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Top 20 Linux NAS Solutions and Linux SAN Software

Top 20 Linux NAS Solutions and Linux SAN Software

In this time of quick financial development, information is apparently among the driving variables behind progress. Putting away information is of more prominent significance for various reasons, including reinforcements and security. A standout amongst other methods of putting away information is utilizing NAS (Network Attached Storage) or Linux SAN (Storage Area Network) arrangements. These are stages that permit the saving and recovery of information in an organized manner utilizing network-based models. Linux is one of the top players with regards to offering powerful and open-source NAS programming. In this aide, we’ll lay out 20 current and imaginative Linux/Ubuntu NAS and SAN arrangements that will make information for the executives simpler for the two people and organizations.

Linux NAS arrangements come in a wide range of flavors, and tracking down the right one for your requirements is a genuine test. Our editors have gone over a generous number of decisions and chose these picks dependent on numerous models, including fame, improvement status, recompense, and such. We encourage you to go through every single one of them and attempt to decide the best NAS worker for Ubuntu or any Linux distros dependent on necessities.

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1. Amahi

In case you’re searching for setting up a home, NAS worker setup then settling with an open-source NAS programming will be a smart thought. It will empower you to see how NAS workers function and permit limitless tweaking openings. Amahi is one of the top parts in such a manner. Their open-source arrangement offers incredible NAS highlights, including plate pooling, secure reinforcements, document sharing, and vigorous programming combinations. Additionally, you can deal with your NAS effectively utilizing Amahi’s advantageous administrator dashboard.

-> Amahi permits clients to name and control all NAS-associated gadgets on their organization by supplanting the DHCP/DNS setting of their switch with those of Amahi’s. 

-> It accompanies a perfect interface and offers strong UI the executive’s highlight needed for an advantageous route. 

-> Amahi offers a serious choice of reinforcement choices, including full plate network reinforcement and booked reinforcements for Mac or Windows. 

-> It is a magnificent decision for building strong home media workers because of its irrelevant arrangement time and enormous asset accessibility.

Download Amahi – best Linux NAS Solution

2. Open Media Vault

Open Media Vault is a cutting-edge and powerful NAS arrangement based on top of Debian. It offers a clear method to set up NAS workers for home clients. It includes a great web interface for obliging this errand and ensures clients with restricted information on Linux or Debian can deal with the product without any problem. It accompanies default support for a wide scope of standard conventions, including Samba/CIFS, FTP, NFS, Rsync, and TFT

-> It offers various valuable NAS administrations like SSH, FTP, SMB/CIFS, BitTorrent customer, RSync, DAAP media worker, and some more. 

-> Open Media Vault’s particular engineering permits this product to be handily expanded while keeping a lightweight form. 

-> It makes the framework refreshing interaction extremely helpful, using the Debian bundle the board utility. 

-> Open Media Vault upholds numerous volumes the executive’s highlight, including HDD power the board, GPT parcels, ACL, and Share control. 

-> It is seemingly extraordinary compared to other open-source NAS programming for general home clients or little workplaces.

Download Open Media Vault – best Linux NAS solutions for SAN Software

3. Rockstor

If you are looking for a NAS solution for your home or your business then Rockstor is one of the best solutions for you. It provides many new features which makes it a top choice to use. It consists of BTRFS storage, monitoring dashboard, cloning abilities, and fast vertical scaling features. Not only this, it also offers in-depth, quality documentation to make things easy when getting started. Let us have a look at the other top features of this open-source NAS has to offer:

-> Contains extra-ordinary next-gen BTRFS filesystem which supports up to 16 times more storage than other standard filesystems.

-> Also has a superb feature known as Rockstor replication which makes it easy to recover data in case of storage disasters. 

-> Comes with additional and substandard functionalities like cloud storage so your data may never get lost and media streaming

-> Rockstor has robust and powerful REST APIs which makes it easy for the developers to integrate Rockstor services with third-party apps

Download Rockstor – One of the best Linux NAS Solution 

4. Openfiler

Openfiler is another popular storage solution for all Ubuntu and Linux users. It is developed on top of CentOS which offers compelling file-based network-attached and also block-based storage area network services. The best part about using Openfiler is that it makes administering and large-scale storage operations at the same period of time. It also consists of a GNU GPL 2 license which allows third-party devs to personalize the software as per your need. The other top features of Openfiler are:

-> One of the most popular Linux NAS solutions that supports the latest CPU, storage hardware, and networking.

-> Very scalable supports more than 60 TB file system along with online filesystem and volume growth support

-> Comes with in-built support for diverse file sharing, media streams, server backends, machine storage, etc

-> Supports file-based and block-based storage export protocols like CIFS, NFS, HTTP/DAV, FTP, and RSync

Download Openfiler – Top Linux SAN software solution

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5. FreeNAS

Free NAS is based on the FreeBSD operating system that uses a highly dedicated and known OpenZFS filesystem. It offers many advanced functionalities which makes it perfect to use in your Linux and Ubuntu systems. You must be astonished to know that it has been downloaded more than 10 million times which makes it a very popular choice as an NSA service choice among the users. The top features include replication, file sharing, impressive web interface, snapshots, etc. Let us have a look at the other top features of FreeNAS has to offer:

-> According to us, the most unique feature is the snapshot feature which allows users to quickly take backup of their entire filesystem in the minimum time. 

-> Offers a wide range of file sharing methods like NFS for UNIX, SMB/CIFS for Windows, AFP for Mac OS along with iSCSI, standard FTP, WebDAV protocols.

-> Extreme data protection, thanks to its smart implementation of the ZFS filesystem

Download FreeNAS for your Linux, Windows, and Mac systems

6. XigmaNAS

XigmaNAS is another top-level NAS software that is perfect for open-source enthusiasts. It makes large-scale data management easier which makes it perfect for users who have no experience with NAS. It is based on the above-mentioned FreeNAS open-source codebase and consists of top features. It also offers experimental support for ARM architecture while preserving the M0n0wall/PHP of FreeNAS. The other notable features of XigmaNAS are:

-> Allows admins to monitor their NAS server through real-time network and CPU statistics, email alerts, Syslogs, and SMART technology

-> Also offers support for iTunes/DAAP server, WebSocket, file manager, BitTorrent client, etc

-> Comes with in-built support for many systems like NTFS, ZFS, UFS, Ext2, and Ext3

-> Supports standard network protocols which include SMB, CIFS, FTP, TFTP, SSH, RSync and iSCSi

Download Xigma NAS – one of the best Linux NAS solution

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7. Nexenta

Nexenta is another influential and powerful NAS solution that also offers some impressive features. It comes with a full-fledged proprietary edition and a free-of-charge community edition. If you want to use it for home purposes then a community edition would be perfect for you. The community edition is just a lookalike of enterprise products which means it gets frequent updates and bug fixes from time to time. Let us have a look at the other important features of Nexenta:

-> Supports up to 18TB of disk memory storage alongside the ZFS file system architecture.

-> Facilities like public cloud-based and hardware agnostic makes it top an NFS system

-> Has snapshots feature along with granular data recovery in case of any storage hazard

-> Some of the best features are space-optimized data cloning, multi-tenant file services, online data reduction abilities

Download Nexenta

8. CryptoNAS

CryptoNAS was earlier known as CryptoBox is another powerful solution that offers security in a very effective manner. It is built on Linux and is available as a Live CD or an installation package. If you have limited experience with NAS security then we suggest live CD.

Features of CryptoNAS

-> Requires no configuration and fast

-> Makes NAS encryption easier for new users by abstracting technical details like the filesystem, and file-sharing protocols from the user

-> Offers an intuitive, web-based frontend to encrypt and manage an existing NAS server quickly

Download CryptoNAS – One of the best NAS software solution

9. OpenDedupe

OpenDedupe is developed to create personalized Linux/Ubuntu NAS servers which depend on deduplication-based filesystems. It offers many features like cloud storage gateway and filesystem. OpenDedupe uses an SDFS file system and can perform inline deduplication to local or cloud storage and offers numerous advanced features like efficient scaling, large-scale data protection, storage space optimization, and is perfect who need to creating efficient backups. The other notable features of OpenDedupe are:

-> Comes with pre-built support for inline deduplication and compression through 4k-256k variable block deduplication.

-> Offers high-end performance and is highly scalable

-> Can easily store user data on local storage or in cloud-like Amazon S3 and Glacier

-> Also comes with default support for optimized file-level snapshots and allows the standard AES-CBC 256 bit encryption

Download OpenDedupe – The best Linux NAS solutions for SAN software

10. OpenATTIC

OpenAttic, which is also known as Ceph, is an open-source software storage platform implementing object storage on a single distributed computer cluster. It also offers 3-in-1 interfaces for object, block, and file-level storage which makes it perfect for home or office NAS. Being a powerful storage system the management solution offered by them can be used for implementing your own NAS server pretty quickly. The servers used by Ceph are usually faster than others which makes the fixing of bugs quick and easy.

Other Notable features of openAttic

-> Ensures users get a view, create, monitor, and manage individual Ceph pools with or without compression

-> Comes with in-built support even for multiple users and also provides an efficient API for easy and quick debugging

-> Its tool known as NFS Ganesha makes storage easy

Get openAttic for free

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11. ESOS

Another famous SAN system which is also known as Enterprise storage OS is for enterprises and businesses to make their storage fast and easy. It is an open-source quasi Linux distribution that is built on top of the SCST project and offers strong SCSI targets using SAN. It supports many different level channels including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE, InfiniBand, etc. If you are planning to create your personal SAN then ESOS offers an excellent starting point. You can also take the benefit of dedicated storage OS without bankrupting yourself in the process. The other top features of EOS are:

-> Supports many RAID controller tools such as LSI MegaRaid and Adaptec AACRAID for a faster configuration process

-> Consist of a very lightweight Linux base that offers some unparalleled and impressive performance

-> Is a hundred percent memory resident and allows users to boot into it using flash drives

-> Comes with intrinsic support for inline data deduplication, NIC bonding, block layer cache utilities, ethernet bridging, and much more.

Get ESOS – a top SAN system for enterprises

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12. PetaSAN 

PetaSAN is surely the number one SAN software for enterprise Linux users in this list. What makes PetaSAN a top-level SAN is its innovation, scalability, and robustness which makes all the SAN’s procedures very convenient. It uses several cloud-based technologies in order to achieve goals which is another reason it is a top-notch SAN platform for both home and enterprise users. PetaSAN also balances the disk access loads very cleverly and is thus able to offer much faster load time than other traditional Linux SAN software.

Features of PetaSAN

-> Impressive web-based point and click interface 

-> Perfect for systems that need numerous I/O operations due to their extremely high concurrency abilities

-> Uses highly tolerant, adaptable and self-healing Ceph storage engine in order to power its iSCSI

-> Very straightforward which makes it easy to use even for those who have less limited technical skills

Get PetaSAN

13. OpenIO

OpenIO is another powerful object storage solution that offers some amazing IT facilities. It lasted for a couple of years for building large-scale storage infrastructure which makes it perfect for enterprises. Well, it is not free but a subscription-based proprietary solution that offers an open-source edition that is free for home users but for an enterprise you need to get a paid version. The other notable features of OpenIO.

-> Comes with integrated robust and strong system management tools which make deploying, monitoring, and managing easy.

-> Simplifies the data workflows of all the resources and highly optimized data

-> Consist of a policy called WORM(Write Once Read Many) for preventing users from deleting or modifying objects unintentionally

Download OpenIO – Best Linux SAN software solution for your home and enterprise need

14. Open vStorage

Open vStorage is known as the fastest multi-datacenter block storage in the market. and It supports 500,000+ IOPS per machine, 50,000,000 IOPS per rank, and Geo-Scaling abilities. Open vStorage is a very fast, secure, and reliable SAN which makes it a must-try as it also offers recovery pools, public/private, etc. Let us have a look at the top features of Open vStorage

-> Allows multi-level tiering and supports RAM, SSD, PCIe flash, SATA drives, and also Amazon S3

-> Also offers multi-data-center support of Open vStorage which makes the movement of workload across the globe very easy

-> Eliminates the need for conventional backup tools/processes and offers powerful integrated alternatives

Download Open vStorage – One of the best Linux NAS solution

15. OpenStack 

OpenStack is another modern, inventive, and ingenious open source SAN solution which is again open-source and offers network-oriented storage. It is again the fastest growing open source NAS and SAN which is also used by payment giant Paypal. It also offers flexible components for creating, computing, and controlling network storage resources which makes it a top option for you. The other top features of OpenStack are:

-> Manages the storage networks quickly using their API

-> Has a strong and powerful ecosystem which makes it very easy and straightforward to use

-> Offers a wide range of products and services at a very reasonable cost

Get OpenStack for your home and enterprise

16. OviOS

OviOS is another addition to our list which is an efficient Linux SAN solution for companies and enterprises. It is a superb specialized distribution system for Linux which offers storage networks. It offers technical features like Linux, NFS, SMB, or iSCSI protocols which creates an amazing and functional SAN. The best part of Ovis is that it can be installed on any Linux distribution.

-> Comes with pre-built support for SCSI, SMB versions 1,2, and 3 with AD integration and NIS authentication 

-> It can be installed on USB flash drives, dedicated hardware, or in virtual systems like Linux Emulators or docker containers.

-> Users can easily set up replication by creating a new backup server and allowing communication between the production server and the backup server.

Download OviOS

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17. TurnKey File Server 

TurnKey is a flourishing open source cooperation suite that offers more than 100 apparatuses for making and overseeing customized Ubuntu/Linux NAS and SAN Solutions. The TurnKey File Server device is one such utility you can use for making your next stockpiling foundation. It upholds a serious broad rundown of highlights, including yet not restricted to its Windows-viable organization document sharing, online administration dashboard, public and private mists. You can likewise get this product free of charge and change it on the off chance that you wish.

-> The TurnKey File Server accompanies out of the crate support for the SMB, SFTP, NFS, WebDAV, and rsync document move conventions. 

-> It has prefabricated SSL backing and offers most, if not all, standard pressure apparatuses like zip, rar, and bz2. 

-> The TurnKey File Server permits secure admittance to your information from anyplace utilizing the WebDAV CGI. 

-> It empowers the client to get to their records rapidly utilizing the Samba order line interface.

Download Turnkey File Server

18. Libvirt Storage Management

Libvirt Storage Management permits overseeing capacity networks by means of capacity pools and volumes. It is an open-source Linux SAN arrangement that can be valuable to an enormous number of clients. It upholds a tremendous rundown of capacity pool types, for example, filesystem pools, registry pools, NAS pools, sensible volume pools, iSCSI pools, among numerous others. Regardless of whether you’re a home client or venture, in case you’re searching for the best programming for dealing with your organization stockpiling, Libvirt is an unquestionable requirement attempt.

Highlights of Libvirt Storage Management

-> Libvirt has support for some, unique volume arrangements, for example, crude documents, Bochs, cow, iso, qcow, dmg, PVC, vmdk, and qed pictures. 

-> It likewise upholds most standard document frameworks, including ext2. ext3, ext4, ufs, ISO9660, gfs, vfat, xfs, and hfs+ close by some more. 

-> The authority wiki gives incredible documentation to kick you off and covers the fundamental themes step by step. 

-> It is feasible to assign framework assets to explicit clients without giving shell access or other control channels.

Download Libvirt Storage Management NAS and SAN System for your home and Enterprise

19. Lustre

Lustre is a direct yet gigantically compensating Linux SAN programming you can use for making your own enormous scope stockpiling bunches. It is an uncommon kind of equally conveyed document framework that gets its name from “Linux and Cluster”. Lustre is composed utilizing the C programming language and is, accordingly, exceptionally high-performing. Observing your organization stockpiling will feel very simple, on account of the LMT(Lustre Monitoring Tool). You can deal with your bunch in a hurry and notice the criticism progressively.

-> Brilliance runs in for all intents and purposes any Linux frameworks and can be designed as a functioning/uninvolved MDS pair or more than one MDS set with DNE. 

-> It is perhaps the most adaptable SAN stockpiling programming accessible at the present moment and is utilized by six of the best ten supercomputers today. 

-> The HSM(Hierarchical Storage Management) capacities given by this SAN programming make network stockpiling the executives simpler than any time in recent memory. 

-> Lustre’s high accessibility and inventive recuperation highlights make it ideal for enormous scope information impetus endeavors.

Download Lustre – Best Linux NAS Solution

20. Raider 

Raider is a convincing current utility that permits Linux clients to robotize the Linux programming assault change. It very well may be utilized for making a solitary Linux framework plate into a product strike 1, 4, 5, 6, or 10 frameworks rapidly. Raider also consists of a Raiderlso which is unbelievably lightweight and doesn’t leave any critical memory impression. So you can utilize this device without stressing over framework asset overheads. Raider is free to access, download, and empowers adjustment of the source.

-> Raider can change over any current Linux framework circle into various RAID frameworks in basic two-pass order. 

-> It is accessible on Ubuntu, Arch, Mageia, OpenSUSE, Fedora, CenOS, Linux Mint, Gentoo, and Slackware, among others. 

-> Raider relies upon the Linux piece apparatus made for making, overseeing, and checking your RAID frameworks. 

-> This is an open-source SAN stockpiling programming and can be handily altered by rearranging the slam scripts.

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Since an enormous number of home clients rely upon Ubuntu/Linux NAS workers for their information reinforcements or media streams, our editors have gathered this aide remembering them. Little to medium-sized organizations can likewise use a significant number of the previously mentioned SAN stockpiling programming. For individuals who are searching for something all the more remarkable to store their everyday information, we propose you look at Linux SAN stockpiles. Ideally, we had the option to give you the bits of knowledge you were searching for. Stay with us to get more energizing aides on different Linux programming and orders.

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