> Supports an array of image formats – jpg, png, jpeg, etc. 

-> Recover all the deleted photos in original quality. 

-> The app is highly trusted on performance and authenticity.

Download From – Playstore

23. Find All Lost Photos and Videos

Find All Lost Photos and Videos for Android devices. It is one of your noteworthy options when it comes to recovering your entire phone data. Install the app in easy steps and get access to all your old photos and videos in just a few clicks. Apps like this are your kit and companion under instances when you need your photos or documents back. Moreover, the app owns a quality interface, is efficient and easy to use.

Product Specifications

-> The app is helpful for spontaneous results. 

-> Data security 

-> Interface is easy to use. 

-> Available free of cost on Playstore 

-> The app scans external storage to give you all the photos or videos you regret losing.

Download From – Playstore    

24. Photo Recovery App, Deleted Video Recovery

Not satisfied so far? There are two more on the list for you. Photo Recovery App, Deleted Video Recovery is another latest deal when it comes to photo recovery apps for android. Pacing with the needs of the modern era, the app is authentic, performing, constant and fast for you to get the best results in no time. Restore any old photo or video in seconds with this app in action.

Product Specifications

-> The app is one of the easiest ways to recover photos and videos.

-> It is faster than most of the photo recovery applications you will come across. 

-> The app needs no rooted device. 

-> It is free to install and has no additional usage charges as well. 

-> Revive all the photos you regret losing with just a few tabs.

Download From – Playstore

25. Recover Deleted Photos, Deleted Photo Recovery

In this competitive market, the app has made its position in the top 25 photo recovery apps because of its performance and user-friendliness. You can find any of the photos or media you deleted accidentally or intentionally (thinking that you don’t need them in the future). The app uses advanced algorithms to deeply scan internal and external memory to get the data you need.

Product Specifications

-> You can easily retrieve photos from the storage. 

-> No need for a rooted device. 

-> The app dives deep into the paths to find every lost data that you might need. 

-> Quick recovery process. 

-> Smart and latest User-Interface.

Download From – Playstore


App developers have always explored new possibilities to facilitate people with their day-to-day tasks. All the 25 best photo recovery apps for android are examples of lives being easier for the common public. All these apps are thoroughly tested for authenticity and performance and are serving mankind with their best features.

The article is extremely helpful for all those who regret losing their old precious memories or important documents stored on their devices. Each one of us should have at least one of these amazing options installed in our smartphones. Also if you have a new approach or an idea that will take photo recovery apps to a next level, we are here to help you build highly customized android applications for your needs.

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