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8 Functional Testing Types (Explained With Examples)

8 Functional Testing Types (Explained With Examples)

Every mobile app development is incomplete after thorough testing. It helps in understanding the ins and outs of the mobile app and most importantly find the bugs in the app before launching it. There are a number of functional testing that can be used, this testing basically depends on the type of product or we can say the software or mobile app.

Moreover, testing delivers huge benefits to the mobile app development process. When done in ingenious ways, we can get the best of the developed mobile apps. It also increases the speed of development because well-communicated requirements result in less re-work. This testing also drives a more modular architecture which makes the process simpler for you.

As a leading custom software development company we have created this blog to specify the different functional testing types. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the different functional testing types and their importance, and when to perform them.

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Types of Functional Testing

1. Unit Testing

Unit testing ensures that each part of the code delivers the desired output rapidly. Unit testing consists of a good glance at the interface and the specification for a component. It also offers documentation of code development as each unit is tested before moving ahead to another unit. The unit testing supports functional tests by exercising the code which is not consistent. This means if you run the code without performing unit tests you may experience some issues like hard to diagnose failed tests and text fixtures work around known issues rather than fixing them. This means Unit testing is an integral part of the mobile app development is part of process.

2. Component Testing

Component Testing

source: simform

When we test a module or component independently to verify its expected output is called component testing. It is basically done to confirm the usability and functionality of a particular component but not restricted to only these. Hereby component we mean any feature in the mobile app development which can take input(s) and deliver any kind of output. For instance web pages, screens, modules of code, etc.

Let us see what we understand from the above image:

-> It is testing the UI part for usability and accessibility

-> It is also testing the page loading to ensure its offering high performance

-> Also testing for login functionality with valid and invalid user credentials

-> Trying to get SQL injection through the UI components to ensure safety

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3. Smoke Testing

The top android app development company considers this testing as the crucial part of the process. Smoke testing is basically done to perform on the “new ” build which was given by developers to the QA team in order to verify the basic functionalities are working fine or not.

As Smoke testing is considered very crucial it should be the first test to be done on any new build. It basically consists of the test cases done on the most important functionality or component of the system. The main objective is not to perform rigorous testing again and again, but to validate and find out whether the critical functionality of the system is working fine or not.

If the current build passes the smoke testing then it is known as a stable build. Once it is defined as stable, the QA team from the custom software development company performs functional testing for the newly added features and then performs regression testing depending upon the situation. But if the build fails the smoke test, it once again goes to the developers to fix the build issues or create a new build.

Smoke Testing

source: simform

Let us understand it better with an example: So a top mobile app development company was asked to create an employee portal application. So the development company has to follow rigorous testing to test each build right after its development. If we talk about a particular feature then first developers need to build a live application feature and pass it to the QA team for testing. And the QA team will examine the entire build required 80-100 test cases for all the scenarios like:

-> Login

-> Available leaves count and types

-> Testing of the calendar

-> Select date

-> Fill in the required information

-> Applying request sent to the manager 

-> The manager approves the leave and the employee gets notified

-> Leave gets deducted

-> Logout

But when it comes to smoke testing, instead of testing all the functionalities, it tests only critical functionalities which have only 20 test cases. It will cover the following scenarios:

-> Login

-> Select Date

-> Fill other Details

-> Request Sent to the Manager after Clicking the button

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4. Integration Testing

Integration testing is done to test a specific component and how it functions together to deliver the result. We can also use integration testing to test the modules which are already working fine individually and also do not show bugs when integrated. It is one of the most common testing among the top iOS mobile app development company for automated testing.

Usually, developers develop different modules of the system simultaneously and do not focus on others. The integration tests cause data and operational commands to flow between modules which means that they have to act as parts of a whole system rather than individual components. This issues many resolutions like UI operations, operation timing, data formats, database access and API calls and also interface operation, etc. Let us take an example to understand in a much better way. This is an example of an eCommerce site where it shows the results when the text is entered by users.

Module 1: Search Foundation

Module 2: Convertor which converter text into XML

Module 3: Engine module which sends XML data to the database

Module 4: Database

In our situation, the information entered in the hunt work (module #1) gets changed over into XML by module #2. The EN module(module #3) peruses the resultant XML record produced by module 2 and concentrates the SQL from it and questions into the data set. The EN module additionally gets the outcome set and converts it into an XML record and returns it back to the UI module which changes over the outcomes in client lucid structure and shows it.

So where does Integration testing come into the picture?

Indeed, testing whether the data/information is streaming accurately or not will be your combination testing, which for this situation would be approving the XML records. Are the XML documents created effectively? Do they have the right information? Has the information been moved accurately starting with one module then onto the next? This load of things will be tried as a component of Integration testing.

Checking of information moves between two parts is called Interface Testing. It is a piece of incorporation testing.

Interface testing incorporates testing of interfaces, for example, web administrations, APIs, association strings that associate two parts in the application. These interfaces don’t have a UI yet take info and conveys yield (don’t mistake it for Unit testing).

Interface testing is done to watch whether the various parts of the application/framework being created are in a state of harmony with one another or not. In specialized terms, interface testing verifies that various capacities like information move between the various components in the framework are occurring as indicated by the manner in which they were intended to occur.

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5. Regression Testing 

Regression Testing is another important testing method which top mobile app development company use. Let us understand this testing. Whenever developers add or modify the code with new functionality or features then it may cause unexpected behaviors. So basically Regression testing helps in finding out to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t changed the existing functionality. Its main purpose is to find the bugs which may be accidentally added to the code while adding something new.

Regression Testing

Let us understand it by continuing our example of the leave management system which allows employees to ask for leave directly from the system. The developer has built a new feature which shows the report of the employees leave history. First, testers need to test this feature with smoke testing with new test cases. Now the testers from the top software development company also need to test with regression testing to ensure the code from build 1 is working correctly. Let us see how Regression testing becomes challenging for the testers as well.

-> The number of test cases in the registration suite increases with every new feature.

-> Many times regression becomes difficult due to time and budget constraints.

-> Minimizing the test suite with maximum test coverage is not an easy task.

-> Determination of frequency of Regression tests after every modification

6. Sanity Testing

When a new build is received along with some small modifications, we can also perform a sanity test without the need for a regression test. It basically determines that the modifications made have actually fixed the issues or not. Sanity testing is generally a subset of regression testing and other related changes that are made or added to the product. As a leading mobile app development company, we have seen that many developers get caught up between sanity testing and smoke testing.

7. System Testing 

Framework testing will be tried directed on a total, an incorporated framework to assess its consistency with the predetermined prerequisites. After the finish of the incorporation testing, the item is passed for framework testing. Framework testing is embraced by autonomous analyzers who haven’t assumed a part in fostering the program. This testing is performed in a climate that intently reflects creation. Framework Testing is vital on the grounds that it confirms that the application meets the specialized, practical, and business prerequisites that were set by the partner.

In our model, we can perform framework testing when every one of the modules is created and passed joining effectively. For instance, the total item may incorporate highlights like leave application, reports, representative subtleties, execution tracker, and so forth

8. User Acceptance Testing 

Client acknowledgment testing (UAT) is the last period of the product testing measure. In UAT genuine programming/application clients test the product to ensure it can deal with required errands in certifiable situations. By and large, it is performed at the hour of item conveyance to partners as a last designated spot among all utilitarian testing types.

From the beginning to the organization, the product/application goes through different kinds of testing by testing groups and engineers. The ultimate objective of the multitude of endeavors is to convey a functioning programming/application that satisfies clients’ necessities and the customer’s assumptions. Both the groups become so acquainted with the application that they may turn into a survivor of limited focus. They are completely mindful of workarounds and may skirt certain situations which may be basic for end clients.

The clients are innocent about how the application functions. They are centered around ‘How the application ought to act?’ They utilize the application with a new brain and if it is instinctive to follow. UAT depends on client stories and builds up how well it meets their necessities. Clients don’t utilize the ‘Test to Break’ approach while doing client acknowledgment testing. Maybe, UAT is a proportion of how great your application acts in typical situations.

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These are the different types of Testing that the developers from the top mobile app development company use to create some of the best mobile apps for businesses.

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