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Different Types of Online Forms You Can Integrate To Your Business Website

Different Types of Online Forms You Can Integrate To Your Business Website

For any enterprise, the online form is the best way to collect user information or feedback, it is a great source of enhancing customer interaction and data collection.

Integrating an online form into a website or an app is like filling two needs with one deed – while it is helping a company to collect the data of its potential customers, on other hand, it is strengthening the security of the website. Whether it’s registration, subscription, query, or a simple survey, a well-designed online form makes everything easier and organized for a business and the user.

An online form is undoubtedly an asset for the company and the genuine user will not mind filling one provided that the form is designed and placed right. Also, a lengthy one is capable of darting visitors away from your website. Clearly, a mundane or lengthy form is the biggest obstacle for a business.

The right form at the right place will help you enhance your customer interaction and will finally open up a conversation. Especially the B2B marketers – the online forms are their major assets for if the utilization is right. By the end of the day, you will have a database of the clients that are aware or rather interested in your product and are willing to deal with you in near future.

Placement of online forms can be tricky until you know the answers of:

-> What purpose does the online form serve?

-> What information do we need from the client?

-> How the customer will perceive the form?

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Every B2B and B2C buyer is aware of the importance of an online form. They will fill the form to get in touch with you. As most of the organization do not serve 24/7, the online forms do the duty of gathering the customer queries and the executive can reach out to the customer as soon as he receives the messages. Here you can leverage the services of the professional web development agency to develop a dynamic website integrating the customized online forms for better customer interaction.

Benefits of Online Forms 

=> Quick registrations

=> Hassle-Free communication

=> Fetching Quality Customer Data

=> Database organization

=> Quality Leads Only

=> Quick Solutions to general queries

=> Helps you develop the best marketing strategies

=> Quick and easy online purchase.

=> Transparency between the client and the company

=> For personalized customer service.

Types of Online Forms You Can Integrate Into Your Website

1. SignUp forms for Newsletters

Signup forms to unlock the newsletters and gated content are simple and to the point. These forms require not more than 4 grids to be filled. Offering a newsletter or premium gated content is the best online marketing strategies to engage your B2B clients and establish an authority in your market. While they signup for a newsletter or a gated content they expect you to deliver something more exclusive and premium.

Information Needed: First name*, last name*, email id*, phone number (in rare cases).

2. Contact Forms

What is the Call of Action for your clients if they are convinced to deal with you? Especially in the service sector, there is an integrated “contact for sales” form that needs to be filled by the lead (nurturing or qualified). Once the form is filled it reaches the sales department for further sales procedures.

Please Note: The Sales form is not the same as the contact us form. The contact us form is for general queries while the sales form is specific to sales queries only (that is then directed to the sales or the marketing team).

Information Needed: First Name*, Last Name*, Email ID*, Contact Number*, Company Name*, From where did you come to know about the company? Comments (optional)

3. Event Registration Forms

A corporate event means hundreds and thousands of registrations which is otherwise daunting if no online forms are serving the purpose. The online forms help you manage the attendee’s list, highlight the event-based information, time, and venue details. Not only that, integrated with the form there is often a PDF that gives the early picture of the event, sometimes there is a video.

Tip: For a corporate event make sure to attach specific details as your B2B clients will be interested in the pre-insights of the event they will be attending.

Information Needed: Name*, Email ID*, Phone Number*, Time of Arrival*, How many people are accompanying you?*

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4. Feedback Forms

Feedback is the most important asset for a company. It will help your customers to share their honest feedback about your product/services. The positive ones will help you enhance your brand’s image in the market and the challenging ones will help you improve for better business goals.

You can use feedback forms to seek answers for:

-> How satisfied your customer was with your products/services?

-> How satisfied your customer was with the customer process/sales process?

-> How would you like to rate us?

-> Would they like to recommend the brand to their friends?

A feedback form could be comparatively longer than a signup or a contact form.

Needed Information: Name*, Contact Information*, overall experience dealing with the company*, recommendations for the company*, star ratings, reviews (if any).

5. Online Order and Payments

This is a crucial part of any e-commerce website of an online business. Order and payments form is a must for anyone who is looking for a true online shopping experience without the need to step out of their homes for payment or bookings. Moreover, the order and payment form is an upper hand for any business as it facilitates immediate sales conversions.

Undoubtedly if you are trading online, you need to have a robust payment structure as well to ensure safe transactions – Here is the complete guide to E-Commerce Web Development to kickstart your online business.

Post COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses are turning to digital business models respecting social distancing protocols and the best web development agencies are here taking care of all their requirements from website designing to development, and integration of features like online order and payment forms.

Needed Information: Name, Email, Phone No. Delivery Date, Delivery Address, Quantity, Payment MOdes (card, cash, UPI, or others).

6. Creating an Account

A signup account is a necessity for every other website including shopping, entertainment, educational, banking, social media, gaming, and so on. The form requires the user to set the password ensuring complete security and privacy of his account. In fact, these websites have in-built privacy features that ensure the complete safety of the user’s profile, showing the authenticity of the company.

An Account opening form is the best way to organize the members on the portal and give them a personalized experience within the safe walls.

Needed Information:

Login – Username (phone number / email)* and Password*

Signup – First Name*, Last Name*, Username*, Email Address*, Password*

7. Website Feedback

A business relies on its consumers and therefore it is mandatory for a company to ask for feedback from its valuable clients. A website visitor feedback form helps a business to know the perception and thought process of its clientele and accordingly can plan its marketing, production, and sales process.

Marketing is no doubt lucrative but customer retention is the greater deal that can be done by working on the feedback of the clients. If a person comes to your website which means he is looking for similar services that you are offering, make sure you seal the deal with the best web app development including the online form open for conversation.

Needed Information:  Rate your experience with our website, select from the below feedback options or please leave a remark for us.

8. Contest Registration

Businesses announce contests to get customer engagement and to spread brand awareness, this is undoubtedly the best way to be known among your target audience. You can set the age group, locality, and other criteria for participation in the contest to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Users pay more attention to such contests for the chance of winning a prize, but you get the data of your potential clients from whom you can take the follow-up later and convert them into quality leads.

Needed Information: Name*, Age*, Email/Phone Number*, City*, State*.

9. Donation

If you are associated with a trust or a charity organization, a donation form is a way for you to organize the funds that you get from the donors all around the city, state, or world. Collecting funds for the underprivileged is a noble cause but the management of the fund can be tedious if you do everything manually. You need an organized database to manage a massive crowd of donors.

Moreover, donation forms will help you sent a certificate of appreciation to those who were generous with the process and notify them the next time you host any fundraising.

Needed Information: Name, Email ID/phone number, Amount, Cause (if there are more than one), Comment.

10. Assessment Forms

Assessments always help you generate quality leads (especially for B2B SaaS companies). The business base here is to provide the software as a service to the potential B2B buyers and let them become your loyal customers for a lifetime. The assessment forms do not ask too much from the user, the main motive of the form is to show your audience the value of your services and do not expect the conversion in return.

Needed Information: Name of the Company*, Skills/role/task being assessed*, competency rates (1-10), descriptive skill assessment*, date to be achieved*, additional notes.

Make Your Online Form Captive and Spot-On

Before you outsource your online form integration to the web designing company make sure you and the company are on the same page regarding the design and implementation of the online form on your website.

Here are eye-opening points regarding the design of the online form:

1. Keep the Design Simple

The design reflects your brand, keeps it simple yet professional, and creates an image of an authentic enterprise. Make sure the tabs and the font are clear to the eyes of the user with the mandatory fields marked in a red star. You can use some standard colors to distinguish the CTAs like red for the decline, green for proceeding, star for mandatory fields, and a big rectangular tab for submitting.

2. Mobile-Friendly Forms

There are a lot many benefits of web app development – these are OS flexible dynamic websites that can work on any gadget regardless of its screen size. As smartphones are ruling the era, there are more chances for a business to seize the deal if their UI (User Interface) and an online form are mobile-oriented.

3. Key Pointers and CTA Guides

More selection options with pre-filled data to choose from are more appreciated. Though there are some obvious grids that cannot be pre-filled like name, address, phone numbers, etc., apart from that try to keep it a miscellaneous choice for your website visitors.

4. No Unnecessary Grids

Any form is tedious if it asks for too much information and especially in the B2B business, it is the question of time and deal. Make sure you are fetching only the relevant information and you have a reason behind seeking that information. People often run away from typing so give them the option to click the valid answer or the dropdown boxes.

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The well-designed online form is the easiest way to seek information from your potential customers, a genuine database to work on and you will come to know the market demand of your products. Moreover, the customers will come to know about your website and will engage with you for a purchase deal. Online forms work wonders while drafting marketing strategies. Leverage the powers of the best web design company to get your online form designed and implemented correctly.

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