Gamify your mobile app: Why you need mobile app gamification to up your game

Gamify your mobile app: Why you need mobile app gamification to up your game

Today, the mobile app market has become vast. According to Statista, a total of $2.5 million apps could be found on Google play store, on Apple app store, a total of $1.8 million, $669 thousand on Windows store, and $489 thousand on Amazon app store. With approximately $5.5 billion applications available out there, it is getting more challenging to create apps that will stand out among others and leave an impression on the user’s mind. Add millennials and generation Z to the equation, who gets bored easily and well, let’s just say, only the brightest crayon sticks around.

So, how to decide to go for a mobile app development company in Florida in such a way that it keeps the users hooked. An efficient way to do that is by gamifying the app. Applying game dynamics to the application makes the user experience more fun and prompts them to keep them coming. Not only that, it serves as a prominent marketing technique because next time the user meets someone, they’ll probably go, “have you tried this great app?”

According to Gigya, gamification of mobile app development companies in Florida raises the interaction by one-third, comments by 13%, content visibility by 68%, and social shares by 22%. The app receives a stable social existence with no effort, better reviews, increased traffic, tops the charts in search engines, keeps the user satisfied, and brings revenue growth for business owners. Suffice to say, gamification of mobile app development companies in Florida is a win-win situation for everyone.

So, let us look at different ways that can be used to do the same.


If I tell you that you’ll be receiving a prize after finishing this article, it’s sure to get your attention, right? In the same way, rewarding the user for using the app will keep their interest and motivates them to use it more often. Anything that has some value to the target audience could be offered like cash rewards, in-app currency to use within the app, etc.


No matter how old one gets, they still love to win medals and trophies. Incorporating the same concept in mobile app development companies in Florida can make it more interactive as it will trigger a sense of achievement within the user whenever they win one and is more likely to make them a regular user.


Human beings are competitive. They love to win and be the best. Leaderboards allow them to do the same. More often than not, users share the app with their friends and relatives just to be able to compete with them. Hence, more users as well as user activity on the platform.

Progress Display

Losing motivation is very easy for humans. Especially when they don’t feel like they are going somewhere. Say someone wants to lose weight. Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling when they have somewhere to look at to analyze how far they’ve come? That’s where progress display comes into play. Showing the users what they have accomplished so far will not only give them a sense of pride but will also keep them coming to move further and therefore, to use the app.


Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Which job suits you the best? Which fictional character are you? You just can’t help yourself and not try them. According to a survey, quizzes are shared 1900 times just because of how fun and addicting they are. Adding questions by keeping the target audience and their interests in mind will make the user curious and keep them engaged.

Virtual Goods

They are just like rewards, only holding a long-term value. Earning points within the app only to be able to use them, later on, makes a good prize. For instance, discount coupons that can be used later makes the user a long-term customer of the app benefiting them and the organization.

It’s hard to pin-point which gamification method is the best but it is safe to say that to grow engagement and encouragement of the user for and towards the app, gamifying ought to be the go-to strategy. And the best part is that one does not have to spend a lot in adding these set-ups within the app. As discussed above, adding any of these to the app would simply do the trick and help in retaining the audience and tip the charts of business up.


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