Top 15 Free Mobile Number Tracker in 2021

Top 15 Free Mobile Number Tracker in 2021

In these advanced times, we are very far away in terms of technology. We can book hotel rooms from other cities, order food sitting right from your home. So, there must also be something that keeps you secure, because the more we are moving ahead, the more we have to be concerned about our security.

Similarly, one of the most annoying things in the world is getting recurrent calls from unknown numbers. Well, when your number is exposed then it’s a matter of security and getting exposed to marketers who can call your number at odd times from strange numbers. This can be a challenging situation when you are working with full focus or in a meeting. In order to save you from this trouble, we have come up with a list of top mobile number trackers. There are tons of mobile applications and websites which help in tracking the mobile location with the caller details.

To make it easy for you we are listing the best 5 mobile number tracking websites, Android and iOS-based applications developed by a top mobile app development company, and help you track mobile number location easily. Let us start with the Top 5 Free Mobile Number Tracker Websites.

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Top 5 Free Mobile Number Tracker Websites

Just like the top android and iOS mobile applications, there are tons of websites that offer mobile number tracker services to users. All you need to do is to type the target number and you will get the data for the number that you have entered. Let us straight away move ahead with the list of the best mobile number tracking websites for free.

1. Trace Phone Number 

Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is a top-class mobile number tracking website that provides services like mobile and landline number tracking for free and easily. On searching a mobile number you get data like the name of the owner of that target number. The top features of Trace phone Number are simple and straightforward user interface, has a huge database of the phone numbers which makes the search fast and easy, and offers a search option to fetch information about the target number.

Pros of Phone Number Tracer

-> Offers free service 

-> Provides a very easy and user-friendly interface

-> You can track mobile numbers and the landline numbers

-> The available data contains network service provider name, owner name, and the location of the number

Cons of the Phone Number Tracer

-> Being a top-class mobile location tracker, it is not able to differentiate between the old numbers, new numbers, or replacements.


MobileNumberTrackr is among the top tracking and search websites which helps in tracing mobile number India. The offers services like tracking service search, landline number tracking, bulk SMS sender, searching for STD codes, etc. It easily tracks the number through its location and also provides the services provider’s company name. It really doesn’t matter from where you are tracking. The top feature of is that it contains a huge database of numbers which makes things easy and fast for you as a user. It also allows you to track the landline number for free along with the mobile numbers.

Pros of Using MobileNumberTrackr are:

-> Results are displayed within seconds

-> Allows you to track mobile numbers, landlines, vehicles, Find ISD code, Trace Bulk SMS sender, Trace STD codes all on the same page

-> The easy and advanced user interface makes it easy to use

-> Free to use without any hidden charges

Cons of Using MobileNumberTrackr:

-> Can only be used for mobile numbers in India

On the other hand, if you are planning to find out the best phone tracker applications in the market then read our best phone tracker apps to find out which mobile apps to install on your phone in order to track other phones basically to find the track of your loved ones. 

3. Online GPS Phone Tracker 

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Another top phone locator which is available on the internet is the online GPS Phone Tracker. It provides information about the targeted number along with the location of the target phone number. It supports number tracking from almost all top telecom service providers and offers its services for free.

The top features of Online GPS Phone Tracker are:  contains the database from the top operators like AT&T, Airtel, Reliance. Can easily track landline numbers also through its tracking website, uses advanced GPS features in order to track the location of the mobile, and can be accessed remotely.

Pros of Using Online GPS Phone Tracker

-> Free of cost

-> Offer 24X7 service

Cons of Using Online GPS Phone Tracker 

-> Only tracks numbers that are active at the moment

-> Doesn’t offer services for stolen and switched off mobile

4. Free Phone Tracer

Free Phone Tracer is also a high-quality and free phone tracker by number. Along with tracking the phone numbers also offers complete security of their data. It uses McAfee for security and offers free landline and mobile number tracking facilities.

Pros of Using Free Phone Tracer are

-> Available for free on the website

-> Offers easiest methods for tracking the phone number

-> Provides data like a service provider, phone type, and line type details of the target number

Cons of Using Free Phone Tracer

-> Can only allow you to track US-based number

-> Need to register yourself first in order to use the number tracking services

5. GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS Cell Phone Locator

GPS Cell Phone Locator is very quick in offering its services when it comes to mobile tracker free online. It offers a clean and sensational user interface, no installation and registration are needed, just put in the number in order to get the tracking information.

Find out more about GPS Cell Phone Locator here.

Pros of Using GPS Cell Phone Locator

-> Uses GPS feature for mobile location tracker

-> Offers mobile website for Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows Phone

-> Services are available 24X7 which can be accessed from anywhere

Cons of Using GPS Phone Locator

-> The major drawback is it is not compatible with Firefox and Symbian browsers

-> The device must be switched on in order for it to be tracked

5 Best Mobile Number Tracker Android Applications

As we already know about the top mobile tracker free online website, let us also have a look at the top phone tracker app for android which offers services of mobile tracking. Websites can be slow in generating results and on the other hand android mobile are quick in delivering results accurately. So, to make it simple for you we are listing the 5 best android applications that will help in tracking phone number location without any hassle.

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1. Mobile Number Tracker App

Mobile Number Tracker App for android offers amazing services in tracking down the information of the targeted mobile number. Without paying a single penny for the services you can leverage the benefit of this service. It is curiously developed by a top android mobile app development company which makes it easy to use as you can track numbers in a few steps. Mobile Number Tracker supports GSM, CDMA, and state service providers as it has a huge database. It also comes with an integrated GPS feature because of which tracking becomes easy.

Pros of Using Mobile Number Tracker App

-> Can use service for free

-> Tracking does not depend on the service operator

-> The straightforward app which makes the tracking easy

Cons of Using Mobile Number Tracker App

-> Doesn’t offer offline services

-> Only support Indian numbers 

-> Low quality and takes time in delivering results

Download the phone tracker app for android – Mobile Number Tracker App

If you have also created one such application which helps in tracking down a targeted number then we have the best marketing blogs that you must read to get your app successful in no time. 

2. Mobile Number Locator 

Mobile Number Locator is another android mobile app that offers to trace mobile number services for free. You can also get the exact location of the target number on the Google Map in 3D for a clear and better view. It provides global codes that are available with this amazing tracking application. Offers an authentication feature that displays the name of the unknown caller before picking the call. All these features make it one of the best Mobile Number tracking android apps in the market.

Pros of Using Mobile Number Locator Android App

-> Work with or without internet

-> Integration of Google Maps 3D services makes the exact location easy

-> Makes it easy for the user to make a call or text without going into the call log

-> Offers data like call logs, service providers names, and the location

Cons of Using Mobile Number Locator Android App

-> Doesn’t allow the tracking of the ported mobile number

-> Only in few listed countries USA, India, Canada, and Pakistan

Download the best mobile location tracker app – Mobile Number Locator

3. Trace Mobile Number

Trace Mobile is another top-level mobile number tracking android application. The best part of using the Trace Mobile Number app is that it is supported by almost every mobile service operator which makes the target number tracking easy.  This top phone locator is compatible with 4.0 or above android versions.

The top features of Trace Mobile Number android app work without any internet connection and the location can be fetched offline, offers accurate location tracking of the target numbers, has a very large database which is updated from time to time, etc.

Pros of Using Trace Mobile Number 

-> Easy to use as you do not need any technical skills to use this application

-> You can be able to use the service provider’s name while calling or receiving a call

Cons of Using Trace Mobile Number

-> Advertisements in the app make the user irritated

-> Does not offer global services as it only works for India and some neighboring countries

Download the mobile tracker free app for android – Trace Mobile Number

4. Caller ID and Number Locator 

Caller ID and Number Locator is an advanced tracking mobile number or fixed line phone number which offers its services in 246 countries. It is free to use as you can get the caller’s identity and location through this application. As per their development team, they have a database of around 13,000 cities, it also offers call blocking features. On installing Caller ID and Number Locator you will find the name of the caller displayed on the screen.

Pros of Using Caller ID and Number Locator

-> Works both offline and online

-> Gives you the exact location of the caller via Google maps

-> Call Blocking

-> Caller’s identity can also be fetched

Cons of using Caller ID and Number Locator 

-> Only work for the new android version 

-> Can be slow sometimes

Download the mobile number tracker android application: Caller ID and Number Locator

5. Truecaller Phone Tracer

Truecaller is very common and one of the most advanced phone number trackers on the Google Play Store. The best part of Truecaller is that it allows you to globally track the caller’s name and mobile location which makes it the best mobile number tracker. It also allows you to block unwanted contacts, shows the caller’s pics along with the name, has a huge database that makes the process fast and accurate.

Pros of Truecaller Phone Tracer

-> Contains more than 220 million users with high satisfaction

-> Allows you to make calls without going into your default call logs

-> Notifies you if someone tracks your number

Cons of Truecaller Phone Tracer

-> Need to register to avail of the services

-> Requires internet connection in order to work

Download the best android phone number tracker app – Truecaller ID & Spam Block

Top 5 iOS Mobile Number Tracker Apps

As we have seen the best android mobile number tracker applications let us have a look at tracking apps available for iOS users. If you are using an iPhone then you do not have to worry as we have also compiled a list of the top 5 iOS mobile number tracker applications for iOS devices. Let us have a look at it.

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1. Truecaller Phone Number Tracker

Yes, it is the same Truecaller app that is available for android and it is also available for the iOS version. It helps in locating the target number using 3D actions. For iOS devices it comes with an auto spam feature that gets updated automatically, 3D touch actions are supported.

Pros of Truecaller Phone Number Tracker

-> Uses 3D touch that makes the app easy to use

-> Callers complete identity will be displayed on the screen when you get a call

-> Removes call history with a single click

Cons of Using Truecaller Phone Number Tracker

-> Needs internet connection with work

-> Compatible with only iOS 8 and above versions only

Download the top track mobile number location iOS app – Truecaller Phone Number Tracker

2. Number Locator for iOS

Well, there are many mobile number tracking services for iOS devices but we must know about the top ones so we have less fuss while using the application. The Number locator app is launched by Elegant Recursion Inc a top iOS mobile app development company. It works both online and offline with an interactive user interface. Comes with an auto-update button, and contains area codes from all over the world.

Pros of Using Mobile Locator for iOS 

-> Display Results within seconds

-> Compatible with all iOS devices like iPod, iPhone, and iPad

-> Simple and Animated interface

-> Amazing graphics and animation

Cons of Using Mobile Locator for iOS

-> Mobile Locator is free of cost but you need to pay $0.99 to avail of extra feature

Download the best Mobile location tracker for iOS – Number Locator 

3. Mobile Number Tracker Pro – SIM

In the list, we have another mobile tracker free online iOS app which is known as Mobile Number Tracker Pro. It offers an easy method to track your loved ones or someone who is calling you. It provides services in many countries and their cities for free.

Pros of Using Mobile Number Tracker Pro

-> Offers services for free

-> Needs an internet connection

-> Has a very large database which makes the process easy and fast

Cons of Using Mobile Number Tracker Pro

-> Must have a 3G or LTE connection to get the results

Download one of the best phone tracker app for iOS – Mobile Number Tracker Pro

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4. Mobile Number Tracker Location 

Mobile Number Tracker Location is only compatible with iOS devices and is only available on the App Store. It also helps you to track the live location of the mobile number if the number is from the US, Canada, and European countries. It offers accurate results for location tracking and allows you to get the real-time location of the target mobile number without letting them know.

Pros of using Mobile Number Tracker Location

-> Has a database of more than 200+ countries

-> Also supports 3D Google map for location tracking

Cons of Using Mobile Number Tracker Location

-> Sometimes it tells incorrect information about the number owner

Download the top phone tracker for iOS – Mobile Number Tracker Location

5. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

The last application on the list is the Mobile Number Tracker Pro which also offers outstanding phone locator services for free. Just like the above it also supports a database of 200+ countries so you can get the exact results. Since it is an iOS app, it notifies you once the searched number is located. You can also customize the application as you need and change the color to make it attractive. 

Pros of Using Mobile Number Tracker Pro

-> Allows tracking the number from all over the world

-> Has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use

-> Also allows you to make calls and text messages through the application

Cons of Using Mobile Number Tracker Pro

-> Needs internet connection to work

-> Many times it fails to show the exact location

Download the mobile location tracker for iOS – Mobile Number Tracker Pro

All these applications have a centered content so users can have a better experience and that is why they are top applications in their respective fields. If you also want to know then you must have an idea of how a content-centered mobile experience can create a huge difference.

These are the best mobile number tracking services in terms of the website, android applications, and iOS applications. Now that you have an idea about the best mobile tracking number you will have an idea of how things are working out for you.

Moreover, if you are planning to create one such application or finding 20 android app development trends to watch out for in 2021 then a top IT outsourcing company like VerveLogic is there for you.

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