The 10 Best iPhone Cleaner App To Clean your Cache & Junk Files

The 10 Best iPhone Cleaner App To Clean your Cache & Junk Files

iPhones are one of the most decorated mobile phones in the world which are adorned by every one of its users. Every year or two Apple comes up with an upgrade of the current iPhone/iPhones with the latest features and technologies which makes people buy them as soon as they can arrange that kind of money. Jokes apart, as mentioned Apple’s iPhones are world-class and are known for their ease of use. With its own operating system which is known as iOS Apple offers a phone which keeps your data secure, a camera-like lens in your hands, and takes your user experience to a whole new level. We are not gonna discuss the outdated myths about iOS which makes iPhones slow with time in this blog. But one thing which surely makes your iPhone slow is cache and other excessive memory.

Doesn’t matter if you have the latest iPhone in your hands with a lot of storage, it might run out due to junk files generated by various operations. Apart from junk files, cache files, excessive storage takes a toll on your phone and its RAM which can make your phone laggy from time to time. Which is one of the reasons many iPhone users search for the best iPhone cleaner apps which can ingeniously find out what’s wrong with your phone’s system and delete the unnecessary files from your phone.

As a leading iPhone app development company, we believe that we should come up with a list of the best iPhone cleaner apps for your iOS devices that cleans your device’s cache and junk files. These free iPhone cleaning apps are especially useful if you own a low-storage version of the iPhone. In a flash, let us have a look at the list of the top 10 iPhone cleaner apps which will help your iOS devices run faster.

Best iPhone Cleaner Apps

You might be wondering why don’t just hop to the App Store and search for the cache cleaner apps for your device. To be honest that is one of the most comprehensive trends that 90% of users follow. Herd mentality is also a hurdle that restrains you from finding a much better app on the App Store. And another reason to have a look at the list of the top iOS cleaner apps is that the App Store consists of thousands of such tools which claim themselves as cleaning apps. But many of these apps are not real as they are just useful and they do nothing at all apart from providing mental satisfaction.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good apps on the App Store, you might have already used some of them. As we are a leading mobile app development company we thought it’s our duty to research the best iPhone cleaners apps for you and list them down here. So, Let’s Go!

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1. Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner is a leading and one of the most top-rated storage cleaner apps on the app store. As per our experience with this application, it’s certain that it works smartly and effectively. It was developed by BP Mobile and has more than 78k ratings on the App Store. If you are also fed with similar pictures and hidden data on your iPhones then we strongly suggest downloading the Smart Cleaner App. The app development team of this app is taking full use of the latest technology as this app allows you to execute cleaning using voice commands. This app is completely free to download but you might have to pay if you want to access some advanced features.

Key Features of Smart Cleaner Offers

-> Cleans up your device in a few taps with a smart cleaning feature

-> Removes all photos taken by you in one location

-> Organize photos by places

-> Add widgets like battery, storage, and contact to your home screen 

-> Help you save your battery life

-> Protects your privacy

Download one of the best iPhone RAM cleaner apps – Smart Cleaner

2. Boost Cleaner

Another great tool that will help you in cleaning the junk out of your iPhone is Boost Cleaner. It was developed by Sharp Forks Limited which has some great apps like Fonts Keyboards, Auto Text Paste, and Font Maker Keyboard on the App store. With an easy-to-use interface, you can easily manage the photos, videos, contacts, and other clogged files in your device for free. However, there is also a subscription plan if you want to use other advanced features.

Key Features

-> Easy to remove multiple large files

-> Filter videos by size

-> Full display of video size

-> Manages your contacts and delete multiple contacts

-> Find and delete duplicate files and photos

-> Displays device’s available capacity and info your device

Download the top iPhone cleaner app – Boost Cleaner

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3. Clean Doctor

As the name suggests, this app for iPhone devices helps in cleaning unnecessary clutter from your phone. As per Wei Zhe, the sole developer of this beloved application. Clean Doctor uses advanced algorithms to detect unnecessary and duplicate files from your iPhone and remove them to make it quicker. Although coming from a single developer it has some amazing features to offer to the users. However, you can avoid its subscription model for two reasons, first, it’s a bit costly, second, its free version almost does all the work.

Key features of Clean Doctor

-> One-click AI smart cleaning which searches and automatically removes duplicates files, pictures, videos, screenshots, etc.

-> All in one depth photo cleaner

-> Consist of a comprehensive contact cleaner which frees up the space by searching and removing duplicate contacts

-> Offer a security feature that hides your photos, videos, and contacts a private vault

-> Backups your privacy photos

-> Offers a unique solution known as camouflage photos – It disguises your photos into other landscapes so that some of your private photos are not visible to others. You can restore camouflage photos to display as original photos at any time.

Download this free iPhone cleaning app from App Store – Clean Doctor

4. Clean My Storage

With more than 6.5k positive ratings on the App Store, the next iPhone cleaner app on the app store is known as Clean My Storage. It was developed by WeltsGut Sarl who ensured that his app frees up space quickly and easily. Clean My Storage is currently rated at 4.5, it can easily be used on our iOS devices including iPads. This tool offers a set of home screen widgets that gives you an overview of the occupied storage. With the free version you need to bear ads, but they can be removed by purchasing its premium version.

Key Features of Clean My Storage

-> Find and deletes the blurry photos

-> Find and deletes contacts without names or contact details

-> Provides an overview of your RAM to tell you which apps are putting stress on your iPhone

-> Offers easy to use UI which makes things simpler for you

-> Also consist of a network speed tester

Download the best iPhone RAM cleaner app –  Clean My Storage

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5. iCleaner

After our experience with iCleaner, we are clear that it must be on our list. Another rated app on the Apple app store helps in clearing clutter, unwanted data, and cache from your phone. The best part of iCleaner is its pro-subscription model is very affordable as compared to other cleaning apps listed above.

Key Features of iCleaner 

-> Easily sort photos and videos based on the size and occupied storage

-> Deleted multiple files

-> Allows you to see the metadata of files to prevent deleting anything accidentally

-> Shows the status of your storage space using a pie chart

-> Comes with an in-built contact manager

Download this smart iPhone cleaning app that comes without any bloats – iCleaner

6. Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

Yes, it’s the correct name. We know it’s kind of big but its amazing features make your life easier by removing all the junk from your iOS device with ease. It’s perfect just like the other cleaning apps for iPhone but it also offers similar features to them. However, it had one very advanced file filter feature along with scanner detects which removed all the unnecessary files from your iPhone/iPad permanently. It is developed by AlgoTwist Ltd Apps which is known for several apps from different genres on the app store.

Key Features to look out for

-> Extra Mode is amazing as it cleans your browser and makes your surfing add free

-> Sort files by size, biggest files at the top of the list with detailed information about the size of the file

-> Use the advanced filter option to search media by type, size, date, and others

-> Find and tells you about the duplicate and similar photos in your gallery

Download the top iPhone cleaner apps – Phone Cleaner for iPhone and iPad

7. Phone Cleaner – Phone Storage

Another top iPhone cleaner app which has more than 12.4k+ ratings on the App Store. The most common ratings are 4.6 from the users and it is developed by Smart Tool Studio Apps, which already has loads of apps on the App Store. Since it has a huge user base, it means the app is trustworthy and it also performs great in cleaning your mobile app. If you just want to clean the clutter from your phone then the free version would be perfect for you. But to be honest its pro version is not at bad and is very cost-effective. Let us have a look at some of the key features this iPhone cleaner app has to offer.

Key Features

-> Deletes incomplete contacts 

-> Storage widgets to check the storage easily

-> Photo widgets to stylish your home screen

-> Quickly remove useless videos by different types

Download  free iPhone cleaning apps – Phone Cleaner Clean Storage

8. Gemini Photos

Along with a photo viewer, it is another powerful tool to clean your mobile app. It has 10k+ ratings which were developed by MacPaw Inc. If a large portion of the storage space is eaten by the photos and videos on the storage of your phone’s devices then Gemini photos will help you detect them and remove them from your device. The best part is you can also declutter your iCloud photos.

Key Features of Gemini Photos are: 

-> Can easily detect photos with imperfect framing, blurry ground and closed eyes

-> Deletes screenshots, photos, and annotations with one tap

-> Amazing UI design with minimal and clean setup

-> Photo Radar feature monitors your camera roll and prevents bloating the storage

-> Makes organizing photos easy with its inbuilt feature

Download the best iPhone RAM cleaner apps – Gemini Photos

9. Cleaner – Clean Duplicate Item 

As the name suggests, this iPhone cleaning app removes all the duplicated items from your iOS devices along with additional features. The best part of this app is the precautionary functionalities that prevent you from bloating up the storage space. Offers a powerful free version along with a premium version that adds some more functionalities

Key Features

-> Has an AI-Based enhanced smart cleaning feature

-> Also works as a backup tool that can be used for de-cluttering

-> Contact merger that lets to merge and erase unnecessary contacts

-> Allows you to transfer crucial contacts and files before removing them permanently

Download the top iOS cleaner app – Cleaner Clean Duplicate Item

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10. Super Cleaner

Super is another popular app in this genre that has more than a million active users. If you are looking for one solution to clean up your iPhone and iPad devices then your search ends here as it offers all kinds of cleaning in a single package. It offers an amazing user interface that makes things easy for you to perform. Even there is a system monitor on the main screen of that app that provides you a glance over the system.

Key Features to Lookout For

-> Automatically filter contacts and delete the one which has incomplete details

-> Has a feature that compresses photos and videos to save storage

-> You can store the classified photos and videos in a private folder

Download the free iPhone cleaning apps – Super Cleaner

Before installing any kind of cleaning apps you must know that these apps are highly connected with your iPhone’s privacy. However, these apps are tested and we hope you will find all these apps helpful and reliable to clean your phone and keep them fast when there is a surge in memory.

Moreover, if you are planning to start your business and need a top mobile app to represent your business then hiring VerveLogic for the development is the right way to move ahead. We are a top mobile app development company that caters to all your native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile app development needs along with comprehensive digital marketing, website designing and development, and logo creation needs.

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