IOS vs Android Apps – Which Should you Build Your Mobile App on First

IOS vs Android Apps – Which Should you Build Your Mobile App on First

When you have an amazing idea for a startup or a business then you need to make a few decisions which will help you reach new heights. Similarly, once you decide to go for mobile app development Boston there are some other important decisions that need to be made which can be very critical for your enterprise. One of such important decisions is choosing which operating system you’re going to launch on. Basically there are two App stores from where the users can download your app, first one is Apple App Store & the Google Play Store. Well, honestly speaking it is not an easy choice when you are new in the business because both the platforms and their users behave differently which makes it more difficult to choose from.

If you have chosen the native path for your mobile app development Boston then you must know native code for apps doesn’t work on both platforms. So, if you need your app on both the platforms you need to develop & write code for Android & iOS differently from the scratch. This makes the process extensive & expensive at the same time. So, let us look at the factors which will help you consider before you finalize the decision.

Feature Sets

The features are the basic functions of any application. It tells what exactly is the purpose of your app and the answer depends on the code that gets written for development. If we talk about Apple then it is restricted to a closed ecosystem which means that content is restricted to specific devices that are supported by that ecosystem. So the developers have to use Apple’s features, which are lots of them. The best thing about developing your app on a closed system is that you get more control, stability & accessibility. But in Apple there are many restrictions for the developer. Apple devices are also very expensive as compared to Android devices.

If we talk about Android operating on an Open Source Ecosystem. It allows you to add tons of modifications & functionality even if it is launched. However, the open source platforms are less secure but eventually it is Android which encourages developers for new & innovative ideas. It is easy to get Android’s source code for free & port it in your app’s hardware. With less restrictions in Android you can easily get your mobile app development Boston by best developers.

How to Make Money

The purpose of every mobile application is to make money. Most businesses have profit as their primary goal, but you must have a plan how to make money out of your app as there are a few different ways to do it through mobile app development Boston.

You can opt from Subscriptions, in-app purchase, Advertisements, Pay per download. You need to choose any of these strategies which will impact app development including whether to go for Android or Apple.

If you are planning to charge users to download your app then you should develop an Apple first. As you can see, more Apple users pay for the app to download rather than in Android phones. Android users don’t see as many apps that require payment to download. But when you are going to charge Apple users to download your app then you need to look out for amazing customer satisfaction as users are paying for it. But you don’t have to worry as you are going to earn more money than what you have spent.

If you are planning to make money off to an advertisements & in-app purchase then you should go for Android first. As there are more Android users in all around the world you will easily get it passed to more people. We know that Android users dominate the market share and play an important role when it comes to mobile app development Boston. The advantage of releasing your app for free on Android platform is that you’ll be able to get more downloads.

Enterprise Adoption

We all can remember the time when Blackberry used to dominate the workplace market. Every other business man used to have a Blackberry in their hands to show their credibility. But that time is over now, now there are many options to choose from. Apple devices are known for their security and closed ecosystem which makes it a corporate device but you can’t incorporate too many features because of it. On the other hand we all know that Android is open source but less secure but again with more features & different versions of devices. You will also have many users as Android has the most users in smartphones and it is one of the reasons why Android dominates the global market share.

We know it can be really difficult for you to choose the right platform. But you can choose a hybrid app in which the single code can be built both from Apple or Android. Hybrid development allows you to develop on both operating systems at the same time. Another best thing about Hybrid apps is to develop on both operating systems at the same time.  But we are sure that you know what to choose & what is best for your Mobile app development Boston.

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